Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
What is your gift?  Why work in an educational institution?

There are often times when I reflect on why I ended up in teaching….and remain.  Sometimes, this reflection results in questions of why poor choices were made!  Like most of the staff here at Villanova College, I have been involved in various and numerous conversations with staff and students over recent weeks.  Other than with my learned colleagues, some of the most powerful conversations have been in my Year 12 ACP class.  We share stories of trials and tribulations, successes, and failures.  We set goals, we laugh, we talk…the boys work…mostly!  Sometimes our conversations turn to ‘what or who inspires you?’ You may be shocked by their response.  Having spent 14 years at Villanova, I am not.

No longer are the inspirational figures in their lives sporting heroes, movie stars or the rich and famous.  These figures are far from the rich and famous…they are our staff!  The staff at Villa, the whole staff, are held in such high esteem and regard.  For many of our boys, they are the sole purpose why they do what they do.  There are boys here who simply get out of bed in the morning because of the staff.  They care, they believe, they inspire, they love.  We are their family.  We are community.

The care and concern of our staff has not gone unnoticed.  They may not receive the continuous gratitude they deserve but know that it is there.  I read an article recently by Br. Damien Price cfc. I attach it here for your reference:

Damien is a Christian Brother and has worked in many schools, including St. Laurence’s, Nudgee, and Terrace.  In the article, he speaks of Paul ‘Woody’ Forrester and Br. Sherriff.  I had the privilege to know and experience both men at St. Laurence’s College as a student.  I certainly concur with Damien’s assessment and inspiration of the teachers he so warmly speaks about.  For me, that person at SLC who inspired me, was in fact Br. Damien Price.  I could easily spend time and minimal effort recounting the stories, fun, tears, trials, and tribulations of the work I encountered with this wonderful human being.  Along with Mr. Andrew McTaggart, these are the people who inspired me to join the vocation of teaching.  They were the reason I got out of bed all those years ago.

I am also reminded of people such as Annette Cook and Kevin Couper during my time at Townsville Grammar School.  Annette was the Services Manager, looking after the cleaning, boarding kitchen, and tuckshop.  Kevin was the Facilities Manager, often found atop a ladder or on a mower.  Although not classroom teachers, they were two of the most effective teachers on staff.  What did they do to enable this?  They cared.  They built relationships…they were part of the community.  They engaged with and challenged the students.  This is no different here at Villa.  We have some of the most talented teachers working inside and outside the classroom.  The common thread…relationships.

Continuing with the theme of relationships, we offer our congratulations to Mr Graeme George who has been awarded the Excellence in Physics Teaching Award from the Australian Institute of Physics, QLD Branch.  It is a great honour for Graeme and a wonderful recognition for his work in the classroom and beyond. What makes this award special is the nomination came from Graeme’s students, both past and present.  One such nomination noted, “Today, as a university professor, I aspire to even show a fraction of the commitment and patience that Graeme constantly exhibited to me as a student. Not only was he an engaging teacher in class, but Graeme constantly made himself available to tutor us through our studies in physics and mathematics. I still have wonderful memories of heading to school on Sunday afternoons with my classmates to work through exercises and problem sets together under Graeme’s supervision. The sheer quantity of hours he put into helping us work on our mathematical and physical understanding set us up for future successes in our university studies and beyond. My understanding is that 20+ years later Graeme is as devoted as he ever was to guide his students through their studies, running out-of-hours tutorials and providing feedback for his students 24/7 (especially around exams and assignment deadlines).”

Congratulations to the Senior Titration Team following the competition in the National finals this week, where the team received two gold and one silver.  Well done to Year 12 students Ben Sciacca, Jake Blackwell, and Paddy Perrier. Hopefully there will be further good news once all the team results are finalised.

We also acknowledge the call to service from our Student Leadership Team in 2022.  We congratulate the following boys on their willingness to take the College forward over the next twelve months.  We wish them every blessing as they embark on their leadership journey:

College Captain: Riley Richards
College Vice Captain: Cameron Wallis
Student Council President: Thomas Price
Academic Captain: Lachlan McGregor
Cultural Captain: Aston Gapes
Ministry Captain: Jose Sibi
Music Captain:  Blake Waugh
Sports Captain: Dimitri Horton

Crane House Captain: Ruben Webb
Goold House Captain: Alex Friedman
Heavey House Captain: Jorge Makras
Murray House Captain: Michael Gordon

During the week, the College was informed that Year 12 students Gus Godwin and Tom Twaddell have been selected in the Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union A Team. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, these boys will not get the opportunity to play against an international opponent.  This is an incredible achievement and appropriate recognition of the perseverance and dedication of these boys.  We will have an opportunity to present these boys with their jerseys soon.

This Sunday, we celebrate Father’s Day across the nation.  I wish all our dads and significant males a wonderful weekend and thank you for the wonderful contribution you make to the lives of your sons.  Being a dad is not easy, especially in dealing with adolescent boys!  At the end of the day, I always aim to make a lifetime of memories – of love, laughter, and tears, as we journey together.

As we enter Week 9, Term 3 and the feet are sore, the head is weary and the energy low…know that each and every one of the staff here at Villanova have a gift.  For most, that gift is their presence.  Know that although their flame may be flickering in various forms of intensity, it is the light that guides the boys in our care. Thank you!

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Steven Bremner, Acting Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Teaching and Learning News


Parents and Carers,
Are you looking for a challenge for your son?

This year Villanova College invites interested students in Years 5 to 11  to participate in the 2021 online ICAS challenges.

The ICAS assessments series is designed to assess students’ ability to apply classroom learning in new contexts, using higher order thinking and problem-solving skills. Each ICAS subject involves a 60-minute online test and students will receive prizes or certificates based on their level of performance comparative to other Australian participants.

These will take place between Tuesday 5 October and Friday 15 October. Once registered, more information will be communicated to you.

While it is preferable to complete the test at the College, the online testing platform will allow the test to be completed via remote learning if necessary.

This year ICAS will be offered to students in:

  • Digital Technologies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

You may register your son at

Each test involves a cost of $17.05 (inc. GST), payable through the Parent Payment Portal. The Villanova College account is 01415102 and the School Access Code is ACA499.   Payments close on 19 September.

More information can be found at, however if you have any further enquiries, please email Mrs Kath Underhill (Program Leader Exceptional Learners) at

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Junior School

This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day – and more than ever we need to show gratitude for the love, support and laughs we share with our role models in our family, friends, neighbours, coaches and celebrities past and present.  The influence might be the everyday kind, or the lightest moment – but the impact is strong.  There is not one of us who wouldn’t be able to think of an example of the generosity of time, compassion, and leadership that a man has had upon us in our lifetime.

It’s very important for our children and students to see positive affirmations for men.  Dad jokes and general kidding aside for a moment – take the time this weekend to let a father, brother, uncle, grandfather or significant person your favourite memory.  I have several memories with my Dad, Michael, who lives in Hobart.  It’s been two years since we have seen each other, but it’s recently that we have picked up the phone with more regularity and I’m really enjoying it!  Our beloved West Coast Eagles’ season might be over, and the cold weather in Tasmania is always a given, but the conversations around the Yacht club, his garden, passion for cooking and his walks with the dog are comforting.  Wind the clock back a number of years and I remember his love of hockey and following him around to training and games every week.

My dad never sat still, and he taught himself how to repair and renovate anything around the house (sadly that gene skips a generation).  With the recent passing of his best sailing mate, and my stepmother Margaret, the past couple of months have really hit him hard emotionally.  This has, in turn, had an impact on me for I’ve never heard him so raw with emotion and sad – the loss he has experienced, during COVID restrictions has made it challenging for me to provide the comfort and helping hand I could otherwise do by jumping on a plane.  Nonetheless, we are finding our own way through a tough time and the positive memories of fishing, boating, sport, and joys of family life keep us looking forward.

Today, we are hopefully celebrating our dads, papas, pops, padres, and babas in the Junior School precinct with a barbecue breakfast.  Thanks to our team of teachers, specialists and staff for setting up, cooking and serving a feast as a sign of appreciation for the fathers who could make the early morning happen in their busy schedule.  To the dads who might be working, interstate or overseas, rest assured your photos are here with us and you are remembered.  We are truly grateful for even having the good fortune to make this moment in time possible.  To the lucky winners of the incredible raffle that Mrs Mascadri has created – congratulations!  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Underhill and her team for the Father’s Day Stall goodies – there are many special bags hiding at home waiting for the great reveal this Sunday morning.

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Dad humour – and I really believe each year I’m getting a little more cliché than ever, which “really” makes my teenage sons eyeballs roll in all kinds of directions.  Thank goodness the Year 5 and Year 6 students are my perfect audience, and I can get most of the cheers and giggles here at school.  I have asked some Junior School students to share their funniest Dad moment this week – let’s see if any dads, who might be playing at home, can identify themselves here……

  • The family wanted a dog and dad was adamant he didn’t want one – he finally caved, and we got one, but he insisted it was the families’ responsibility and not his. Fast forward and now dad and the dog are inseparable and it’s like his long-lost son!
  • Once dad picked up the wrong child from day care – he thought it was my sister and didn’t realise until we’d got home and said, “that’s not my daughter!”
  • Dad and I were arguing who was the better basketball player until dad said he’d prove it and made a shot behind the back board which then rebounded and smacked him in the face. We were both were in fits of laughter afterward.
  • Dad said to Nonna (mother-in-law) this is the best store-bought lasagne I’ve ever tasted in which she replied by saying It was home made. Everyone laughed!
  • On a family holiday up the coast mum had nagged dad three or more times to make sure that he had locked the front door. In which he had said all good. We arrived home after a week on holidays to find the front door wide open! Needless to say, dad was in the bad books!
  • On a long road trip dad decided to pull over to get coffee’s and took my iPad off me so that I could stretch my legs however he left this on top of the car. It wasn’t until we reached the highway until we heard something fly off the roof and smash into million pieces.

I will never tire of hearing stories like this!  A very happy Father’s Day this Sunday – to the dad’s past, present and future – thank you for all that you are, what you do and the love you have passed into the lives of many.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

As we are all aware, the effects of the pandemic have been far reaching. Along with a devastating and tragic death toll and significant illness, various public health measures have resulted in people being isolated from loved ones and has dramatically changed the way we interact at work, school and socially.

Here in Queensland, the State Government recently extended the mandate for the wearing of masks, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained, and in schools. Whilst this protective measure might be annoying, it obviously provides a critical safeguard against the spread of this virulent disease.

One of the flow effects of this has been an increase in the distribution, use, and discard of disposable masks. New research has shown that, globally, 129 billion disposable face masks are being dumped into landfills every month. Over the last two weeks, the Middle School Student Services alone have issued over 500 disposable masks to boys. This has mostly been due to accidental breakages, but a number of boys have simply lost or not looked after the ones they have.

Encouragingly, this week we have seen an increasing number of students turning to reusable, washable masks. Whilst such masks are not suitable in all environments, they are reducing the quantity of waste we produce. We have also been encouraging boys to take greater care not to damage the masks they are wearing. In the grand scheme of things, it may only be a little thing, yet it is one thing that is in our control, and with a little care and attention, we can help protect not only ourselves but the planet as well. As we often find ourselves telling the boys: “Being a positive influence in our world means not only looking after each other but our environment as well.’

In the meantime, I thank and acknowledge the boys for their compliance with mask wearing.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Senior School

Student Leadership
At yesterday’s Year 11 Form Meeting, we finalised the voting processes for the selection of the 2022 Student Leadership Team. I would like to congratulate and affirm the following young men for their appointments as Portfolio and House Captains for 2022:

Academic Captain: Lachlan McGregor
Cultural Captain: Aston Gapes
Ministry Captain: Jose Sibi
Music Captain: Blake Waugh
Sports Captain: Dimitri Horton

Crane House Captain: Ruben Webb
Goold House Captain: Alex Friedman
Heavey House Captain: Jorge Makras
Murray House Captain: Michael Gordon

At the commencement of Term 4, the incoming Student Leadership Team will have the opportunity to be mentored and supported by the current team ahead of the official leadership handover.

Servant Leadership and Peer Mentoring
In addition to engaging in the voting processes at the Year 11 Form Meeting, our incoming Seniors listened to presentations from our Ministry Team of Mrs Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity and Ms Nicole Jones, Service-Learning Coordinator as well as the Head of Junior School, Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff and Junior School Pastoral Area Leader Mr Brendan Kennedy pertaining to transformational ways our young men can serve our community and give back to the College in their final year. 2020 Ministry Captain Isaac Collie also spoke passionately about the ways in which being involved in ministry endeavours impacted him during his Villanova Journey. Isaac, last year’s Villanovan of the Year, articulated himself superbly about the power of service.

Our entire leadership philosophy at the College is shaped by what I commonly refer to as the three Ss- selflessness, sacrifice and service. St Thomas of Villanova, our patron, reminds us that “We are not born for ourselves and the natural gifts and graces we receive are not for ourselves alone, but we have received them for the benefit of all.” Therefore, the notion of a servant leader focuses on the welfare of others and putting the needs of others before ourselves.

One profound way our Seniors can make a significant contribution to our Junior School community is applying to become a Peer Mentor. This year, we expanded our Peer Mentoring Program to ensure that every Junior School class had two Year 12 Mentors attached to it. The feedback from the Junior School students and their teachers about the way in which our Seniors have enrichened Circle Time through their contributions, role modelling and positive leadership example has been so affirming.

In speaking with the other Heads of School about the program, it is with enormous excitement that I announce that we will be further expanding the program to include Year 11 students in 2022 who will serve as Peer Mentors across the Year 7 classes. I informed our current Year 10 students of this exciting opportunity at their Form Meeting last week and I look forward to providing this further leadership opportunity to our young men in the Senior School.

Mission Week
Last Friday, we launched this year’s Mission Week with a poignant liturgy live-streamed from Goold Hall into Pastoral rooms across the College whereby the ‘why?’ of Mission Day was powerfully articulated by both staff and students. Prior to morning tea, a large contingent of our Year 10 cohort ‘rolled up their sleeves’ and became our barbecue army, cooking a sausage sizzle to feed our student body. The way in which our young men engaged in this undertaking was incredibly pleasing to witness and they are to be commended for the contribution they made to the success of the day. I would like to thank Year 10 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Sean O’Neill for driving the logistical support of the BBQ.

Today also marked our Dare 2 Donate event, culminating with a special concert in Goold Hall. The spirit of community, the value of humility and the enduring power of our teacher student relationships ensured that our wonderful staff accepted the dares put to them by our students.

I had great pleasure in winding back the hands of time and becoming a Senior again for the day before channelling my inner Bono and belting out a U2 song with Year 12 students James Lewis, Tyler Castles and Aiden Pedrina-O’Connor. Knowing that all our efforts were in support of our Filipino brothers and sisters made it all worth it. Thank you to all who donated in support of AFAS.

“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.” – Buddha

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School




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Ministry and Formation News

Mission Week 2021!
What is your mission?  What is our mission collectively here at Villanova College?  These are the questions we are pondering in Mission Week 2021, and we are encouraging people to act!

Mission Week 2021 may not be the same as other years, but in these unpredictable days of COVID, our Mission Week has had a fantastic start with the full support of students and staff.

On Friday through the wonders of technology we linked our Pastoral classes across the school in our liturgy exploring ‘What is mission?’  In each classroom, two students from each class ensured their pastoral classroom was set up for activities and opportunities for prayer and reflection.  They displayed fantastic leadership that impressed many of our staff and enabled a space for some great discussion about mission.  I commend and thank them for their efforts!  Alongside this, those involved in our liturgy did a fantastic job of bringing the story of Aid Day and Mission Day at Villanova. Fr Saldie showed his talents as a writer, director, filmer and editor.  A big thank-you to all the students who helped tell the story of Mission at Villanova or who assisted with technology to make the live streaming possible.

At the heart of the Christian life is this call to build a more just, compassionate and loving world, and since 1975 students at Villanova have used Mission Day as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness a to ensure this happens.

This year we heard in particular the story of why we go to the Philippines and what we do there.  Students and staff who have been part of our visits over the years reflected on how life changing the experience of visiting the Philippines.  Far more than raising money, the experience has raised awareness about injustices experienced by those who experience poverty and vulnerability but who also inspire with their hospitality, generosity, determination, hard work and sense of community.  Central to our experiences are the relationships and friendships forged.

“We make friends.  We laugh and cry, but most importantly we spend time with the people and let them know that we care for them, and that there are many people back at Villanova who also care and support them.”

In practical ways then we encourage the communities we partner with to determine their own needs that we might assist with.  Over the years as we’ve visited schools, orphanages, old people’s homes.

“Solidarity with our Augustinian friends is important in social justice and community building.  It is not about us telling the communities what to do but being with them and supporting them.  We work with them and in doing so we make an enormous difference in the lives of the scholars, their families and the school communities.  We make a difference!”

Happy Feast Days for Saints Monica and Augustine
Alongside Mission Week, Friday and Saturday also marked the Feast Days of Saints Monica and Augustine.   Fr Peter Jones, Province Leader of the Augustinians, shared a message with all Augustinian communities, encouraging us to remember ‘we are many and we are one’.

St Augustine in some of his greatest homilies on the Eucharist speaks about how many become one through our diversity and our unity in this diversity.  Our common sharing of this human journey is so important at this time.  Please take a moment to listen to his message!

Happy Feasts of Saints Monica and Augustine – YouTube

‘I Am Australian’ everyday choir sing-along | Virtual Choir | ABC Australia – YouTube

Forming fine young men at Villanova College

Sunday Readings at Home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Villanova had a solid round of results against St Laurence’s over the weekend. Overall, it was a competitive match up where both schools enjoyed their fair share of success.

 In our quest to be competitive and strive for success in all that we do, all teams must continue to contribute and give their best each week. As we approach the end of the season, it is not uncommon for teams to become relaxed. St Edmund’s should not be taken lightly. As always, I ask the boys to give it a ‘good crack’ this weekend. Turn up on time, get your head in the game, give 100%, support your mates and enjoy! Only two rounds remain this year.

The AIC Track & Field training program has begun. It is pleasing to report that the coaches have been impressed with the attendance from our younger boys at training so far this season. The attendance of those from Year 10 – 12 could be better although we do understand the need to place studies as the priority particularly with the Year 12 students.  Although we know there are many things happening within our sports program now, we ask those boys who have been selected in the Track and Field squad to regularly attend training each week and give Track & Field their full priority over other sports played. The training schedule is posted on the web under the AIC Track and Field section. The first AIC Meet for the season is held this evening, the second and final meet will be held next Thursday 9 September at SAF.

As detailed below, the Villanova swim program will commence next week for those boys who are currently in Years 5 – 11. This program is open to anybody who wishes to become part of next year’s AIC swim squad or for those who simply want to improve their fitness.  Please read below for further details. I strongly encourage your son to get involved. To further develop Villanova sport, we must accept that a good work ethic and attendance to regular training (among other things) is a must. It is a fact that we must do the hard work pre-season to obtain good results in competition.

 I wish us all the very best this weekend in basketball, rugby league and tennis fixtures v St Edmund’s College. Please enjoy!

Covid Restrictions (to be applied across all AIC sporting venues)
AIC Basketball – Two parents per player are permitted at each basketball venue for all games. They are no student spectators except the First V game where each school is permitted up to 20 student spectators each. All spectators must wear masks indoors and sign in using the QR code at each venue.

AIC Tennis and Rugby League – Please note that unlimited spectators are permitted at the outdoor venues. All spectators must carry masks with them, must socially distance and sign in using the QR code at each venue.

AIC Tennis, Rugby League and Basketball Round 6 v St Edmund’s and Ambrose Treacy College, Saturday 4 September – Times and Venues
All Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons (no games this week). All Year 7 – 12 basketball and Year 5 – 12 tennis and rugby league games are played on Saturday.  Please go to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Edmund’s and Ambrose Treacy College.

Livestreaming – First V  Basketball v St Edmund’s College
The First V basketball game – Villanova v St Edmund’s College will be livestreamed commencing at 12.15pm this Saturday 4 September –

Mr Todd Kropp, AIC Tennis Co-ordinator

 I would like to congratulate all our Villanova tennis players from our round against St Laurence’s College. It was a tough day against a well-trained opposition. I did get the opportunity to watch some matches played at our home venue where the Senior teams competed. It was refreshing to see how competitive our players are, and how far they have come from the beginning of the season. It was great to watch our boys compete in tie-break situations with the same determination that they started the match, it is certainly much easier said then done but I encourage all our players to value and fight for every opportunity to win a rally, game or set.

Whilst our First IV team didn’t finish the day the way they’d hoped, it was certainly entertaining to watch them on the court with each member demonstrating why they deserve the First team shirt. With some tough matches, fast serving, fierce rivalry and even some friendships across the net, St Laurence’s took the victory. I know this will fuel our First IV team who will be hard at it on the court once again this week in preparation for their match against St Edmunds.

Can I please remind all AIC tennis players about the commitment to the Villanova uniform? With the weather starting to warm up, please only wear the tennis uniform outlined on the Locker Room. Many of these fixtures take place in public centres and we want to look our best in order to represent our College.

AIC Tennis Results v St Laurence’s College

TEAM Round 5
Round 4
Round 3
Round 2
Round 1
First IV 0-8 L 8-0 W Not contested 7-0 L 7-1 L
Second IV 1-7 L 0-8 L Not contested 8-0 L 7-1 L
Third IV 1-7 L 1-7 L Not contested 7-1 L 5-3 W
11A 4-4 W


8-0 W Not contested 3-1 W 8-0 W
11B 2-6 L 8-0 W Not contested 1-1 D BYE
10A 0-8 L 1-7 L Not contested 0-4 L 3-5 L
10B 5-3 W 4 (24) – 4 (29) L Not contested 0-4 L 4 (20) -4 (21) L
9A 1-7 L 6-2 W Not contested 0-8 L 3-5 L
9B 1-7 L 4 (27) – 4 (24) W Not contested 3-5 L 8-0 W
8A 0-8 L 5-3 W Not contested 1-5 L 2-6 L
8B 5-3 W 6-2 W Not contested 2-4 L 2-6 L
7A 6-2 W 5-3 W Not contested 0-8 L 5-3 W
7B 3-5 L 0-8 L Not contested 0-8 L 7-1 W
6A 2-6 L 5-3 W Not contested 1-3 L 5-3 W
6B 1-7 L 5-3 W Not contested 2-3 L 5-3 W
5A 6-2 W 4 (33) – 4 (35) L Not contested 5-3 W 6-2 W
5B 8-0 W 7-1 W Not contested 2-5 L 8-0 W

Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Co-ordinator

The Round 5 match up against Saint Laurence’s was always going to be a great spectacle with both schools having many undefeated teams. It certainly didn’t disappoint with many closely contested games all day. We ended up winning 21 games and losing 10. In the aggregate count, we won the day eight – five.

The First V was a spectacular game to watch with both teams shooting the ball very well. Despite an early lead to Villanova, SLC showed excellent grit and determination to tighten the contest and it was anyone’s game late in the fourth quarter. Some clutch plays by Villanova ended up seeing us draw away to win 94 – 79.

This week we are up against SEC and hopefully some continued good form. Good luck to all teams!

Goold Hall Canteen Roster

Round 6 v St Edmund’s
Saturday 4 September

Time Parents of Team
7.45am 10B
8.45am 10A
9.45am 11A
10.45am Second V
11.45am First V
After midday Any parents who can assist

AIC Basketball Results v St Laurence’s College

TEAM Round 5
Round 4
Round 3
Round 2
Round 1
1stV 94-79 W 108-70 W Not contested DNP 108-74 W
2ndV 48-43 W 45-34 W Not contested DNP 64-40 W
3rdV 25-20 W 24-20 W Not contested DNP 47-17 W
4thV 38-33 W 28-29 L Not contested DNP 30-22 W
11A 53-46 W 45-32 W Not contested DNP 45-37 W
11B 31-32 L 33-38 L Not contested DNP 42-15 W
11C 38-25 W 49-21 W Not contested 17-17 D 15-18 L
10A 59-28 W 81-38 W Not contested 34-46 L 58-74 L
10B 43-18 W 69-19 W Not contested 37-38 L 33-39 L
10C 46-43 W 35-20 W Not contested 38-13 W 20-17 W
10D 34-19 W 47-11 W Not contested 61-25 W 17-16 W
9A 21-49 L 21-43 L Not contested DNP 39-53 L
9B 44-52 L 29-27 W Not contested DNP 35-40 L
9C 31-26 W 64-27 W Not contested DNP 30-26 L
9D 29-21 W 42-22 W Not contested DNP 20-22 L
8A 42-47 L 59-23 W Not contested 55-10 W 44-34 W
8B 33-40 L 36-16 W Not contested 51-16 W 35-36 L
8C 16-27 L 37-36 W Not contested DNP 27-33 L
8D 13-43 L 18-23 L Not contested DNP 15-16 L
7A 35-42 L 52-17 W Not contested 49-30 W 57-29 W
7B 37-36 W 54-36 W Not contested DNP 40-17 W
7C 49-12 W 30-20 W Not contested 56-4 W 38-4 W
7D 17-22 L 16-14 W Not contested 62-16 v GT 38-21 W
6A 48–35 W 28-30 L Not contested 70–11 W 22-24 L
6B 40-9 W 43-14 W Not contested 90–4 W 42-21 W
6C 39-14 W 16-16 TIE Not contested 34–8 W

v Ash

6D 36-7 W 34-12 W Not contested 45–7 W

V Ash

5A 22-23 L 44-20 W Not contested 47–11 W 45-9 W
5B 23-10 W 34-11 W Not contested 48–6 W 31-16 W
5C 17-14 W 33–10 W Not contested 15–9 W

V Ash

5D 37-8 W 27-0 W Not contested 18–16 W

V Ash


Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby League Co-ordinator

Congratulations to all teams for Round 5 versus St Laurence’s College. SLC were always going to be a tough round and several games revealed how strong an opposition they are. We finished the weekend with three wins, two draws and two losses. Congratulations to our Year 5, Year 9 and Year 10 teams for taking out the win against a quality opposition. With only St Edmund’s College and Padua College remaining, it is encouraging to see that so many teams are remaining positive in finishing the season strongly. I urge all boys to continue to remain focussed and train hard over the next two weeks.

Our First XIII had another disappointing loss for our first home game of the season. While St Laurence’s produced a strong effort, it was disappointing to see our boys lose possession as a result of basic handling errors and not committing to the tackle. They will no doubt be wanting to redeem themselves this weekend against St Edmund’s College for the final home game of the season.

I remind all players the importance of training to the best of their ability to ensure that what is practised at training filters into the game. There have been some close games so far this season and if players continue to put in the hard work, hopefully we can turn some of these close results into wins for Villanova!

Finally, please ensure that if you are absent from training that you contact your coach prior to training so that the coaches can plan effectively and get the most out of the training sessions.

I wish all teams the best of luck for this Saturday as we take on St Edmund’s for Round 6 at Villanova Park.

Villanova Park Canteen Roster

Round 6 v St Edmund’s
Saturday 4 September

If all parents who can assist please report to Sarah Patterson at the Canteen

Time Parents of Team
7.45am Years 6 and Year 9
8.45am Years 7 and Year 10
9.45am Year 8 and First XIII
10.30am Any parents who can assist

AIC Rugby League Results v St Laurence’s College

TEAM Round 5
Round 4
Round 3
Round 2
Round 1
1st XIII 8-32 L 12-34 L Not contested 0-76 L
YEAR 10 20-10 W 40-12 W Not contested 20-22 L
YEAR 9 38-10 W 26-20 W Not contested 12-20 L
YEAR 8 14-16 W 12-12 D Not contested 8-32 L
YEAR 7 10-10 D 44-10 W Not contested 4-28 L
YEAR 6 18-18 D 50-6 W Not contested 22-12 W
YEAR 5 40-12 W 36-24 W Not contested 24-24 D

SAF, Thursday 9 September (next week)

The second and final AIC Track and Field meet for the season will be held next Thursday 9 September at SAF. This meet will be for all students from Years 5 – 12 and we would expect all boys to attend. Bus transportation will be provided. Year 5 and Year 6 students will depart Villanova by bus at 2.15pm and return by bus at 5.30/45pm. Year 7 – 12 students will depart by bus at 3.10pm and return to the College at 8.30pm. Parents are welcome to collect their son from the venue. The full program for this week’s meet is below.

As this is the final meet for the season it is imperative that all boys give Track & Field their full priority and attend as this will assist coaches with selections within a competitive environment.

Please refer to the Parent Lounge and Student Café portals to view a full list of students required to attend the weekly training sessions for Track and Field. All boys are to give this meet their highest priority over any other sporting commitment.

Parent Spectators at AIC Track & Field Meets – Covid Requirements

  • All spectators, outside coaches will need to QR code in upon entrance
  • Parents and spectators are welcome; however, they cannot sit in the grandstand, this is reserved for competitors only
  • Parents and spectators can watch from the perimeters/fence lines and are welcome to bring chairs
  • At this stage, masks are still required to be worn by all students of all ages. Adults must have masks with them and wear them if they cannot socially distance

AIC Track & Field Program – Thursday September 9 at SAF

Track Events Program

3.30pm Hurdles Years 5 & 6
3.50pm 200m Years 5 & 6
4.30pm 800m Years 5 & 6
5.00pm 100m Years 5 & 6
5.15pm Hurdles 12 Years – Open
3000m (inside lanes)
5.45pm 200m 12 Years – Open
6.10pm 800m
6.35pm 100m
7.00pm 1500m (2 age groups per race)
7.30pm Relays

Field Events Program

3.30pm SHOT PUT
4.15pm LONG JUMP
5.00pm SHOT PUT 1
14 & 15YRS
14 & 15YRS
5:50pm SHOT PUT 1
6:40pm SHOT PUT 1
14 & 15YRS
12 & 13YRS
7:30pm SHOT PUT 1
12 & 13YRS

Villanova Runners Club

When – Sunday 5 September (4 – 5 pm) and each Sunday until 26 September.
Where – Whites Hill Reserve, Boundary Road, Camp Hill
Who – Open to all students/parents/siblings/friends etc.

This activity is an initiative of the AIC Juniors Running Coach – Mr Tom Lonergan. It is an opportunity for all aspiring AIC Middle Distance runners to complete an extra training session each week. Parents, siblings and friends of the athletes are invited to participate in the training. One of the training activities will be a Tabata session. Tabata is an anaerobic activity which complements fitness for running. Another component of this session is a Bush Run which utilizes the many Trails in the Whites Hill bushland area. Further information about this program can be gained by contacting Mr Lonergan email:

Please be advised that the Villanova swim program will commence next week for those students who are currently in Year 5 – 11 (that is, our 2021 AIC swimmers). All new students to the College in 2022 are invited to commence their training Week 1, Term 4 as per days and times listed below.

The annual AIC Swimming Championship will be held in Week 7 of Term 1, 2022. For Villanova College to be competitive and to do well, we urge all current students and those who will be commencing their education at the College in 2022 to commence swimming training NOW.

Training will commence for all current students on Tuesday 7 September 2021 and will continue every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning throughout the entire season. For those students who are commencing at Villanova in Years 5 and 7 in 2022, training will commence in Week 1, Term 4 2021 (on Tuesday 5 October) as per the schedule below. These sessions will run up to and include Friday 17 December 2021. The program will recommence on Tuesday 4 January 2022 and will run until the end of Week 1, Term 1, 2022 at which time selection trials will be held.

More information regarding these time trials will be given next year.

While the College appreciates that some students may choose to continue their pre-season training elsewhere, we would encourage all swimmers to consider joining the College’s program. All students who are interested in joining Villanova’s swim team will be required to attend trials in Week 1, 2022. Participation or non-participation in our pre-season schedule will not guarantee a place in our final squad. However, we do believe it will strengthen your chance to do well at the trials and aid in building a strong College swimming culture.

All training sessions will be held at Langlands Park Memorial Pool, located at 5 Panitya Street, Stones Corner. All training sessions will be under the direction of Mr Felipe Barraza Rojas – Villanova Swim Coach (Year 9 – 12) and Ms Kerry Holland – Villanova Swim Coach (Year 5 – 8).

Training is open to all students who hope to become a member of Villanova’s 2022 Swim Team or for students wishing to increase their physical fitness.  Please note that these sessions are for students who are capable swimmers only, they are not ‘learn to swim’ sessions. Parents who are looking for ‘learn to swim’ sessions may wish to enrol their son/s in an alternate program run at Langlands Pool.

Villanova Swimming Training Schedule
(Commencing Tuesday 7 September for current Villanova students and on Tuesday 5 October for students commencing at the College in 2022)

Day Students in Year 5 – 12 in 2022
Tuesday 7.00am – 8.00am
Thursday 7.00am – 8.00am
Friday 6.15am – 7.45am

Fees: A flat fee of $150 will be charged per student for all training sessions up until the start of the 2022 school year. This includes all sessions over the summer holiday period. Students are then entitled to attend as many training sessions as possible throughout this period. Altogether, those who join the program could have access up to 50 training sessions throughout this period at a cost of only $150 (this is $3 per session by highly skilled and qualified swim coaches). The more sessions you attend the more value for money you receive. This represents outstanding value.

Kerry Holland has asked all members of the Jets Swim Club to participate in at least one of the Villanova squad sessions each week.  These additional sessions will help build team spirit and provide further skills training for Met East squads, and relay practice.

For those wishing to enroll in the swim program, please click the link below to register your details online. Information regarding payment can also be found within this link. Please understand that the personal details and emergency contact information provided within the registration form will be shared with the staff from Langlands Pool. Langlands Pool does not have access to the College’s data base and needs your contact information in the event of an emergency. If your details change you must notify the Sports Office (details below) as the updated information the College receives is not shared with Langlands Pool. If you do not wish for your emergency details to be shared with the staff from Langlands Pool, we will be unable to allow you to participate in the program.

Villanova Swimming Registration Link –—202122-

Flipper/Pool Buoy and Bag: All students are required to purchase their own flippers and pool buoy for training. Langlands Pool will supply your son with a training pack at a cost of $85. The order form is posted on the website within the AIC Swimming section. This order must be lodged with Langlands Park Pool directly (not Villanova College) to receive your training gear at a discounted price.

For those who wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete all information required in the registration link above. It is common for most boys to commence the program in Term 4 although there is an option to start earlier for the current students. Late comers into the swim program will be accepted; however, they will be required to pay the full fee.

If you have any further queries please contact the Villanova College Swim Co-Ordinator, Mrs Juanita Jacobs via email  Alternatively, please contact the Sports Office on 3394 5621 or via email

After a long and rigorous selection and interview process, the College is pleased to announce the appointment of the First XV coaching staff who will lead the program over the next three years.

Congratulations to the successful appointees below. We wish them every success.

Head Coach – Mr Eddie Harris
Assistant Coach – Mr Matt Levander
Assistant Coach – Mr Jon Winsbury

Now that the coaching staff are selected, we will move swiftly to select and announce the Andrew Slack and Ben Mowen Squads.

Andrew Slack and Ben Mowen Squads
Information packages regarding the abovementioned squads will be emailed to all members by the end of term. Please ensure all paperwork and payment is made by the due dates.

At present several boys who play rugby have been asked to attend Track & Field training. Some of these boys have not attended at all. Be aware, those who aren’t prepared to help and give back to the College when asked, will be overlooked in these squads. In matters where the students have a lot on their plate the College will then negotiate an alternative training schedule.

Junior Football and Senior Football Development Squads
It is our aim to announce these squads by the end of this term. Again, when asked, we require boys to assist and give back to the College to assist our Track & Field program if they are good enough. Alternative schedules can be negotiated where boys have lots of their plate.

Zone Cricket Registrations due tomorrow!
If you are intending to sign up your son for Term 4 cricket, registrations will close tomorrow.   Please go to the Locker Room and sign on as well as make payment for the season.

Cricket Camp – September Holidays at Villanova Park
A ‘Holiday Cricket Camp’ will be run over the up-coming September school holiday break. The camp is run by 10KSports at Villanova Park on the 29 and 30 September. Please find a link here to all registration and payment details.

Well done to Tom Twaddell and Gus Godwin who have been selected in the Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union A Team.  This is a wonderful achievement for both Tom and Gus, who have persevered in their sporting pursuits. Due to COVID-19, the team is ‘merit’ only, as they will not have the opportunity to play an international opposition.

Pictured above – Gus Godwin and Tom Twaddell

Gray O’Neill has been selected in the BJRU U/14 Rugby Union Representative Team. The State Championship was postponed in July due to COVID and now will be played in Toowoomba from 21 – 23 September.  We wish Gray all the best!

Pictured above – Gray receiving his jersey from former Wallaby Tim Horan.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Music News

Return to Concerts!
Based on our current restrictions in place, we are able to return to concert programming.  Due to the impacted year, we are looking to provide as many opportunities as possible for the students to play between now and the end of year.  Please refer to our Date Claimer Section for these items – a calendar will be distributed home this evening with further information.

Audition Submissions
Students in Middle and Senior School have received information regarding audition material for 2022 ensembles.   We are looking for final video submission this Sunday afternoon.  If your son has not received this information, please contact the Music Office so that we can rectify the situation.  We are looking forward to viewing the students’ work over the coming week.

Please note – this audition process is not the only factor that influences your son’s ensemble next year.  Ensemble balance, graduation of Seniors, work completed throughout the year, and rehearsal attendance are all elements that support the audition evidence in decision making.  All the best with your preparation!

Reminder – Enrolment Adjustments
A second reminder that all changes to Instrumental Music enrolment without penalty need to occur by 4pm, tomorrow 2 September.  Alterations after this date may incur a term of tuition fees.  For access to the enrolment change document, please contact the music office or visit the College website.

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/BBQ/etc. this Summer! (flyer attached).

Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35; Wildcat Coolers – $30

All items can be purchased via trybooking through the following link:

All profits go to the Music Support Group.

Opportunity to Participate
The Music community at Villanova welcomes all students interested in participating in ensemble or instrument/vocal tuition.  If your son would like to take lessons on an instrument this year, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or via email at for further information.

Date Claimers
We can now look ahead to what the new term brings!  Further information will be distributed shortly to participant families:

Term 3
8 Audition Video Submission Deadline
9 Monday 6 September Chamber Ensemble Concert – Hanrahan Theatre –from 4pm
10 Monday 13 September Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm
10 Tuesday 14 September Junior School Debut Concert – 3:30-5:00pm – Hanrahan Theatre (Junior School Ensembles)
10 2020 Ensembles posted outside Music Office
Term 4
1 Wednesday 6 October Bands Gala Concert – 6:00pm – Hanrahan Theatre and MS Terrace

(MS & SS Bands, Irish, Jazz/Big Band, & small ensembles)

1 Thursday 7 October Strings Gala Concert – Hanrahan Theatre – 6:30

Choir/Guitars – 4:30pm

1 Friday 8 October Orava Quartet Masterclass – 12-2pm
2 Monday 11 October Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm
2 Wieneke Music Bursary Heats – during school time across week
2 Friday 15 October Music Awards Evening – Dinner and concert – Hanrahan Theatre
3 All rehearsals commence – new ensembles

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

As the basketball, rugby league and tennis seasons come to an end, don’t forget there is a great range of Villa supporters’ gear that would make ideal coaches’ gifts.  Check out the selection via the link below:

Date: Sunday 12 September
Time: from 2.00pm
Venue: Coorparoo Bowls Club
Food and drinks available for purchase. Get into the Villa spirit and wear your green and gold!

Tickets for the Year 5 and 6 Parent End of Year function are now open:

Date: Saturday 6 November, 2021
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Martini Bar, Story Bridge Hotel
Cost: $45.00 (includes drink on arrival, canapes and noodle box)
Bookings: click here

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Library.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.



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