Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of Villanova College Family,
The Gospel reading last Sunday saw Peter ask Jesus,” how often must I forgive those who wrong me, as often as seven times?” Jesus answered, “Not seven, but seventy-seven times.” In other words, here is no limit to the amount of times that we are to offer forgiveness.

It can be difficult at times to extend forgiveness. I am sure we have all experienced times where our stubbornness prevents us from taking the step to say sorry and to forgive those who have ‘wronged’ us.

The challenge for our Catholic community is to be an example of God’s love and forgiveness as we forgive others. It is in the Our Father that this gospel is found: ‘forgive us as we forgive those…’ We receive God’s pardon and forgiveness freely without question or limit and we are asked to share this forgiveness with others graciously, freely and without question.

The great mystery of forgiveness is that the more we share it- give it away, as it were, the more it grows and spreads. But it does require a very determined decision on our part; we need to want to forgive the other person and we are called to take at least one small step as we reach out and as the gospel tells us – forgive our brother and sister from our heart.

Staff Senior Banquet
Following the required COVID-Safe Plan for the 2020 Staff Senior Banquet, our staff and Senior students enjoyed a wonderful evening together last Friday. Students were recalling their first years at Villanova College and sharing the memories prompted by the display of class and sporting photos that flicked across the screen. Our staff heard many stories that brought out laughter as well as some surprised looks as the boys shared stories of classroom antics with their usual candour.

A special thank you to the team of Year 12 parents who did a terrific job serving the food and supporting the caterers. Thank you to Mr Tony Rolls, Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader for his organisation of a great evening.

Year 5 and Year 7 Welcome Evenings
This week we have welcomed to the College new families who will be commencing with us in 2021. Many families beginning their association with Villanova College are new to our community and I extend a very warm welcome. I have assured our new families of the support of our Villanova College family during the next eight years as together we develop the young boys into fine young men.

Enrolments 2021
A reminder to all our existing families it is a necessity to provide a term’s notice if you have decided to not to continue your son’s enrolment at Villanova College in 2021. I appreciate in these uncertain times it may be difficult to know future movements related to employment and transfers. However, our budget planning is dependent on accurate enrolment data, so please contact the College if you need to provide notice for 2021.

Term Four 2020
Term Four 2020 will commence on Tuesday October 6 for all students. Term Four also see the students returning to summer uniform and the ties and long trousers can be packed away until next year. Our Senior students will continue to wear their Senior tie during the remainder of the year.

I wish all our students and families a safe and enjoyable break over the September holidays.

We offer our prayers and thoughts to the Ellison family following the death of Mrs Cecily McMahon,  mother of Tim (‘80), Gerard (‘89), grandmother of Tom Ellison (‘10), Ben Ellison (‘13), Luke Ellison (‘17) and Andrew Ellison (Year 10 2018).  Cecily was married to Mr Ed McMahon, architect of many Villanova buildings including Mendel Hall, Goold Hall, and the priory (just to name a few).  She was the craft convenor at many of the International Carnivals held at Villanova in the 1980s.

We also offer prayers to the Gifford family following the passing of Mr Peter Gifford, grandfather to Riley Gifford in Year 6.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen

We also keep in our prayers and thoughts Fr Peter Wieneke OSA who has had a short stay in hospital for treatment and a few weeks of recovery. We wish him a speedy recovery.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord,
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Teaching and Learning

Year 12 Hospitality Practices
On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Year 12 Hospitality Practices dinner. With their teacher Mr Tony Rolls, the class served up a three-course meal that would not have been out of place at many fine restaurants. The students were exceptional in their table service and in their preparation of dishes such as corn and basil soup and fillet mignon. There has obviously been some great learning experiences across the two-year course, and I congratulate all the students.

 Year 12 Senior Drama Production
Last night was the opening night of the Senior Drama production “Where in the World is Frank Sparrow”. After being fortunate enough earlier in the year to experience the College musical “Mary Poppins”, I attended last night with great anticipation, and I was not disappointed. The Year 12 Drama students put on a show that was visually appealing and performed with great energy and enthusiasm. The time that was dedicated to rehearsals certainly came to fruition and I felt fortunate to have been in the audience. I would like to thank Ms Sophie Kenny for her guidance of the students this year, and to all the other staff and individuals who have been involved in this production.

Examinations concluded for the term yesterday after eight days of hard work by our students.

Our Year 12 students completed their second set of mock examinations yesterday and from all accounts have used this block to improve on their efforts in Week 4. They now go away for a well-earned break before embarking on their last three weeks of classes before the external examinations.

The rest of the College community have also met the challenge of end of term assessment with energy and enthusiasm. Our Year 11 cohort have been completing the final pieces of Unit 2 assessment and Year 9 and Year 10 students have also completed significant examinations as part of their ‘block’ experience.

Mid-Semester Reporting
Mid-semester reports will be released to Parent Lounge next Wednesday morning at 9.00am.

Year 12 Holiday Preparation
As mentioned above, Year 12 students are now firmly focused on the external examinations starting in Week 4 of Term 4. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, in the final week of the holidays, they have the opportunity to use the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre for quiet study. Some staff will also be present in tutoring and mentoring roles to assist the students in their preparations.

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning


Purchasing BYOD laptops in 2021 – Significant changes!
If you are purchasing a new BYOD laptop for your son for the 2021 academic year, please note the following changes to our BYOD Minimum and Recommended Specifications. Importantly, the College has decided to move towards a common operating system and type of device in 2021 – Windows 10 laptops with touch screens and active pens/styluses for digital inking. 

This shift away from our current hybrid Windows-Mac BYOD environment is important for several reasons. The College intends to provide a consistent, equitable and unified BYOD platform across Years 5 to 12. One unified BYOD platform will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved in-class support – A unified Windows 10 BYOD environment will enable teachers to better assist students with managing their device and trouble-shooting simple, familiar problems.
  • Consistent device functionality – When all students have digital inking capability and touch screens, teachers are able to leverage effective multi-modal workflows, e.g. drawing over images and PDF printouts, annotating directly on OneNote pages, inking up math problems on OneNote pages, etc.
  • Streamlined device maintenance – simplified, unified BYOD software installation packages, steps and self-help guides.
  • Equity and Inclusive Classroom considerations – A unified Windows 10 platform enables consistent access to assistive technology applications and Inclusive Classroom practices (e.g. Microsoft Intelligent Services including PowerPoint Presenter Coach, Immersive Reader, Dictate, Transcribe and Translate).

Therefore, the College BYOD Specifications page will be updated shortly to reflect the following minimum requirements:

  Specification Minimum Requirements in 2021
Operating System Windows 10 (No MacBooks or MacBook Pros)
Memory (RAM) 8GB or higher
Processor i5 or higher
Storage 256GB SSD
Wi-Fi 802.11ac
Display 12” screen or larger, with touch screen and pen/stylus for digital inking
Advertised battery life 6 hours or higher
Weight < 2kg

If your son currently has a MacBook or MacBook Pro he may still bring this device to the College. However, we are requesting that the next BYOD device you purchase for your son is a Windows 10 laptop that meets these minimum standards.  If you wish to seek further clarification on the BYOD requirements for 2021 and beyond, please email

Mr Jason Lane – eLearning Pedagogy Leader – Junior, Middle and Senior Schools

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Junior School

Meeting the Year 5 Parents of 2021 this week was a perfect way to begin Week 10 of Term 3.  Walking into the Agora area to receive their welcome pack, expertly created by Enrolments Officer, Julie Herden and Marketing Manager, Sue Homann, and handed out with the greatest of welcomes by our own Maria Mascadri and Foundation Manager, Natalie Davidson, our newest members of the family were a combination of excited, nervous and thrilled to be on College grounds.  The Junior School Administration Team of Leanne Addley, Callum Hackett, Melissa Liddy and Nichole Rouhliadeff were circulating and guiding the groups to the Level 3 theatre ready for a 6pm start.

Mark Stower and I officially acknowledged the start of their eight-year journey with Villanova – the very beginning of their son’s Augustinian education.  Jason Lane introduced the BYOD expectations and recommendations, with Michael Jones exploring the Music opportunities that will be waiting to echo through our campus.  The faces in the audience were beaming – there are hopes and dreams about 2021 and that is just so inspiring to see.  There is an eagerness to connect, and an incredibly brave parent asked a question about connecting with their son’s teacher – they simply cannot wait to become an active part of our community and that makes me incredibly proud to be a Villanovan.

Junior School assessment will be finished by the end of this week.  Well done everybody!  It can be a challenging time for students, parents and even staff who have worked miracles around absences and timetables, but together we have all done the best we could.  To our boys, take a moment to look back at your organisation and effort towards your revision and study.  When you receive your grades for each subject, compare the achievement to your preparation.  If the work towards your best mark matches then congratulations, continue your approaches in Term 4.  If there are some disappointments, be it your revision/study habits or the final result then now is the time to talk with your parents and teachers.

Look forward with your head up gentlemen!  Changes will take time and support from the adults around you who want your very best as well.  To our parents – thank you for managing your best with your sons.  For every minute you could find to help with teach backs in Maths, completing check-ins, making study cards and quizzing with OneNote and class workbooks, we are grateful for your support.  I know firsthand that at times my wife almost feels that she could take the exams as well just to see how she would go after working with our two teenage sons!  It is not easy to work all day and then come home to keep going with a curriculum that might seem a million years from your school days.

The spring holidays are just around the corner and with the beautiful Queensland climate we are looking forward to camping, beach and outback trips.  I do hope that you all get some family time either on the open road, in the ocean, watching a movie or around a deck of cards.  We need a break, it is time to exhale and I even have a book, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, given to me by a Year 5 student, which is definitely on my agenda (Frankie Banaghan, 5 Green, I promise you that it’s on my list)!

We have just finished our AIC Rugby, Football, Debating and Tournament of Minds rounds.  Thank you to every student, parent and teacher who embraced the chance to set an early alarm and cheer the teams on through every tackle, intercept, making of palm cards and costume change.  It means the world to our boys when we help out, whether it be on the sidelines cheering, racing to the Uniform Shop, listening to drafts and final copies of speeches and let’s not forget those parents who have sent in afternoon tea or brought up a prop/costume item when filming was happening.  It takes the kindness of our staff to send emails for the right field on game day, make a phone call for that extra rehearsal and give up the extra time in lunch breaks/before or after school to get the team over the finish line.  To do this, in conjunction with a class to teach, is nothing short of impressive and I am grateful to work with such a professional team of staff.

To our Junior School families, may the next two weeks bring a little peace and enjoyment in the break to routines of lunch boxes and schedules.  Our prayers are with you for remaining happy, healthy and safe.  What we have learned matters, but who we learn to be matters most of all in this gift called life.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

In this week’s podcast, I’m joined by Mr Alex Sullivan to discuss social media.

Click the image to begin listening.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Senior School

Senior Drama Production
Premiering last night and continuing tonight, the Year 12 Drama class is performing their Senior play, ‘Where in the World is Frank Sparrow?’ by Angela Betzien in the Hanrahan Theatre. The Senior Drama Production is always a significant event in the cultural life of the College and well supported by our Year 12 students who will be in attendance for tonight’s show.

Originally written by Angela Betzien (an Australian playwright) for an Irish audience, ‘Where in the World is Frank Sparrow?’ is a story set in the territorial gangland streets of Stab City, where a young but quirky hero must endure the challenges of good versus evil amongst the dark underworld of change and transformation.

The Year 12 Drama class has 23 students which is one of the largest cohorts to study the subject at Villanova for many years which makes for an extraordinary production. Under the incredible directorial guidance and mentorship of Ms Sophie Kenny, the class has poured enormous time and energy into their art and I look forward to witnessing the fruits of their creative powers tonight. Chookas gentlemen!

Year 12 Form Meeting Panel Presentation
Due to the emergence of the COVID pandemic towards the end of the first term this year, we unfortunately had to make the decision to cancel our inaugural Year 12 Mentoring Breakfast. The underpinning purpose of this breakfast was a focus on ‘Year 13’ and life beyond the College gates with our Seniors given the opportunity to listen to the journey of industry professionals and receive their tutelage and real-world advice.

To conclude the Year 12 Form Meeting program for this term, earlier today our Seniors were fortunate to be able to listen to some of the mentors who would have been present for the breakfast in a panel discussion moderated by Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Tony Rolls. My sincere thanks to Mr Patrick Weightman, Mr Dan Carroll and Mr Michael Eales for imparting their wisdom to our Senior students. These distinguished Villanova Old Boys shared their responses to the following questions:

  1. What was the best thing you did for yourself after completing Year 12?
  2. What do you wish you had done differently after Year 12?
  3. What did you wish you knew when you left school that you have learnt since? What did you have to learn the hard way?
  4. What did you struggle with and how did you get through it?
  5. What advice would you give to a student who has finished university and is looking for a job/ career? (Is there anything you could do during your uni years to give you an advantage.)
  6. What did you do that was different from the crowd?
  7. How do you manage life balance?
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Work
  8. When you left school, you may have had an idea of where you would end up. Did your plans change along the way?

Hopefully, we will be in a position to re-launch the inaugural Mentoring Breakfast to our 2021 Senior cohort next year.

A look back in time…
This week is the 20th anniversary since Sydney hosted the Olympic Games – considered by many as the greatest of all time. As a passionate fan of track and field, I was interested to watch the documentary ‘Freeman’ on ABC iView which explored in my view one of the greatest moments in Australian sporting history – when Cathy Freeman won gold for Australia in the women’s 400 metres. It is one of those ‘where was I when?’ events akin to man first walking on the moon. I was studying journalism at QUT at the time wanting to become the next Bruce McAvaney. I will never forget his call of the race – “this is a famous victory, a magnificent performance. What a legend, what a champion!” And he was right! It was a moment which transcended sport and the documentary powerfully explores the significance of Freeman’s victory for herself and her indigenous people. You can view the doco here:

September Holidays
This term whilst ten weeks in length has felt much longer, such has been its intensity with the resumption of certain co-curricular activities and a full-term learning@school. I wish all Senior School students and their families every blessing for a period of relaxation and rejuvenation. There is an opportunity for Year 12 students to attend the College on the Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday of the second week as a way of sustaining the momentum prior to the final three weeks of preparation for the external examination period. Prior to this, it is important that all Year 12 students recharge to ensure they are ready to finish their Villanova journey with dedication and distinction.

“Olympism… exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, mind and will.” – Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News

The Last Things
As I sat down to dinner at the Staff Senior Banquet last Friday, it felt like the beginning of the “endings.” What a resilient and positive group the Senior cohort of 2020 are: they face each challenge with creativity, and a sense of fun and balance. Goold Hall became a sacred space during the evening. The purpose of coming together and sharing what we are becomes very clear as we conclude the journey.

In a more low-key way, we will have a special Ministry lunch today (Thursday) as a thank you for all the energy and generosity of the Senior Ministry boys this term. Mr Tony Rolls, Year 12 Coordinator, is generously hosting this poolside gathering of finger foods and soft drinks.

The Year 12 Ministry students are also warmly invited to a special Italian-themed evening on Friday 9 October. Special guests from partner organisations such as Vinnies will explain ways to stay involved in community service beyond school.

St Vincent de Paul Raffle
The students involved in ministries never tire of fostering new initiatives. Owing to the generosity of a Villanova family (Brubecks Boutique Foods), YAYM, Mini Vinnies and SVP have come together to sell raffle tickets for some Roar-signed football merchandise. Perhaps the star of the show is a Robbie Fowler signed cap.

It is fair to say that Mini Vinnies – Year 5 and 6 students – have loved being part of the wider operation. Most of the 200 tickets have been sold thanks to their energy. The draw will take place during our virtual assembly tomorrow.

All proceeds go to Vinnies Youth for:

  • Buddies day – a day at the park for kids who do not normally get such experiences
  • Setting up a new “Soccer Stars” program in Inala for children who otherwise do not have access to club sport. Soccer Stars is run by Villanova old boy, Dan Ingledew (President of Vinnies at the College in 2013).

The Green Team have been equally pro-active, making six new see-through bins to assist our recycling program, and planning a “footprint” installation for next term to visually represent how much energy we use on an average day. The hope is that we will be able to reduce this footprint, partly by tracking the energy use data provided by the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre. Keegan Bell (Year 11) is the leader of this initiative.

The Gateway Values and the Villa Man
Since the concept of the Villa Man was created by the Seniors of 2011 – when Christian Welsh was College Captain, the idea of the Villa Man has captured the imagination of subsequent Senior cohorts. The concept allows each new Senior year to find a new dimension applicable for the given moment, for example as seen in mottos like “Brothers in Arms” (2020) and “Where Passion Lies, Success will Follow” (2019).

Tomorrow we are holding our first Villa Man conference for the Middle School. The aim is to invite Middle School students to put some language on what the Villa Man looks like or should like in Middle School. Surveys of Years 7 – 9 have been conducted, and there will also be a panel, consisting of two admired leaders from each of the Senior cohorts of 2019, 2020, and 2021. The outcome of the conference will be some posters in which Middle School students outline the qualities they wish to see in their peers.

The three main values of the College – interiority, community, and the search for truth – are described as “gateway” values because they are written, as it were, on the gateposts. They are also a guide and a compass point to return to, especially in times when moral decisions are needed.

College Chaplain Fr Peter Wieneke OSA has recently placed a lovely prayer at the main gate, reminding is of the sense of occasion and gratitude which is often felt when we step onto the campus. Here it is:

 Peace be here in the name of the King of life, the peace of Christ above all peace, the Lord’s blessing over you.
May all be welcome here as the Christ child at the stable in simplicity and joy, and as St Thomas of Villanova welcomed the poor. May the smile of the Son of peace be found here whenever the gate is opened. Amen.

Please click here for Sunday’s Readings, Commentaries and Prayers.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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It was unfortunate that the final round of AIC Rugby, Football and Chess was cancelled last weekend. Given the unknown infection rate within some of the AIC schools at that time, the AIC Management Committee deemed the risk was too great. The opinions within our community regarding the decision did range from ‘a complete over reaction’ to ‘a sensible decision’, however, the vast majority understood.

I take this opportunity to thank the many parents who have expressed their thanks towards members of our Sports Office for their efforts to get sport up and running for the boys this term. People realise that many within our community and the broader community are doing their best for the boys under our care.  It was just a shame we couldn’t finish off the sport this term. I suppose in the big picture, people have lost their incomes, and some have lost their lives. So far, this is one year in the boys’ lives where things have haven’t gone to plan. Instead of wallowing in self-pity of what could have been, I encourage our boys to dust off the disappointment, show some resilience and be grateful for the many good memories and opportunities they have had playing sport. Many more good memories will come for the younger boys.

On behalf of the College I thank the Year 12 cohort for the contributions they have made. These boys have served as good role models to the younger boys. The level of commitment and pride shown by his cohort has been excellent – well done men!

Now that we are done and dusted with rugby, football and chess, I encourage all students from Year 5-12 to give Track and Field the highest priority. There are only three weeks of training to go, two of which are in the school holidays and one next term. The AIC Track and Field Championships are held in Week 1 next term. Please read below information regarding Track and Field.

Already we are planning sporting events for next term and beyond. Volleyball pre-season has commenced as well as the swim program. Early next term we will advertise the official sign-ons for those wishing to play AIC Volleyball, Cricket, AFL and Swimming in Term 1, 2021. All trials for these sports will be conducted next term. Please keep a lookout for further information in the newsletter next term.

I wish all students a safe and happy break. Please enjoy!

Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator

The 2020-2021 swimming season has come around very quickly.  I am very pleased to see that we have had 48 swimmers register and already 30 boys turn up to training this week.  That is a great start to the season.  The AIC Championships are held very early in Term 1 of next year, so it is essential that the boys are in the water and working hard now and during the holidays.

We were so fortunate to be able to complete last season before the disruptions due to the pandemic.  Although club training and competitions may have been affected for the past few months, swimmers are getting used to the new restrictions and requirements to keep everyone safe.  As Villanova swimming gets underway, we need to ensure that we support our coaches and the staff at Langlands Pool by following all the necessary protocols in place.  Students must be registered with the school, so that we have the medical and contact details available for the students.  As well as this they must sign in with their teacher or the Langlands staff when they arrive at the pool.

If parents enter the pool, then you are asked to also sign in with the pool staff and follow the appropriate social distancing expectations.  During the holidays, Villanova College staff will not be present, so please ensure that you promptly collect the swimmers after training.

Training will continue through the holidays, as listed later in the bulletin.  Please try to get to as many training sessions as possible, so we can continue to be competitive in the water.   As always, I am very grateful to our coaches and managers for their continued support of the College swimming program and look forward to another really successful season.

Training commenced for all current students on Tuesday 8 September 2021 and will continue every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning throughout the entire season. For those students who are commencing at Villanova in Years 5 and 7 in 2021, training will commence in Week 1, Term 4 2020 (on Tuesday 6 October) as per the schedule below. These sessions will run up to and include Friday 18 December 2020. The program will recommence on Monday 4 January 2021 and will run until the end of Week 1, Term 1, 2021 at which time selection trials will be held.

More information regarding these time trials will be given next year.

While the College appreciates that some students may choose to continue their pre-season training elsewhere, we would encourage all swimmers to consider joining the College’s program. All students who are interested in joining Villanova’s swim team will be required to attend trials in Week 1, 2021. Participation or non-participation in our pre-season schedule will not guarantee a place in our final squad. However, we do believe it will strengthen your chance to do well at the trials and aid in building a strong College swimming culture.

All training sessions will be held at Langlands Park Memorial Pool, located at 5 Panitya Street, Stones Corner. All training sessions will be under the direction of Mr Gilly Santos – Villanova Swim Coach (Year 9 – 12) and Ms Kerry Holland – Villanova Swim Coach (Year 5 – 8).

Training is open to all students who hope to become a member of Villanova’s 2021 Swim Team or for students wishing to increase their physical fitness.  Please note that these sessions are for students who are capable swimmers only, they are not ‘learn to swim’ sessions. Parents who are looking for ‘learn to swim’ sessions may wish to enrol their son/s in an alternate program run at Langlands Pool.

Villanova Swimming Training Schedule
(Commencing Tuesday 8 September for current Villanova students and on Tuesday 6 October for students commencing at the College in 2021)

Day Students in Year 5 – 12 in 2021
Tuesday 7.00am – 8.00am
Thursday 7.00am – 8.00am
Friday 6.30am – 8.00am

Fees: A flat fee of $150 will be charged per student for all training sessions up until the start of the 2021 school year. This includes all sessions over the summer holiday period. Students are then entitled to attend as many training sessions as possible throughout this period. Altogether, those who join the program could have access up to 50 training sessions throughout this period at a cost of only $150 (this is $3 per session by highly skilled and qualified swim coaches). The more sessions you attend the more value for money you receive. This represents outstanding value.

Kerry Holland has asked all members of the Jets Swim Club to participate in at least one of the Villanova squad sessions each week.  These additional sessions will help build team spirit and provide further skills training for Met East squads, and relay practice.

For those wishing to enroll in the swim program, please click the link below to register your details online. Information regarding payment can also be found within this link. Please understand that the personal details and emergency contact information provided within the registration form will be shared with the staff from Langlands Pool. Langland Pool does not have access to the College’s data base and needs your contact information in the event of an emergency. If your details change you must notify the Sports Office (details below) as the updated information the College receives is not shared with Langlands Pool. If you do not wish for your emergency details to be shared with the staff from Langlands Pool, we will be unable to allow you to participate in the program.

Villanova Swimming Registration Link –—202021-

Flipper/Pool Buoy and Bag: All students are required to purchase their own flippers and pool buoy for training. Langland’s Pool will supply your son with a training pack at a cost of $75. Please find attached to the swim rego form found on the website an order form, which must be lodged with Langlands Park Pool directly (not Villanova College) to receive your training gear at a discounted price.

Special Welcome Meeting: A special meeting will be held for all squad members on Friday 9 October at Langlands Pool. This meeting will take place after the training session scheduled that day (training will finish a little early that day). All squad members are invited to join the meeting including students entering the College in Year 5 and Year 7 in 2021. It is simply a meet and greet with all coaches and managers and a run through of the season. The meeting will conclude at 8.00am.

For those who wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete all information required in the registration link above. It is common for most boys to commence the program in Term 4 although there is an option to start earlier for the current students. Late comers into the swim program will be accepted; however, they will be required to pay the full fee.

If you have any further queries please contact the Villanova College Swim Co-Ordinator, Mrs Juanita Jacobs via email  Alternatively, please contact the Sports Office on 3394 5621 or via email

At present the AIC Water Polo Tournament date is Sunday, 1 November, and will most likely be held at Iona and perhaps another venue. Divisions at this stage will be – Year 7, 8/9 and 10/11 (no Year 12’s)

No spectators and no catering will be allowed at the venue. More information will come early next term including the sign-on process.

Please note – only those boys who were prepared to swim for Villanova will be permitted to play as the first priority.

Mr Chris Everding, AIC Rugby Co-ordinator

With COVID-19 effectively shutting schools down in March and cancelling Term 2 sport, it looked like rugby would not be played in 2020. This of course was always going to hit our seniors harder than anyone, particularly the boys in the Andrew Slack squad, who had been training on the paddock or in the gym since October and to have it taken away was going to devastating. The AIC Sport Committee eventually came up with a solution that would allow boys to participate in more than one sport, rather than locking them into one.

We were very fortunate that our team of coaches were all able to make the necessary adjustments and continue coaching the boys in Term 3, without having to chase other coaches up or fill holes. With basketball and tennis kicking off sport in Term 3, rugby and football were put on hold for the majority, so the boys were not too overloaded.

Stage 2 restrictions kicked in in and some squads were given the green light to commence training, as contact was now allowed. At the beginning of Week 5 all teams began training and the coaches were given basically one session to come up with trial teams. This is certainly not an ideal lead up to the season for the coaches or the players and we appreciated the understanding of the parents under the restrictions of COVID and time.

The season began with a solid round of trial matches against St. Patrick’s College before heading into a season opener at Villanova Park against St. Laurence’s College followed by away games against Iona. St. Peter’s College was our final round opponent at home before the season abruptly came to a halt, resulting in the Finals Round being cancelled.

The First XV squad began training as usual in October last year and were preparing well until everything was shut down in March. This could have become a time for the squad to give up on all the work they had done and the dream of representing their college in a First XV jersey had faded away. Many believed that at some stage the season could kick off again and many hours was spent pounding the pavement or conditioning themselves on homemade gym equipment. News eventually broke that a half season would be played, and the eight AIC Colleges would be placed in two pools of four, with a finals round to be played to finish off the short season.

The First XV team was presented to a large group of proud parents and live streamed to classrooms around the school. Many players were returning for a second year and the expectations for the team were high, as these senior boys won the 7A, 8A and 9A premierships but it was well known that all Colleges across this age group were very strong and there would be no easy games.

The boys came up against a determined SLC team in round one and had multiple opportunities to take the game away from SLC but couldn’t finish them off and Lauries took the few chances they had to come away with a narrow two-point win. In the second game the firsts dominated a gritty Iona team to lead 19-0 before Iona scored a late try to narrow the score line to 19-7. In the final round match, SPLC battled hard and kept our Firsts to just the 1 win for the season after scraping home 13-7. Villanova were to face SPC in the finals round, but the competition was shut down again after there was a COVID case within the AIC community.

Due to the nature of the season there was no aggregate awarded and any team that was due to play a 1 v 2 final was awarded a shared premiership. Of the older boys the 8 Gold and Fifth XV teams were the only two sides in this position.

The Junior School had eight rugby teams and six went through undefeated: 6A, 6B, 6 Gold, 5A, 5B and 5C. It was a pleasure to watch these boys run around each week. They supported each other, congratulated each other, and just had a terrific time. I really believe that these boys, as a combined age group will be a very strong group going through the College and we should have a cracking First XV team in 2026. Watch this space!

I would like to thank our First XV coaches, Paul Davey and Craig Kassulke for the enormous amount of time they have dedicated to our students. They were going for almost 12 months with this squad, and even though the boys could not get the results on the field, it is hoped that they go on and play rugby post school. This is good sign that you’ve passed on to the boys a love for the game and a passion to pursue it.

A very pleasing aspect of rugby at Villanova, is the ever-increasing numbers of boys joining up or coming back to play. We now have 25 teams, and this has been increasing steadily over the last four

years. There is a lot of work that goes into the selections, coaching and management of all our teams that represented the College this year and a huge thank you goes out to everyone involved, for what was albeit short and sharp. We continue to rely on the generosity from parents, old boys and external coaches to give our boys a run on the paddock every Saturday. We had a wealth of experience and are fortunate that so many people want to help out our boys and make rugby stronger at Villanova. I would like to thank our parents; Mr Mark Redmond, Mr Jason Harris, Mr Jon Winsbury, Mr Eddie Harris, Mr David Grigson, Mr Dean Staley, Mr Matt Thornton, Mr Jon Tupou, Mr Jason Rasmussen, Mr David Harris, Mr Andrew Peachey, Mr Andrew Ryan, Mr Ben Francis, Mr Paul Keene, Mr Vaasa Afa, Mr Damien Lyons and past parent Mr David Lowe.

With his youngest son Adam, graduating from the College at the end of the year, Mr Jon Winsbury may have coached his last game for Villanova. Jon has been involved with the rugby program since 2010 and has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time to many boys over the years. Jon has been involved in the resurgence and growth of rugby and his passion for the game will be a lasting memory to the many players who have had the pleasure of Jon as their mentor. His efforts as a rugby supporter on the Sports Club, also hasn’t gone unnoticed with Jon often being at Villanova Park at first light on a Saturday to rip into the barbecue, and he was also a driving force behind the Sportsman’s Lunch, which raised thousands of dollars for ALL sports here at Villanova. Thank you, Jon, for everything you have been involved in, we are a better place for it.

A huge thank you to our Old Boys who came on board this year; Mr Terry Gaffney, Mr Harrison Foley, Mr Gus Clegg, Mr Oscar Horton, Mr Patrick Thomas, Mr Connor Wadsworth, Mr Sebastian Roache, Mr Alex Druery, Mr Ben Druery, Mr Jack Druery, Mr Lachlan Littleton, Mr Isaac Abraham, Mr Nick Phillips, Mr Will Vokes, Mr James Muldoon, Mr John Lowe, Mr Joel O’Reilly and Mr Jack Daly.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff members who came on board this year. Thank you to Mr Steve Bremner, Mr Mick Garske, Mr Luke Cahill, Mr Matt Levander, Mr Mannie Navarro, Mr Kirk Astill, Mr Jordan Roache, Mr Jack O’Hare, Mr Ben Lynam and Mr Tom Peel.  It is fantastic to have so many staff members who contribute to establishing a rugby culture within the College.

I would also like to extend a massive thank you to all of our members of the Villanova community who offer to help with refereeing and officiating for each of our home games. Thank you to Mr Bruce Stuart, Mr Peter Roberts, Mr Dan Sheahan, Mr Matthew Campbell, Mr Ben Henry and Mr Paul Woodward. We are also very lucky to have students who volunteer to referee. Thank you to Aiden Sheahan, George Greenhalgh and Frazer Moloney.

Without the ongoing support and assistance from the many members of the Villanova College community, the 2020 season would not have been possible.

Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator 

The 2020 Football season will certainly go down in the record books as one of the most unusual seasons to take place. Nonetheless it was a season that was still jam-packed full of great football and tight contests across the board. Due to COVID restrictions placed upon the AIC competition there was a re-structuring of how the football season would be played. This year saw the introduction of schools being placed in two pools, playing a total of three pool matches followed by a finals round to conclude the season. Villanova was placed in the same pool as St Laurence’s, Iona and St Peters which would be a great test for our teams.

Once again, Villanova had great representation across the College with 32 football teams entering the AIC competition from Year 5-12. This is a great achievement by all of the boys who participated and represented the ‘Green and Gold’ of Villanova with pride. This year due to COVID and the shortened season the Overall Aggregate was replaced with a finals round to take place after the pool matches. Villanova had four sides that finished on top of their pool and would have advanced to the final. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances with Covid the final round was cancelled, and these teams were not able to play their final. This however, meant that they had a joint premiership. Congratulations to the Fifth XI, 10C, 7A and 7B sides who all came away with a joint premiership in their respective divisions. Well done to the coaches as well who did a magnificent job in preparing their teams each week, thank you and congratulations; Nathan Whitby (Fifth XI), Josh Civitarese and Reece Jansen (10C), Abrahim Yango (7A), Anthony Karamihas and Connor Walker (7B). Along with these sides Villanova had two Junior teams who remained undefeated for the season. Congratulations to the 6 Gold and the 5B sides and their coaches; Julian Mascadri (6 Gold), Alex Crew and Nick Conias (5B). Other notable teams that deserve a mention for their efforts throughout the season include the; First XI, 10B and 7C sides who also remained undefeated in their pool matches however missed out on top spot of their pool either by overall points, goal difference or in the case of the First XI not scoring the first goal in a drawn match.

The First XI football side has been building for a number of years with steady improvement under the guidance of Coach Tom Carnavas and Assistant Coach Terry Kambouris. Work began for the 2020 season in Term Four of last year with the initial First/Second development squads being put through their paces in pre-season training. It was clear to see that this squad of boys had the talent and if they worked hard enough would be able to push for the goal of being crowned AIC champions. No stone would be left unturned in their efforts to be the best and as a result a new pre-season camp was organised at the Sunshine Coast Sports Hub where the boys would have the opportunity to train together whilst having access to sports recovery, nutrition advice and many other activities.

Unfortunately, in a season with many disruptions this was the first instance of Covid impacting plans with the pre-season camp being cancelled which then led to football being postponed until Term 3. In this time with no sport, unfortunately, the decision was made not to travel to Sydney and play against St Augustine’s which is always a highlight of the football calendar. With a mid-season break occurring before things could really get started the boys had to quickly get back into things and pick up from where they left.

The boys were then tested in a number of trial matches in preparation for the modified season ahead. In total they had five trial matches against Ormiston College, John Paul College, Ashgrove, Padua and St Patrick’s. The team came away with pleasing results from the trial matches with a total of three wins, one draw and a loss suggesting that they could make a serious push at the title. The First XI boys started their pool matches against St Laurence’s in what is always a close and tough game. This would prove to be no different with the game ending in a 0-0 draw to get the AIC season started.

The second-round match up was another tough game against Iona. Villanova started the game with some great intensity that saw them score after only thirty seconds. They maintained that pressure to score twice more to take an early 3-0 lead. However, we unfortunately lost our way a little and let Iona back into the game scoring twice before half-time with the score being 3-2. This would be the eventual score in a game that really could have gone either way in the end.

The final match of the pool games would prove to be the grand final qualifier against St Peters who were on the same points and goal difference coming into the match. In what was always going to be a close and tough game neither side looked to give much away in the first half. Chances from both sides were limited and unfortunately for our First XI side St Peters scored the first goal of the match deep into injury time of the first half. With their backs against the wall in an important match Villanova came out looking the better of the two sides and pushed to create an equalising opportunity. With 20 minutes left to play a great ball into the box from Chris Collyns was put into the back of the net by Josh Smith ensuring that the finish to the game would be tense. Villanova continued to attack and create chances with one shot almost crossing the line. The game finished in a 1-1 draw and as St Peters scored first were the team who qualified in top spot from the pool. As disappointing as the overall result may have seemed to the boys it is important to note that they finished their AIC season undefeated which is a great achievement and is another great building block for the future.

Even though it has been a modified season with many challenges along the way Villanova has enjoyed another successful season. It must be noted that the season has been as successful as it has because of the hard work, enthusiasm and love of the game by many members of the wider community who have been involved in the program. It takes a lot of organisation on the behalf of coaches and managers to ensure that the players are ready and focused each week to take the field. We are extremely lucky as a College to have parents, old boys, staff members and external coaches who give up their time.

I would like to acknowledge those parents who have dedicated themselves to Villa Football in 2020, thank you to Mr Terry Kambouris and M. George Vasiliou. It is always great to see so many Old Boys return to give back to the College and we truly thank you for your time and efforts and hope to see you return again next year. We have also been fortunate enough to have coaches join the Villa coaching ranks for the first time as an external coach and we would like to thank Massimo Pantaleo, Adriano Pantaleo-Martinez and Martin Docherty for their efforts. A number of staff members also contributed to the football program this year and as always it is appreciated and big thank you goes to Jack Cabassi 6A, Jack Lamb 6B, Amy Roberts 6 White, Kirstina Dawson 5A, Kelson Lee 5C, Nichole Rouhliadeff 5 Gold and Georgia Mills-Geer 5 White.

We have been fortunate enough to have the services of goalkeeper coach Anthony De Luca who has guided our boys in this specialist role and his efforts are truly appreciated. Finally, a big thank you must go to Football Director Michael Rooney for all of his support and help throughout the entire season with assisting the coaches and players.

Thank you to those parents, students and extended members of the Villa community that have assisted throughout this unusual season. Your ongoing support of the football program is valued highly and without your assistance the 2020 season would not have been possible.

Mr Todd Kropp, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

Week 10 saw the students from Year 7-10 return to the volleyball court for pre-season training. We had a great turnout of boys and it was great to see so many boys take advantage of this opportunity ahead of the AIC trials scheduled for Term 4. Pre-season training will return in week 1 of Term 4 for all students in Years 7-10 wishing to participate in AIC Volleyball in 2021. This will begin on Tuesday 6 October for our Year 9 and Year 10 students and Thursday 8 October for Year 7 and Year  8.

Schools Cup
Schools Cup training will continue over the holidays for the pre-selected teams as per the schedule emailed.

Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

The Chess Competition ended abruptly just before the finals which was a shame for the three teams who had been undefeated during the season and were eagerly awaiting the chance to become premiers for their group. It was a challenging season for all concerned but especially for the seniors who had been part of the team for a long period, some since Year 5, and were hoping to continue their winning ways in their final season. It was not to be, but they can all be proud of their participation this year and the many triumphs that have had over their years of service to the College Chess Team.

The Senior teams this year were – Opens – Alex Ilka (Captain), Will Ilka, Aiden Lee, Mitchell Droop and Mason Luu who selflessly then played in the Senior B when a student was unable to play. The Senior A team – Isaac Langford, Alex McDougall, Harry Blaser, Thomas Hoctor and Daniel Waugh who have all played together since Year 5. The Senior B team – Mason Luu, Noah Walsh, Connor Whitby, Christian Dang and Blake Waugh who also played together since junior school. The Senior B team went through undefeated so congratulations to those boys on a job well done.

The Intermediate teams were – Intermediate A – Tom Winn, Alex Hulme, Harrison Bryant and Oliver Wills also undefeated for the season, well done boys.  Intermediate B – Jack Neate, Lachlan Sturgess, Eli Dunstan, Seb Wilson and reserves Adam Kielenniva and Jordan Barry.

The Junior teams consisted of Team A – Rueben Wagels, Ryan Thomas, Riley Bryant and Max Kwok. The B team – Beau House, Adam Ibrahim, Josh Sneyd and Daniel Cooney and the reserves of Hamish O’Toole and Hugh Hoskings. Congratulations to the B team as they also went through the three rounds undefeated. A special thank you to Mr Lamb, Mr Verity and Mr Lynch for helping to organise the Junior teams this year. The chess championships for each school are now underway so the they can still be playing at morning tea for a little while longer.

As the season comes to an end we must thank all the parents for their support over the rounds and a special thank you to Mr Stariha and the sports team for their continued support of the boys, and in particular Mrs Warren and myself, not only this year but over the last few years. Hopefully next year will be back to normal.

With the chess, rugby and football seasons over, we hope our better athletes can attend the remaining training sessions. Please note we will hold some holiday training sessions as listed below. All athletes are asked to find their own way to and from the session during the holidays.

Although a draft team has been published. We intend on finalising the team on the first day back next term after we consider the performances given over the holiday training sessions. A meeting with all squad members will be held on Wednesday 7 October to announce the final team and give out all information.

Track and Field – Key Dates
Holiday Program (boys find their own way to and from VP, no busses will be supplied)

  • Wednesday 23 September training at Villanova Park (3.30-5.00pm)
  • Wednesday 30 September training at Villanova Park (3.30-5.00pm)

Year 5 and Year 6 800m Holiday Training

  • Monday 21 September at Whites Hill 8.30-10.00am
  • Wednesday 23 September at Whites Hill 8.30-10.00am
  • Friday 25 September at Villanova Park 8.30 – 10 am.
  • Monday 28 September at Whites Hill 8.30-10.00am
  • Wednesday 30 September at Whites Hill 8.30-10.00am
  • Friday 2 October at Whites Hill 8.30-10.00am
  • Monday 5 October at Whites Hill 8.30-10.00am

Term 4

  • Wednesday 7 October training at Villanova Park

AIC Track and Field Championships – Dates

  • Day 1 – Friday 9 October
  • Day 2 – Saturday 10 October

AIC Track and Field Championships – Information
Villanova’s 2020 AIC Track and Field Team are very much looking forward to competing at the annual AIC Track and Field Championships which will be held on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 October at the Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre (QSAC).

The team’s preparation has been encouraging and we are looking forward to a successful carnival. Unfortunately, not everyone who has trained will get the chance to compete.  However, we believe that all those who have trained are important members of the 2020 AIC Track and Field Team, therefore all squad members who have trained throughout the season are invited to attend the carnival with the competing team as a spectator/reserve.

Villanova’s final team will be chosen by Wednesday 7 October. Please find below some information regarding the event schedule and other important information including buses times, uniform requirements etc.  Due to Covid restrictions there will be no spectators or parents allowed at the venue across the two days. It is required that all student athletes on both days arrive at the College and use the bus service provided to and from the venue. Students will not be able to be picked up from the venue and must catch the bus and be collected from the College.

A full event schedule is currently posted on the web under the AIC Track and Field section.

AIC Track and Field Championship                          

Day 1:   Friday 9 October 1.15pm – 5.00pm
Main Stadium – QSAC, Kessels Road, Nathan

Transport:  Bus departs Villanova College from Sixth Avenue at 12 midday and will return to the College by 5.30pm

Day 2:  Saturday 10 October 8.30am – 2.00pm
Main Stadium – QSAC, Kessels Road, Nathan

Team PhotoAll athletes are to assemble/meet in the quadrangle at Villanova College at 6.45am for a team photo
Transport:  Bus departs Villanova College from Sixth Avenue at 7.20am and will return to the College by 2.45pm.

All members of the team must arrive at the College by 6.45am on Saturday ready for a 7.20am departure on the team bus. All athletes are to meet on the quadrangle for a team photo before boarding the bus. Boys are to ensure they have eaten beforehand and have all the necessary food, drink and equipment for the day.  The first event on the program for Day 2 begins at 8.45am (Open 3000m).

Uniform: All athletes are required to wear the full Villanova College athletic uniform. Boys who are not competing may wear their team shirt and green PE shorts.

Competing athletes must wear the following:

  • Villanova athletics singlet
  • Villanova white athletic shorts
  • Villanova team shirt (COMPULSORY)
  • Villanova sports cap (green)

The boys will need to bring the following:

  • Hat/sunscreen/wet weather gear (if required)
  • Other sportswear i.e. spikes
  • Water bottle/s
  • Food (fruit, sandwiches)
  • Lunch will not be provided on Saturday 10 October – A canteen will be available with limited food (it is recommended to bring your own food)
  • Please avoid junk food such as chips and milk drinks

The team bus will return to the College at the completion of the presentations on Day 2 by approximately 2.45pm.

Our congratulations to Alex McDougall who has been selected as Team Captain for 2020. Alex has led by example with his commitment to Villanova’s athletics program over many years.

Thank you for supporting your son during the track and field season this year.  I am sure all boys will give their best on the days of the championships and we look forward to an enjoyable and successful couple of days.

Mr Lonergan will be conducting holiday raining for “all comers” on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of both Holiday weeks. The training will be held at Oval # 3 Whites Hill Recreation Reserve. Sessions run from 8.30 – 10 am. Boys wanting to train for the Running events at the coming AIC Championship or just wanting to maintain fitness are welcome at this training.

Please Note: The Sunday sessions (4 – 5 pm) for September 20, September 27, October 4 and October 11 are cancelled.

Teams for the Term 4 Cricket Zone Competition have almost been finalised and the lists will be published first day back next term. This will not impact on training as all the boys have designated year level training days. Could all parents please contact their son’s team manager when the teams are released to pass on contact details and to sign up for umpiring and scoring.

We are still in need of some assistant coaches and managers of teams. The assistant coaches only need to be at the matches and run the boys on game days. All coaching will be done by qualified coaches during the week.

Training will begin the first week back and each year level will train at the same time every week. Please note that due to the Public Holiday on Monday 5 October, ALL Year 5 and Year 6 teams will train on Thursday morning, 8 October. They will then train on Monday 14 October. All boys are reminded that they must bring their own cricket equipment to training.

Session Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Year 5 and Year 6 Year 7 and Year 8 Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 Make up session for rain Make up session for rain

The draw for the EDJCA and BEARS has not been finalised and will be distributed to all managers as soon as they are ready. Matches begin on Saturday 10 October and will conclude on December 5.

All boys from Year 5-12 are required to wear cricket whites during matches. Villanova cricket shirts are available from the College Uniform Shop. Pants can be purchased at any store that stocks cricket pants.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Ensemble Lists 2021 – Band, Strings and Guitar
The 2021 ensemble lists will be communicated tomorrow afternoon to our community.  We will be placing them on our noticeboards outside the Music Office and conductors will be contacting ensemble members directly.  Information regarding rehearsals for Term 4 will be distributed shortly so that all families are prepared for the return to school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students for their submissions during this audition process and thank our staff who have been working with the students across the year.  It has been edifying to witness the growth and development of our students over this time.

AMEB Examination News – Strings
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our talented Middle School Cellists.  Congratulations to Charlie Hodgson-Day for passing his Grade 2 AMEB Cello exam with Honours.  Well done on a great effort Charlie.

Music Leaders 2021
It gives me great pleasure to communicate we have been inundated with nominees for our Music Leadership Group for 2021.  Due to the large number of nominations, we would like to ensure the process is undertaken with an appropriate amount of time.  As such, we will have our nominees participate in a series of interviews and public speaking before we undertake an election during the Week 1 next term.  Information regarding procedure will be communicated to the nominees and all student members before the holidays.

Key dates for Term 4
Key dates for Term 4 are outlined below.  A revised calendar for the remainder of the year will be communicated over the break.  May I ask that you note the following dates in your diaries as ‘set’ for the coming term:

Term 4
6-9 Oct All rehearsals commence – new ensembles
12 Oct Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm
16 Oct Senior Musicians’ Dinner
Wieneke Bursary Heats (during week)
Wieneke Bursary Finals
26-30 Oct Instrumental Music Assessment Task 2 Due (Years 6-11)
9 Nov Music Support Group AGM – 7:30pm
12 Nov Christmas Extravaganza
22 Nov Music Open Day – Year 5 Testing (TBC)
22 Nov Music Support Group EOY BBQ
23 Nov Loan instruments returned for servicing
23 Nov All rehearsals conclude

Entertainment Memberships
Entertainment Publications are no longer selling books, just digital memberships from 2020 onwards.  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please access our membership portal through the links below.  There are a number of great offers available focussing on supporting local and small businesses through this challenging period.

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.  We are glad to continue to be of service to you and your son as we navigate this challenging time together.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

*Value displayed is an example of potential savings within the Membership only and is subject to available offers at any one time. The redemption examples show how a Member could redeem the cost of the Single City Membership in one day.

^The additional $10 and $20 per Membership sale during the current promotional period 12am 14 August 2020 – 11:59pm 13 September 2020 AEST will be paid to the relevant Entertainment fundraising group as per the standard payment terms within the corresponding quarter.

*All member offers are subject to terms and conditions. Check individual offers on the Entertainment Membership App or for more information. For all dining offers, it is optional for participating businesses to accept your Entertainment Memberships on all official Australian and New Zealand public holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. © 2020 Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty Ltd.


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Parent Information

Ever wanted to walk/run the Sydney City to Surf?
This year on Sunday 18 October you can – without leaving Brisbane – and at the same time, support the work of the Augustinian Volunteers in Australia. The College community is warmly invited to join the Augustinian Volunteers Australia team in this year’s virtual City to Surf – the event’s 50th anniversary. Augustinian Volunteers engage young people in after school social justice projects.

On the race day: you chose your own track to walk and when you have completed 14km, the App lets you know. Your name is printed in the list of runners (with your time) and you are sent the race medal.

To register:  Following registration you will be sent the App to download.

After registering, go to the link

Stroll down to the yellow tag ‘Join Team’. You will then be part of the Augustinian Volunteers Australia team. Then you can seek sponsors and all money goes to support the Augustinian Volunteers under the patronage of the Governor General of Australia.

Vacation Care Program – Helping Hands
Villanova Helping Hands is open for Vacation Care! We have exciting themes, excursions and incursions planned – see the Vacation Care program by clicking here.

If you are enrolled, bookings can be made via iParent:
If you aren’t enrolled, please register and then follow the steps after registration:

Tuckshop Roster (Tuesday 5 – Friday 9 October)
All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.

Students with Disability Travel Rebate (Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme) – Semester 2, 2020

  • Does your child have a verified disability that requires transport assistance to and from school?
  • Has your school’s learning support teacher assessed your child’s travel capability rating as ‘semi-independent’ or more dependent?

Visit the website to see if you qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost of transport and apply at by 31 October 2020. Late applications cannot be accepted after this date.


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