Principal's Welcome

In next Sunday’s Gospel we hear the story of Jesus feeding the crowd of people who had gathered to see him. We are told one of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother said to him, “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish. But what are they among so many people?” Jesus said, “Make the people sit down.” Now there was a great deal of grass in the place; so they sat down, about five thousand in all. Then Jesus took the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to those who were seated; so also the fish, as much as they wanted.

We are familiar with the rest of the story and the amount of food that was left over to be collected at the end of the meal. The miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes is symbolic of the Eucharist. We gather around the table and after breaking bread we eat together.

In our lives we need sustenance not only for our body but also for our spirit. How do we find time for God in our busy lives?

Good Manners Program
As a staff we have commenced a Good Manners program with our students. We are focusing on the manners that operate in a school setting. We will leave the home manners to our families.

Each week we will focus on a particular behaviour or manner. The students will hear from their teachers the reason for the manner and how it is applied and model the expectation. This week we concentrated on “Good Morning” and “Good Afternoon” with eye contact and acknowledgement of the person. Over the coming weeks we will focus on one particular manner with the students.

The program details week by week are shown below.

ONE Greetings – Good Morning and Good Afternoon and eye contact
TWO Showing respect when on public transport – language, standing up and offering your seat and phones
THREE Opening the door for someone
FOUR Knocking when entering a room and apologising when late.
FIVE Leaving room for people to walk along corridors and moving out of the way – saying excuse me
SIX Correct manner of addressing an adult – Mr, Mrs, Miss and Sir
SEVEN Phone etiquette at school
EIGHT Importance of being on time and punctual
NINE Remove your sunglasses and earbuds to speak to someone
TEN Please and thank you

Villa Cocktail Ball
This Saturday evening, the Parents and Friends Association will be hosting the bi-annual Vila Ball at the Tivoli, Fortitude Valley. The Villa Ball is an opportunity for parents of the College to come together and enjoy a great evening. I know the organisers have worked tirelessly to manage an ever-changing social event due to restrictions affecting Brisbane. It has certainly been a difficult task and we are in need of your support. Although ticket sales have closed, you are still able to purchase raffle tickets (click here) for a chance to win 14 wonderful prizes packages. Your support of the raffles will be greatly appreciated.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Junior School

Catholic Education Week 2021 is upon us from this Sunday, 25 July to Saturday 31 July.  It is a time to celebrate the achievements of Catholicism works in religion, teaching, and missionary work since the days that the convicts and settlers arrived, to the boys I see run through the College gates in 2021.  For two hundred years, a double centennial, Catholic faith has been a part of Australia developing as a nation.  Just a part, but significant.

The theme this year is “A Spirited Tomorrow” – have you heard anything more Junior School?  We are FULL of spirit in so many ways.  I see our sons, our students, bring spirit to learning, play, sport, music, drama, fun, and friendships every day.  I thrive in my workplace, because the Junior School staff have the spirit to bring energy, devote time and challenge, yet adhere to the curriculum and pastoral needs of young men.

I find the greatest comfort in communicating with our Junior School parents – about any kind of home situation that means we take the whole person into account for his teaching and learning – that the balanced individual starts at age nine, 10 or 11 – that we must step back and see the whole person trying to make sense of their world.  Your son’s spirit energises us, keeps us striving for better teaching and learning practices, and so we embrace Catholic Education Week 2021 with our whole minds, bodies, and souls.

So, what is different, how do we celebrate Catholic Education Week 2021 with Year 5 and Year 6 students?

From Friday this week, class teachers will send home a Gifts of the Holy Spirit Competition – families are encouraged to spend time together – what is your gift and how do you share it with others?  Write it down, and your son has the chance to put it into a gift box each day of Week 3 in the Junior School Agora place.  At the end of Catholic Education Week (Friday, Week 3), we will draw out one (sometimes two because I cannot help myself, and I get the spirit speaking excitedly!) winner from each Holy Spirit Gift box for a prize – a dinner voucher that celebrates your talents with the people you love most.  Make the time for this experience, it is like no other I promise, see the Holy Spirit in each other, and believe that a little reward could be coming your way!

We hang Catholic Education themed banners – made by our very own Junior School parents past and present, proudly, in our Junior School playground.  Every stitch, thread, drop of glue and sweat bead is from a Mum or Dad who believed that this was their chance to contribute.  For every theme of years gone past, and the willingness to devote time, energy, and a lot of laughs with Mrs Rouhliadeff during the winter holidays, we get the full benefit of hanging and adoring the hand-crafted treasures that still bring Middle and Senior School students down to our Junior School Precinct to see “their” banner.

Our Year 6 Student Leaders seek and award “random acts of kindness” to students during first and second break each day.  Secret, but always special, our leaders look for students doing “the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do”.  Generosity, thoughtfulness, care for the environment and positivity make a difference, especially when it is done for genuine purpose and not to be noticed.

We are looking to introduce a lunchtime, first break, colouring and creativity experience.  For those students who seek colour, light/shade, and design as a way to express themselves.  A competition where entries are proudly displayed on a Junior School wall – where “spirit” is shown through originality.  Stay tuned!

On Friday of Week 3, our Junior School staff will proudly cook and serve a sausage sizzle for our Junior School students.  To feed the bellies, to nourish the souls.  This is a free and act of service from our Junior School staff to students.  Thank you for being here with us day in, day out.  Thank you for giving us your all-in classroom and co-curricular spaces.  You are our inspiration and reason for teaching.  So, we cook and serve for you to say thank you.

We support Father Saldie in his Laudato Si (Pope Francis) pledge – for Containers for Change.  Year 5 and Year 6 students will endeavour to collect bottles and cans that bring environmental recycling and sustainability to our attention.  Reminding us of what we use has an impact on our world – what can we reduce, what can we recycle for changes that matter?  Bags have been sent home – families, we ask that you support us in our endeavour to make the small changes that matter.

The $2 dinner challenge is coming.  Ms Nicole Jones has been in touch – and she would love our Junior School boys to consider an evening where boys might take up the challenge to eat pasta, pasta and sauce, baked beans on toast, 2-minute noodles – for a main meal.  To try to assimilate what ONE meal might be for someone in a circumstance not so privileged.  This is optional, but also eye-opening if it meets health and safety requirements in your household.

So, Catholic Education Week 2021 – so much more accessible than you ever imagined?  Absolutely!  Get involved, find your Spirit of Tomorrow – remember your past enthusiasm for life, engage your present vibe for fun, and believe that tomorrow will bring hope – we lead by example.  Our sons are watching.  We can make a difference right here and now, no matter what our circumstances are.  Are you with us?  I certainly hope so.  We need you more than ever I promise.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Senior School

e-Safety Resources
In an ever-persuasive digital world where smartphones and devices are seemingly an appendage for most adolescents, it is important that we continue to educate our young people about how to act both morally and legally in the online world.

One area of recent concern from the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner is the increase in cases of online sexual harassment and image-based abuse. This is a topic that Mr Brett Lee, Director of Internet Safe Education, speaks to our Year 10 students on every year as part of his seminar program. He also offered a webinar to our Year 10 parents this year that was well received.

To provide family and community members with further support in educating and informing our young men of issues associated with inappropriate online and social media behaviour, the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner is presenting webinars exploring the following:

  • the difference between online sexual harassment and image-based abuse
  • how to report online sexual harassment to social media companies
  • how to report image-based abuse to eSafety and when to report to police
  • where to get support if you feel upset or worried about something that has happened online.

The dates for these webinars and how to register can be found at this link:

Co-curricular Involvement
On Wednesday, we celebrated the sporting achievements of our students at the Trimester Two Awards Ceremony and acknowledged our Trimester Three First Teams for Basketball, Rugby League and Tennis. Congratulations to all Senior School students who walked across the Hanrahan Theatre stage. This week has also seen our Music Ensembles and Groups filming their performances for the fast-approaching Virtual QCMF in Week 5 and I am very pleased that our musicians have this opportunity after the disappointment of last year’s festival cancellation. Over the course of the coming weeks, we will be reviewing the Semester One journey of all Senior School students – whether that be through conversations between Year 11 and 12 students with their Academic Mentor in ACP or follow-up interviews that Mr Sean O’Neill and I will conduct with our Year 10 students. The lens of these discussions is holistic in nature and extends beyond a purely clinical focus on academic achievement and GPAs.

Attending a school such as Villanova College offers our young a plethora of opportunities outside of the classroom within the richness of the co-curricular program. When I speak each year at the Parent Information Evenings, I continue to emphasise the importance of our young men engaging in the co-curricular program and adding strings to their bow, as men for all seasons.

 The Resilience Project- Gratitude
Last week, I shared with you my holiday reading of The Resilience Project by Hugh Van Cuylenburg and his three GEM Principles of Wellbeing – Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. Over the next three weeks, I would like to unpack each of these principles and offer some pragmatic examples of ways in which each of these pillars can be practiced.

Gratitude, one of the College’s themes for 2021, is about paying attention to the things and moments we have right now, and not worrying about what we don’t have. The Resilience Project Online Resource Portal- TRP@Home, offers the following four questions to allow families to practice GEM principles. They are a great way to facilitate positive conversations as your family shares a meal either in the morning or evening or at a time that works best.

  1. What were three things that went well for you today?
  2. Who is someone you feel really grateful for today? Tell us why.
  3. What is it about our home that makes it our home/special family place?
  4. What is something you are looking forward to tomorrow?

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work at a great school and continue to do a job that brings me great purpose and joy.

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School


Realtalk Presentation
Last week Realtalk presented their ‘Stronger’ and ‘Respect and Consent’ sessions to the Year 10 Religion and Year 12 Religion and Ethics classes respectively.

The Year 10 Religion session ‘Stronger’ presented by Gerard from the educational organisation ‘Realtalk’ was a seminar that challenged us to explore the value of human dignity in our relationships, with an emphasis on Catholic values. With a strong contingent of men in my cohort turning 16, the informative session touched on some very important topics which had not been fully explored previously. Addressing issues including relationships, peer pressure, teenage apathy and bullying, the pitch tackled some of the paramount issues in an adolescent’s life. What I learnt, personally, from the address was the notion of integrity: continuing to treat women respectfully and everyone with dignity is the true mark of strong men of character. Overall, the learnings from this session will remain significant in my life and those of my Villanovan brothers. I thank Gerard and ‘Realtalk’ for providing us with the opportunity to open up and develop as strong men of character, dignity and integrity.

Connor Moloney, Year 10 student

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Ministry and Formation News

Living Gratefully and Walking Humbly!

Sharing the Shoy
Having lived through the months of lockdown in Melbourne in 2020, I found the brief lockdown during the holidays unexpectedly enjoyable.  Gone was any pressure to go anywhere or do anything much at all.  I found myself with the gift of time to really slow down and enjoy being at home.  There was time to sit and read and ponder.

One book I returned to, was Phosphorescence by Julia Baird.  I was particularly taken with her exploration of ‘sharing the shoy’ and wondered where we see it and how we can encourage it at Villanova.

Julia Baird explains this concept of shoy in the following way:

“Buddhists call it mudita – a delight in another’s good fortune, or an unselfish joy.  The Yiddish word nachas has a similar meaning of pride in someone else’s accomplishments, usually referring to one’s children.  Another slightly different but rarely used word with a similar meaning is confelicity – pleasure in another’s happiness.  In recent years, psychologists studying this concept have coined the term Freudenfreude, and it means genuine rejoicing in another’s success.  Freudenfreude is actually an effective bulwark against melancholia or sadness, a simple way, in other words, to get out of your own head and bask in borrowed sun… Experiencing it is something we need to work on; it is an attitude, or a habit of thinking, that we need to coax our minds into…

The best part of any reality TV singing show is very often the family and friends backstage, screaming and hopping like rabbits when their candidate wins.  It is the same at any sporting event, from the Olympics to local athletics carnivals, where the faces and parents and friends show uninhibited delight in a friend or loved one’s success.  Some researchers have dubbed this emotion shoy or sharing joy.”

I have certainly witnessed and felt shoy in my time at Villanova College.  On the sporting field it is so evident in the support of our students, staff and family for the players on the field.  The delight at a try or a goal is great evidence of it.  I have seen it on assembly when talents have been showcased with music.  I have felt it as a teacher when returning assessment to a student who has really worked to their capacity and succeeded well.

I wonder how we can practice shoy, build it as an attitude, create a habit of thinking in this way that enables us to share the joy of others.  What a great topic for around your dinner table this week!

This practice of ‘shoy’ is a way of being present to others.  I offer this prayer for our presence to others:

To be present to people…. to our world…. to ourselves
To look at people with the eyes of compassion and acceptance and dignity
To listen to people — not just to their words but to their whole self and what they are saying and to what they are not saying — and to their story
To speak words that affirm and heal and challenge
To do all of this from a heart that is constantly becoming more Christ-like.
To do all of this in a way that says: You, as am I, are a child of God.

Forming fine young men at Villanova
This term we have a drive occurring for Containers for Change.  Across the school students, staff and families are being asked to focus on their recycling of plastics, and we have all been invited to participate in the Containers for Change project.  This project provides funds to help motivate us in recycling our plastics, and here at Villanova these funds are used for Ministries and to support Bursaries within the College.  Year 10 students kicked things off last week as part of their Social Justice Unit and many students brought in their bags for recycling.  Thanks to all involved and the passion and energy of the Green team, Fr Saldie and Miss Jones in supporting this practical way we can all make a difference!

Date Claimer – Mission Day on Friday 27 August
Mission Day is fast approaching on Friday 27 August.  The history of this day is fascinating and over the coming weeks we will be sharing the vision behind the day, an outline of the day, and sharing about the communities our fundraising on the day supports.

Mission Week was introduced by Student Council in 1975 as a way of focusing on the mission of the College, namely, to produce fine young men who make a difference in the world. In particular, the aim was to ensure that the gifts and graces of the College community are turned outwards to the needs of the world. For example, in 1976, over $2000 was raised for a Freedom from Hunger campaign by stretching one penny coins end on end for 3.5 km. At the same time, the aim of the day is for students to learn in a hands-on way about some of the underlying reasons for injustice and inequality in society. This commitment to social justice education is a hallmark of Augustinian schools around the world. It is also central to the vision of the six young Irishmen who ventured to Brisbane to set up the College.

Sunday Readings at Home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Covid Restrictions – given the current Covid climate, a statement was released by the AIC management committee last Friday 16 July which outlined the restrictions imposed by all AIC schools for the current trimester season of sport. A copy of this statement was emailed to all families last week. I was extremely grateful to see that all adults abided by these guidelines over the weekend. Even though my sunglasses were fogging up whilst wearing the mask, I too had to follow protocol which makes for a safe and controlled environment for all. Many thanks to you and your family for following these guidelines. Please scroll below to view an excerpt of this statement and the protocols which are currently in place until further notice.

After an excellent stint which totalled five years at the helm by our 1st XV rugby coaches – Mr Paul Davey and Mr Craig Kassulke, the College is now advertising for the position of 1st XV Head Rugby Coach for the 21/22 season and beyond. We were fortunate to have two excellent coaches to date and we are very keen to have two more who can fill this position moving forward (Head Coach and Assistant, currently advertising for a Head Coach in the first instance). Please scroll down and read below some information regarding the position.

Please be mindful that our Inter-House Track and Field Carnival will be held next Thursday 29 July at Villa Park. More information about the carnival is posted below.

All trials for AIC Basketball, Rugby League and Tennis are now complete. Round 1 will commence v Iona College this Friday 23 and Saturday 24 July.

I was pleasantly surprised by our Rugby League teams at Villa Park over the weekend. Although only a trial, we won six from the seven games played against a college who has many keen league players. Well done to all coaches on their good work to ensure that Villa is ready to tackle the league season ahead.

The 1st tennis team is progressing well as they secured a comprehensive victory over the weekend. As many other tennis teams did not play to the normal format, as it was only a trial, we are unable to give the full and correct progress results of these teams.

Basketball continues to be very popular within the Villa population. St Patrick’s College have come in bridesmaids to Villanova’s dominance winning the aggregate over recent years. The basketball results from the weekend were again very positive. From the 31 teams which played Villa won 26 games. We must not rest easy through the season. I am sure the opposition will be tough this weekend and I am positive that St Pat’s will fare better when we reach them again in the regular season. Our aim is again to compete very well this season and hopefully be in contention for the aggregate for a sixth consecutive year. It does not just happen; the boys must apply themselves week in and week out during training and on game day to get the results. Let us continue our winning culture by applying ourselves. Best wishes to all!

I urge all parents and students to check the College’s website regularly for updates regarding the Villa sport program. This includes information regarding training/trial schedules, upcoming fixtures/events, by-laws, uniform requirements etc. Plenty of notice/information is given to students via the College app, morning notices, assemblies, newsletters and of course the College website.  May I please request the support of our parents to ensure that the boys are receiving the information and are following through with their commitment by attending all sessions when necessary. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the Sports Office is willing and able to negotiate alternative schedules to assist students who have many commitments. The ‘Villanova Way’ is to help when you can and to follow through once a commitment is made.

Weekly Team List – Please Read!!! The College has now moved to a permanent place to post the weekly team lists.  We cannot post these lists in the ‘Locker Room’ as we have done in the past as this has caused privacy issues. The lists will now be posted in the Parent Lounge and Student Café portals as these places are password protected. Please read the section below regarding accessing these documents. This new system is designed for easy access for those parents using the College App.

First XV Rugby Head Coach – Villanova is currently seeking applications from suitably qualified and experienced coaches for the position of Villanova’s 1st XV Head Rugby Coach. If you know of anyone who you believe would be a suitable candidate for the position, please encourage that person to apply. It may well be yourself. This position is advertised widely via Seek. Queensland Rugby have also dispersed this advertisement through their channels. Please find more information via the link provided –

Best wishes to all for Round 1 of the AIC Basketball, Rugby League and Tennis held this weekend v Iona College. Enjoy!

AIC Tennis, Rugby League & Basketball Round 1 v Iona College, Friday 23 & Saturday 24 July – Times & Venues
All Year 5 and 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons. All Year 7-12 basketball and Year 5-12 tennis games are played on Saturday.  Please go to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures.

Note – the College will provide transport to all Year 5 and 6 basketballers to the venue again this week. Parents must collect their son from the venue.

Covid Restrictions – Round 1 v Iona College
Following last week’s announcement of additional COVID-19 cases in Queensland and the extension of some restrictions in South-East Queensland, and for the health and safety of our community, the AIC association has put the following restrictions in place for our spectators attending trials and fixtures until further notice.

 Tennis and Rugby League

  • Use the Check-In QLD App
  • Outdoor sports – spectators are welcome
  • Masks must be worn if you cannot socially distance from other adults

Basketball (includes both indoor and outdoor courts)

  • Use the Check-In QLD App
  • We are keeping the communication consistent for all basketball fixtures (regardless of games being played either indoor or outdoor)
  • Restricted to one parent/guardian per player for all grades
  • Masks must be worn by all adults
  • Masks do not have to be worn for players 12 years and under (and those otherwise exempt)
  • Players and coaches in the ‘Field of Play’ do not have to wear masks
  • 20 student spectators per College, if venue permits, will be able to attend the First V Basketball games. No student spectators allowed for any other matches
  • Please adopt the “Get in, play, get out” rule to mitigate co-mingling

As the AIC association administers school sport for member Colleges, there are likely to be different expectations for adult and student participants than experienced at community club sports. The Association is highly cognisant of the impact that a positive case may have on member school communities, including closure of schools. We respectfully require all adults and students to comply with the AIC and member College venue requirements without exception.

Team Lists and Weekly Schedule – Now Published in Parent Lounge and Student Café Portals (and available via the App)
From Term 3, all weekly Team Lists, including the Weekly Fixture Schedule, can be accessed via the College App.  Simply go to the Villanova College App, click the ‘Sports’ tile. From here select ‘Team Lists and Weekly Schedule’ from the options given. Please note that you will be required to enter your Parent Lounge username and password initially. The system will remember this password on subsequent logins.

The College will send an App alert when these documents are updated weekly.

Students may access the team lists via their Student Café portal. They simply log in as usual and select the ‘Links’ button on the top toolbar of the home page. A drop-down box will appear. The boys then select the ‘Team Lists and Weekly Schedule’ button. This will reveal the team lists and weekly schedule documents which will be updated and reposted each week.

The College no longer publishes the team lists on the web via the ‘Locker Room’ due to privacy issues. The College will no longer publish the team lists within the shared folder link sent previously too. Please note that the ‘Locker Room’ will still be the main place where all sports information is given, including the weekly schedule which will now be published in the Parent Lounge next to the team lists for your convenience.

Goold Hall Out of Action
We were hoping that Goold Hall would be back online early next week. The works have been delayed and the hall will be offline next week. We will apply the same training schedule used for weeks 1 and 2 and use it for week 3, next week too.

Goold Hall should be ok for next weekend – Round 2 v St Peter’s.

AIC Track & Field Training
AIC Track and Field (T&F) training will commence the week after Ekka week. A full season schedule will be posted on the Villa website by the end of next week. At the conclusion of the Inter-house Carnival, the coaches will invite students from Years 5-12 to be a part of their squad. All Track and Field coaches will monitor student attendance at all training sessions. Students will be contacted by either their coach or a member of the Sports Office to explain any absenteeism. We encourage all students to make contact with their coach if they are unable to make training. Rolls will be taken each week to ensure that those who have been identified as our best athletes attend the sessions and follow through with their commitment as this not only builds character but also the College’s Track & Field program. Parental support on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Villanova Track & Field Carnival Years 5-12 – COMPULSORY!
All students from Years 5-12 are required to attend Villanova’s annual Track and Field Carnival held at Villa Park next Thursday 29 July. All students are to attend school as per normal times wearing their PE uniform to and from school. Buses will then transport the boys to and from Villa Park. Boys with before school training for either Basketball (Clem Jones Centre) or Tennis (Morningside Tennis Centre) will be bussed directly to Villa Park at the conclusion of their training. We hope all parents support the College to ensure that all boys attend. Canteen facilities will be available at the Park with cash and eftpos options available. We ask students to bring a small bag on the day for their belongings including a hat, sunscreen and water bottles (food etc.). The first events are due to start at 9.45am with the last event concluding at 2.00pm followed by presentations. All students will be rotated around 100m, hurdles (championship event only), bin ball, 200m, javelin, 800m, long jump, shot put, high jump (a select few in each age group only) and tug-o-war events. Our aim is to have fun, promote Track & Field, give everybody a go, showcase our best athletes and identify those boys who should be in our AIC T&F squad.

Our Track and Field coaches will be positioned on all Championship events in order for them to identify our best athletes and invite them into our T&F program, which will commence in Week 6. We would expect all members of our rugby and football development programs as well as all ‘A’ team members of each of the sports we have on offer to excel and be at the forefront of the T&F program.

Villanova Inter-House Track & Field Carnival Canteen – your assistance is required
The canteen will be in operation next Thursday at the Villa Track and Field Day. If you are available to help out for an hour or so (in between your son’s event) can you please contact Robyn Gunning by email . We are particularly keen on parents attending around 8.00am to assist with the preparation.

Breakfast will be available from the Villa Park canteen on the day of the Track and Field carnival with cash or eftpos available (no flexischool card available at all during the day). This will be on offer for those coming from tennis and basketball training.

  • Bacon & Egg Wraps – $5.00
  • Muffins – $3.00
  • Assorted Milk – $3.50 (limited stock)

Please note that the Villa Tuckshop WILL NOT be open on this day.

Spectators at Track and Field Carnival:  parents are welcome to attend the Track and Field Carnival. We kindly request that parents park in the Western Car Park, use the Check-In QLD App and wear a mask when unable to socially distance.

Track and Field – Championship Events and ‘Fast and Furious’
Students will have the option of competing in each or all individual championship events rather than selecting a relatively small group of boys to do them all. Boys can nominate for these events via the sign-on forms found in the foyer of Goold Hall. The championship events include the 100m, 200m, hurdles, 800m, long jump, shot put, javelin (Year 7-12 only) and high jump. Sign-ons for these events will close this Friday.

Students who do not wish to participate in the championship events will compete in the non-championship program.

All boys will be given the opportunity to compete in a ‘fast and furious’ race. We are looking for our 10 best runners in each age group to nominate themselves for this event. The finalists will then compete in the first event at the Villanova Inter-House Track and Field Carnival in front of the entire school for the ‘fast and furious’ final. The winner of each age group will be awarded a prize (TBC) by the Sports Office.

At the end of the day, we want Villa’s best athletes to compete against each other for the College to identify our best athletes to join our AIC Track and Field Program. It would be reasonable to expect that all ‘A’ team members in all sports, nominate for at least one Championship event. Ben Mowen, Andrew Slack, Junior Football Development Squad and 1st Football candidates for next year’s season must nominate or they will be not be considered for these squads.

AIC Basketball, Rugby League and Tennis
All AIC tennis, rugby league and basketball trials have concluded. Team lists will be posted within the Students Café and Parent Lounge portals by Thursday of each week. Please be aware that these lists can and will change each week depending on player performance, attitude and attendance at training.

We are expecting a significant challenge from Iona this weekend. In our quest to retain the basketball aggregate and our firm placing in the tennis and rugby league aggregates we ask all boys to come ready to play this weekend. Good luck to all involved!

Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby League Co-ordinator

2019 marked the introduction of rugby league into AIC. It was fantastic to feel the anticipation and excitement building around rugby league making its mark on the sporting calendar for the first time. With the cancellation of the 2020 season, many of our students have been hungry to experience AIC rugby league for a second time.

There were many positives to take out of the 2019 season. Many of our boys displayed a real talent for the game and it was pleasing to hear that the inaugural season motivated many boys to play club rugby league.

We are very lucky to have many experienced new and returning coaches on board for this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our coaches for their efforts so far in developing and getting the best out of our boys during the trials.

All teams trialled against St Patrick’s College on Saturday for their first rugby league game of the 2021 season. Although it was only a trial, it was pleasing to note that we came away with six wins and only one loss. Our Year 10’s put on a dominant performance, showing that they have what it takes to be very competitive this year. As is expected, some are still learning the basics of rugby league but there were many positives to take out of Saturday’s trial.

This weekend we come up against Iona College for Round 1 of the AIC competition. All teams will be playing at Iona College. Please check the draw posted on the website for the time and the field that all of our teams have been allocated to. Please allow enough travel time to ensure you arrive at Iona College at least 30 minutes before your scheduled kick off time, unless you have been told to arrive earlier by your coach.

I wish all teams the best of luck for Round 1.

Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Co-ordinator

The 2021 basketball season has begun with a full week of training already and two trials games against Ashgrove and St Patrick’s. It was pleasing to see all teams on the weekend getting the opportunity to improve their skills and prepare for Round 1. We had some very pleasing results from the weekend, winning 26 games from the 31 played. It was excellent to see all Junior School teams come away with victories in their games.

The 1st V had a pleasing result 96-47 as they continue their preparation. It has been a long pre-season for the team and they are looking forward to finally getting to show their style of play to everyone on Saturday.

This weekend sees us up against Iona in Round 1 and defending our aggregate championship for the sixth year in a row. Hopefully all teams put out their best performance to start the season off well. Good luck to all!

Advanced notice: Year 5 and 6 Basketball – Round 2 (Friday 30 July)
For Round 2, Year 6 teams will be playing at home against SPLC and Ashgrove. The Year 5 teams will be travelling to SPLC and Ashgrove and will need to have transportation to and from venues organised as soon as possible, so that ALL students know who they are travelling with and how they will be getting home. One parent per player is currently allowed to attend matches and spectate and we are hoping that all students will head home with their own parent/s but we need to make sure all students are accounted for and get home safely. If you can assist with managing and co-ordinating transport, please contact the Sports Office.

Mr Todd Kropp, Tennis Co-ordinator

It was a great turn out on a wonderful winter’s morning for the commencement of the Tennis season on Saturday. St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe were our opposition in what was to be our first trial and last opportunity for the boys to show their skills before the proper season commences this week.

It was most pleasing to see many new players attending who did not play last year, some even in the senior age group who had never played before, illustrating that there is always time to become involved, support the College, have fun and learn new skills.

Competition for places in teams was particularly fierce in the younger grades; thank you to all the boys who trained and trialled. Unfortunately, not all players can make the team with limited number of places available. I encourage all players who have not been successful in making teams to stay in contact with their managers; we would like to see boys be available for selection throughout season and for weeks when there are absences.

The results of the trial matches were pleasing as were the overall individual performances of each team. While we did not record final scores for all teams, I know each player showed their competitiveness and flexibility as we worked through our final selections with teams changing through each set.

A special mention should be given to the First IV team; they performed ruthlessly winning their trials under the direction of First Captain, Joe Timms.

Thank you to all parents and boys who have contributed already to what will be an enjoyable and hopefully a very successful season ahead.

Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack Squads
The participants of the abovementioned squads for the up-coming 2021/22 season will be discussed and published after the appointment of the 1st XV Head Coach. All hopeful members are expected to participate in this year’s Track and Field program. The complete program details will be posted towards the end of this term.

Term 4 Cricket
This year Villanova will again run an internal cricket competition for Year 4 students who will be entering the College in 2022. This program will run for six weeks from 9 October and will be from 12.30pm to approximately 3.00pm each Saturday. This will allow very keen cricketers to still play club cricket in the morning. Current Year 5 students who are interested, will be invited to play for Villanova in the Eastern Districts pre-xmas competition during Term 4 in the U11/U12 divisions. Year 6-11 students wishing to play will be placed in the BEARS competition, but the number of teams entered will depend on the availability of fields and parents who volunteer to coach. Students are free to play for other clubs and this decision will have NO bearing on AIC selections in 2022, as long as they are available for ALL trial sessions for Villanova. A note outlining details will be available to interested students over the coming weeks.

Well done to Charlie Farmer, Billy Pearson and Lennox Hine who competed at the Qld Junior State Cup for touch football over the recent holiday break in Hervey Bay. These boys represented the Brisbane Metropolitan touch team. Their team was undefeated in the U12’s division throughout the tournament. They were also the reigning U10 champions and have managed to win back-to-back titles. Well done to all three boys!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Music News

QCMF Recordings
I would like to share how pleased I have been listening to the music our students are producing in Hanrahan Theatre as they complete recordings for QCMF 2021.  The quality has been very good and it has been wonderful to see the energy produced by the students.  There have been quite a few very musical moments too!

Thanks to all students and staff who assisted to ensure this week of recording was a success.

Co-curricular Photos – Week 3
Co-curricular Music Photos are scheduled for week 3 – Tuesday 27 July.  Students will be required to wear performance uniform for these photos and all Year 5 students should wear their grey academic uniform and tie.  A photo schedule and uniform information has been distributed to families.  Another copy has been included with this newsletter for further clarification.

Click here for Co-curricular Photo Schedule
Click here for 2021 Music Uniform requirments

A number of our students were not wearing black socks with their black trousers.  Can you please ensure this is rectified before photos next week.

Volunteers Required
On Sunday 25 July, members from our QCMF Volunteer Community will be testing and sorting film footage from almost 600 ensembles in readiness for this year’s QCMF.  We are looking for some assistance to complete this task.  This will require your ability to open and view a video file, and type times into a spreadsheet.

We will be gathering from 9.00am to 4.00pm in the Chapter Room.  For those assisting, we will provide supplies for the day (technological and sustenance).  Please contact the Music Office via email to make an expression of interest –

AMEB Examination Results
Every year we have a number of students complete external performance examinations through the Australian Music Examinations Board.  Most recently we had four students produce some excellent results.  I am sure you will join me in congratulating the following students for their fantastic efforts:

  • Rylan Kruysmulder-Forsyth – Year 10 – Grade 4 Flute
  • Ronan Flaherty – Year 9 – Grade 6 Flute
  • Adam Kielenniva – Year 8 – Grade 4 Clarinet
  • Thomas Kielenniva – Year 11 – Grade 6 Alto Sax.

Communication re Lesson Absences
As the department remains dispersed due to the Augustine Centre challenges, the routine of attending lessons can become problematic.  From this week forward, we will be sending a proforma to parents and students who miss a lesson without explanation.  Please understand that this is merely an opportunity to open the lines of communication and an invitation to communicate with your son’s teacher or the music office regarding the absence.

The following wording will be sent.  Please note, this is a proforma used for all students – it is not a personal communication, more an opportunity to open a dialogue:

  • Unfortunately, your son did not attend his instrumental music lesson today.
  • Please ensure he is aware of the time and date of his next lesson via the timetable previously distributed; it is attached for your reference.
  • To assist with our records, please contact the Music Office regarding your son’s absence – or 3394 5691.

We look forward to our continued partnership in the musical education of your son.

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/BBQ/etc. this Summer! (flyer attached).

Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35; Wildcat Coolers – $30

All items can be purchased via trybooking through the following link:

Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits go to the Music Support Group.

Opportunity to Participate
The Music community at Villanova welcomes all students interested in participating in ensemble or instrument/vocal tuition.  If your son would like to take lessons on an instrument this year, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or via email at for further information.

Date Claimers
It gives me great pleasure to share our future events.

Term 3
3 Tuesday 27 July Co-curricular Music Photos
4 Monday 2 August Chamber Ensemble Evening – Hanrahan Theatre – Year 12 – from 4pm – Instrumental Assessment Task 2 Due
5 Monday 9 August Chamber Ensemble Evening – Hanrahan Theatre and St Thomas Auditorium – 6-11 – from 4pm – Instrumental Assessment Task 2 Due
5 Monday 9 August Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
5 Tuesday 10 August JS Debut Concert – 3:30-4:30pm – Hanrahan Theatre
5 12 – 15 August Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival

30th Anniversary Festival

6 Audition Materials Distributed – all MS/SS students (not Yr12)
7 Thursday 26 August Bands Gala Concert – 6:00pm – Hanrahan Theatre and MS Terrace
8 Audition Video Submission Deadline
9 Tuesday 7 September Junior String Festival – BGGS – 3:45 – 5:45pm
9 Wednesday 8 September Junior String Festival – BGGS – 3:45 – 5:45pm – Concert 6:30pm
9 2022 Ensembles posted outside Music Office
9 Instrumental Music Assessment Task 3 Due (Year 12 only)
10 Monday 13 September Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

Please click here for information regarding the collection of certain information about your child’s school, its staff and student body by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Library.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.



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