Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Laughter, music, young people and the bustle of crowds were just some of the sounds and images from the recently held Queensland Catholic Colleges and Schools Music Festival (QCMF). The numbers associated with this festival are impressive. Over the four days of the festival approximately 15,000 visitors attended this event. There were 574 ensembles from 113 schools and Colleges from across Australia. Supporting the festival was an army of 800 volunteers who guided, adjudicated, set up and fed the performers.

Villanova College Music was represented by 25 ensembles, comprising 460 students from Years 5 to 12. Across the performances the Villanova College performers were awarded 15 Gold and 10 Silver Awards.

During this week the College has received a number of emails congratulating the organisers on a job well done. Many emails have been received complimenting the students for their courteous assistance during the festival. Well done to all involved- Villanova College can be proud of the festival and what we achieve through team work and the strength of our community.

Inter-House Track and Field Carnival  

I was extremely disappointed and disheartened to see 344 students absent from the Track and Field Carnival last Thursday. With the QCMF held at the College it is impossible to conduct classes on the Friday and consequently this situation is managed by holding a Student-Free Day. To prevent further loss of teaching time the College holds the annual Inter-House Track and Field Carnival on the Thursday of the week following the Public Holiday on Wednesday.

I have asked the Sports Department to review our current model for the carnival and once I have had a discussion with staff, students and parents about the placement of the Track and Field Carnival a decision will be made for the placement and style of the carnival in the future.

I am aware that there is an increased number of student illness at this time in the year. However, to have almost one-third of the students absent from the carnival is a great concern.

Feast Day of St Augustine

Tuesday 28 August is the Feast day of St Augustine. As a College community we will celebrate this significant event with a special whole of College Mass to be held on Friday 31 August in Goold Hall commencing at 10.30 am. All are most welcome to attend.

Below is a message from Fr Peter Jones OSA- Prior Provincial of the Order of St Augustine Australasia, on the occasion of St. Augustine’s Day

To Augustinian Parish and College Communities in Australia

We love life, and we have no hesitation at all about loving life; nor can we deny in the least deny that we love life. So, let us choose life, if we love life. What are we choosing? Life. First of all, here, a good one; after this one, the eternal kind.   (St Augustine, Sermon 297,8)

On behalf of all the Augustinians in the Province of Australasia and the Delegation of South Korea, I wish a happy celebration of this year’s St Augustine’s Day to all of you in Augustinian parishes, colleges and other ministries in Australia and Korea. May Augustine’s restless search for God, his commitment to a community of friendship and faith and his generosity in serving others in love be an inspiration for all of us in our common journey towards God.

God Bless

Fr Peter Jones OSA Prior Provincial

Order of St Augustine, Province of Australasia

End of term Assessment

For many students in Years 10, 11 and 12 the past fortnight has seen a dramatic increase in assessment tasks as we head towards the final weeks of this term. I have always been a big fan of breaking tasks down into manageable pieces to achieve the desired outcome. For most students this strategy helps to tackle what may appear to be an insurmountable amount of work and manage the tasks in an efficient manner. We continue to offer our support and encouragement to the students during this busy time of the term.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord,

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, 2 September.  It is a time to remember the people who have made such an incredible effort to love us over the years.  Some fathers are no longer with us, and we honour their memory on this day.  Part of them still very much live through their children (and grandchildren) and there will be stories to share of their funniest and most sentimental moments.

Some fathers live in different houses, but their commitment to raising their children is just as strong as any other.  They set the standards high for being organised, thoughtful and determined to show guidance and patience every day.  Work commitments may take some fathers away on this day and so the use of technology will assist them greatly in getting their message of love and admiration from family.  Those that are fortunate to be with their children and partners will indeed be looking forward to some special treatment – favourite hobbies, having full control of the television remote, and getting first pick of meal choices are always such an enjoyable way to be thanked.

My dad lives in Hobart, and I have no doubt he will be on his boat for Father’s Day as his two sons are in Perth and Brisbane.  He will cast a net out and send us images of salmon, lobsters, or just collect mussels and make his famous chilli dish.  Face-time will remind him of how much his grandsons are growing, and we will cheer each other through the screens.  It really did take me to be a dad before I really understood the highs and lows of parenting.  What it means to be truly selfless, to go without so your kids can do more, and to learn the art of compromise (or negotiation now both mine are teenagers).

My dad and mum separated when I was twelve, and it wasn’t until I travelled in my twenties, that I understood his decision to begin a new family.  How sure I was that he was meant to love us enough to stay.  How certain I was that he should be able to put us first.  Wow, was I the classic example of self-absorbed!  What I do know? With time passing over thirty years, is that relationships with people take time, effort and faith.  What does matter, is that people are happy and show respect to each other.  Families deserve happiness and the memories we make together with special days, spontaneous moments and holidays are what we will always remember.  My dad is one of the hardest working, fun loving and opinionated people I know.  He is a self-taught handyman who has renovation skills I will never own, a sensational cook (homemade pasta and seafood are his speciality), and like all of us, he does his best.

I know my own fathering practices are far from perfect, but I do try.  My number one priority is to be present with my two sons.  It is fair to say that I do this best when we play sport – basketball primarily – but footy, beach cricket and baseball have all appeared through the years.  Cooking in the kitchen is also a fun way for us to work together.  Somehow between all the chopping, stirring and mixing, we can manage to talk about how life is going.  My next favourite would be watching movies together because laughter is always a welcomed thing at the end of a day.

There are certainly times when the two boys and I don’t always see eye to eye.  It normally takes a little cooling off time, a referee (my wife), or for one of us to start laughing whilst we hold a stare for a little too long.  I do hope they know I love them – for every way they are like me, and for all the differences they already show.  I am very conscious that our time together is beginning to change, and that soon, it will be my turn to let them go and live their own lives.  Let’s make it very clear that I won’t be on a boat, but more likely riding my next road bike – I hope!

Year 5 will be hosting a Father and Son breakfast on Friday 31 August beginning at 6.30am on the Junior School upper area playground.  We are serving incredible bacon and egg rolls, sausages and coffee/tea/juice.  Please know that if Dad is unavailable any special friend, relative or neighbour is most welcome.  It is a time to be together, to acknowledge the importance of fathers in our world, and to enjoy being together as a community.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

Responding to Stress and Anxiety
As we move past the halfway point of this all important third term of the year, it is a reality that this period is significant in shaping the academic success of Senior School students. In particular, our Year 12 students have submitted many items of assessment this week and in less than a fortnight will sit the Queensland Core Skills Test which has a substantial impact on the calculation of OP results. Understandably, the stress and anxiety levels of students often peak during this time. What is important for students to realise is that the way in which they respond and react to feelings of stress will often determine whether they can manoeuvre through it or be hurt by it.

A proactive response in which students acknowledge their feelings of vulnerability and openly talk with family members, friends and Villanova College staff members about strategies and techniques to effectively manage pressure is what I would hope that all our students would adopt. Certainly, our focus on social and emotional learning and intelligence within our formation programs reinforce this. Unfortunately, there are still social and cultural barriers pertaining to masculine constructs which result in our young men bottling their emotions and responding to stress and anxiety in destructive ways.

According to Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ) Magazine Editor Mike Christensen, society is still quick to judge people who do speak out and show emotions. He hopes that the days of bottled up emotions and remaining stoic through adversity will be challenged by a revisioned understanding of masculinity in which it is okay not to be okay. This term’s Year 12 formation program has included the screening of excerpts from the ABC three-part series Man Up in which we have endeavoured to reinforce to our young men that it is healthy to speak up if they are struggling and require support. I strongly encourage all students and parents to avail themselves of the academic and social/emotional support structures at Villanova College especially the Counselling and Pastoral Care Team within the Senior School.

Senior School Pastoral Care Team

Mr Matthew Levander  

Head of Senior School

Mr Sean O’Neill  

Year 10 Pastoral Leader


Mr Peter Meecham


Year 11 Pastoral Area Leader

Mr Tony Rolls Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader
Mr Adrian Hellwig  

College Counsellor


Mr Tass Sakellariou


College Psychologist

Mrs Kath Underhill                                                 Learning Enrichment Team Leader

Mrs Dianne Martin                                                 Pathways Program Leader

The Art of Manliness

As mentioned previously in my column, the Art of Manliness website and podcast are two thought-provoking resources that seek to create a synergy of tradition and modernity that offers men signposts of how to live flourishing lives.

Moving forward, I will keep you more regularly updated on relevant podcasts for our Senior School students and parents commencing with Podcast #429: Taking Control of the Brain Chemical that Drives Excitement, Motivation and More. This episode looks at the neuro-science of the human brain, especially the impact of the chemical dopamine. The guests on the podcast share their insights on how to harness dopamine so it works towards your greater goals, rather than against them. Access to the podcast can be found by following this link:

It is not a question of what can someone else can do or become which every youth should ask himself, but what can I do? How can I develop myself into the grandest possible manhood?” – Orison Swett Marden

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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YAYM Film night: The Jungle Book

“Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcomed and rejected strangers of every age.” (Pope Francis – Refugee and Migrant week, 20th – 26th August)

This Friday, 24th August, YAYM are hosting a film night for any Villanova students in the Theatre. The aims are to bring students from the three schools together in a fun event, and secondly to raise awareness about the plight of refugees and asylum seekers – this week being set aside by the Catholic Church to promote awareness of the experience of refugees and migrants.

The evening will begin at 5.30 pm with iconic film snacks at cost price: lolly bags, choc tops, pop-corn. A gold coin donation on the night will go to the local St Vincent de Paul “Soccer Stars” program. Most of the children involved in this fortnightly access program are from refugee background; the volunteers who run this opportunity for friendship are Villa old boys. The evening concludes at 8 pm. A register of attending students will be taken and RSVPs will help with catering purposes.

While the main purpose of the evening is to celebrate companionship and friendship, it also will provide a small way through which Villanova students can act positively in response to the Pope’s request that we “welcome, protect, promote and integrate” the stranger and the refugee.

Link with St Joseph’s School, Mosul

The father of one of our Year 11 students, Anas, is currently in transit to Mosul to help re-establish St Joseph’s Christian school there. When ISIS arrived in 2014, the Christian families continuously present for 14 centuries were given an ultimatum: convert or be killed. Anas’s family fled north – as did the family of fellow Year 11 student, David Nabeel. Both students ultimately arrived in Brisbane. They have been a credit to Villanova in their thirst to make the best use of every single day. Education is a huge gift and opportunity to both students. It was therefore a privilege for Villanova to make a gift to St Joseph’s of some English text books, and a film of the exchange is available at this link on the St Joseph’s Facebook page:

Becoming good men: Lourdes Hill Domestic Violence Forum and Year of Youth Q and A on relationships

Ten Year 11 and Year 12 students attended an excellent forum last week on domestic violence. Speakers included Darren Lockyer, Judge Salvatore Vasta, Deb Vasta (Magistrate – family courts), and Kathleen Noonan (Columnist). Each gave sharp insights into the extent of the problem. Perhaps most memorable however was All Hallows Counsellor, Sue Chandler, who shocked us all by explaining the terrible impact of pornography on contemporary culture – and especially on how young males think about sexuality. The students are keen to take the next step here at Villanova to create a culture in which boys not only become better men, but also exert the courage to call out peers whose behaviour is disrespectful. As we learnt, not all disrespectful words lead to domestic violence, but all violence is preceded by disrespect.

In similar vein, Villanova is at the time of writing hosting a Year of Youth event in which Archbishop Mark Coleridge and other panellists seek to respond honestly to student questions about relationships, and the role of women in the church. A further report will follow, but this discussion is necessary and – I hope – will form a far-reaching Plenary Council in 2020 about the nature and governance of the Church.

Boys to Fine Young Men

There are certain events and opportunities which accelerate the growth of Villa students into fine young men. One such is the annual opportunity to volunteer to help QCMF. This annual event brings over 15,000 young people together in joyful celebration of all kinds of music-making, from drum ensembles to choral singing. So many Villanova students give up their time to offer outstanding hospitality. So memorable is the experience of community and joy that you continue to bump into former students volunteering 10 years later. It is as if the three Vs is the bat signal: everyone knows it’s EKKA week and the community comes flocking back.

Also of outstanding benefit in the journey to become a good man is the opportunity to attend AN AFAS Exchange, visiting and serving our sister schools in the Philippines. About 25 students came along last Monday to the first planning meeting for the 2019 Student Exchange. Year 10 and 11 students are especially encouraged to find out more.

John Holroyd, Dean of Mission & Identity

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QCMF 2018
Now that I have a chance, on behalf of the QCMF organising group I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance, accommodations, and support over the past week.  I appreciate that an event such as QCMF has quite an impact on the logistics and organisation of our College over this short period of time; however, the impact it creates in the lives of so many students is incredible.  Thank you for allowing Villanova to take an important role in the mission of music education in Catholic schools.

Over the four days of festival, we hosted over 15,000 students across the Villanova and St James campuses.  These students represented 574 ensembles from 113 schools across Queensland and Australia.  This year we welcomed schools from as far away as Launceston and Cairns.  To ensure this event ran seamlessly, we were graced with over 800 volunteers from across our community.  We continue to welcome old and new friends to this event – I believe it is this sense of community that makes QCMF such a memorable occasion for so many.

Villanova was represented by 25 ensembles across the weekend, comprising over 460 students from Years 5-12.  The students acquitted themselves exceedingly well, led by our wonderfully talented music staff.  According to adjudication, our groups earned 15 Gold and 10 Silver awards – quite a remarkable outcome.  Remarkable, as regardless the changes in our department, our students have accepted and responded to our new team; the reward for effort is indicative of the investment our students are making in their program – for that, I am eternally grateful to our students and our staff.  Thank you.

We had a large number of student volunteers over the event.  They were fine ambassadors for our College and great exemplars of our Augustinian Charism in action.  I received many stories from visitors remarking on the manners and welcoming nature of our students.  How these students behaved over the festival is a direct reflection of their pride in our College; you are the catalyst for this pride and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for moulding these students and the way in which they view our community.  Their behaviour is not prompted, it is authentic – thank you.

Below is one of many emails received across the weekend from a visiting school.  I have forwarded this one as evidence of our Augustinian values being alive and well within our student body.  Again, I thank you all on behalf of the thousands of students, teachers, families, and friends who came to celebrate Catholic Education over the weekend – it is greatly appreciated!

Hi there,

I wish to pass on my sincerest thanks to all at Villanova for another wonderful QCMF.

Every year I am so impressed with the incredible hospitality and wonderful manners of the Villanova students. This year, more than ever I noticed a number of boys checking in with staff and students, asking how the day was going and offering to help. On more than a few occasions I saw boys holding doors open for others and wishing the participants good luck as they passed them in the hallways.

I know that this doesn’t just happen and that it is through an ongoing focus on community and humble and generous service that this occurs. The Augustinian values are indeed alive and present through the actions of your students.

Thank you again for a brilliant QCMF and the outstanding service of

your boys.


Acting Principal

Queen of Apostles Catholic Primary School  


Big Band and Irish Ensemble 1 – St Brendan’s Fete
Our Big Band and Irish Ensemble, fresh from success at QCMF, will be performing at St Brendan’s Moorooka this Sunday morning as part of their school fete.  Our boys are looking forward to sharing their music with this community – I hope you will come along and support this important event.

Wieneke Family Bursary
We are currently working through the heats of the Bursary now.  I can state unequivocally that the standard of performance has been very pleasing.  Our students and staff are to be commended for their efforts.  Our final has had to be moved due to a competing calendar engagement.  Please stay posted for the date and time of our finals session.

BGS Strings Workshop
Our Strings Consort (Middle School ensemble) will be travelling to Brisbane Grammar School on the 3rd and 4th of September to participate in the Junior Strings Workshop.  A gig-sheet outlining the details of this event has been forwarded home electronically and in hard copy.  Please ensure you have received this and returned the permission slip to the Music Office as soon as possible.

Date Claimers
As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 3
7 20-24 Aug Wieneke Family Bursary Heats
7 Fri 24 Aug MS/SS instrumental/vocal student excursion to QSO (morning concert)
7 Sun 26th Aug Irish Ensemble 1 & Big Band @ St Brendan’s Fete
8 Tues 28th Aug Wieneke Family Bursary Finals
9 3 & 4 Sept BGS, BGGS, Somerville Strings workshop (after school) – String Sinfonia, String Consort
9 Mon 3 Sept Music Support Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music


Music Support Group – Villanova College Music Support Group is raising funds. Order and receive your NEW 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Membership!

Your 2017 | 2018 Entertainment Membership expired on 1 June 2018. Please continue supporting our fundraising by purchasing the 2018 | 2019 Entertainment Membership from us today. Hundreds of great value offers are ready for your enjoyment, while also helping our fundraising! Be quick, the new Membership is selling fast!

Using just a few of these offers will cover your cost of the Membership:


Villanova College Music Support Group

Alison Schrauf, 07 3394 5691,


2018 Battle of the Bands

A Year 9 band (The Jammy Dodgers) will be participating in the Battle of the Rock Bands at Clairvaux competition on 14 September. It is our first year of being involved in this event and they would love your support.  There are some tickets available from Mr Nathan Leonard or from the students involved for $5 each. 

Clairvaux MacKillop College is proud to host the 2018 Battle of the ROCK Bands. It will be staged in the college’s Mary MacKillop Learning Centre on Friday September 14, 2018. The event will highlight the gifted musical talent that many of our students have in the Rock Music genre. The venue will be equipped with a large concert lighting system, video projectors and concert sound system which will provide a real life “rock concert” atmosphere for both the audience and performers. We will have industry professionals coming to be judges and mentors for the student musicians. Students from Chisholm College, St Peter Claver College, Carmel College, St Augustine’s College, Padua and Mt Alvernia Colleges, Emmaus College, John Paul College, MacGregor State High and Villanova College as well as Clairvaux MacKillop’s own No Particular Order will be performing.

The event would not be possible without support from the following event sponsors: The Lord Mayors Suburban Initiative Fund and Macgregor Ward Office, Music Express, Yamaha Music Australia, BJ’s Sound and Lighting, QCEC and The Triffid. The performances will commence from 6:30pm. The College’s P and F Association will be running sausage sizzle and BBQ from 5:30pm , and also selling snack food and drinks throughout the evening. Further event information is available on the college’s website or the Battle of the ROCK Bands facebook page.

Tickets to the event are limited and are only $5-. They will be available from the Clairvaux MacKillop College‘s fees window or bought at the door.

Mr Nathan Leonard

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I am sure it was a welcome change to wake up last Saturday morning and not think about heading off to a school boy sporting event. I hope you all had time to recharge the batteries because from this weekend – it’s on again!

This week we have officially commenced our AIC Track and Field training program. As mentioned previously all interested and invited Track and Field athletes from Year 5 – 12 will be bussed out to the QSAC or SAF venues for training (middle distance boys will train back at the College). We encourage all our best athletes to get involved and to regularly attend each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon training session planned throughout the season. More information is found below.

A huge congratulation goes out to the entire Cross-Country squad from Year 5 – 12 including all coaches and managers for a sensational performance at the AIC Cross Country Championships held recently. Villanova placed fifth overall in the AIC Aggregate.  A full report is below.

Well done to all basketball and tennis players on a great weekend of results against St Edmund’s College. All up we won 32 of the 34 basketball and 12 from the 17 tennis games played. Not only have I enjoyed the high level of sportsmanship displayed from our boys each week. It has been a pleasure to see our boys playing hard and digging deep each week. Both in tennis and basketball we have managed to secure many wins from many close games played over the last 3 weeks, some of which have been last second baskets or matches won in tennis on a count back to sets. The fact that our boys are participating with a will do the best they can for themselves, their teammates and the College with a sense of self-belief and confidence is fantastic. Well done to all players!

Currently we are ranking well in both the tennis and basketball. As usual, I challenge the boys to give their best again this week as we face Padua in Round 4 of the AIC competition. Best wishes and enjoy!

AIC Tennis and Basketball Round 4 against Padua College, Friday 24 and Saturday 25 August – Times and Venues

All Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons. All Year 7 – 12 basketball and Year 5 – 12 tennis games are played on Saturday.  Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Padua College.

Inter-House Track and Field Carnival 

Last Thursday, the entire College participated in the annual Villanova Inter-House Track and Field Carnival. We were very fortunate to experience great weather conditions and to enjoy our sporting grounds in excellent condition. All students from Year 5 – 12 participated in many Track and Field events as part of the program. The whole school gathered at the commencement of the day to run the finals of the ‘dash for cash’ finals. It was a great day for all involved, as it provided an opportunity for our College to not only show case our best athletes but also give everybody a chance to be involved and to enjoy each other’s company in the true Augustinian spirit. I thank the many parents who supported the College by ensuring that their son was present on the day. 

At the conclusion of the day, House points were awarded as follows:                                               

                                                FIRST                SECOND            THIRD               FOURTH

Junior School                           Murray             Goold               Heavey             Crane

Middle School                          Murray             Crane               Goold               Heavey

Senior School                           Goold               Murray             Heavey             Crane

Overall                                     Murray (1689)  Goold (1569)    Crane (1515)    Heavey (1505)

Well done to the many students who competed in the championship events at the carnival. The points were collated for each discipline based on places and the following boys were awarded our Inter-House Track and Field Year Level Champions on the day.  Great effort boys, well done!

Year 5:    Lucas D’Amore

Year 6:    John Nolan

Year 7:    Jakob Beaverstock

Year 8:    Dimitri Horton

Year 9:    Ben Craig

Year 10:  Hamish Muir

Year 11:  George Stokes

Year 12:  Nic Elsey

AIC Track and Field Season Program – Commitment, Dedication and Effort – The ‘Villanova Way’

In preparation for the AIC Track and Field Championships, training has commenced this week.   Training sessions will be held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon throughout the entire season leading up to the AIC Track and Field Championships to be held in Week 3 of Term 4, Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October.

This year we intend on training our entire AIC track and field squad from Year 5 – 12 in all disciplines/events on the same two afternoons each week, excluding the middle-distance athletes. The entire squad will be transported by bus to and from QSAC (Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre) or S.A.F (State Athletic Facility) which are both located next to each other at Nathan (formerly named the QEII stadium). The boys will train from 3.45pm to 5.15pm. The bus will then return all athletes back to the College for collection by approx. 5.40pm. Please find listed below a complete list of our 2018 Track and Field coaches.

Villanova Training Schedule (Includes all students from Year 5 – 12 in all disciplines excluding middle distance) 

When:   Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

Where:  S.A.F or QSAC

Time:     Bus departs Villanova at 3.10pm and returns at 5.40pm 

Middle distance athletes will train at Little Langlands on the days listed below:

  • Year 5 and Year 6: Monday and Wednesday afternoon at Little Langlands 3.15-4.30pm. Coach – Mr Tom Lonergan
  • Year 7 – 12: Monday and Wednesday mornings at Little Langlands 6.45am – 7.45am. As an alternative (for those who can’t make the Monday and Wednesday sessions) students can attend a Thursday 6.00pm – 7.30pm session at Tees Athletic Club, Stanley Road, Carina. Park Runs at Stones Corner on Saturday’s commencing at 7am will also be included. Coach:  Mr Brian Pascoe

Villanova College Track and Field Coaching Staff – 2018

  • Sprints and Hurdles:  Mr Chris Everding, Mr Matt Levander, Mr Ben Valentine and Mr Michael Garske (plus external qualified coach – Bill McKenny)
  • Middle Distance (800m/1500m and 3000m):  Mr Brian Pascoe and Mr Tom Lonergan (plus Old Boys)
  • High Jump:  Mr Craig Stariha (plus external qualified coach, Stephen Karger)
  • Long Jump and Triple Jump:  Ms Michelle Smith-Rowan, Mrs Terri Dillon and Mrs Nichole Rouhliadeff (plus external qualified coach, Hannah Schlecht)
  • Shot Put:  Mr Blake McLauchlan and Ms Barbara Dewis
  • Discus:  Mr Paul Schiavo (plus external qualified coach, Matthew Denny who represented Australia at the Rio Olympics in discus and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in discus/hammer)
  • Javelin:  Mr Tony Rolls (plus external qualified coach, Ben Thompson – Olympic and Commonwealth Games Throw Coach)

If for any reason a student is unable to attend his allocated training session, he must contact his coach and notify them as a matter of courtesy. The track and field coaching staff is comprised of experienced members of staff from Villanova, as well as several external professionally qualified coaches.

I encourage all students who are keen to represent Villanova College in Track and Field this season to take advantage of all training sessions offered.  Following the Inter-House Track and Field Carnival an official train-on squad for the AIC Lead-Up Carnivals will be announced and all track and field training will then be compulsory.

We do understand that many of our athletes will have other co-curricular commitments including AIC tennis and basketball.  The Sports Office at Villanova College is keen to negotiate an individual training schedule with these students for them to participate and represent the College in track and field.  This is important to our program as it ensures our best athletes are representing Villanova on the day of the Championships.

All Track and Field athletes are required to purchase the items below from the College Uniform Shop and wear them to all AIC track and field meets as well as on the days of the Championship. Please note, these items are not for loan or hire, each student must purchase their own items. 

Villanova College Track and Field Uniform

  • Villanova squad shirt (same shirt worn by the AIC swimmers/cross country runners/tennis players)
  • Villanova athletic singlet (used for cross country and track and field)
  • Villanova athletic shorts (white)
  • Villanova sports cap (green)
  • Villanova sports jacket (not compulsory but recommended)

 AIC Track and Field Training Dates and Venues – 2018

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday
Week 1 21 Aug at QSAC 23 Aug at QSAC
Week 2 28 Aug at SAF 30 Aug at SAF
Week 3 4 Sept at QSAC 6 Sept at SAF  8 Sept – AIC    Track and Field Meet at SAF

Year 5and Year 6 only

Week 4 11 Sept at QSAC 13 Sept at QSAC 14 Sept – AIC Track and Field Meet at QSAC
Week 5 18 Sept at SAF 20 Sept at QSAC
Sept Holiday
Week 6 9 Oct at QSAC 11 Oct at QSAC 12 Oct – AIC Track and Field Meet at SAF
Week 7 16 Oct at QSAC 18 Oct – AIC Track and Field Meet at QSAC
Week 8 22 Oct – Day 1 AIC Champs at QSAC 23 Oct – Day 2 AIC Champs at QSAC

AIC Track and Field Meets – 2018

Date Host Venue
Saturday 8 September Invitational Carnival S.A.F. Kessels Road, Nathan
Friday 14 September Invitational Carnival QSAC Kessels Road, Nathan
Friday 12 October Invitational Carnival S.A.F. Kessels Road, Nathan
Thursday 18 October Invitational Carnival QSAC Kessels Road, Nathan
Monday 22 October Day 1 – AIC Track and Field Championships QSAC Kessels Road, Nathan
Tuesday 23 October Day 2 – AIC Track and Field Championships QSAC Kessels Road, Nathan

Please assist the coaches by ensuring your son is available to attend all meets.  A bus will transport all athletes to and from these meets. A complete event schedule for these meets will be posted on the College’s website in the week’s leading up to the event.

Assistance with timekeeping and officiating at the Friday night carnivals would be greatly appreciated. Please contact a member of the Sports Office or the coaches if you can help at any of the lead-up carnivals.

I look forward to an enjoyable and successful season. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 3394 5611 or particularly if your son has other co-curricular commitments and a negotiated training schedule needs to be organized.

Commitment, dedication and effort are needed by all to produce strong results on the days of the AIC Championship. I thank you in advance for your support and wish the boys all the best in their preparations for the AIC track and field season.

Villanova Runners Club (VRC)

The VRC continues to meet on Sunday afternoons, 4pm – 5pm at Whites Hill Reserve (cricket ovals, Boundary Road, Camp Hill). This is an opportunity for Villanova athletes to build up their aerobic fitness as part of their training for track competition in the track and field season.  An open invitation is extended to families of the boys and in fact any people interested in improving their fitness. There will be no minimum standard of fitness required and all levels of fitness will be catered for during the session. Runners are to assemble on cricket oval number 3 where a Tabata session will be held, followed by aerobic running in the surrounding bushland. Training will be held every Sunday, including Sunday’s during the school holidays.

Met East Track and Field Nominations

All athletes from 13 Years – Opens who have nominated for the 2018 Met East Track and Field Championships will receive a letter from the Sports Office regarding the up-coming trials and the events they have been successfully nominated in plus all other information needed.

AIC Basketball – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Coordinator

The third round of fixtures against St Edmund’s and Ambrose Treacy was another excellent weekend for the Wildcats basketball program. Of the 34 games played, Villanova secured 32 victories. This was an excellent effort considering some teams were coming up against undefeated opposition.

The First V had a nail-biter that came down to the very last shot of the game. Unfortunately for the team, the shot dropped and the boys were heartbroken about losing by two points to the premiership favorites. What was excellent to see was the style of play that saw them play the most complete game of the season to date. It puts us in good stead for the run home.

This week is the bye round which is a good opportunity to fit in some extra training and fine tune some skills before Round. 4. Skill development is up to our coaching staff and it is imperative that we acknowledge and congratulate our coaches on a regular basis for the hard work that they are putting in to help make the program so successful. They put in the hours and ride every play with the boys from the bench and celebrate the wins and mourn the losses. Thank you to them all for the benefits they provide our young men.

Goold Hall Canteen Roster

Round 4 v PADUA

Saturday 25 August

All parents who can assist are asked to report to

Robyn Gunning at the Canteen

Time Parents of Team
7.30am 10B, 10D
8.30am 10A
9.30am 11A
10.30am 2ndV
11.30am 1stV
After midday Any parents who can assist would be greatly appreciated

AIC Basketball Results v St Edmund’s College

First V 70-35 Win 48-43 Win 60-62 Loss
Second V 31-27 Win 36-28 Win 30-34 Loss
Third V 35-37 Loss 39-18 Win 64-12 Win
Fourth V 49-31 Win 29-14 Win 36-18 Win
11A 41-30 Win

33-22 Win

35-13 Win
11B 34-27 Win 56-14 Win 62-9 Win
10A 37-31 Win 33-22 Win 41-34 Win
10B 43-37 Win 21-29 Loss 48-39 Win
10C 26-52 Loss 48-40 Win 46-26 Win
10D 40-13 Win 20-33 Loss 30-22 Win
9A 38-41 Loss 33-34 Loss 58-27 Win
9B 31-33 Loss 26-33 Loss 34-33 Win
9C 25-31 Loss 32-31 Win 63-8 Win
9D 22-17 Loss 35-33 Win 23-10 Win
8A 56-20 Win 53-41 Win 57-35 Win
8B 39-11 Win 56-21 Win 50-17 Win
8C 35-8 Win 27-22 Win 42-27 Win
8D 58-8 Win 59-21 Win 59-2 Win
8E 47-2 Win 46-16 Win 57-18 Win
8F BYE 28-16 Win 41-18 Win
7A 53-22 Win 23-21 Win 48-17 Win
7B 49-21 Win 34-35 Loss 41-14 Win
7C 54-14 Win 56-29 Win 73-5 Win
7D 42-8 Win 23-10 Win 79-3 Win
7E 47-10 Win 31-8 Win 45-14 Win
7F 42-15 Win 20-20 Draw 20-8 Win
6A 24-46 Loss 39-19 Win 45-25 Win
6B 49-18 Win 28-31 Loss 32-8 Win
6C 34-12 Win 23-12 Win 54-12 Win
6D 44-7 Win 35-8 Win 33-12 Win
5A 41-8 Win 38-9 Win 84-4 Win
5B 36-5 Win 19-9 Win 46-5 Win
5C 43-4 Win 16-8 Win 40-2 Win
5D 38-4 Win 33-4 Win 30-7 Win

AIC Tennis – Mrs Kath Underhill, AIC Tennis Coordinator

Success at its BEST!

A sensational day on the courts for our Villanova tennis players last Saturday against St Edmunds College.  Over four venues, our players in green and gold were spread out from Ipswich to Morningside. Once again, many close matches, but our mighty Villanovan players stopped at nothing to ensure an almost clean sweep of winning matches. Overall, out of 17 matches, Villanova was victorious in 12.  Congratulations to all players. Our First IV remain undefeated and special mention this week goes to a delightful Year 6 student Christian Jones, currently a reserve for the Year 6 squad. The Year 7 squad were in dire straits on Friday afternoon when two of their players were unable to play on Saturday and Christian was asked to play, not with the Year 6 team but with Year 7!  All eyes were on this final singles match of the day at Morningside, where Christian was playing against a competitor almost 20 cm taller. At one stage Christian was losing 2-5, and then fought back to 6-6, forcing a tiebreaker, which he won 7-4. As we walked off the court I asked, “How did you manage that amazing comeback Christian?” He replied that it was a result of the conversation he had with his lovely mother Chris in the car on the way to tennis that morning. She had said to him that whenever you feel down, you must find some determination, and fight back. “And that’s just what I kept doing, Mrs. Underhill, I kept saying, Christian, find some determination and fight back!”

Photo attached is Christian Jones, reading to serve an ACE!

AIC Tennis Results v St Edmund’s College

First IV 7-1 Win 5-3 Win 5 – 3 Win
Second IV 8-0 Win 1-7 Loss 5 – 3 Win
Third IV 6-2 Win 4/27-4/32 Loss Forfeit Win
11A 1-7 Loss 1-7 Loss 6 – 2 Win
11B 1-7 Loss 0-8 Loss Forfeit Win
10A 3-5 Loss 2-5 Loss 7 – 1 Win
10B 4-4 Loss 1-7 Loss 7 – 1 Win
9A 7-1 Win 2-6 Loss 1 – 7 Loss
9B 1-7 Loss 0-8 Loss 0 – 8 Loss
8A 5-3 Win 3-5 Loss 8 – 0 Win
8B 5-3 Win 1-7 Loss 8 – 0 Win
7A 8-0 Win 2-4 Loss 7 – 1 Win
7B 2-4 Loss 1-7 Loss 5 – 1 Win
6A 4/33-4/25 Win 4/31-4/29 Win 3/25 – 3/30 Loss
6B 4-2 Win 4-2 Win 8 – 0 Win
5A 5-1 Win 0-8 Loss 3 – 5 Loss
5B 5-3 Win 1-7 Loss 2 – 6 Loss

 Cross Country Report 2018 – Mr Brett Morrissey

In 2018, more runners trained consistently for Villanova College than ever before.  127 runners were at Limestone Park for the AIC Championships representing Villanova, either by running on the day or as a reserve for their respective teams.  The progress of cross country running at Villanova College is to be proudly applauded.

Training began in week four of Term 2, and concluded 13 weeks later, on 8 August.  Several runners completed between 30 – 35 training sessions in this timespan, which represents not just a tremendous contribution to Villanova College, but also to the health and fitness of the individual.  The improvement demonstrated by so many runners throughout the season has been a privilege to witness.

Villanova gained fifth place at the AIC Championships in 2018, a small slip from the equal third place we enjoyed last year, but a fair reflection of the performance of our runners on Championship day.

Notable performers on AIC Championship Day: 

Year 5:  Patrick Holmes – 8th place, Charley Hegarty – 12th place, Gianni Laurito – 17th place and Mitchell Millard – 19th place

Year 6:  Ryan Siebel – 7th place, John Nolan – 16th place, Henry Oberhardt – 20th place and Max Carson – 21st place

Under 12:  Isaac Greenwood – 23rd place

Under 13:  Cohen Stewart – 1st place, Mitchell Rieck – 3rd place, Caden Griffiths – 11th place, Lucas Whitlock – 22nd place and Luke Schaumburg 23rd place

Under 14:  Jacob Dimmick – 2nd place and Ryan Martakis-Webb – 18th place

Under 15:  Oliver Rae – 15th place

Under 16:  Lucas Boylan – 12th place, Jake Merrett – 14th place and Hamish Muir – 20th place

Open:  Riley Pownall – 21st place Billy Turner – 25th place and Ronan Whitlock – 26th place

A summary of age group places:

Year 5:  Sixth place

Year 6:  Third place

Under 12:  Seventh place

Under 13:  Second place

Under 14:  Fourth place

Under 15:  Seventh place

Under 16:  Sixth place

Open:  Sixth place

I would like to thank fellow coaches and managers, Mr Brian Pascoe (teacher), Mr Matthew Conlan (teacher), Mr Tom Lonergan (external coach) and Mr David Barton (Villanova Old Boy) for the dedication and enthusiasm they brought to the cross-country program again this year.  The continuing growing numbers of runners is a direct reflection of the passion the coaches have for running, and their desire to see young men pushing their personal limits.

Congratulations to all runners on a superb season.

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Parent Information


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Monday 27 August

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