Principal's Welcome

This week will be one of the busiest weeks on the Villanova College calendar.  With assessment pieces on the desk, preparation for the AFAS Exchange, Inter-House Athletics Carnival and the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF), many of our boys are fully engaged in a true holistic education.

These occasions require the X factor.  What is that elusive factor that turns nervous pretenders into confident winners, and relative unknowns into champions?  There must be more to it than confidence and self-belief.  Maybe the X factor is an absolute confidence built solidly on hard work, natural skill and deep desire.  Sure, often we want to win, but do we really want to win, not just at head level or even heart level, but deeply at the gut level?

I think X factor is that deep desire to achieve, perform, succeed, heal, forgive and love.  I would suggest that each one of us needs to be passionate at this level about somebody or something.  But this would not mean that you lose balance or perspective, for true deep desire always focuses on the deeper ‘why’ of the struggle or quest.  True passion will build up the people caught up in its energy and lead to love.  False passion becomes fanaticism, where the end justifies means.

What drives you?  What do you long for; what are you hungry for?  St. Augustine searched and searched, lost and unfulfilled.  Ultimately, he found the source of his fulfilment, his passion, in his God.  Augustine said, ‘You have made us for yourself O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.’  May our hearts find rest at the tops of mountains, in the eyes of loved ones, the laughter of children or as we reflect on the little bit we did to leave this world a more loving and just place.

I look forward to sharing the events of the week with all members of our community, especially as our musicians share their gifts, talents, passions and X factor at QCMF.  A warm invitation is extended to all to celebrate Mass in Goold Hall on Sunday 18 August at 7.30am.

Mr Steven Bremner, Principal (Acting)

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Head of Junior School

The Ekka is upon us and for most, yesterday’s public holiday was a welcome break. The June/July holidays are a distant memory and the September holidays are too far away to contemplate. Along with the mid-term blues and the August winds is the Ekka flu season; everyone appears to be under the weather.

On Tuesday, Junior School boys rallied together to participate in Fiver for a Farmer Day.   The Ekka reminds us how crucial it is to ensure the country and city unite. This is the second year in a row that we have participated by dressing up in Akubras, boots, jeans, and flannelette shirts. This all began last year when Jayden Rowland (6 Blue) asked his teacher if we could organise something to help struggling farmers. All boys who dressed up on Tuesday proudly donated, as well as many who forgot their farmer outfits.  Our total funds raised reached $758.15, with all proceeds going towards the farmer drought relief.

Today the whole College participated in the annual Inter-House Track and Field Carnival which gave our Junior School boys a chance to share their talents with the community. Many boys had the opportunity to try some new sports for the first time such as javelin and shot put. Participation was the goal for this co-curricular event which is something our Junior School does best. We lead the College with enthusiasm and all Junior School students are  eager to take the opportunities they are given.

For our musicians, this week is the biggest week of the year, with the 2019 Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) running from Thursday until Sunday. Many of our boys are heavily involved with performances across the Festival. Not only are our students performing, but our boys and their families are volunteering their time to help make this year’s QCMF a success. For boys and their families who volunteer, a whopping 50 house points per shift will be allocated to our ongoing House competition. Extra motivation lies in the promise of a pizza party at the end of term for the house who is leading the competition. This competition will continue into Term 4 when a  Junior School House Champion will be decided in the last week of the school year.

Our busy Year 6 Leaders have continued to make a difference in the Junior School by announcing a Lego Masters competition. Each week the leaders will set competitors a build challenge to design and create something out of Lego. Monday 19 August will be an information and sign up meeting and the competition will begin the following week.

Similar to the Master Chef competition last term, boys will build their creations at home with their own Lego and bring these to school for displaying and judging. The competition will continue until we have a Year 5 and Year 6 champion, and then an overall Junior School Lego Master. If your son has any questions, please ask them to see their Year 6 Leaders.

Mr Brendan Kennedy, Head of Junior School (Acting)

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Head of Middle School

This term, in place of the Middle School editorial, we will be featuring a series of podcasts where we’ll discuss a range of issues relevant to our adolescent boys. Happy listening.

Episode 5 – ‘Humour’ – featuring Mr Alex Sullivan, Mr Ben Lynam, Mr Shawn Creamer and Mrs Julie Colbert.

Click on the image to begin listening.

To listen to previous episodes:

Episode 1: ‘Effective Feedback’ with Ms Kate Alexander and Ms Christianne Kemp

Episode 2: “The Adolescent Brain” with Mr Greg O’Neill

Episode 3: “Mindfulness” with Mr Alex Sullivan

Episode 4: ‘Writing’ with Mr Shawn Creamer

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

One of the most important conversations within the parent-child relationship, particularly in the adolescent years of senior schooling, pertains to scholastic achievement. In an ever increasing environment of youth mental health concerns relating to anxiety and depression, it is also a conversation that parents need to manoeuvre through with greater care and concern. Whilst we – parents and educators all want the best for our young men and challenge them to strive to be their best possible selves, we also need to be attuned when adolescent males are either masking feelings of helplessness and promote a culture of openness whereby males are encouraged to reach out and seek help if they are struggling with the workload demands of a senior school student. The most important things to keep in mind according to Dr Tim Hawkes in exploring the topic of achievement with your son are:

  • Most boys ‘want’ to be successful;
  • The expectations that parents put on a son to succeed can be daunting and the expectations a boy can put on himself can be even more frightening;
  • Depression can be the tragic result of boys who fail to meet these expectations;
  • Failure is normal- how we respond to failure is what defines us;
  • There are many ways a son can be intelligent (google Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences);
  • Boys need to be affirmed in their strengths and in what they have to offer;
  • Success can be made more probable by setting clear goals;
  • Academic success can be assisted by parental involvement in a son’s learning;
  • A key instrument in determining success is the brain, so it must be properly looked after.

Best wishes to all Senior School musicians who will perform throughout the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival. Judging by the quality of musicianship showcased at last Friday’s Senior School Assembly, we can be confident that our students will once again represent the College magnificently well. I also wish to thank those students who have answered the call of service and have volunteered their time to support the festival.

Last Thursday afternoon, a continent of Year 12 students attended a peer led workshop to continue their preparation for the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test, which will be sat in Week 8 of this term. The students who had performed well on the practice tests throughout the year were group leaders and modelled their approach to answering various multiple choice and short response item questions as well as discussing central ideas for the writing task. Given that our QCS Test success rests on the maximisation of the cohort’s mean results, it is essential that all Year 12 students sitting the test buy into the philosophy of ‘Team Villa’. I would like to congratulate Academic Captain Matt Short and his team of group leaders who organised and led these workshops and look forward to another successful afternoon in Week 6.

Last Saturday, I attended the Senior School basketball fixtures against Iona College at Oblate Hall. The First V basketball game certainly lived up to the hype as it showcased some of the finest schoolboy basketball I have witnessed – clutch performances under immense pressure, outstanding three-point shooting, it had it all! With just over a minute to go, Villanova was down by four points. Instead of succumbing to their first defeat of the season, the team showed immense character and composure to find a way to win. It was a win for the ages, and I congratulate all players and coaching staff.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

Sunday 18 August, 7.30am in Goold Hall

All family members are warmly invited to a special QCMF Mass in Goold Hall, at 7.30 am on Sunday. Led by College Chaplain, Fr Peter Wieneke, the Mass features music by the shared liturgy bands of different schools. There is also a focus on schools coming together in a shared love of music. For those of you – like me – who look forward to QCMF and its unique community spirit, you are warmly welcome to come along.

Having spent last week on leave, Reece Jansen (2019 Ministry Captain) has put the following report together, including quotes from around the Ministry groups.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity


Looking back on the Ministry Year – Ministry Report

Rosies involves a group of students and staff going out on a Friday night and spending valuable time with Brisbane’s homeless community. For us, this might just be one simple way we are giving back to the community, but for them, the visit from the Rosies van each night is often the highlight of their day. One of the best things about Rosies is that it even though it requires very little commitment; only one or two Fridays a year, but you can get so much out of the experience. The conversations you have with the homeless are enjoyable, interesting, and eye-opening. ‘ (Ben McGregor – 2019 Rosies Captain).

In AFAS this term we are working hard to ensure we have a successful trip to the Philippines over the September holidays. We rehearsed a hip-hop dance to a very popular song in the Philippines, Inigo Pascual. We may need a little practice, but it’s safe to say, we had fun. A Facebook group has been created for those who wish to follow our journey in the Philippines. The group name is AFAS Exchange 2019, and all are welcome. There is still a lot of work to do for all the members of AFAS, such as packaging gifts that we will be taking over with us and preparing for Villa Visions – we aim to raise as much money as possible to take to the Philippines and make a difference. (Marcus Sountas – 2019 AFAS Vice Captain).

YAYM is the driving force of all ministries here at Villanova, they call themselves the sausage party. They are putting in the hard work, including recycling, #NovaNation wristbands, and their iconic BBQ snags and drinks. They don’t ask for anything in return – except a chocolate here and there – awaiting their next task for the good of the community.

YCS is all about unifying the three schools into one College, you will see the seniors down at the Junior school every Friday lunch. These bonds are strengthened by the recently introduced senior mentoring program where seniors go down on Wednesdays and Thursdays during Pastoral to hang out with the lads.

St Vincent De Paul has been very active this year. I would personally like to thank the Villanovan community for its many donations of food and essentials for the homeless. As part of the annual sleepout we visited a hostel and were confronted by the human face of homelessness. It is humbling to see the adversity that some people live with. Packing food for distribution to Blind Eye ministries felt like a concrete way to help, but we saw when we met with their volunteers that the true gift was the welcome and respect, they gave to the homeless people. Dan Ingledew (Villanova Old Boy – 2013) gave an inspiring talk to our lads about the work of Vinnies and such examples and our experiences will hopefully motivate many of us to continue to volunteer long after we leave Villanova.

I am very grateful to be in the position of Ministry Captain; it gives me the chance to be a catalyst for change, but it wouldn’t work without the boys behind me. Together this year we have successfully:

  • changed Mission Day from mass consumption to a day of reflection, from gorging to giving.
  • We have started a long-lasting recycling scheme, utilising the 10 cents per bottle and can for goals, the next being customised Wildcat basketballs.
  • We have also made many friends along the way; in our own Ministry, in others, with staff, and with the less fortunate.
  • This year has seen a move to a one goal mindset for the ministries, each keeping their annual traditions, but coming together when needed for the common good.

On a personal note, Ministry has helped me immensely throughout my journey here at the College. While Ministry remains a fun and rewarding experience, I find I appreciate the opportunities granted to me more and am motivated to do good for others and myself. Our first world problems seem in the scheme of things to be inconsequential. I hope in the future that all Villanovan students reap the rewards of contributing to a Ministry.

Reece Jansen, 2019 Ministry Captain


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Due to the shortened week, there is no AIC sport scheduled for this weekend. Enjoy the weekend off!

A full report regarding our results from last week’s round against Iona College will be published in next week’s edition of the Villa View.

Based on their results from today’s Inter-House Track and Field Carnival, many boys will be asked to join the AIC Track and Field Squad which commences training next week at QSAC. Middle distance training will occur at the College.

A full season schedule is now posted on the Villanova website which includes a complete training schedule, list of coaches, list of all AIC meets and much more. All track and field coaches will monitor student attendance at every training session. Students will be contacted by either their coach or a member of the Sports Office to explain any absenteeism. We encourage all students to contact their coach if they are unable to make training. Rolls will be taken each week to ensure that those who have been identified as our best athletes attend the sessions and follow through with their commitment, as this not only builds character but also the College’s track and field program. Parental support on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to Mitchell Rieck who recently made the Queensland U16 Cross Country Team.  Mitchell will now compete at the Australian Cross-Country Championships in Wollongong later this month.  A magnificent achievement. Well done and best wishes Mitchell!

Some of our cricket and volleyball players may be interested in these upcoming camps.

QAS Volleyball Talent Search Camp: 23 – 24 September. Further details.

Villanova Holiday Cricket Camp:  2 – 5 October. Further details.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport



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Today we welcome our visitors from across the Australia.  Over 15,000 students will be joining us and we are really looking forward to hosting them!  Share in some of what will be happening over the next four days:

A special thank you to our Cor Unum committee and their spirit rally in readiness for QCMF.  It was quite an experience with members of our College joining in.  I really appreciate the students taking the initiative and building the excitement around this event.

There is still time to join us!

The Villanova performance times for QCMF have been distributed to families.  Please ensure you received these via email.  For our community’s information, the times are available by clicking here.

We hope that you will come and support the Green and Gold and share in some of the fine music our students have been preparing over the past few months.  I look forward to seeing you all around campus or down at St James’ over the weekend.

If you have purchased books through the drive, please collect your books from the Music Office.  If you require clarification around collection of your Entertainment Books, please contact Mrs Schrauf in the Music Office on 3394 5691.

Entertainment Books can still be purchased through our Villanova Music Support Group portal (link below) or through the Music Office.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of this initiative.  We look forward to being one of Entertainments biggest contributors again!

Help Villanova College Music Support Group raise funds.

Order your 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership!

We are raising as much as we can to support our fundraising. You can help our fundraising while also saving on everything you love to do! Invest in a 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership today and discover hundreds of offers to help you save every day.


As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 3
5 15 – 18 August Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival
6 Monday 19 August Audition Materials Distributed – all MS/SS students (not Year 12)
8 Monday 2 September Music Support Group meeting – 7.30pm
8 Monday 2 September Junior String Festival – BGGS – 3.45 – 5.45pm
8 Tuesday 3 September Junior String Festival – BGGS – 3.45 – 5.45pm – Concert 6.30pm
8 Friday 6 September Audition Video Submission Deadline
8 Friday 6 September Principal’s Tour of College (prospective enrolments)
9 Wednesday 11 September 2020 Ensembles posted outside Music Office
10 Monday 16 September Interim Report Data due in Webbook – 3pm

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

Both our Villanova Junior and Senior teams have made it through to the semi finals of the Youth Theatresports Competition.

Further details for the Senior Semi Finals (Wednesday 21 August) and Junior Semi Finals (Tuesday 27 August) are available by clicking on the flyers below. Our teams would love your support.


Please click here for the August edition of The Augustinian.

Please see the attached regarding information required to determine the Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA) for schools.

To view our current tuckshop menu:
Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019


Monday 19 August
Lauren Audet
Anna Stines
Marnie Dalrymple
Melissa Young
Janet Rogers
Heidi Price

Tuesday 20 August
Gerda Odonnell
Marina Ryan
Allison Holt
Sherry James
Mary-Anne Peralta
Ellen Greer
Therese Staley
Ann O’Brien
Belinda Taylor
Robyn Dickie
Leanne Roulant
Eleni Diakos

Wednesday 21 August
Karen Blue
Katrina Theil
Connie Collins
Deb Griffiths
Anastasia Bailey
Cleo Manolis

Thursday 22 August
Michelle Boxall
Bernadette Perrier
Taryn Byrne
Louise Wilson
Lisa Kelly
Anita Lazzarin
Belinda McPherson
Flora Di Stasi
Rachel Jones
Michelle Thomson
Annetta Cayas
Mandy Tong

Friday 23 August
Veronica Kennedy
Tracy Pereira-Trevethan
Nikki Reid
Caroline Caffery
Gregoria Makras
Sally Grigson
Nakeeta Sturgess
Allan Greig
Michelle MacKenzie
Dale Barnes
Kelly Rigby


Tuesday 20 August
Cristina Palacios
Melanie Pickering

Thursday 22 August
Sue Mulligan
Maryanne Bingham
Kelli Stassi
Luisa Snell

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Community News and Events

Years 7 – 10 students are invited to the Loreto College Dance on Friday 23 August from 7.00pm – 10.00pm. Entry is $15.00 (ID required).

Calling all past St Thomas families. St Thomas would like to welcome back past students and parents to two events to celebrate this significant anniversary.

90th Anniversary Celebration: Friday 6 September, 6.00pm
90th Anniversary Community Mass: Sunday 8 September, 9.00am

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