Principal's Welcome

Our Year 12 students have less than a month before completing their secondary education. On Friday 15 November at 3.01pm they will officially become Old Boys of the College and take that first step into the adult world.  What are the qualities and characteristics we want to see in the young men who graduate from our College?

We hope through the efforts of our staff, parents and the Villanova College community to have instilled in the 2019 graduands the following characteristics and qualities:

  • Has a sense of gratitude for life and its promise.
  • Values diversity and is inclusive of difference.
  • Continues to seek self-knowledge, alone and in relationships.
  • Grows in knowledge and acceptance of his own gifts and graces.
  • Encounters Christ, the inner teacher.
  • Goes beyond the surface values of society and popular culture.
  • Is conscious of the ‘common good’.
  • Has the virtue of hope.
  • Seeks guidance and support from the faith community.
  • Returns and responds to the Gospel message.
  • Sets out to make a difference in the world.

Being a ‘good man’ who not only knows what is right but is not afraid to stand up for what is right is so important. In an age when being one with the crowd and keeping your head down is often the norm, we need good men to stand up and show the way.

Next Monday 28 October the Villanova College community are invited to join with our staff to celebrate the achievements of 2019 at the Celebration of Excellence at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre commencing at 6.30pm. Guests are asked to be seated by 6.15pm. Students who are attending and not receiving an award are asked to wear their formal school uniform to this event. I look forward to welcoming our families to this important occasion.

During this week the students and staff have been entertained by our very talented students as they display their artistic side. At lunchtime this week we have been entertained by musicians, Drama students, rock bands and choirs just to name a few of the acts. The week will culminate on Friday evening with the 2019 Villa Visions Visual Arts Show. This event will be held in Goold Hall and is open to all families. The show will commence at 6.30pm so please come along and support our very talented Visual Arts students.

On Sunday afternoon in St. Stephen’s Cathedral our Strings Ensembles and Choirs will be performing. The performances commence at 2.30pm.  This is always a magical afternoon of beautiful music and song in an aspiring location, and once again all are most welcome to join this celebration.

We keep in our prayers the communities of All Hallows’ School and St Laurence’s College following the death of past students in recent weeks. We share our thoughts and prayers with the families and staff of these Colleges during this time of loss.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Teaching and Learning

The shorter nature of Term 4 sees assessment, particularly examinations, due for completion over the coming weeks. Year 12 students are coming to the end of their school journey and have a series of examinations commencing in a couple of weeks. The examination timetable for these students has been released; students should access this via the Student Café. Examination timetables for Year 9 to Year 11 will be released over the coming few days.

Year 12 students have been meeting with their ACP teachers over the past week in order to evaluate what further improvements they can make to their academic performance as they reach the end of the year. With only a handful of assessment tasks to complete, we wish our Year 12 students the best with these assignments and examinations.

Yesterday I sent an email to all Year 11 students outlining the details and dates of assessment due from now until the end of their studies in 2020. Given the prescriptive nature of the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance (SATE) system, the College has been able to map all assessment for General and Applied subjects through until the end of 2020. The first three (3) internal assessment tasks have been scheduled. The timetable for the external examination period in Term 4, 2020 will be released soon.

Villanova College has a wonderful community spirit that is supported by many parents who volunteer their time.  Our College community and our boys are rewarded when our parents put their hands up to do that ‘one thing’. Whether the time be in the tuckshop or library, running a stall at the International Carnival or taking a role as class representative, parent assistance is always valued.

While some of these roles are regular monthly commitments, there are other roles which only require a couple of hours per term. One of these opportunities has arisen as a result of the new SATE system. Senior School students will undertake external examinations at the end of Year 12, and these will be supervised in part by independent supervisors. In order to prepare our students for this transition, the College is hoping for a number of parents to give of their time in supervising upcoming examinations.

As a parent, if you are in a position to give some time, please provide your details in this form. The Curriculum Office will be in contact in due course.

160 students. Five days. 12 real-world problems.

During the second week of the September school holidays, QUT hosted some of the brightest Year 11 students from all over Queensland at a week-long STEM camp. These students worked alongside QUT academics and student ambassadors on a range of real-world research projects. Two (2) students from Villanova College – Jack Dunbar and Luke Skelton – were given the opportunity to experience this wonderful opportunity. Here is what they said when reflecting on their experiences:

“During the week, we were challenged to engage our problem solving, communication and teamwork skills to solve problems that applied to a variety of STEM fields. It opened my eyes to the countless opportunities a career in STEM can give you and provided me with insight into what I want to study after school.” – Jack Dunbar (Year 11)

“Attending the QUT STEM Camp provided me with a great opportunity to explore some areas of study and interest that I was uncertain about delving into, as well as solidifying my choice to pursue Chemistry. In addition to the week or half week- long projects, there were a series of networking events where second-year students and members of the various STEM faculties held small Q&A sessions on their respective disciplines. I would highly recommend the camp to any students who are interested in STEM fields, especially if you’re not quite sure what discipline is for you yet. It’s an opportunity that only comes around once, so definitely take a shot at it.” – Luke Skelton (Year 11)

For a glimpse of the work done by the students over the week, check out the STEM Camp video.

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning



The Villa Visions annual art exhibition showcasing the exciting work of our Visual Art students will be held tomorrow (Friday 25 October) from 6.30pm – 8.00pm in Goold Hall, with viewing continuing on Saturday 26 October from 9.00am – 11.00am. Students, parents, teachers and members of the College community are warmly invited to attend.

The exhibition will showcase a selection of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and digital works from across Year 5 – Year 12. Student awards will be presented at 7.15pm on Friday evening.

In Villa Visions tradition, attendees have the chance to vote for the ever-popular People’s Choice Award. The event will be catered by Villanova College Hospitality students and entertainment will be provided by our wonderful College musicians. A gold coin donation is appreciated on entry with all proceeds going to AFAS.

We are exceptionally proud of our students and the works they have created and look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Villa Visions.



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Head of Junior School

AIC track and field takes the spotlight this week.  This is a sport that requires individual commitment at the highest level.  To be the fastest, highest, longest or strongest takes more than just luck and talent.  There are hours spent in preparation.  Athletes naturally filter into areas that their bodies ideally suit – for example a sprinter may not necessarily also be involved in shot put.  Yet, there are also no barriers to determination and the willingness to work on refining techniques.  In this sport, mental clarity and drive must match the physical ability in order to succeed.

Track events are always thrilling to watch.  They are popular amongst so many students.  Crossing the finish line provides such an adrenalin rush, especially with a crowd cheering from the grandstands.  There are choices of sprints, mid-distance and long distance.  I’m in awe of runners – such grace, speed and agility.  Making the perfect start, knowing the limits of your own body but, pushing it just past capacity, and utilising racing strategies within 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m or 1500m take a lot of time to perfect.  Working out the best pre-race foods, drinks, stretches and warmups take time – with as many successes as failures I am sure.  Within seconds or minutes, the event is over – months of training come down to 15 seconds or five minutes of glory.  Once the runner catches his breath, he must learn the art of holding his head up high – his best effort needs to be accepted for that time, that day.  Hurdles are incredible to view.  Starting feet, stride lengths and hip flexors are crucial – one shuffle, hesitation or dropped foot and the sound of the metal hitting the track echoes through the stadium.  It takes courage and timing to shine in this event for sure.

Field events have me holding my breath – as the long jumpers hit the board, the shot-put leaves the neck, the high jumpers lift that leg and arch the back, the javelin throwers turn and face the sky – their results hang in the balance.  Who knew that long jump was as much about getting height in order to land at a longer distance?  When does a shot putter learn that his legs provide the power as much as his arm provides the push?  What makes a high jumper trust that he can lift himself parallel to the ground – against gravity – and clear that bar but also land on the mat?  How does a javelin thrower balance such a sharp tool running sideways and then launch it safely?  The mind boggles.  Yet, our boys engage with passion and our coaches make such efforts to study the right techniques, provide the appropriate stretching, video attempts for effective feedback and adjust get the very best results.

Illness and injury are common in such a sport as athletics.  Timing is crucial and unfortunately not every athlete gets the dream preparation or competition day.  The boys are human.  They must accept their capacity on the day of the Championships and embrace the support of the crowd and wish the Reserve competitor well.  If the planets have aligned, and the conditions are fine, then the boys will get to live out every glory moment they ever dreamed of – and that makes memories that will live on forever.

The Junior School wishes every athlete from Year 5 to Year 12 the very best today and tomorrow.    Our Villanovan Spirit resounds with you in all races, jumps and throws.  You go hard gentlemen – you leave nothing on the track or the field for anything but that moment.  Use up every bit of strength, grit and aim for the win – knowing that the only podium that really matters is the one that your mates and family will put you up on regardless of the time or distance.  This is our last AIC Championship for 2019 and we are grateful to the Sports Department and staff who have given up their time to give you every chance to be your best.

Mr Stephen Rouliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

This term, we continue our series of podcasts where we’ll discuss a range of issues relevant to our adolescent boys. This week’s episode is:

Episode 13 – “Improving the Middle Years’ Experience” with Mr Adrian Hellwig

Click on the image to begin listening.

Previous episodes are listed below.

Episode 12“Teachers in the Hot Seat” with Mrs Kate Alexander and Mr Alex Sullivan

Episode 11 – “Hearing the Student Voice” with Tom Price and Cameron Wallace

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

In digesting my last serving of brain food from the Farnham Street blog, I read a great article on two different types of thinking – focused and diffuse. As teachers and parents, we are always driving our students and sons towards those true periods of focus – ‘deep work, flow states and highly productive sessions where we see tangible results’. Whilst this mode is where much of learning process occurs, the article explores why the diffuse mode is important to understand – “this is sometimes referred to as our natural mode of thinking, or the daydream mode; it’s when we form connections and subconsciously mull over problems.”

The authors contend that both modes of thinking must be valued. As we discuss with our Senior School students when exploring approaches to study, one cannot maintain the effort of the focused mode for long. Students need brain breaks between chunks of focused study time. “The problem is that activities which encourage diffuse thinking can make us feel lazy and guilty. Instead, we often opt for mediocre substitutes, like social media, which give our mind a break without really allowing for true mind-wandering.”

You can access the full article here:

Last week, the Year 10 cohort finalised the remaining positions on the 2020 Student Leadership Team with the election of the House Vice Captains. I congratulate the following students on their appointment:

Crane House Vice Captain Elect: Louis Henderson
Goold House Vice Captain Elect: James Reid
Heavey House Vice Captain Elect: Ryan Walker
Murray House Vice Captain Elect:  Gus Godwin

Another platform for student leadership within the Senior School is the work done by the Cor Unum Spirit Committee. This year, I introduced committee representative positions within both Year 11 and Year 10 to join the House Captains, Vice Captains and other members of the Student Leadership Team to lead the work of this committee which is responsible for the overall coordination and development of College Spirit.

One of the significant achievements of the committee this year was the introduction of the NovaNation Instagram account and hashtag which has gained significant traction amongst the student body. I am pleased to announce the Year 11 Committee Representatives for next year:

Thanasi Keskinidis
Luke Palmer
Ben Craig
Francisco Adams

I am excited to see the continued energy, enthusiasm and passion for the College demonstrated by members of this committee.

“Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of communicating.” – Simon Sinek

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

The Year 11 cohort have chosen Isaak Collie to be the Ministry Captain for 2020. Isaak has always had a passion for Ministry at Villanova – I remember for example a wonderful speech he made in Year 9 about the importance of Ministry work. Four students were nominated by their peers to stand for the role, and it was an absolute privilege to be involved in interviewing them. Each was able to articulate what servant leadership looks like, and why active service on behalf of others makes a difference to the whole community.

The St Vincent de Paul team in turn elected their 2020 leaders on Tuesday. President in 2020 will be Ashtan Edser, with Luke Palmer as Vice-President, and Connor Leahy as Secretary. Meanwhile, Hamish McKee has accepted the role as President of YCS in 2020; Hamish has some very good ideas about inviting senior students who excel in sports to assist with Junior teams’ coaching sessions.

For Blind Eye Drop-In Centre

YAYM will once again meet today in the Junior School, encouraging Year 6 students to join the organisation of a fund-raiser and community event next week. A steady flow of Year 9 and Year 10 students have been able to witness Blind Eye this year: it is a wonderful and welcoming space for people who are homeless and at risk. Located in Merivale Street, the centre offers a safe community area, providing a hot lunch, shower facilities, barber service, pool table and recreation, and daily prayer. It is run as a tight ship by Eddie Murray – also a Prison Chaplain – and Roby Curtis. The patrons feel safe and respected, and our students, when they visit, experience a warm welcome as well as a humble encounter with the patrons.

It costs $1000 to open the centre each day, and our aim next week is to pay for one day of Ministry and service to the patrons. The raffle will be very simple, with prizes ranging from signed posters and a cap from the Indy event at Ipswich (Chaz Mostert, Scott McLaughlin, Cameron Crick) to JB Hi Fi and similar vouchers, to a special “queue jump” pass for Wet and Wild in the last week of term. If any family would like to donate a small prize, please let me know.

There is a curious disconnect between the world of the city – a relatively small area in SE Queensland – and the world of the country. The watered greenness of much of Brisbane makes it hard to imagine the sheer dryness and dust which many farms have become. Apparently, we are down to about 250 dairy farms in Queensland.

I am gathering information and investigating the possibility of setting up an immersion experience for some of our students at a farm and would be interested in any thoughts from parents as to the merit and practicality of this idea. My aim is to allow students to be truly educated about what it is like to make a living in rural Queensland, and then to earn the right to speak about the issues which matter to the welfare of our whole state.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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As this Villa View goes to air, our AIC Track and Field team will have completed day 1 of competition at the AIC Track and Field Championships. The second day of the Championships will be conducted tomorrow at QSAC. Please be aware that all information regarding the team, bus times, event times are found on the web under the AIC Track and Field section. We wish all our athletes the very best. A full report will be provided in the Villa View next week.

Please note that Villanova will conduct AFL, volleyball and cricket trials on the week beginning Monday 4 November. All students have been given a sign-on form which is due TOMORROW.   An invitation is extended to all members of our community who wish to assist the sports program by taking on a coaching, managing and/or officiating role for the various sports we have on offer in 2020. If any person is interested, we ask them to complete the nomination form found on the website. In particular, we are keen to talk to those who wish to coach AFL, cricket or volleyball in 2020 as trials will commence soon.

Mrs Juanita Jacobs – AIC Swimming/Water Polo Co-ordinator

We have now well and truly begun the Villanova swim season. If your son is interested in joining the squad, there is still time. Please check the Locker Room section of the website for documents and further details on training times. Students must ensure they are out of the pool by 8am and changing quickly to ensure they are not late to class.

AIC Water Polo
AIC water polo will be contested over a one-day tournament format this year. All games will be held at Somerville House this Sunday 27 October and Villanova will enter the maximum number of three teams (Year 7/8, Year 8/9 and Open team).  Mrs Jacobs has called a meeting with all those who signed on to advise them of the arrangements this year. All information is also posted on the web under the AIC Water Polo section.

Date:                     Sunday 27 October
Venue:                 Somerville House. Limited parking underneath pool car park. Street parking available but be wary of resident parking signage in streets near pool.
Convenors:         Keith Harron (Iona) and Jordan Sheterline (Water Polo Queensland).
First Aid:              There will be a dedicated lifeguard on duty as well as a sports med officer.
Canteen:              There will be small canteen (snacks, drinks only) in operation
Draw:                    As per draw below with Year 7/8 and Year 9/10 from 8am to 11am and Open from noon to 3pm.

AIC 2019 Water Polo Draw

Year 7/8: Field 1 Somerville House

8.00am: Game 1 Iona v Ashgrove Table: SLC
8.20am: Game 2 Villa v St Laurence’s Table: Iona
8.40am: Game 3 Padua v St Peters Table: Ashgrove
9.00am: Game 4 Iona v Villanova Table: Padua
9.20am: Game 5 Padua v Ashgrove Table: Villanova
9.40am: Game 6 St Peters v St Laurence’s Table: Ashgrove
10.00am: Game 7 Iona v Padua Table: St Laurence’s
10.20am: Game 8 St Peters  v Villanova Table: Iona
10.40am: Game 9 Ashgrove v St Laurence’s Table: Villanova

Year 9/10: Field 2 Somerville House

8.00am: Game 1 Villanova v Padua Table: Ashgrove
8.20am: Game 2 St Peters v Ashgrove Table: Villanova
8.40am: Game 3 St Laurence’s v Iona Table: St Peters
9.00am: Game 4 Villanova v St Peters Table: St Laurence’s
9.20am: Game 5 St Laurence’s v Padua Table: Villanova
9.40am: Game 6 Iona v Ashgrove Table: Ashgrove
10.00am: Game 7 Villanova v St Laurence’s Table: Iona
10.20am: Game 8 Iona v St Peters Table: St Laurence’s
10.40am: Game 9 Ashgrove v Padua Table: St Peters

Open: Field 1 Somerville House

12.00am: Game 1 Padua v Villanova Table:AIC
12.20pm: Game 2 St Laurence’s v Ashgrove Table:AIC


12.40pm: Game 3 Iona v St Peters Table:AIC
1.00am: Game 4 Winner 1 v Winner 2 Table:AIC
1.20pm: Game 5 Winner 3 v Best loser 1/2/3 Table:AIC
1.40pm: Game 6 Next Losers of 1/2/3 Table:AIC
2.00pm: Game 7 Loser 4 v Loser 6 Table:AIC
2.20pm: Game 8 Winner 6 v Loser 5 Table:AIC
2.40pm: Game 9 Winner 4 v Winner 5 (gold) Table:AIC

Players must wear the Villanova swim togs and the Villanova PE uniform to and from all games and be present at least 30 minutes before the first game.

The annual AIC Golf Championships will be held at Indooroopilly Golf Club next Monday 28 October. Mr Stariha has met with the team this week to discuss all details. Mr Lynam will drive the bus leaving at 5.40am on Monday and boys are to meet him in front of Goold Hall. The boys should return to the College for normal pick up at 3.00pm. Parents are most welcome to collect their son from the venue after the tournament. Best wishes go to all!

The Villanova Sports Department is currently seeking coaches, managers and officials for the AIC sports program in 2020.  In particular, we require the assistance of staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of the College to take on the many duties needed to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate and enjoy all the benefits that playing sport provides as well as ensuring the ongoing growth and development of our sports programs.

Villanova’s success in sport is dependent upon many factors, one being the generosity of members within our community to give of their time and efforts in order to serve our students by taking on specific roles. These roles include coach, manager, referee, umpire, scorer etc. If you can help in any way, could you please complete the ‘2020 Coach, Manager and Officiating – Nomination Form’ available on the College Website and from the Sports Office and return it to the College’s Sports Office as soon as possible.

All forms received will be compiled into a database. Before each season commences a member of the Sports Office will contact those who have expressed an interest to assist. A final confirmation of commitment will be asked, and further details will be given.

I thank all those who were able to assist throughout 2019 and I invite those who would like to assist in 2020 to become involved for the benefit of our students and the College. I am sure you will find it a rewarding venture.

Volleyball and Cricket Coaches Needed
We need coaches of the teams listed above in order to assist with trials very soon. If you are keen to take on a coaching role, please complete the nomination form described above and return to the Sports Office as soon as possible.

All students from Year 5 – Year 12 who are interested in representing Villanova in AIC cricket (Year 5 – Year 12), AFL (Year 5 – Year 12) and volleyball (Year 7 – Year 12 only) in 2020 must complete an ‘AIC Sport Sign-On Form’. These forms were handed out to all students from Year 5 – Year 11 through their Pastoral classes. Students entering the College in 2020 have been sent the sign-on information during the September holidays.

Sign-on forms are due back tomorrow!

Please note:

  • All students from Year 5 – Year 12 will play in the AIC Sport Competition
  • All cricket, AFL and volleyball teams will be selected in year levels in 2020 not in age groups. Therefore, boys in Year 8 will play in the 8A-D teams (not the 13A-D teams)
  • Students must attend all trials as listed below to gain selection. Failure to attend trials will affect team positioning
  • Cricket is open to all students in Year 5 – Year 12
  • AFL is open to all students in Year 5 – Year 12
  • Volleyball is open to students in Year 7 – Year 12 (2020) only

Date Claimers

  • AFL and Cricket trials for students entering Year 6 in 2020 will take place during school time on Friday afternoons throughout Term 4
  • Trials for Year 7 – Year 12 students (2020) will commence on the week beginning Monday 4 November (Week 5) as per schedule below
  • Further Internal cricket games/trials will be held on Sunday 10 November for all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 (2020)
  • Further Internal volleyball/AFL trials will be held on Saturday 9 November for all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 (2020)
  • Volleyball trial matches against Iona on 16 November
  • Volleyball trial matches against SLC on 23 November
  • All specific times and venues TBA

Initial AFL, Cricket and Volleyball Trial Schedule – Week 5

  Monday 4 November Tuesday 5 November Wednesday 6   November Thursday 7   November
6:30am – 8.00am Cricket

Year 11 and Year 12 at Little Langlands


Year 11 and Year 12 in Goold Hall


Year 10 at Little Langlands


Year 10 in Goold Hall


Year 9 at Little Langlands


Year 9 in Goold Hall


Year 11 and Year 12 in Goold Hall

3.30pm – 5.00pm Cricket

Year 7 at Little Langlands


Year 7 in Goold Hall


Year 7 trials at Coorparoo JAFC


Year 8 and 9 at Coorparoo JAFC


Year 8 at Little Langlands


Year 8 in Goold Hall


Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 at Coorparoo JAFC

Note – Further AFL, volleyball and cricket trials will be held on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November, as listed in the information (date claimers) above. All players must attend both the trial held during the week and weekend to be selected. Specific times and venues for these trials held on the weekend will be given at a later stage.

The abovementioned tour will be conducted over the Christmas vacation period. All information has been distributed to those who are selected including, payment, medical, permission and information forms. Please return forms and payment by the due dates indicated.

Well done to Henry Zietsch who was recently selected in the 13-14yrs Met East Cricket Team that will compete at the State Championships in Bundaberg in early December. A great effort and best wishes Henry!

Congratulations to Jasper Chan and Jack Affleck who both made the 13yrs Met East Futsal Team that will compete at the State Championships at Coomera in mid-November. Well done boys and best wishes!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport



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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of Big Band and Irish Ensemble 1, along with Mrs Tucker and Mr McKechie for giving up their time to perform at Live and Wired at Loreto College on Sunday afternoon.  The feedback I have received regarding both the event and their performances were positive; they are all to be commended!

Thank you to the parents and friends who attended the event to support our musicians and thank you too to our friends at Loreto for hosting us at this wonderful event.  We look forward to this opportunity every year.

As per tradition, our string and choral program will be celebrating their year of music in St Stephen’s Cathedral on Sunday 27 October.  This event commences at 2.30pm and concludes with a shared afternoon tea on the Cathedral grounds from 4.30pm.

Information around rehearsals and arrival times on the afternoon has already been distributed.  We are looking forward to another great afternoon of music and welcome our friends and family to come and join us in this important occasion in our calendar.

Entry is by gold coin donation with proceeds going to AFAS.  Please join the students and their families for a share-a-plate afternoon tea beside the Francis Rush Centre in the Cathedral precinct.

For the third consecutive year, Villanova College will be convening the Celebration of Excellence in the QPAC Concert Hall on Monday 28 October.  We will have four ensembles involved in the formal program of events:  Symphonic Band, Sinfonia String Orchestra, Big Band, Irish Ensemble 1:  and will have a handful of ensembles performing prior to the event in the foyers of the Performing Arts Complex.

Information around logistics for this event, along with arrival/departure times and transport arrangements for the event and rehearsal, will be distributed as soon as details have been confirmed.  We look forward to providing music for this important occasion in the College’s academic calendar.

As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 4
3 Sunday 27 October Strings and Choirs in the Cathedral – St Stephen’s Cathedral
4 Monday 28 October Celebration of Excellence – QPAC
4 Sunday 3 November Bands and Guitars at the Old Museum – Venue TBC
5 Monday 4 November Music Support Group AGM – 7:30pm
5 4 – 8 November Instrumental Music Assessment Task 3 Due
5 Fri day 8 November Senior Musicians’ Dinner
7 Tuesday 19 November Christmas Extravaganza
7 Wednesday 20 November All rehearsals conclude
7 Wednesday 20 November Loan instruments returned for servicing

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

Silver Rose Photography will be taking various group photos on Thursday October 31. If you are involved in any of the following groups, please be at the front steps of Langlands five minutes prior to your allocated time. Students are to wear full academic uniform, appropriate sports apparel or representative uniform, depending on the photo you are in.

The schedule is as follows:

8:45am            Junior School Leaders – all four terms
9:05am            Water Polo teams
9:20am            Middle School STEM; Young ICT Explorers
9:30am            Theatresports teams
9:55am            Tournament of Minds teams
10:20am          Churchie Maths Challenge
10:40am          All Hallows’ Maths Challenge Day
10:45am          ICAS groups
11:10am          Sports Representatives
(Anyone who has represented a sport at Met East, State or National level this year, please be at the front steps of Langlands dressed in your rep uniform and ready for your photo by 11:05am.)

Be aware of the College’s Hair and Grooming policy: Boys are expected to have their hair clean, brushed/combed and of a length that is neat and tidy at all times. Teased or untidy hair and outlandish styles are not acceptable. Faces must be clean shaven. Sideburns must not extend past the ears.

Tomorrow is the final opportunity to purchase tickets to the 6th Annual Derby Day for Ladies at Blackbird Bar and Grill on Saturday 2 November from 1.00pm – 4.00pm. Click here to get your tickets.



Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019


Monday 28 October
Kym Edser
Liz Burge
Donna  Skelton
Natalie Blackshaw
Michelle Blum
Megan O’Neil
Christine Poole
Dave Learoyd
Doone Wildin

Tuesday 29 October
Kym Edser
Liz Burge
Donna  Skelton
Natalie Blackshaw
Michelle Dang
Megan McCulloch
Christine Buchhorn
Dave Moir
Doone Snell
Genevieve Keskinidis

Wednesday 30 October
Tracey O’Reilly
Karen Meimaris
Karen O’Mara
Narina Jenkinson
Alison Wilde
Sam Thompson
Rum Raddatz
Monica Curtis

Thursday 31 October
Julie Paterson
Jane O’Brien
Jayne Smith
Kellie Killips
Catherine Bishop
Nicky Micheletti
Sue Godwin
Julia Fleming
Lucy  Sheridan
Samantha Rigden

Friday 1 November
Maria O’Leary Chay
Effie Prineas
Kelly Kendall
Melissa Lorimer
Marina  Pennisi
Melissa Clark
Loreena Clark
Maria Spina
Judith Collier
Emma Capaldi
Paula Conte
Anna Lestani


Tuesday 29 October
Cristina Palacios
Melanie Pickering

Wednesday 30 October
Madhu Kalaimannan
Donna Leahy

Friday 1 November
Gina Avolio

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Archives Anecdotes

By 1865 the first “Langlands” farmhouse was built by Jane Temple on her 76 acres in rural Coorparoo.  Reuben Nicklin purchased this property in 1876 and in the early 1880’s decided to replace the farmhouse with a more comfortable modern eight room home on the crest of the hill.

The new house was built of sandstone and brick, with verandahs on all sides and a detached kitchen at the rear.  The eight rooms included three bedrooms, each with its own marble fireplace, a drawing room, dining room, library, bathroom and servant’s room.

The 1880’s was a boom period and in 1886 financially successful Nicklin undertook the building of a second home in Coorparoo.  The new house was a two storey 12 roomed house with wide verandahs on both levels.  Reuben Nicklin, his wife Jane Lahey and children Alice, George and William moved into Hatherton in 1887.  This property is now known as Queen Alexandra Home.

No longer needing Langlands Farm, Nicklin subdivided the estate and proceeded to auction the 568 housing allotments along with the homestead with its fine carriage driveway leading off Cleveland Road.

A description appeared in the Daily Telegraph, 30 January 1886, as a sales advertisement:

It is impossible to pass along Cleveland Road without noticing, beyond its junction with Logan Road, a handsome gentleman’s residence, situated at the top of a hill with a carriage drive …which at once suggests that the owner is a man of taste.  The residence referred to is Langlands House, which is a substantial and well-finished residence replete with all the latest improvements, in a high state of repair, with a beautiful flower garden.  The house, together with close on three acres of land forming the very best part of the estate, and occupying a position which could not be excelled, will also be sold, thus affording a splendid opportunity to any gentleman who wishes to secure a superior residence on liberal terms at a cheap figure.

The property was sold to Thomas William Connah in 1886.  Connah was Qld Auditor General from 1909 to 1915.  30 years later and following the death of Thomas in 1915, his widow sold Langlands House and the surrounding land to the Roman Catholic Church on 16 April 1916 for £4,600.

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