Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,
Last Saturday at Villanova Park before invited guests, the College held the official blessing and opening of the grandstand. Fr Peter Wieneke OSA, College Chaplain celebrated the blessing of the grandstand and Mr Ross Vasta, Federal Member for Bonner and Old Boy of Villanova College, officially opened the grandstand.

The story of Villanova Park is one of many volunteers working together with the Augustinian Fathers to create a set of playing fields that our current students enjoy. In the early days there were working bees where parents grabbed a shovel and shifted a mountain of dirt. To help raise funds, beer bottles were collected for recycling and the funds obtained used to further develop the grounds. Many ‘Footy Doubles’ were also sold in pubs around the southside of Brisbane to raise funds for the grounds.

The great facilities we enjoy today are a product of the sweat of so many parents and Augustinian Fathers who had a vision of playing fields where Villanova College would host other Colleges in competition and fellowship. We give thanks for the efforts of those early pioneers who so generously gave of their time and energy.

Bus Fares
Most people are aware that bus drivers are obliged to allow students to board the bus if they do not have any money to pay the fare. This change in rules came about following the Daniel Morcombe case. This week while supervising bus duty, it was brought to my attention that large numbers of our students are not paying the bus fare and are telling the driver they do not have a Go Card. In one instance on the 895 bus, thirty (30) students did not pay the fare.

I am confident our families have provided their sons with a Go Card. I am also confident most students understand the rules regarding bus fare. In agreeing with the rule change that no child should be left behind, I do believe those with the capacity to pay the bus fare should do so.

We will continue to monitor the situation and if necessary, we will be in contact with families if your son habitually does not pay the bus fare.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Following the April Parent-Teacher Conferences the College sought feedback from parents and staff regarding the suitability of ZOOM interviews as the way to deliver the conferences. The feedback was overwhelmingly in favour of continuing with the ZOOM platform for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

On Monday 12 July, Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held following the end of Semester One reporting period. Information concerning the conferences will be sent home to families in the next few days. Students are most welcome to join the conferences with their parents/guardians.

Please note Monday 12 July is a student-free day and Term Three will commence for all students on Tuesday 13 July.

I look forward to welcoming back all our students after a well-deserved break.

We keep in our prayers the community of Lourdes Hill College at this time.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Junior School

Term 2 assessment is officially complete.  Let us all exhale together!  There is no better feeling for students after some busy weekends hitting the books, and evenings spent revisiting main ideas on OneNote pages.  Parents, you will also appreciate the relief from combining co-curricular schedules and finding precious minutes to quiz sons about exam topics.  Junior School staff are still very busy with marking, moderating, and then next week, entering the data into several platforms.  There will also be Professional Development meetings, along with Term 3 curriculum planning until Friday of Week 10 for our teachers, office staff and specialist teams.

Moderation processes take a great deal of time and concentration.  The work submitted by students is first checked over by class core teachers.  Then teaching partners moderate samples, and establish A, B, C, D and E achievement bands.  This is done across fifty-eight pieces, and during this time there are conversations about the observations during the assessment process – use of time, mindset during the task, and ability to focus during that time.  At weekly Year Level meetings, the Year 5 and Year 6 teams then bring the samples to cross check across the three learning spaces.

Discussions take place about expectations, teaching and learning experiences, and consensus is reached between the grades, with the collaboration of the Curriculum Area Leaders – Melissa Liddy, Leanne Addley and Nichole Rouhliadeff.  The Learning Enrichment Team is also involved in mediation, ensuring that supportive measures are in place for students with specific needs and diagnoses.  After these meetings teaching partners will refine their marking, and work on providing feedback to the students under the headings, “What Went Well,” and “Even Better If”.

Feedback during the learning phase is given the highest priority – including check in points that scaffold tasks into manageable pieces.  The feedback that is recorded on Villanova Assessment Cover Sheets sent home at the end of term, is also important.  It recognises what was completed well by your son – and this should be congratulated as part of your conversation at home.  There is always something to praise, and each boy should be proud of managing at least one thing in every subject area.  There are also suggestions to remember in future tasks – and these are important to discuss, keeping a positive outlook to changes being a part of the learning process.  Even one change is a step in the right direction.  The aim is to always move forward, and some students might be on a steeper learning and achievement curve than others – but, if it is towards meeting expectations, then be assured there are reasons to be proud and tell your son that he has done well.

There is something very comforting about the June/July holiday break.  The cooler weather means we crave the sleeping in (very few jump out of bed with the sun rising late), thoroughly enjoy the odd pyjama morning (that sometimes reaches the afternoon) and get the time to cook those recipes that fill the house with comfort by the early afternoon (I really do love the idea of dinner by 6pm instead of the late shifts we must run with work and sport timetables during the term).  The midday sun is one we can sit in with a great book, go for a Riverwalk (without getting heatstroke), or tackle the gardening in comfort (I have become that person that is finding great satisfaction in growing chillies and herbs from seeds – the pots are out of control up both sides of the house).  For families who are heading off camping, we wish you dry and sunny weather – may the campfires roar and soothe the souls.  Groups who head to the beach, we hope the waves are clear and good for surfing.  Interstate travellers, we wish safe travels in the air and on roads.  May the health of all communities be stable.

Term 3 begins with Parent/Teacher Conferences on Monday 12 July.  After Semester 1 Reports are released, details will be emailed through for Zoom meetings with teachers, setting Term 3 goals, and discussing strategies for progress across curriculum, social-emotional and organisational areas.  The pupils will return to the College on Tuesday 13 July, wearing the College winter uniform, including ties, as per Term 2.  Stationery supplies restocked, haircuts meeting College expectations, and shiny shoes will be expected, along with the motivation to reach every potential, with our full support.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

As the first school semester of 2021 draws to an end, the energy amongst the boys is certainly visible – and it is all about the holidays. As I cast my memory back to my own school days, I fondly remember holiday time being pitched as a reward and celebration for weeks spent working hard at school and studying hard at home. I also remember using the holidays to relax, have fun, and recharge the batteries.

This recent semester has undoubtedly presented many and varying challenges for our Middle School boys, and as with life, every individual has experienced challenges unique to them. Some boys have been challenged by the new curriculum, some by new environments, some by shifting friendship landscapes, and still others by needing to find new and improved ways of applying themselves in the classroom.

For teachers and parents of Middle School-aged boys, it is imperative that we find reasons to celebrate success amid the fore-mentioned challenges. Feelings of success drive motivation. Denis Waitley, motivational speaker and author of the bestselling audio series, ‘The Psychology of Winning’ reminds us:

“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.”

Throughout this semester, there have been many little moments of growth that we need to highlight for our young men [lest they miss them as boys are want to do!] and celebrate them. Yes, our boys will not always meet our expectations – or their own for that matter – however that in itself is part of the learning process.

So as the fun, relaxing and recharging part of the holidays begin to occur, I would encourage our boys to devote some time to reflecting on these simple questions:

  1. How am I a different person in June, than I was in January? How have I grown?
  2. Which aspects of the semester require celebration? What were my successes?
  3. As Term 3 commences, which area of my growth needs most urgent attention? What are my new areas of growth?

On behalf of the staff, I extend a sincere thanks to our wonderful parents for their ongoing support, and I wish all Middle School families a safe and happy holiday.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Senior School

Year 12 Mentoring Breakfast
Last Thursday morning, the Year 12 cohort built upon the great energy generated from their Retreat experience to gather in Goold Hall for their re-scheduled Mentoring Breakfast. As I outlined in my column back in Term One,  this event had been over 12 months in the making after our intended event last year was unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. Mr John Godwin’s vision for this event came to fruition in a most poignant and profound way as our young men maximised the value of the experience by engaging wholeheartedly in conversations with the mentors who gave so generously of their time. The feedback from the mentors about the calibre of our young men made me exceptionally proud.

The Seniors also heard the experiences of two Villanova Old Boys – Paul Weightman from the Class of 1978 and Patrick Franco from last year’s Senior class. Their insights and sage wisdom were really well received.

I would like to thank Mr John Godwin for his inspiration and passion for mentoring, our College Community Engagement and Foundation Officer, Mrs Natalie Davidson and Mrs Deanne Perrier for their energy and investment in organising the logistics for the event, and Mr Tony Rolls and his Year 11 Hospitality classes who catered the breakfast for the event with great professionalism under pressure.

Senior Drama Production
This evening, our Year 12 Drama class under the wonderful guidance and directorship of Mrs Sophie Kenny will present this year’s Senior Drama Production, ‘Bad Gravy’ at the Queensland Multicultural Theatre at Kangaroo Point. Our young men and Mrs Kenny have invested countless hours on what is now a cocurricular activity so the sacrifices that they have collectively made should be affirmed and acknowledged by a great turnout tonight by the Senior cohort. I am looking forward to it!

Staff Senior Banquet
Tomorrow evening, Year 12 students will have the pleasure of breaking bread with teachers at the traditional Staff-Senior Banquet- one of the most storied rituals and rites of passage that exist in the journey of all Villanovan young men. This evening celebrates the fundamental value placed on the importance of strong relationships between teachers and their students- relationships born out of mutual respect and genuine care. The Year 12 cohort have had a really strong and successful first semester and this night reinforces the importance of continued solidarity and sustained commitment as they embark upon the challenges both inside and outside the classroom together. I would like to thank Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Tony Rolls for his usual meticulous care in ensuring that the night will be a great success. Furthermore, the contribution of the Year 12 Parent group always makes the occasion a special memory for our young men.

Happy Holidays
It is incredible how quickly we have arrived at the end of another semester at the College. I keep reminding our Year 12 students to ‘not count the days but make the days count’ so they fully maximise their Senior experience as it goes so quickly. Much has occurred in the first half of the 2021 academic year. Highlights have included the First XI Cricket premiership, the solidarity across the Senior School students in continuing to support and promote the importance of positive mental health and powerful examples of servant leadership, particularly in the area of working to sustain our environment in the commitment of the Green Team.

The upcoming holiday period should provide an opportunity for rest, renewal and reflection. The last aspect is particularly important for students wanting to improve both academically and personally next semester. Students should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What have I enjoyed about my 2021 experience thus far?
  • What have been the challenges which have been difficult to overcome?
  • Have I worked to my full potential in the classroom and at home to maximise my academic results?
  • Have I contributed to the richness of the Villanova community- whether that be through my involvement in culture, music, service or sport?
  • Am I maximising the full value of my Villanova education?

I encourage all students and their parents to unpack the semester one report and look at the teachers appraisal of the various aspects of application- in particular, the diligence towards learning.

At the commencement of the third term, various academic review and tracking processes will be conducted within the senior school to engage students in further reflection upon their semester one academic performance. Year 11 and 12 students will meet with their ACP Mentor to recalibrate their academic goals. For Year 10 students, the focus will be directed towards the completion of their SET Plan and the confirmation of subjects for Year 11 and Year 12. Interviews will be conducted by senior members of staff with all Year 10 students and parents.

I wish all Senior School students and their families a wonderful holiday. Ensure that you recharge yourself so that you are ready to commence the second semester with confidence and momentum.

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” – Bob Proctor.

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News

Living Gratefully and Walking Humbly!
In what seems like the blink of an eye we find ourselves at the end of Semester 1.  The first two terms have been a wonderful experience for me as I settle back into life in  Brisbane and life at Villanova College.

After 12 years in Melbourne, I still cannot believe these glorious days with blue skies actually count as winter, and each day I find the big view across the whole of the Brisbane from the Villanova College buildings quite breathtaking.  There is an invitation I have found into the bigger picture here at Villanova and certainly within the Mission and Identity space where there is a constant flow of students and staff coming together with an outward focus to those in the wider community who might be struggling, and beyond our school gates; along with an honest look at the challenges and questions we are faced with.  I hope that around your dinner table at home, as the term ends, you can celebrate the successes and learnings of the first half of 2021.  I hope and pray that the holidays will be fun, revitalising and restorative!  As we reach the end of Term 2, I hand over to some of the students to share about their recent experiences on the Vinnies Sleepout and Year 12 Retreat, and Fr Saldie’s reflections on keeping our partnerships with the Philippines alive.

Vinnies Sleepout
An experience I will never forget. Truly heart-warming and an eye opener. As a student at Villanova, we are kept safe and almost out of reach of the real world that surrounds us. While an expectation of a cold, shivering night was at mind, I would recommend every Villanova boy to go out and experience this sleepout in Brisbane city. The journey started here at Villa, where Anthony, our St. Vinnies volunteer guide gave us a brief of what we would be in for, and what everyone heard clearly was that it was going to be a very, very cold night.

During the first activity, all the students and teachers took some time to read detailed cards of regular people – what we all seemed to notice was that these people were all positive and joyful for being here today with their family. However, Anthony informed us that all these people on the cards were people experiencing homeless. An extreme shock. A typical stereotype almost had been established in the community that people experiencing homeless were drug addicts or people with no positive attitude. When in fact these people were the same as us, with the same values and interests we had.

As the sun started to set, the jumpers started to appear. The boys were ready to venture outside the College grounds and into the real world. Luke Palmer did indeed make the bus trip a memorable one, with ‘Palmies’ tunes blasting.

With the night growing and finally reaching our destination at the St. Vincent de Paul State Office in Brisbane City, the teachers handed out two dollars to each of the boys. With amazement and even laughter, the gents could not believe that they only had two dollars for dinner. The local IGA became our answer with several of the boys grouping together to buy as much food as they could possibly afford. Breads, hams and even hot pasta was salvaged together, quite an achievement in the teachers’ eyes. While this was indeed quite challenging, the Villa boys backed themselves and hustled together some sufficient food for the night. – Henry Stevens

What do you think of when we talk about Brisbane city? Maybe the bustling excitement of Queen Street Mall, the relaxing scenery of the botanical gardens or the inviting beach and cafés along Southbank. This description was accurate in my perception of the city until I embarked on the Vinnies sleepout. Whether it was walking across the bridges or along the footpaths, it did not take long to realise the noise intensity of the traffic, or the freezing cold temperatures but what became evidently clear was the hostile design of the city. It almost seemed that no one could sleep after dark in these conditions. Yet, on the occasional bench or in the corners of a park, I could see multiple men and women off all ages sleeping rough. It was not until our group ventured past the Rosies van that I started to visualise what life was like in the eyes of someone experiencing homelessness.

Despite the many people there, I spoke to two in particular: Trevor and Mike. At first Trevor appeared oddly dressed and very uneducated but it only took a couple minutes chatting to Trevor to realise his great sense of humour and warmth. Mike was very different; he could talk about any topic and seem to know all about it, but he also appeared particularly gentle and calm. These men were just two of the many battlers experiencing homelessness today. The last part of the night really challenged the boys the most however, which involved sleeping on sheets of cardboard outside in the Vinnie’s carpark.

Maybe it was the combination of the struggle to find a comfortable position or the freezing cold temperature but at that moment I had a small snapshot of what it is like to live rough. Despite the lack of sleep and the many body cramps, the whole experience was eye opening. I will never see our city through the lens of a privileged middle/upper class boy again. Rather the experience has allowed me think very deeply about two points. The first definitely being how lucky I, and all the boys are, who have the safety of their homes to go to each night with a nice soft bed awaiting them and even the privilege to have warm dinner. The second point would be the utter sadness and anger I feel for these people on the streets. They are in fact just like you and me… human. We all have our flaws, and sadly for these people its experiencing things like domestic violence, sexual abuse, family conflict and many more horrific events which pushes them onto the streets. Nevertheless, as I see no easy way to solve the problem of homelessness, this sleepout has ultimately left a deep mark on my character. I think it is one thing to walk through a shopping mall and another to look in a darker corner with a homeless man sleeping.

I would highly recommend this experience to all the future Year 11 and Year 12 boys looking to do something extra in their college life, as it will open their eyes to the plight of the people living rough just outside of our doorsteps. – Henry Holroyd

Year 12 Retreat
The Year 12 retreat is a vital experience that every Villanovan must experience. Escaping to the peaceful wilderness of Mt. Tamborine whilst engaging in community conversation – whether being in small groups or alongside a panel of staff who shared their challenges throughout life – truly made us boys, especially myself, understand that it is okay to not be ‘perfect.’ More so, that retreat enabled us to understand who we truly are, both in front and behind the mask we adopt in our everyday lives. For the betterment of our own growth as the students of 2021, walking away knowing that it is not weak to speak strengthened my sense of belonging to the College and to my peers. – Thanasi Keskinidis

The retreat was an opportunity to feel vulnerable yet supported at the same time – the feeling of having the attention of all group members and teacher while speaking was something I will not forget. I learnt many things about myself, but also the endeavours and challenges of others. These elements guided my understanding of realising that no one is perfect, and we all experience the ups and downs of life, despite the “mask” we wear on the outside. The experiences of retreat established closer bonds with my peers, myself, and taught me the importance of discussing emotions. – Daniel Maccarone

The Year 12 Retreat was a time that I will never forget. Upon my time there I was able to reflect upon myself and my peers in the cohort. New bonds were made, and old bonds were strengthened between both staff and students. After hearing staff’s stories and learning about their life, journey and values that they hold, we luckily had the opportunity to open up to our small groups and told our story. Our struggles, triumphs, strengths and our weaknesses were all shared with one another. By branching out in conversation to people outside of my friendship group it allowed for me to build relationships and get to know people in my cohort more and help build a united senior class. These 2 days away from the school life will always live with me as a top moment in my last year of school and I strongly encourage for the current Grade 11’s to fully emerge themselves in this retreat next year. – Harrison Egart

The Year 12 retreat was very enjoyable and gave us a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes in our mates’ and teachers’ lives. Retreat was also good to get away from our hectic lives back at school. We not only came home with a stronger bond with our mates, but definitely grew our relationships with our teachers. Waking up early and going for a run to get a milkshake and a coffee with Mrs Greenaway and Mr McLauchlan was a highlight. – Gus Godwin

Retreat was an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. The freezing cold breeze, the lack of reception makes it particularly difficult to forget. However, through this two-day experience I had created even deeper bonds with my friends and surprisingly, with my teachers. Even though, I expected to celebrate my 17th birthday with my family in the own comfort of my home. My peers and teachers made me feel at home and made it such an enjoyable and spiritual day. I learnt a lot about myself, my teachers and the importance of gratitude and affirming people. These are lessons I will value moving forward and encourage future students to take the full advantage of it because you only have one shot at year 12 retreat. – Francisco Adams

AFAS finding new ways to keep our connection with the Philippines alive
In a non-COVID world we would have a group of students and staff preparing to visit our partnering schools and projects in the Philippines.  Keeping the connection, which has been in existence for almost 30 years, is extremely important to our community and finding new ways of supporting our friends in the Philippines without visiting them is a challenge for us to embrace.  Our AFAS group has remained active across 2021, coming up with new ways to create and continue connections.  This term we have boxes of uniforms, shoes and other helpful resources all packed up and ready to go to communities in Bacolod and Murcia.

Another way to keep the stories and partnerships alive has been through connecting the Filipino community here in Brisbane.  Fr Saldie shares his reflections below on doing this:

Last June 12, the Filipino communities in Brisbane, Queensland and surrounding suburbs gathered at Rocklea Showground to celebrate the 123rd Philippine Independence Day.  The gathering was called Barrio Fiesta Brisbane Filipino festival where people share and celebrate Filipino food, music, dance, and culture.  From early morning till late arvo, people were being entertained by Filipino musos and dance troupes.  The occasion somehow brought a taste of home for Filipinos who were not able to go back to Philippines during the Covid pandemic.  There was a sense of relief for those who missed their home country.  Gladly, it was a fine day, a perfect Queensland winter day and good turn up of people who share their stories and connections about Philippines.  The AFAS Ministry of Villanova College was also invited to set their own stall to promote the wonderful projects that Villanova College did for 28 years.

Tony Hindmarsh, Trish McGrath, Fr Peter Wieneke, Theresa Henry and Juanita Jacobs (AFAS Elders) were there to share to the Filipinos in Brisbane what AFAS is about.  Since 1993 AFAS ministry listened to what the Augustinian schools in the Philippines were doing to try and help the less privileged children to get proper education.  The Villanova teachers set up AFAS – Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity, to work with the Augustinian friends to help fund educational scholarships for children who otherwise would not be able to go to school.  Since then, the ministry has been promoting friendship between Augustinian schools in the Philippines (La Consolation College- Murcia and Colegio de San Agustin- Bacolod (both in Negros Occidental, Philippines) and Divino Amore Academy, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines) and Villanova College and to learn about the Filipino culture and traditions.  They also help set up livelihood projects in Kinatarcan Island, Cebu for those people badly damaged by the strong typhoon Haiyan in 2013, and this type of assistance will keep on going for as long as solidarity matters.

In our stall at the Rocklea Showgrounds, some AFAS Alumni also came to share their stories of immersion in the Philippine Islands to those who were in the event. Thanks also to current AFAS President Isaac Langford (Year 12) and AFAS members, Mark Byerley (Year 11) and Ryan Hegerty (Year 10) who also gave their time to help promote AFAS on the day.  Overall, the occasion was fulfilling because Brisbane friends and supporters came to see us and understood that our ministry is there to help provide better opportunities for young Filipinos back in Philippines through education and livelihood projects.

Please see link to our website: to learn more and donate through us for our projects.

Sunday Readings at Home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Villanova finished the Trimester 2 season against Padua College on the weekend. In terms of our results across the season, Villa performed well from Years 5-12, with four undefeated/premiership football teams and five undefeated/premierships rugby teams.

A list of all undefeated/premiership teams, including their coaches, is posted below. A sensational effort by all involved!

 AIC Football Premiership/Undefeated Teams

  •  5ths – Coached by Dominic Ghikas
  • 8A – Coached by Anthony Karamihas and Connor Walker
  • 6D – Coaches by Elle Mc Kenna
  • 5E – Coaches by Amy Roberts

AIC Rugby Premiership/Undefeated Teams

  •  5th XV – Coached by Jamie Mullins, Jason Harris and Shaun Hourigan
  • 7B – Coached by Mick Ramsay
  • 7D – Coached by Ben Lynam
  • 6A – Coached by Dave Lowe, John Lowe and Nathan Spooner
  • 5A – Coaches by Josh Stanbury and Damien Colbert

There is little doubt that receiving awards and recognition as a premiership/undefeated team is always good. However, schools should not gauge the true success of their sports program on these awards alone. The student’s participation and enjoyment of sport should be at the forefront and be key indicators of success.

Having committed boys with the right attitude, as well as quality coaches and managers who can extract the very best from the boys individually and as part of a team, is ideal. In most cases this has happened.

For the footy season to run smoothly, the College relies on the good will of many within our community to fulfil the various roles needed.  When I look back at the season, I believe Villa had much success because our community ‘pitched in’ to make the season work. To this end, I thank the players, canteen helpers and ground staff. A special mention is given to all the coaches and refs, who gave freely of themselves to provide the opportunity for our boys to play schoolboy footy. Villanova did well this season and I am proud to be a member of a community whose participants are prepared to be involved and to have fun along the way.

I would like to acknowledge the great work given by our AIC Football Co-ordinator, Mr Anthony Kemp and the Rugby Co-ordinator, Mr Chris Everding. I’d also like to acknowledge our Chess Co-ordinators, Mr Nick Verity and Mr Jack Lamb for their leadership in the Chess program.

As one season finishes the next begins. Good luck to the many students who have participated in rugby league, basketball and tennis trials this week. Rugby League trials will continue next week. It is great to see many boys are keen to represent their College in these sports. It is extremely vital that those interested continue to attend all trials so that they give themselves every chance to be considered for selection. We hope to announce all teams by early next week via the website.

We have tennis and basketball clinics this weekend which is a compulsory event for all those who wish to make a team. Note – we ask parents not to attend the basketball clinics, please drop and go only. Parents may attend the tennis clinics. Please read below for further details. Good luck to all and enjoy!

Mr Chris Everding, AIC Rugby Co-ordinator

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Villanova Rugby program for 2021. It was fantastic to see how committed our boys were and the skill level improve as the season progressed. For all of our boys, trials began in week 9 of Term 1 where 28 teams from Years 5 – 12 were selected and entered into the AIC Competition. A pleasing aspect from a rugby supporter’s point of view, is the increase in numbers in our teams over the last four years. We have gone from 21 teams in 2018 to 28 teams this year. This equates to about 100 boys either coming back or giving rugby a go.

Our 1stXV squad commenced their strength and conditioning training in Term 4 last year. They were buoyed by the presence of both Andrew Slack and Ben Mowen, former Wallaby captains and Villanova Old Boys, at their pre-season sessions and throughout the season. Regular coaches Paul Davey and Craig Kassulke, who have been dedicated men to our 1st XV squads over the years, were again at the helm planning out the season and giving an enormous amount of time in preparation with the boys. Our thanks go to Paul and Craig for their commitment to the program and their desire to see Villanova rugby improve from year to year, as well as the solid relationships they form with the players in order to get the best out of them.

The season kicked off with a narrow 2-point loss to Iona in a cracking and intense game and then fluctuated as they had a win-loss pattern for the rest of the season, finishing with three wins and four losses. The season could have been far more successful because they played really good rugby and put themselves in winning positions against Iona, SLC and Padua but poor decisions at crucial times cost them those matches. Ashgrove was another game, where the boys really gave it to Ashgrove and they knew they were in for a fight. We attacked well and put pressure on the Ashgrove defence but turned the ball over in try scoring situations only to find ourselves 60m back up the field under pressure.

There were no passengers out there all season and every player gave their all for the team. They gave us many moments to cheer about and we are very proud of the group and their efforts not only on the field but also in promoting sportsmanship and encouragement to all players throughout the College. The Year 5 boys couldn’t wait until after their final game at Padua to race back to Villa, getting into their academic gear on the way, to run on with the 1sts. They want to be just like you.

Special mention needs to go to Tom Twaddell, Gus Godwin and Harry Grant-Smith on their selection into the Met East Rugby team. Gus was named captain of the team and the Met East boys drew the final against South Coast 14- 14. Gus and Tom were consequently selected into the QLD 1 Schoolboys team. The three boys were also selected in the AIC team of the season with Gus and Tom named in the starting team, while Harry was named on the bench. A great achievement men! Congratulations to Tommy Lawrance who was name Villa’s 1st XV “Players’ Player of the Season” after many solid performances on the field this year.

To our Seniors who have played their last game for Villa, thank you for representing the College so well over the last eight years. We’ve seen you elated, frustrated and perplexed, because you know the rules so well, but most importantly, just happy. Happy to be playing with your mates. You’ll remember that more than the results in years to come.

Overall Villa placed 4th in the Aggregate (57.5 points) behind Ashgrove 85.5, Iona 72.5 and Padua 69. This is not a bad finish for Villa and with strong Juniors coming up, we should be aiming for 3rd next year. Congratulations to the 7B side for winning the only aggregate premiership and to the 5thXV, 7D, 6A and 5A teams for having undefeated seasons. The 4th XV and 7As placed 2nd and the 3rd XV, 10A and 9B sides finished 3rd. Other teams that also deserve a mention were the Year 9s. It was fantastic to see teams win this year and be competitive in narrow losses, who have been unsuccessful in previous seasons. There is no doubt that the Villanova Rugby program is heading in the right direction.

Congratulations to the Year 5, 6 and 7 teams who experienced an enormous amount of success throughout the season. Overall, they won 58 matches and lost 16. The 5A and 6A sides went through undefeated and the 7A side lost narrowly to Iona in round 1 and finished second. This looks great for the future as we not only have quality ‘A’ teams but also the depth to back it up. It will be great watching the 6, 7s and 8s next year and by all reports, we may also have a solid group of Year 5s next year.

There is a lot of work that goes into the selections, coaching and management of the 28 teams that represented the College this year and a huge thank you goes out to everyone involved, for what has been a successful season. We continue to rely on the generosity from parents, Old Boys and external coaches to give our boys a run on the paddock every Saturday. I would like to thank our parents. Thank you to Mr Jason Harris, Mr David Grigson, Mr Paul Keene, Mr Ben Francis, Mr Eddie Harris, Mr Mr David Harris, Mr Rohan McCaul, Mr Jason Rasmussen, Mr Terry Donovan, Mr Andrew Ryan, Mr Andrew Peachey, Mr Mick Ramsay, Mr Nathan Spooner, Mr Vaasa Afa, Mr Damien Lyons, Mr Josh Stanbury, Mr Damien Colbert, Mr Nick Pedrazinni, Mr Mark McCullum and Mr Troy Watson. A huge thank you to our old boys who came on board this year. Thank you to Mr Ben Cree, Mr Terry Gaffney, Mr Jamie Mullins, Mr Harrison Foley, Mr Gus Clegg, Mr Oscar Horton, Mr Paddy Cox, Mr Aidan Quinlivan, Mr Sebastian Roache, Mr Alex Druery, Me Patrick Coote, Mr John Lowe, Mr Joel O’Reilly, Mr Jack Daly, Mr Theo Day and Mr Connor Shelley.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff members who came on board this year. Thank you to Mr Steve Bremner, Mr Mick Garske, Mr Matt Levander, Mr Mannie Navarro, Mr Jack O’Hare, Mr Kirk Astill, Mr Jordan Roache, Mr Ben Lynam, Mr Tom Peel and Mr Bart Ritchie. It is fantastic to have so many staff members on board who contribute to establishing a positive rugby culture within the College.

Finally, I would also like to extend a massive thank you to all members of the Villanova community who offer to help with refereeing and officiating for each of our home games. Thank you to Mr Rhys Patterson, Mr Paul Woodward, Mr Ben Henry and Mr Matthew Campbell. We are also very lucky to have students who sign on to referee. This year, Joe Grigson, Liam Hathaway and Noah Staley joined our seasoned referees, Frazer Moloney and Aidan Sheahan and grew in confidence over the season and are now officiating QRRA assigned matches on Sunday mornings. Well done boys and good luck with future refereeing.

I must thank Mr Kirk Astill and Mr Dan Sheahan for co-ordinating the early development of our student referees and in particular Dan, who was instrumental to making sure they were coached well from the sidelines and encouraged to get some game time under their belt. Arranging referees and which games would best suit referees can be a tricky job each week but Dan was eager to assist and always had the solutions. His efforts certainly made the season run smoother.

Without the ongoing support and assistance from the many members of the Villanova College community, the 2021 season would not have been possible.

Final Rugby Aggregate Points 2021, with 2019 finishing position. The numbers in red are the aggregate premiers.

 1st  2nd  3rd 4th 10A 10B 9A 9B 8A 8B 7A 7B TOTAL 2021 2019
VILL 4 3 6 7 5.5 4 2.5 5 2.5 3 7 8 57.5 4 4
SPLC 1.5 1 1 4.5 8 8 8
SLC 8 4.5 5 5 3 5.5 4.5 3 2.5 6 3 4 54 5 3
SPC 6 6 4 4 5.5 2.5 5 4 2 3 2 44 6 6
SEC 1.5 2 2 3 1 6 4 3 3 25.5 7 7
PAD 5 4.5 3 3 8 5.5 8 5 8 8 6 5 69 3 5
IONA 3 7.5 7 6 4 7 6 7 5 6 8 6 72.5 2 2
ASH 7 7.5 8 8 7 8 7 8 7 6 5 7 85.5 1 1

Team of the Week- Round 7

Name Position Team
Cooper Harris Prop 7A
Matthew Colbert Hooker 5A
Charlie Gillett Prop 6B/6A
Jude Barnes Lock 7C
Luke De Marco Lock 7A
Fletcher Lee Flanker 5C
Eddie Lawrance Flanker 6A
Mitchell Francis No. 8 5B
Eamon Stanbury ½ back 5A
Sam Cotter Flyhalf 6B
Harry Bidgood Wing 6C
Finlay Griffin Centre 5C
Archie Dickinson Centre 6A
Quinn Perkins Wing 5D
Sean Kelly Fullback 8A
Arjun Dhanda 5D  
Henry Raddatz 7D  
Henry Ramak 7D  
Archie McGuckin 5C  

AIC Rugby Results – Season 2021

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC 6 v SEC 7 V PAD
1st XV 18 – 20 L 21- 18 W 15 – 50 L 25 – 22 W 7 – 33 L 31 – 12 W 7 – 8 L
2nd XV 0 – 48 L 36 – 7 W 0 – 60 L 12 – 26 L 15 – 35 L 44 – 7 W  7 – 17 L
3rd XV 17 – 21 L V ATC 1st XV

5 – 38 L

19 – 29 L 29 – 12 W 19 – 14 W 24 – 29 L v Ash 5th XV 36 – 14 W
4th XV 5 – 5 draw V ATC 2nd XV

17-12 W

0 – 62 L 27 – 26 W 23 – 12 W 24 – 12 W v Ash 7th XV 40 – 5 W
5th XV 29 – 5 W V Ash 8th XV

24-22 W

22 – 5 W Internal 31 – 17 W 37 – 19 W v Ash 9th XV 24 – 7 W
6th XV 10 – 12 L v Ash 9th XV V Iona 5th XV

21-15 W

V Pad 5th XV

17 – 15 W

internal No Game No Game No Game
10A 7 – 24 L 41-0 W 5 – 14 L 7 – 5 W 10 – 14 L 15 – 12 W 10 – 0 W
10B 10 – 24 L V ATC 10B

5 – 28 L

0 – 36 L BYE 5 – 36 L 22 – 8 W 5 – 17 L
10C 0 – 51 L V Padua 10C



19 – 27 L

7 – 12 L 10 – 35 L v Ash 10D BYE 0 – 60 L v Ash 10C
9A 19 – 25 L 22- 26 L 10 -33 L 24 – 7 W 10 – 20 L 32 – 5 W 15 -18 L
9B 14 – 33L V ATC 9B

27- 33 L

0 – 55 L 17 – 28 L 12 – 5 W BYE 19 – 10 W
9C 41 – 7 W BYE 7 – 43 L 34 – 15 W 62 – 20 W 53 – 5 W 15 – 29 L
9D 26 – 24 W V Ash 9E

29- 15 W

0 – 35 L Internal 17 -31 L v Padua 9D BYE 5 – 60 L
9E 0 – 93 L v

Ash 9D

V Iona 9D

31- 29 W

V Padua 9D

5 – 56 L

internal No Game No Game No Game
8A 0 – 32 L V ATC 8A

20- 0 W

5 – 53 L 7 – 17 L 7 – 7 Draw 10 – 22 L 7 – 26 L
8B 5 – 26 L V SPLC 8A

5- 22 L

10 – 37 L W 10 – 32 L 10 – 25 L 5 – 61 L
8C 7 – 47 L V ATC 8C

21- 29 L

7 – 27 L 51 – 10 W 7 – 43 L 31 – 22 W 19 – 37 L
7A 15 – 17 L V ATC 7A

67- 0 W

29 – 7 W 88 – 0 W 36 – 0 W 14 – 5 W 35 – 19 W
7B 27 – 15 W V SPLC 7A

73-0 W

57 – 12 W 68 – 0 W 36 – 7 W 53 – 0 W 22 – 7 W
7C 34 – 5 W V ATC 7C

17- 5 W

12 – 21 L V Iona 7D

31 – 12 W

32 – 20 W 70 – 0 W 43 – 12 W
7D 29- 12 W V Ash 7E

65- 5 W

26 – 5 W Internal 70 – 5 W BYE 52 – 5 W
7E 7 – 35 L V Iona 7D

20- 15 W

V Padua 7D

72 – 5 W

internal 35 – 22 W v Ash 7E 15 -27 L v SLC 7D 5 34 L v

Ash 7D

6A 32 – 0 W V ATC 6A

43 – 5 W

17 – 0 W 36 – 5 W 35 – 5 W Internal 38 – 0 W
6B 15 – 0 W V ATC 6B

37 – 5 W

15 – 0 W 22 – 0 W 15 – 22 L Internal 42 – 0 W
6C 5 – 32 L V SPLC 6A

46 – 5 W

10 – 12 L V Ash 6D

58 – 12 W

61 – 5 W 56 – 0 W 25 – 5 W
5A 24 – 5 W V ATC 5A

59 – 0 W

24 – 5 W W 19 – 0 W Internal 33 – 5 W
5B 14 – 19 L V ATC 5B

49 – 0 W

24 – 24 D 56 – 0 W 10 – 24 L Internal 7 – 5 W
5C 12 – 30 L V Iona 5C

27 – 5 W

5 – 12 L V SLC 5C

12 – 10 W

17 – 0 W Internal 10 – 12 L
5D 12 – 28 L V Iona 5D

10 – 12 L

17 – 27 L V SLC 5D

55 – 5 W

75 – 17 W Internal 55 – 5 W

Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator

The 2021 Football season was a return to the full season format after last year’s Covid interrupted season. As always there was a lot of excitement and anticipation ahead of the AIC Football season. It was fantastic to see the number of Villanova boys involved in Football again with 31 teams entered into the AIC competition from Years 5-12. Preparations for the season began at the end of Term One with trials and a number of trial fixtures organised. Unfortunately, weather and a snap Covid lockdown hindered those early preparations for most of our teams. Taking that into consideration, Villanova has performed well overall in Football.

In the overall Aggregate Villanova placed a very respective 5th just four points behind St Laurence’s who finished 4th. Congratulations to the mighty 5Es who were coached by staff member Miss Amy Roberts to an undefeated season, this is a great achievement by all of the boys involved. Further congratulations must go to the 6D side who also went through the entire season undefeated and were coached by staff member Miss Elle McKenna who did a great job in her first year as coach. The 5th XI side took home the premiership this season comfortably in an undefeated season. The boys were guided by first time coach and Old Boy Dominic Ghikas who allowed and encouraged the team to play with a free-flowing style which paid off. It was always a great spectacle to watch this team play. Villanova’s final premiership of the season was secured by our 8A side who also enjoyed an undefeated season. These boys were put through their paces by Old Boys Anthony Karamihas and Connor Walker. This side is certainly one for the future as they secure their second premiership in a row and continue to grow in confidence and strength out on the pitch. Other notable mentions must go to the 9Bs who remained undefeated throughout the season with three draws to begin the season and four wins to finish. Well done to their coach and Old Boy Marcus Sountas who had this side performing each week. Another two sides to watch out for in the coming years are the 5As and 6As who both had tremendous seasons with each side only losing once. The 8Bs also enjoyed a successful season only going down in the one game as well. Whilst we walk away with four premierships in total, it is clear to see that many teams were only one win away in their respective division. The level of success that Villa has enjoyed this season certainly gives hope for further improvement next year and beyond which is truly exciting.

Coming into the 2021 AIC Football season there was certainly a feeling that the First XI side were going to be competitive and push all opponents in their games. For the boys returning to the squad there was certainly still a hunger and will after going so close last year in the revised format. As always, the squad was put through its paces, beginning at the end of last year in Term 4 with the 1st/2nd combined development squad. From the outset, coaches Tom Carnavas and Terry Kambouris along with goalkeeper coach, Anthony De Luca enforced high standards for the squad with the ultimate goal of being premiers always the desire. The squad was then tested in early pre-season trial matches against the likes of BBC and Brisbane Grammar. The boys performed well in both matches defeating BBC and only going down 3-2 to Brisbane Grammar after a slow start. The First XI boys kicked off their season against Iona who are always tough competition in football. Not only did the boys have to face their opponents in Iona but they were also dealing with the torrential rain that threatened to turn Villa Park into a lake. In the end, Villa secured a 4-2 win to start the season strongly. The next match was against St Peters who have steadily improved over the last few years and it was a grudge match of sorts as they knocked us out of the competition in last year’s finals format. The game resulted in a 2-2 draw that saw both teams sit on top after two rounds. In Round 3 Villa faced Ashgrove at home where the First XI boys started strongly going out to a 3-0 lead in the first half. It was a game that almost got away from the boys as Ashgrove mounted a comeback. Thankfully, Villa held on for a close 4-3 victory to leave them on top of the table with momentum building for the season. St Patrick’s were the next opponent and were always a danger game with our boys winning against them in a pre-season trial. To St Patrick’s credit they turned up to play and took their chances eventually winning the match and handing our First XI side their first loss of the AIC season. Round 5 against St Laurence’s was a crucial match in the overall outcome of the season with both sides entering the match with the chance to go outright top of the table with a victory. Adding to the occasion, the match was rescheduled for a Tuesday night due to the unavailability of three Villa boys who were away on representational duties. It was a tight game as was expected with both sides creating limited opportunities on goal. Eventually the deadlock was broken with about 10 minutes left to play with Nelson Rae scoring from the breakdown of a corner. Villa took the victory with the score line finishing 1-0 resulting with Villa being on top with two games left to play. Round 6 saw the boys travel out to Ipswich to face St Edmund’s. This was certainly one of the more hectic starts to a game of football with the score being 2-2 after 15 minutes. It wasn’t until the second half that the Villa boys gained control of the match, eventually running away with it 7-3. Coming into the final round of the season Villanova was on top of the table with 13 points only a point ahead of Ashgrove and three points ahead of SLC. The boys had worked tirelessly hard to put themselves in this situation and a victory would seal the premiership. Padua came into the last round with nothing to lose and they were certainly going for the upset playing a strong game of football. Unfortunately, for our boys they couldn’t quite match it with their opponent on the day going down 3-2 in an extremely tight match that saw us fight right until the end. This loss resulted in the boys finishing second overall with Ashgrove taking the premiership in the last round of the season. Whilst our boys were extremely disappointed with the overall result, they should be extremely proud of their efforts and for the way they played throughout the season. This certainly puts our side in good stead for next year. A big thank you must go to the coaches Tom Carnavas, Terry Kambouris and Anthony De Luca for your time and effort in developing these boys and the style of football they played during the season!

The successful year that Villanova has enjoyed this season is not just attributed to the players but also to the hard work and enthusiasm from a wide range of community members. It takes a lot of organisation on the behalf of coaches and managers to ensure that the players are ready and focused each week to take the field. We are extremely lucky as a College to have parents, Old Boys, staff members and external coaches who give up their time for the benefit and betterment of our Football program. I would like to acknowledge those parents who have dedicated themselves to Villa Football in 2021. Thank you to Mr. Terry Kambouris, Mr. John Dunleavy and Mr. Peter Frederiksen. It is always great to see so many Old Boys return to give back to the College and we truly thank you for your time and efforts and hope to see you return again next year. We have also been fortunate enough to have coaches join the Villa coaching ranks as external coaches and we would like to thank Vassili Stammes, Massimo Pantaleo, Son Hyeongjoon and Martin Docherty. A number of staff members also contributed to the football program this year and as always it is appreciated and big thank you goes to Jack Lamb and Nick Verity 7B, Corey Griffin 6B, Elle McKenna 6D, Chloe Adams 6E, Callum Hackett 5B, Kelson Lee 5C and Nichole Rouhliadeff 5D and Amy Roberts 5E. We have been fortunate enough to have the services of goalkeeper coach Anthony De Luca who has guided our boys in this specialist role and his efforts are truly appreciated. Finally, a big thank you must go to Football Director, Michael Rooney for all of his support and help throughout the entire season with assisting the coaches and players.

It goes without saying but the games wouldn’t be able to take place without the assistance of community members assisting with the whistle on the field. Thank you to those parents, students and extended members of the Villa community that have assisted throughout the season with officiating the games. In particular, a big thank you must go to Tony Papapavlou for his assistance each week in refereeing games. Your ongoing support of the football program is truly appreciated and without your assistance the 2021 season would not have been possible.

Final Football Aggregate Points 2021, with 2019 finishing position.

 1st  2nd  3rd 4th 10A 10B 9A 9B 8A 8B 7A 7B TOTAL 2021 2019
VILLA 6.5 4 5.5 2 5 3 4 7 8 7 3 3 58 5 4
SPLC 3.5 6 7.5 6 7 6 1 6 5.5 6 6 4 64.5 3 6
SLC 6.5 7.5 5.5 8 5 7 5 2 4 3 2 6.5 62 4 1
SPC 2 3 1 4 5 5 6 4 2.5 1 7 6.5 47 6 7
SEC 1 1.5 3 1 2 3 1 1 2 1 1 17.5 8 8
PADUA 3.5 5 3 3 3 1 2 3 2.5 4.5 5 5 40.5 7 5
IONA 5 1.5 7.5 6 8 8 8 8 7 4.5 4 2 69.5 2 2
ASH 8 7.5 3 6 2 4 7 5 5.5 8 8 8 72 1 3

AIC Football Results – Season 2021

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC 6 v SEC 7 V PAD
1st XI W 4-2 D 2-2 W 4-3 L 3-2 W 1-0 W 7-3 L 3-2
2nd XI W 2-1 L 3-0 L 3-2 W 3-0 L 5-0 W 1-0 L 2-1
3rd XI L 2-1 L 1-0 W 2-1 W 1-0 D 2-2 W 2-0 W 3-0
4th XI L 3-1 L 3-1 L 12-0 L 3-0 L 4-1 L 4-2 v SLC 5th XI L 1-0
5th XI W 6-0 D 2-2 W 3-2 W 4-1 W 3-1 W 3-2 v ASH 6th XI W 3-1
10A L 9-4 L 3-0 W 2-0 W 2-0 L 2-1 W 3-0 W 3-2
10B L 4-1 L 4-0 W 3-1 L 3-1 L 3-1 L 2-1 W 6-4
10C L 2-1 L 3-1 W 1-0 Win on Forefit L 4-0 W 5-1 W 4-2 v SLC 10D
9A L 2-1 W 1-0 L 3-1 D 2-2 D 1-1 W 4-1 L 3-2
9B D 1-1 D 1-1 D 0-0 W 4-0 W 1-0 W 9-1 W 2-0
9C L 3-1 Win on Forefit L 4-2 W 4-0 L 3-0 W 5-2 v SLC 9D L 6-0
9D W 1-0 L 4-0 v ATC 9C L 6-0 Win on Forefit L 5-1 L 3-1 v ASH 9D D 2-2
8A W 7-0 W 3-2 D 0-0 W 5-1 W 3-1 W 6-0 W 4-2
8B W 2-0 W 5-1 L 5-1 W 6-1 D 1-1 W 9-0 D 1-1
8C W 3-2 L 3-2 v ASH 8C L 5-2 W 10-1 W 4-0 W 2-1 v ASH 8C D 2-2
8D L 1-0 W 5-0 v ASH 8E L 3-1 W 4-2 v Padua 8E W 3-0 W 5-1 v IONA 8E D 1-1
7A L 2-1 L 3-1 L 5-0 L 5-2 W 3-1 W 3-0 L 3-1
7B W 3-2 D 1-1 L 4-0 L 5-0 L 5-0 D 4-4 L 1-0
7C L 4-2 W 5-2  L 3-1 W 1-0 W 4-1 W 12-0 L 6-0
7D W 7-0 L 8-3 v ATC 7C L 4-0 L 3-2 L 7-1 BYE L 8-1
6A L 3-1 W 12-1 W 4-2 W 10-0 W 5-4 W 7-1 v ATC 6A W 3-1
6B D 1-1 W 7-0 L 2-1 W 8-0 W 4-1 W 4-1 v ATC 6B L 5-3
6C L 3-1 W 6-0 L 2-1 W 4-1 L 4-2 W 2-0 ATC 6C L 5-3
6D W 3-1 W 6-0 v Iona 6D W 6-0 W 7-2 v SLC 6D W 4-3 W 5-0 v PAD 6E W 2-0
6E L 6-0 v Gregory Terrace 6E L 6-0 v ASH 6D L 3-0 L 5-0 v SLC 6E L 4-1 W 3-0 v SLC 6F L 9-0
5A W 3-2 W 9-0 L 2-1 W 2-0 D 0-0 D 1-1 v ATC 5A D 3-3
5B L 1-0 W 13-0 W 3-0 L 2-0 L 8-1 W 5-0 v ATC 5B L 3-1
5C D 1-1 W 2-0 D 1-1 L 4-0 D 2-2 D 2-2 v ATC 5C W 3-2
5D W 2-1 W 3-0 W 2-0 L 5-0 W 5-3 v ATC 5D L 3-2
5E W 7-0 W 3-1 v Villa 5F W 5-1 W 5-0 W 5-3 W 10-0 v SLC 5F W 13-1 V PAD 5F
5F W 6-0 L 3-1 v Villa 5E L 1-0 v SLC 5F W 4-2 v SLC 5F L 2-1 v SPC 5E W 5-0 v ASH 5E W 10-1 v IONA 5E

Mr Nick Verity and Mr Jack Lamb, Chess Co-ordinators

The 2021 AIC Chess season concluded with our final matches against Padua College on Friday 11 June. Although the opposition got the better of us on the night, the spirit and camaraderie amongst the Villanova chess team was unwavering. We congratulated our winners with the silent cheers and energetic back-pats that are customary in the chess room and gave advice and words of encouragement to those who were bested. It was the boys’ overall attitude towards the game and each other that we were most impressed with this season.

Our First IV team (comprising William Ilka, Harry Blaser, Thomas Hoctor, Daniel Waugh and Isaac Langford) came up against some very strong opponents this season, including an undefeated St Laurence’s squad. The First IV finished in 8th place this season. Special mention must go to the captains William Ilka and Isaac Langford, both for their outstanding play, and for their assistance with organising our home games. They displayed leadership extending throughout all year levels, right down to our junior players. Those who are not graduating this year are already speaking eagerly of the 2022 season and have high hopes that the team will be strong.

This season was full of memorable moments. Among them were many spectacular checkmates (Connor Whitby’s seven knights and Samuel Carroll’s back-to-back fool’s mates were noteworthy examples) and nail-biting timeouts (often at the hands of Blake Waugh and Harry Blaser). Our round four performance against St Patrick’s College was the best of the season, not only because our AIC teams took the overall victory, but also because our Junior A team (Adam Ibrahim, Beau House, Joshua Sneyd, Owen Zulpo, Hamish O’Toole) achieved a perfect score of 8/8 wins.

All our teams must be applauded for their efforts this year. Villanova finished 7th at the end of the AIC season but that does not mean we were not without our success stories. In particular, the Junior B (Thomas McDougall, Hayden Oxenham, Charles Warr, Joseph Yates, Chrissy Landmann were 2nd overall), Senior A (Isaac Langford, Thomas Winn, Connor Whitby, Joshua Butterfield, Lachlan Congreve took 4th overall) and Intermediate B (Jack Power, Eli Dunstan, Adam Kielenniva, Jack Neate, Max Kwok placed 4th overall). These teams all finished in the top half of the rankings. The Senior B (Blake Waugh, Samuel Carroll, Greg Corones, Harry Woods, Lachlan Sturgess, Luke Watson) took 7th place. The Intermediate A team (Oliver Wills, Daniel Egert, Harrison Bryant, Tom Sturgeon, Sebastian Wilson, Ryan Thomas) took 7th place. The Junior A team (listed above) placed 5th overall.

The Villanova Chess Championships were carried out this year by way of a five-minute “blitz” tournament in the final week of the AIC season. The competition was separated into Senior, Intermediate and Junior brackets. The fast time-control definitely led to many climactic matches and some close timeouts. At the end we were left with our three winners: William Ilka (Senior), Daniel Egert (Intermediate) and Adam Ibrahim (Junior). We congratulate our chess champions and our runners-up: Harry Blaser (Senior), Tom Sturgeon (Intermediate) and Thomas McDougall (Junior).

We would also like to extend our gratitude towards all those who helped make the 2021 AIC Chess season an enjoyable one. Firstly, we thank our coach Alex Stahnke from Topchess for spending many early mornings with our chess players and providing them with game-studies, puzzles and challenges to develop their skills. It was a pleasure to have Alex’s experience on our side this year. Thanks also to Mr Matthew Conlan and Mr Dean Aspland for their assistance in ensuring that the Friday night games ran smoothly both at home and away. Thanks to Miss Elle McKenna for helping with trials and lunchtime training. We are greatly appreciative of the delicious and plentiful food provided by our wonderful tuckshop staff for our home games. It was enjoyed by Villanova and our guests alike. Lastly, thanks must go to the staff of the Sports Office for the help and advice they gave us during our first season as coordinators. Without them, the season would not have been possible.

A special thanks goes to the parents of all our chess players for allowing their sons to be a part of this great sport and assisting them with transport when necessary. And as always, we cannot forget to acknowledge the efforts and participation of the players themselves. Between the early mornings and lunchtime training sessions, these players have given up much of their own time out of a pure passion for the game of chess. This is a passion that has clearly grown this year along with the popularity of chess in general. This gives us great hope for the future of chess at Villanova College.

AIC Chess Results – Season 2021

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC 6 v SEC 7 V PAD
Open L 12-4 L 7-9 D 8-8 L 10-6 L 10-6 L 11-5 L 9-7
Senior A W 13-3 L 12-4 L 11-5 W 12-4 L 14-2 W 12-4 L 10-6
Senior B D 8-8 L 15-1 L 13-3 W 11-5 L 16-0 L 9-7 L 9-7
Intermediate A L 14-4 W 14-2 L 9-7 W 9-7 L 11-5 L 10-6 L 9-7
Intermediate B L 9-7 L 14-2 W 10-6 L 9-7 L 16-0 W 12-4 W 9-7
Junior A W 11-5 L 10-6 L 14-2 W 16-0 L 14-2 L 12-4
Junior B W 12-4 W 14-2 W 14-2 D 8-8 L 14-2 W 10-6


All Rugby League teams will be announced by next Saturday 26 June, excluding the Year 9 and Opens teams who will be finalised after the St Patrick’s trial held on Saturday 17 July. In fact, most boys in the Year 9 team will be announced by next Saturday with the last few remaining spots announced after the St Pat’s trial (we will have to give out jerseys for these boys to lend on that day). All interested players are asked to attend the second week of trials as listed below.

Please note – the Year 10 and Opens trial venue for the second week of trials has been moved from Villa Park to the Easts Rugby League Main Field on both Monday and Wednesday afternoon as listed below.

AIC Rugby League Trial Schedule, Week 2 (21 June – 25 June)


21 June


22 June


23 June


24 June


25 June

Little Langlands
6.45am – 8.00am
Year 5 Year 8 Year 7 Year 9 Year 8
Little Langlands
3:15pm – 4.45pm
Year 6 Year 9 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
East Main Field
3:30pm – 5.00pm
Year 10, 11, 12 Year 10, 11, 12

Please Note – If players do not attend all allocated trial sessions, they may miss out on the chance to be selected.

Once the teams have been selected, each team will then have two training sessions/week held during Term 3. The complete training schedule is found within the Season Schedule document posted on the web. Term 3 Training Schedule will commence Day 1, Term 3, that is, on Tuesday 13 July.

AIC Rugby League Uniform
After the teams have been selected, boys will be asked to purchase/hire some items of the Rugby League uniform.

Any student who represents the College in Rugby League must wear the full College Rugby League Uniform. Jerseys will be issued by the staff from the Uniform Shop.  The College will notify all players regarding the collection of their jerseys from the Uniform Shop; this will be done via morning notices. Note that all players must purchase the new rugby league shorts (approx. $45) and hire the jersey from the Uniform Shop at a cost of $20 for the season.

The Rugby League Uniform Includes

  • Villa Rugby League Shorts (these are brand new Villa Rugby League shorts costing approx. $45 each. Boys may not wear their rugby union shorts)
  • Villa Rugby Socks (same as Rugby Union and Football socks)
  • Villanova Rugby League jersey. This jersey is for hire and will be made available through the College Uniform Shop. Students will be required to collect their own jersey in week 1 term 3 once the coaches have confirmed team selections. A complete list of all teams will be given to the staff at the Uniform Shop. The hire cost is $20 for the season.

Rugby League Hire Jerseys
We will advertise a list of all players via the shared folder next Saturday 26 June. All players need to collect a Rugby League Jersey for hire from the Uniform Shop as per schedule below. A cost of $20 for the jersey hire will be applied to your next school fees account.

Rugby League Jersey Collection Dates

 Thursday 15 July (Rugby League Hire Jerseys)

  • 1st Break – Year 7, Year 8
  • 2nd Break – Year 9, Year 10
  • Mr Everding to collect the Year 5&6 Jerseys and distribute to all players on behalf of the Uniform Shop

 Friday 16 July

  • 2nd Break – any outstanding rugby league collections

All AIC Tennis teams will be selected after the clinics held this Saturday 19th June. It is vital that all players attend the clinics held at Morningside Tennis Centre this weekend for them to push for selection. All tennis teams will be announced early next week.

AIC Tennis Clinics
Only those boys who are trialling for teams must attend the AIC Tennis Clinics. These clinics are held on Saturday 19th June at the Morningside Tennis Centre. The times for each of these clinics are found below.

  • 7.00-8.30am                     Years 5 & 6 (4 courts, 4 coaches)
  • 8.45-10.15am                    Years 7 & 8 (4 courts, 4 coaches)
  • 10.30-12.00pm                  Years 9 & 10 (4 courts, 4 coaches)
  • 12.15-1.45pm                    Years 11 & Opens (4 courts, 4 coaches)

AIC Tennis Uniform
All students who represent the College in tennis must wear the full College tennis uniform. All items are available the College’s Uniform Shop. This includes:

  • Villa PE Shorts
  • Villa Team Shirt (Please note – this is not the Villa PE shirt. The ‘Team Shirt’ is the same shirt worn by all AIC Cross Country, Swimming & Track & Field squad members)
  • Villa Sports Socks
  • Villa Sport Cap (no other caps are permissible)

All AIC Basketball teams will be selected after the clinics held this Saturday 19th June. It is vital that all players attend the clinics held in Goold Hall this weekend for them to push for selection. All basketball teams will be announced early next week.

AIC Basketball Clinics
All boys who wish to be considered for a basketball team from Year7-10 must attend the AIC Basketball Clinic held this Saturday 19th June in Goold Hall.  We ask parents not to attend the clinics this weekend– please drop off and collect your son at the end please

  • 7.00am – 8.30am – Year 7
  • 8.45am – 10.15am – Year 8
  • 10.30am – 12.00 Midday – Year 9
  • 12.15pm – 1.45pm – Year 10

Basketball Hire Singlets
We will advertise a list of all players next Monday or Tuesday. All players need to collect a basketball singlet for hire from the Uniform Shop as per schedule below. A cost of $20 for singlet hire will be applied to your next school fees account.

Basketball Singlet Collection Dates

Week 1, Term 3

Tuesday 13 July (Basketball Hire Singlets)

  • 1st Break – 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B
  • 2nd Break – 10A, 10B, 11A, 2nds
  • Mr Everding to distribute all Year 5&6 singlets

 Wednesday 14 July (Basketball Hire Singlets)

  • 1st Break – 7C, 7D, 8C, 8D, 9C, 9D
  • 2nd Break – 10C, 10D, 11B, 11C, 3rds, 4ths

 Friday 16 July

  • 1st Break – any outstanding basketball collections

Year 5 and 6 Basketball
The trials for Year 5 basketball will continue this Friday. All teams will be finalised after this session and teams will be advertised on the web early next week. Boys should also check when their training sessions are on for term 3. This training schedule is found in the ‘AIC Basketball Season Schedule’ found on the College’s website. Training will commence for all teams the first week back after holidays. Please note that basketball shorts will need to be purchased by Friday 16 July which is a trial round v SPC for the Yr5&6 teams. All the hire singlets will be handed out to boys next term prior to the trial and the hire cost of the singlets will appear on your term 3 school fees. If there are any parents of successful students who can manage their son’s basketball team, could you please contact the sports office. Team managers will need to organise transport to and from away venues and carpooling is the best option. A scoring roster will also be required for the season.

The Year 5 teams will travel to St. Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe on Friday 16 July for the trial against SPC. A bus will be provided to Shorncliffe leaving the College around 2.30pm. Parents are asked to pick up their sons from St. Patrick’s College at the conclusion of their game. Please give yourself enough time to travel on the Gateway on a Friday afternoon to be there to collect your son on time. Parents are also invited to attend and spectate the games. A draw will be posted on the web next week

 Basketball Referees and Bench Officials Needed
With the basketball season right around the corner, we are looking for parents, Old Boys or students to referee basketball games on Friday afternoons for the Year 5 or 6 students or on a Saturday for the Older boys. Bench officials are also required to allow the smooth running of games on Fridays and Saturdays. Parents of Year 5 and 6 students normally run the bench on a Friday while students officiate on the bench on Saturdays. If you are interested, can you please contact the Sports Office.

AIC Basketball Trials v Marist College Ashgrove – Tuesday 13 July                                                                                  

Trial Game 1

The following teams will have a trial versus Ashgrove on Tuesday afternoon. Note – all times and venues TBC

Venue – Villanova

  • 4.00pm- 11A (Goold Hall) and 10B (Outside)
  • 4:45pm- 2nds (Goold Hall) & 10A (Outside)
  • 5:30pm- 1sts

Venue – Marist College Ashgrove (All times below are to be confirmed)

  • 9B and 7B – times and venue TBC
  • 7A and 8B – times and venue TBC
  • 9A and 8A – times and venue TBC

Bus transportation will be provided for those boys playing at Ashgrove. Parents are asked to collect their son/s afterwards. Bus to depart Villanova at 3.05pm

Trial Game 2

  • Friday 16th July – Yr. 5 Trial v St Patrick’s College @ St Patrick’s College (bus transportation will be supplied for this trial only, no others, parents must collect from St Pats after the game).
  • Friday 16th July – Yr. 6 Trial v St Patrick’s College @ Villanova
  • Saturday 17th July – Yr. 7-9 @ St Patrick’s College
  • Saturday 17th July – Yr. 10-12 Trial v St Patrick’s College @ Villanova College

AIC Tennis, Rugby League and Basketball v St Patrick’s College Trials – Date Claimer

Please be aware that a full set of school tennis, rugby league and basketball trials will be held the first weekend back next term as per below.

  • Year 5&6 Basketball v SPC – Friday afternoon 16th July
  • Year 7-12 Basketball, Year 5-12 Tennis, Year 5-12 Rugby League v SPC – Saturday 17th July

Covid 19 Spectator Restrictions – Term 3

  • Rugby League – no spectator restrictions
  • Tennis – no spectator restrictions
  • Basketball – Maximum of two parents per player may spectate at all venues for all games from Year 5-opens/1st. The 1st game may have an additional 20 student spectators per school attend and support the 1st game only.

Well done to Nick Craig and Frasier Lay (both Year 10) who represented Villanova in the Met East Volleyball team that competed in the Queensland State Championships last weekend. The only defeat they had all tournament was against Met-North.  The Met East team came up against Met North team in the final and won the gold in a nail biter, losing the first set and fighting back to win 3-1.  Nick was also selected in the honorary Qld team.  The photo below is of the boys with the trophy. Well done boys!

Well done to Will White in Year 7 who recently represented the Met East 10-12 Years AFL team in Cairns at the State Championships. Will played extremely well and eventually made the Qld honorary team. This is an outstanding achievement. Well done Will!

Congratulations go to Mitchell Vedelago and Hamish Massey who both made the Met East 10-12 Years Football team. These boys will now compete at the State Championships held at Toowoomba in July. Great effort and best wishes boys!

Well done to Billy Pearson, Lennox Hine, Flynn Spooner and Charlie Farmer who were recently selected in the Met East Touch team. The boys will now travel to Townsville to compete in the State Touch Championship in mid-August. Well done and best wishes!

Congratulations goes to Eddie Lawrance, Ryker Smith, Hugh Stanbury, Charlie Farmer, Flynn Spooner and Tom Longland for making the 10-12 Years Met East Rugby Union Team that will compete at the State Rugby Championships in Brisbane late July. We wish all these boys the very best!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Music News

Augustine Centre Update
As we complete our remediation of the Augustine Centre over the coming fortnight, I would like to remind all students that rehearsals and lessons will return to the Music building from the commencement of Term 3.

Winter Bands Concert – Thursday 10 June
Our Winter Bands’ Concert last Thursday was a great success.  Commencing with music on the Terraces from some of our Irish and Jazz Ensembles, the atmosphere was pleasant despite the cold as the music and aromas from the Music Support Group barbecue floated over the hills of Coorparoo.

We then moved into the Hanrahan Theatre where our three Middle/Senior School Concert Bands shared repertoire they have been working on over the past semester.  Our special guest MC Fr Peter Wieneke did a fantastic job guiding our audience through the evening of music, sharing anecdotes around music at Villanova and some interesting facts pertaining to the recent remediation.

I would like to recognise the efforts of our students and staff as we have worked through this challenging period.  I appreciate the physical and emotional impact this has had on your experience of late and want to recognise your resiliency and willingness to support the music program at this time.  I would also like to recognise our Music Support Group, Fr Peter Wieneke, and our Tech Crew for their assistance at this event – without your help we would not have experienced the success we did on the evening.

Reminder – Enrolment Adjustments
A second reminder that all changes to IM enrolment without penalty need to occur by 4pm on Friday 18 June.  Alterations after this date may incur a term of tuition fees.  For access to the enrolment change document, please contact the Music Office or visit the College website.

Communication re Lesson Absences
As the department remains dispersed due to the Augustine Centre challenges, the routine of attending lessons can become problematic.  From this week forward, we will be sending a proforma to parents and students who miss a lesson without explanation.  Please understand that this is merely an opportunity to open the lines of communication and an invitation to communicate with your son’s teacher or the music office regarding the absence.

The following wording will be sent.  Please note, this is a proforma used for all students – it is not a personal communication, more an opportunity to open a dialogue:

Unfortunately, your son did not attend his instrumental music lesson today.

Please ensure he is aware of the time and date of his next lesson via the timetable previously distributed; it is attached for your reference.

To assist with our records, please contact the Music Office regarding your son’s absence – or 3394 5691.

We look forward to our continued partnership in the musical education of your son.

Entertainment Publications Memberships
This week, all Year 5 students and musicians across the College received a letter and flyer regarding our Entertainment book drive for 2021.  Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fund-raisers and one of the main ways students earn credit toward tours and events.  The letter sent home outlines the benefits your son and our music program receive through participation.  Whilst promoting this opportunity is not compulsory, we encourage students to participate to support their broader music community within the College.

To participate in this year’s drive, click on the link to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/barbecue.

Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35; Wildcat Coolers – $30

All items can be purchased via Trybooking through the following link:

Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits will go to the Music Support Group.

Opportunity to Participate
The Music community at Villanova welcomes all students interested in participating in ensemble or instrument/vocal tuition.  If your son would like to take lessons on an instrument this year, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or via email at for further information.

Date Claimers
It gives me great pleasure to share our future events.  Looking forward to sharing music with our community again!

Term 3
1 Monday 12 July Music Support Group / QCMF Meeting – 7.30pm
2 Scheduled across week – 20 – 22 July Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival

30th Anniversary Festival video recordings

Tuesday 20 July Junior School Ensembles, Choir, Supernovans, Percussion Ensemble Concert – 5:30pm
4 Monday 2 August Chamber Ensemble Evening – Hanrahan Theatre – Year 12 – from 3pm – Instrumental Assessment Task 2 Due
5 Monday 9 August Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
5 Monday 9 August Chamber Ensemble Evening – Hanrahan Theatre and St Thomas of Villanova Building – Year 6-11 – from 3pm – Instrumental Assessment Task 2 Due
5 12 – 15 August Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival

30th Anniversary Festival

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

Don’t forget to get your Ball tickets before Monday 21 June to go in the running to win a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne kindly donated by Coach Concepts. 

Ball tickets here:

One of the great raffle prizes is Term 4, 2021 school fees – valued at $2,500. And you don’t need to attend the Ball to be in the draw! Tickets are $50 and there are only 200 available.
School fee raffle tickets here:

You can also form a syndicate of 10 to bid on exclusive use of one of three VIP lounges at the Ball (seating for 10, VIP waiter service, bottle of bubbles). Details via our Parent Facebook groups.

All funds raised will go to the redevelopment of the Middle School terraces into multi-purpose courts and HPE facilities. 

Stuck for ideas these school holidays? Helping Hands runs a high-quality program right here at Villanova College! Following on from the success of our laser tag incursion in January, we are heading off to Laserforce Brisbane next Thursday 24 June. It should be a great day out and a chance for the boys to put their skills to the test! It’s not too late to book in and join the fun.

To find out more, enrol, or create a new booking head over to or give our team a call on 0437 784 379.

The full holiday program can be found here.

The College has received advice regarding a change to the Transdev 5165 route which will no longer service Villanova College in the afternoon from the beginning of Term 3. This change will be reflected on Translink’s Journey Planner by 28 June. Our advice to parents whose sons are affected by this change is to visit Translink’s Journey Planner website and review your options prior to Term 3 commencing.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Library.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.



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