Principal's Welcome

Last Saturday saw the conclusion of the chess, rugby and football seasons for 2019. For the Sports Department, this season consistently sees the largest participation of students in the teams across the three activities. Their efforts during the season to ensure the competition runs smoothly and the coaches, managers and officials are all in place and well supported, deserves recognition and I thank Mr Craig Stariha, Mr Chris Everding, Mr Blake McLauchlan and Mrs Erika Schofield on behalf of all the players, parents and supporters.

I also congratulate and thank the parents and supporters who were on the sidelines at the games each week. Overall the support was outstanding, and I know the players thoroughly enjoy having supporters at the games cheering on the team.

Finally thank you to the coaches, managers and officials and members of staff. All of our coaches and managers are volunteers who give up their time freely to provide guidance and support to our students so that they can participate in the sporting program. Once again on behalf of the students and families, thank you.

On Monday 15 July, Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held in Goold Hall from 10.00am until 8.30pm. Following the distribution of End of Semester Reports at the end of this term, the Parent-Teacher Conferences provide an opportunity for parents and students to meet with the teaching staff to discuss academic progress over the past semester.

I strongly encourage students to attend the conferences to hear first-hand the feedback from the teaching staff and to be involved in this process. Students attending the Parent-Teacher Conferences are asked to wear their academic uniform including blazer if a member of Senior School.

Term 3 classes will commence for all students on Tuesday 16 July.  

Early next term Year 12 students will have the opportunity to take some time out from their busy schedule to reflect on their year to date and to look forward to the future at their annual Retreat. The Year 12 Retreat is a very special time for the students as they explore their relationship with family, friends and God.

On Friday 19 July, the Year 11 Semi-Formal will be held at The Landing, Dockside, Kangaroo Point commencing at 7.00pm and concluding at 10.30pm.  Our Year 11 students and partners are asked to begin arriving from 6.30pm. The Semi-Formal is an important occasion and allows our young men to play the role of host to their invited partner. It is an opportunity to experience the social norms of this occasion and to be a gentleman. Year 11 students and their families have received details of this function via email last week.

We ask for your prayers for the Greenhalgh and Perrier families following the recent death of Mrs Maria Greenhalgh, wife to Doug and mother to George, Year 11 and Josh, Senior 2018.

May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

God Bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal



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Head of Junior School

Semester 1 will end for students tomorrow and you can feel the energy shifting towards a holiday vibe.  As much as we will continue to work up until the final bell rings on Friday, it is lovely to see the shoulders loosen and the smiles widen at the thought of a three-week break.

Reports will be uploaded to the Villanova College parent portal over the holidays and I strongly encourage you to share these with your sons.  Do their expectations match the outcomes given?  Considering all our Junior School assessment is sent home for perusal, there should be no surprises whatsoever.  What is your son proud of?  What will he work on improving in Semester 2?  It is the perfect opportunity to take a few notes so that when our Term 3 Parent Teacher Conferences (details coming so stay tuned) arrive on Monday 15 July, you are prepared.  Changes must take place with organisation, attention and revision if grades are to shift in the right direction.  Doing the same thing will produce either the same result or even less – expectations continue to rise each term of the academic year – that is called progress.

College Staff are working next week, when reports will be finalised, Term 3 units planned, and professional development opportunities undertaken.  The week ends with a Staff Retreat and this is when all staff come together to revisit Augustinian and Catholic values.  Our vision for balance across the three schools needs time and attention.  Our College values – Interiority, Search for Truth and Community – require that we put away the laptops and have conversations across the year levels and jobs we normally undertake.

I do think this winter break is well deserved.  Our students have worked to the best of their ability around co-curricular activities and for some, through illnesses.  Staff have aimed high to achieve professional targets – they have employed strategies and communicated regularly to ensure each student is achieving their best.  I know some of our parents are looking forward to the holidays – letting go of routines and putting down the books for a while is a welcomed boost for family connections.  If you are travelling, we wish you a safe journey.  If you are staying home, then I know pyjama days are the best in winter.  For those parents who continue to work, I hope that helping hands are around you – for family and friends are often more than happy to organise special days out.

My mother Rachel arrived last Saturday night and there are four very happy people in my family – actually, she would be the fifth now in the house!  It is amazing the impact another pair of helping hands can make.  The energy that mum brings, her cooking and willingness to help us out at such a busy time is just a blessing at this time of the year.  My family will be home for the holidays and I plan to be making good use of the chance to do some bike riding.  I will certainly be grabbing a coffee or breakfast somewhere most days because I do know that Rachel and my wife love to make “to-do lists” for when I get home.  As long as there is ESPN time scheduled in somewhere, I’ll be a very happy man.

It is crucial for human beings to reset their spirits and have time out of the busyness that makes up our “norm”.  It centres us.  It refuels our inspiration and motivation to come back into learning.  We need to let go in order to find our grip on things again.  I wish all our Junior School families a wonderful holiday – may God be beside you, and may you return with tales of adventures, thrills and stories that keep us moving in the right direction.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

To recognise the importance of Men’s Mental Health Week (June 10 – 16 2019), the Gotcha4Life Foundation created a social media campaign around the gotcha handshake. Gotcha4Life is a non-for-profit foundation dedicated to taking action and having a positive outcome on men’s mental health. Founder, Gus Worland, was the force behind the documentary series Man Up which we show to our Year 12 students in the formation program.

Prior to last Friday’s English exam, our Year 12 students pledged their support for the initiative and got a shout out on Instagram by the Foundation.

It remains a key priority of the Senior School pastoral care team to continually reinforce the message of our young looking after their mental health and seeking support of trusted friends and staff at the College if they are not okay (remembering that is okay not to be okay).

It is incredible how quickly we have arrived at the end of another semester at the College. I keep reminding our Year 12 students how important is to ‘suck the marrow’ out of their Senior experience as it will be gone before you know.

Much has occurred in the first semester chapter of the narrative of the 2019 academic year. Highlights have included the undefeated First XI Cricket premiership, the solidarity of the Year 11 and Year 12 students who supported the Leukemia Foundation’s Shave for a Cure and the Cor Unum spirit on display consistently both inside and outside the classroom.

The upcoming holiday period should provide an opportunity for rest, renewal and reflection. The last aspect is particularly important for students wanting to improve both academically and personally next semester. Students should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What have I enjoyed about my 2019 experience thus far?
  • What have been the challenges which have been difficult to overcome?
  • Have I worked to my full potential in the classroom and at home to maximise my academic results?
  • Have I contributed to the richness of the Villanova community – whether that be through my involvement in culture, music, service or sport?
  • Am I maximising the full value of my Villanova education?

I encourage all students and their parents to unpack the Semester 1 report and look at the teachers’ appraisal of the various aspects of application – in particular, the diligence towards learning.

At the commencement of the third term, various academic review and tracking processes will be conducted within the Senior School to engage students in further reflection upon their Semester 1 academic performance. Year 11 and 12 students will meet with their ACP Mentor to recalibrate their academic goals and in the context of Year 12, explore their OP estimate and consider whether they are on track for their tertiary course aspirations. For Year 10 students, the focus will be directed towards the completion of their SET Plan and the confirmation of subjects for Year 11 and Year 12. Interviews will be conducted by senior members of staff with Year 10 students and parents mid Term 3.

I wish all Senior School students and their families a wonderful holiday. Ensure that you recharge yourself so that you are ready to commence the second semester with confidence, motivation and purpose.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”- Aristotle

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

Every year, one of the first events the students want to include in the calendar is the annual Sleep-Out. The experience of sleeping on cardboard in the quadrangle enables the rough sleeper to gain a better insight into how different the world looks if there is no safe home to return to. This year, the Sleep-Out will occur on Friday 26 July.

In the past, we have held a conference on the evening of the Sleep-Out, in order to learn more about the practical support offered by local organisations. This year, we are going a step further, by visiting some of those organisations to meet the patrons. The likely itinerary is to visit Ozcare, Blind Eye Ministries and St Vincent de Paul in West End, before welcoming the Rosies van back on campus.

We would like to donate some much-needed supplies to these organisations. After listening carefully to what the patrons need and want, this is our proposal – we would like to call for and invite donations during Week 1 and Week 2 of Term 3 in the following way:

Junior School are invited to donate staple foods, e.g. tins of beans and tuna or other easily opened and eaten foods – to Mrs Mascadri – Junior School Student Services Office.
Middle School are invited to donate sweet treats, e.g. blocks of chocolate or packets of biscuits – to Mrs Lamb – Middle School Student Services Office.
Senior School are asked to donate hygiene products, e.g. male razor, toothbrush, deodorant – to Mrs Browning – Senior School Student Services Office.

Any student who wishes to be really generous: please bring a blanket or sleeping bag to donate.

The appeal will end on Friday 26 July, which is the day of the Sleep-Out.

Why the Winter Appeal?
Written by Harrison White, Year 10

Research proves that up to 116,000 Australians continue to live without a place to call home. This year the Saint Vincent de Paul group has been working towards a more homelessness-aware future in hosting the annual sleepout. Gain an insight into the pain and isolation experienced by Queensland’s homeless population by joining us in donating winter supplies.

Remember that homelessness extends past people who are living without a home. Those who are victims of domestic or family violence are also vulnerable and are forced to sleep outside of their homes for safety.

However, in order to make this night happen, we need your support. Help bring this event to life by donating sleeping bags, blankets and winter clothing as well as the items named above.

In keeping with the theme of awareness about people who are homeless and at risk, Villanova once again sponsored a prize winner in the second running of Blind Eye’s special photography competition for people who have experienced homelessness. The aim is for the photos to give an insight into Brisbane as seen “from the street.” Is it just a series of suit trouser legs rushing past? Staff members David Hood and Fr Saldie Resolado attended the presentation of the awards last Thursday evening. We will follow up by delivering 50 special gift packages to patrons of Blind Eye.

A handful of Year 10 students also do their ten hours of volunteer service with this organisation. I am very conscious of how supportive they are in helping to educate our boys. Blind Eye opens up a safe way for students to encounter people who have not had the best luck nor opportunity – a reality that is sometimes airbrushed out of view in Brisbane.

I appreciate the positive feedback received about the service learning program and am also happy to hear where the program can be improved.

The Krispy Kreme donut sale aligned with Origin 1 was the brainchild of Mrs Maria Mascadri who was then warmly supported by Ms Kath Underhill. It was a fun way to mark the opening of the series – and it probably helped to secure the Queensland win! Even more, $599 has been donated to Orange Sky Laundry and $575 to AFAS.

Thank you for all your generosity as families in supporting the causes and initiatives which the students pour so much energy into.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Villanova finished the Trimester 2 season against St Laurence’s College on the weekend. In terms of our results across the season, Villanova performed well from Year 5 – Year 12 with three undefeated/premiership football teams, four undefeated/rugby premierships and three chess premierships including the coveted First Chess Premiership.

Overall, we gained fourth in the rugby and football aggregates and second in the Chess aggregate. Given our population, this is an outstanding result as the same three schools who ranked higher than Villanova (in rugby and football) have at least 400- 700 more students. Furthermore, Villanova ranked higher than three other Colleges who again have bigger populations in these same sports. In simple terms, our boys are ‘punching above their weight’. A great result for Villanova College!

A list of all undefeated/premiership teams including their coaches is posted below. A sensational effort by all involved:

Premiership/Undefeated Teams

  • 9B – Coached by Mohamed Hersi
  • 8A – Coached by James Hermiston
  • 6B – Coached by Hudson Rogers

Premiership/Undefeated Teams

  • 10C – Coached by Pat Thomas and Fletcher O’Neill
  • 5B – Coached by Ben Thurlow
  • 5C – Coached by Nick Philips
  • 5 Gold – Coached by Harry Addley and Isaac Abraham

AIC Premiership/Undefeated Teams

  • Open Chess Team –  Coached by Alex Ilka
  • Senior B – Coached by Alex Ilka
  • Intermediate B – Managed by Mrs Mylan Warren

There is little doubt that receiving awards and recognition as a premiership/undefeated team is always good. However, schools should not gauge the true success of their sports program on these awards alone. The student’s participation and enjoyment of sport should be at the forefront and be key indicators of success.

Having committed boys with the right attitude as well as quality coaches and managers involved who can extract the very best from the boys individually and as part of a team is ideal. In most cases this has happened.

For the footy season to run smoothly, the College relies on the good will of many within our community to fulfil the various roles needed.  When I look back at the season, I believe Villa had much success because our community ‘pitched in’ to make the season work. To this end, I thank the players, canteen helpers and ground staff. A special mention is given to all the coaches and refs, who gave freely of themselves to provide the opportunity for our boys to play schoolboy footy. Villanova did well this season and I am proud to be a member of a community whose participants are prepared to be involved and to have fun along the way.

I would like to acknowledge the great work given by our AIC Football Coordinator, Mr Anthony Kemp. Mr Kemp has led the program well and is always keen to ensure our coaches, referees and players are supported. He is a great asset to the College and our program. I would also like to acknowledge our Chess Co-ordinators Mrs Mylan Warren and Mrs Sally England for their leadership in the Chess program. Since these two ladies have taken over the program they have certainly yielded some great results.

As one season finishes the next begins. Good luck to the many students who have participated in rugby league, basketball and tennis trials this week. It is great to see many boys are keen to represent their College in these sports. It is extremely vital that those interested continue to attend all trials so that they give themselves every chance to be considered for selection. We hope to announce all teams by early next week via the website.

We have tennis and basketball clinics this weekend which is a compulsory event for all those who wish to make a team. Please read below for further details. Good luck to all and enjoy!

The tour will take place next week between Wed 26th – Friday 28th June. A full itinerary and a list of billets and their details has been sent to all host families. We ask all students involved in the tour to attend the welcome BBQ next Wednesday 26th at 1pm. We intend to match up the host students with the billet at this event before the basketball game takes place.

Furthermore, we are asking host families if they can assist with preparing, cooking and serving a BBQ lunch to all students from both Colleges on Wednesday 26th June. If parents are able to assist, please make contact with Mr Craig Stariha through the Sports Office as per details on the information note. Many thanks to those who have opened their homes to billet our brothers, it is certainly much appreciated.

Tour Schedule – Final

Day Activities
Wednesday 26 June


  • Arrive on Qantas Flight QF 520 at 12.30pm
  • Arrive at Villanova at approx. 1.30pm
  • 2.00pm-2.15pm Welcome BBQ lunch at Goold Hall hosted by billet parents
  • 3.00pm – Villanova v St Augustine’s Basketball (John Seary Cup) @ Goold Hall
  • Host families to collect billets approx. 4.30pm from Goold Hall
Thursday 27 June
  • 8.30am – Villanova families to drop billets off at Villanova College
  • 8.45am – bus departs with SAC students to Southbank/Brisbane City
  • 11.15am – departure from Southbank for Villanova Park
  • 1.00pm – kick-off Villanova v St Augustine’s Football (Fr. Dave Brimson Cup), Villanova Park
  • 2.30pm – kick-off Villanova v St Augustine’s Rugby (MG Lyons Cup), Villanova Park
  • 4.00pm – billet families to collect billets from Villanova Park
Friday 28 June
  • 8.30am – Villanova families to drop billets off at Villanova College
  • 9.30am – Villanova v St Augustine’s Debating (Fr. Peter Wieneke Shield), Hanrahan Theatre
  • 10.30am – presentations and farewells – Hanrahan Theatre
  • 11.30am – bus departs from Villanova to Brisbane Airport

Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Sport Co-ordinator

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Villanova Rugby program for 2019. It was fantastic to see how committed our boys were and the skill level improve as the season progressed. For all of our boys, trials began in Week 9 of Term 1 where 25 teams from Years 5 – Year 12 were selected and entered into the AIC Competition.

Our First XV squad commenced their strength and conditioning training in Term Four last year. They participated in AIC trials against Somerset College, SLC and Padua. During the Easter holidays our First XV squad gained some valuable experience competing against teams from New Zealand on the  Rugby Tour of New Zealand. The tour was once again a huge success and proved to be a fantastic bonding experience for the boys. As a result, they were mentally and physically prepared for the 2019 AIC season. Overall our First XV completed the season with five wins against SEC, Padua, Iona, SPLC and SPC and finished the season in second place behind Ashgrove. The opening rounds versus SEC and Padua proved that the First XV could play with grit, hunger and determination. From the kick off, our boys were organised and structured with every carry. They managed to secure two big wins and stacked on an enormous amount of points against their oppositions. The most notable performance was the fixture against Iona. The Villanova Old Boys round versus Iona was a huge success and the First XV did not disappoint on such a big occasion. Thank you to all of the supporters who stuck around to spectate and support our First XV throughout the season. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our First XV coaches, Mr Paul Davey and Mr Craig Kassulke for what has been an extremely successful season for our First XV. The coaching, mentoring and commitment of Paul and Craig to the program has been outstanding and we thank them for their efforts again this season.

Unfortunately, once again Villanova rugby was plagued with injuries early on in the season. Our 10A’s and 8A’s lost some valuable players which made the first few rounds of the AIC competition difficult to take out. As always, the boys did their absolute best to stand up and persevere with solid results against SPLC. Slowly boys began returning from injury as we approached the back end of the season. This brought some much-needed momentum that was displayed during matches against SPC and SLC.

Overall Villanova placed fourth in the aggregate in front of Padua and SPC. Congratulations to the Fourth XV and the 8A’s who placed second and the 8B’s and 10A’s who placed third in the aggregate competition. Other teams that also deserve a mention were the 10C’s who were undefeated and the 7C’s who placed second in the non-aggregate competition. It was fantastic to see teams win this year, who have been unsuccessful in previous seasons. There is no doubt that the Villanova rugby program is heading in the right direction.

Congratulations to all of our Year 5 teams who experienced an enormous amount of success in their first year of AIC rugby. Our 5B’s, 5C’s and 5 Gold teams completed their seasons undefeated and our 5A and 5 White teams only had one loss. This is a very promising sign for the future of rugby at Villanova College.

There is a lot of work that goes into the selections, coaching and management of the 25 teams that represented the College this year and a huge thank you goes out to everyone involved, for what has been a successful season. We continue to rely on the generosity from parents, old boys and external coaches to give our boys a run on the paddock every Saturday. I would like to thank our parents. Thank you to Mr Paul Keene, Mr Ben Francis, Mr Jon Winsbury, Mr Eddie Harris, Mr Matthew Thornton, Mr David Harris, Mr Robert Gore, Mr Rohan McCaul, Mr Dean Staley, Mr Mark Redmond and Mr David Grigson. A huge thank you to our old boys who came on board this year. Thank you to Mr Harrison Stanfield, Mr Josh Mullins, Mr Will Vokes, Mr James Muldoon, Mr Harry Addley, Mr Isaac Abraham, Mr Nick Philips, Mr Mark Stuart, Mr Pat Thomas, Mr Fletcher O’Neil, Mr Ben Cree, Mr Scott Mains, Mr Terry Gaffney, and Mr Dan McHugh. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff members who came on board this year. Thank you to Mr Steve Bremner, Mr Mick Garske, Mr Matt Smith, Mr Matt Levander, Mr Jack O’Hare, Mr Kirk Astill, Mr Jordan Roache, Mr Ben Lynam, Mr Callum Hackett, Mr Brendan Kennedy and Mr Ben Thurlow. It is fantastic to have so many staff members on board who contribute to establishing a rugby culture within the College.

Finally, I would also like to extend a massive thank you to all of our members of the Villanova community who offer to help with refereeing and officiating for each of our home games. Thank you to Mr Dan Sheahan, Mr Bruce Stuart, Mr Peter Roberts, Mr Jim Harris, Mr Michael Moloney, Mr Paul Woodward, Mr Ben Henry and Mr Matthew Campbell. We are also very lucky to have students who volunteer to referee. Thank you to George Greenhalgh, Frazer Moloney, Theo Grespos, Alex Hulme, Joshua Butterfield, Hugo Browne, Oliver Broten and Aidan Sheahan. Without the ongoing support and assistance from the many members of the Villanova College community, the 2019 season would not have been made possible.

Bring on 2020!  

TEAM Round 1
Round 2 v PAD Round 3 v IONA Round 4 v SPLC Round 5 v ASH Round 6 v SPC Round 7 v SLC
First XV SEC 53-12 Win PAD 23-19 Win ION 36-19 Win SPLC 52-19 Win ASH 31-10 Loss SPC 38-19 Win SLC 26-12 Loss
Second XV SEC 43-0 Win PAD 31-7 Win ION 15-12 Win BYE BYE ASH 22-10 Loss SPC 33-10 Loss SLC 24-5 Loss
Third XV INT INT PAD 31-0 Loss ION 19-17 Loss SPLC BYE ASH 34-5 Loss SPC 5-5 Draw SLC 24-12 Loss
Fourth XV INT INTERNAL PAD 24-7 Win ION 17-12 Win ASH 24-15 Loss ASH 42-0 Loss ION 38-7 Loss SLC 19-14 Win
10A SEC 38-5 Win PAD 25-17 Loss ION 8-7 Win SPLC 68-7 Win ASH 43-0 Loss SPC 22-5 Win SLC 32-3 Loss
10B SEC 73-0 Win PAD 24-0 Loss ION 19-7 Loss ATC 30-7 Loss ASH 66-0 Loss SPC 17-7 Loss SLC 64-3 Loss
10C ASH 29-17 Loss PAD 19-17 Win ION 27-14 Win ION 36-5 Win ASH 22-17 Win SPC BYE SLC 34-0 Win
9A SEC 24-19 Loss PAD 15-12 Win ION 32-12 Loss SPLC 28-12 Loss ASH 24-5 Loss SPC 41-14 Win SLC 12-5 Win
9B SEC 10-0 Win PAD 33-14 Loss ION 39-0 Loss ATC 55-7 Loss ASH 84-0 Loss SPC 10-7 Loss SLC 25-7 Loss
8A SEC 29-7 Win PAD 50-10 Win ION 53-7 Loss SPLC 57-0 Win ASH 24-10 Win SPC 31-14 Win SLC 14-7 Win
8B SEC 19-19 Draw PAD 84-5 Win ION 58-5 Loss ATC 55-5 Loss ASH 48-7 Loss SPC BYE SLC 31-24 Win
8C SEC 31-10 Win PAD 51-15 Win ION 63-0 Loss ION 17-14 Win ASH 38-0 Loss SPC SLC 48-10 Loss
7A SEC 51-7 Win PAD 43-5 Loss ION 24-7 Loss SPLC 39-37 Win ASH 40-5Loss SPC 41-24 Loss SLC 24-12 Loss
7B SEC 80-0 Win PAD 29-15 Loss ION 29-17 Loss ATC 34-29 Loss ASH 63-0 Loss SPC 12-12 Draw SLC 19-10 Win
7C ASH 32-5 Win PAD 17-12 Win ION 21-19 Loss SLC 37-0 Win ASH 21-17 Loss SPC 36-7 Win SLC 29-5 Win
7 Gold ASH 41-17 Loss PAD 29-5 Win ION 29-7 Loss INT Gold win ASH 32-0 Loss PAD 27-15 Loss SLC 22-15 loss
7 White ASH 58-5 Loss ION 34-12 Loss PAD 30-5 Loss INT Loss ASH 20-5 Loss SLC 35-20 Win PAD 34-26 Loss
6A ATC 32-5 Win PAD 50-0 Loss ION 26-10 Loss BYE BYE ASH 52-0 Loss SPC 10-7 Win SLC 19-0 Loss
6B ATC 19-7 Win PAD 40-17 Loss ION 34-0 Loss BYE BYE ASH 33-7 Loss SPC 44-7 Win SLC 14-7 Win
6C BYE BYE PAD 42-29 Win ION 19-17 Loss SPLC 74-7 Loss ASH 24-17 Win SPC 57-12 Win SLC 34-0 Loss
5A ATC 28-7 Win PAD 19-7 Win ION 24-7  Win BYE BYE ASH 17-14 Win SPC 36-0 Win SLC 20-0 Loss
5B ATC 24-5 Win PAD 26-10 Win ION 38-10  Win BYE BYE ASH 27-7 Win SPC 85-0 Win SLC 50-0 Win
5C ATC 43-0 Win PAD 37-15 Win ION 66-0 Win SPLC 60-0 Win ASH 58-0 Win SPC BYE SLC 56-0 Win
5 Gold INT 5Gold win PAD 43-20 Win ION 54-0 Win ION 35-0 Win ASH 17-14 Win SLC 76-0 Win SLC 54-0 Win
5 White INT Loss SLC 80-5 Win PAD 30-12 Loss ASH 41-36 Win PAD 64-12 Win ION 65-0 Win PAD 46-12 Win

AIC Rugby League Referees
The Sports Office is seeking expressions of interest from anyone in the community who is a rugby league referee or interested in becoming a rugby league referee for our AIC season.  If you think you may be interested, please email our rugby league coordinator Blake McLauchlan at

Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator

The 2019 football season has been another step in the right direction and a continuation of improvement from results last year. Once again, the dedication from all involved has proven to be valuable as many teams honed their skills and fought hard for the ‘Green and Gold’ – another great sign for the future of football at Villanova. As always football proved to be a popular choice amongst the boys with Villanova fielding 33 teams from Year 5 – Year 12 who started their journey together at the end of Term 1.

In the overall aggregate Villanova placed a very respectable fourth just three points behind Ashgrove who finished third.

Congratulations to the mighty 6B’s who were guided by Old Boy and first-time coach Hudson Rogers to an undefeated season, this is a great achievement by all of the boys involved. The 8A’s managed to take out the premiership in a three-way tie in what proved to be a very competitive division and have improved on their second place finish last season. They were put through their paces by another first-time coach for Villanova, parent James Hermiston who did a magnificent job with the team. They were looking to take out the premiership outright in the last game of the season but unfortunately went down resulting in a shared premiership. The 9B’s were another side to remain undefeated in their division resulting in a tied premiership with SPLC. Well done to the boys involved and to their coach Mohamed Hersi. Other notable teams that deserve a mention for their efforts throughout the season include the 9A’s who finished a respectable second and are a side that have great potential as they move through their schooling years. The Open sides have had a great resurgence of form this year and have competed extremely hard and as a result the 1sts, 2nds and 3rds all finished in third place in their respective divisions, unfortunately the last round results against SLC impacted their finish to what was a great season by all of those teams. The level of success that Villa has enjoyed this season certainly gives hope for further improvement next year and beyond which is truly exciting.

After the performances of the First XI squad in 2018, there was certainly some excitement around seeing what the squad of 2019 was capable of producing. Ultimately, the prize the boys were chasing was to be named the AIC champions and this was definitely an achievable goal. The season kicked off for these boys last year in Term Four under the guidance and watchful eye of returning coach Tom Carnavas and assistant coach Terry Kambouris. The squad were put through their paces in the pre-season participating in a combined First/Second development squad and tested in a number of trial matches. It was clear to see from early on that this could be a season that the First XI really push for the title. The team were tested in a number of pre-season games against classy opposition in BBC and Brisbane State High. Overall our First XI finished the season with four victories over SEC, Padua Ashgrove and SPC. One of these victories was over eventual winner Ashgrove which really showcases the talent of our Villanova First XI squad and the potential to be overall winners. These outstanding results led to the boys finishing a very respective third in their division amongst some great quality sides. Unfortunately, there were a few close losses throughout the season that could have ultimately changed the overall outcome for the team, in particular the last game against SLC which proved to be a costly loss.

The 2019 season included many highlights for the First XI team. Most notably the first win of the season will no doubt live long in the memory as it was a fantastic 5 – 2 result against St Edmund’s that kicked the season off strongly. Another highlight of the season for the First XI would no doubt have to be the hard-fought victory against Ashgrove, who ended up being the eventual premiers. The Villanova side looked to be the dominant team out on the park and were able to capitalise on an early chance with Peter Klaassen finding the back of the net to take the lead. A nice piece of lead up work from the team set up the second goal scored by Terry Solomon to take a 2 – 0 lead into halftime. Unsurprisingly, Ashgrove came out strong in the second half chasing the lead only to have our boys play a nice brand of football which saw them use the ball intelligently keeping possession and controlling the game. Ashgrove clawed back a goal against the flow of play to set up a tense finish which saw them hit the post and have the ball roll towards the goal before being saved by Oliver Shanks. It was a great overall team effort from the boys!

A highlight for the football season this year would have to be no doubt the tour to Japan which 32 boys went on in the Easter holidays. Not only did this tour prove to be a success in terms of improving the boys as footballers but more importantly immersing them in a different culture leaving them with lifelong experiences. Included amongst many of the activities the boys were able to experience first-hand coaching from professional J-League teams which is a once in a lifetime experience. They competed in many games against quality opposition and had the opportunity to compete in a mini tournament. Away from the soccer pitch the boys experienced life and culture in Japan through activities such as noodle making, Japanese drums and trip to Tokyo Disneyland. A big thank you to Villanova staff members Blake McLauchlan, Chris Everding and First coaches Tom Carnavas and Terry Kambouris for taking the boys on this trip of a lifetime to Japan.

The successful year that Villanova has enjoyed this season is not just attributed to the players but also to the hard work and enthusiasm from a wide range of community members. It takes a lot of organisation on the behalf of coaches and managers to ensure that the players are ready and focused each week to take the field. We are extremely lucky as a College to have parents, old boys, staff members and external coaches who give up their time for the benefit and betterment of our Football program. I would like to acknowledge those parents who have dedicated themselves to Villanova football in 2019. Thank you to Mr Terry Kambouris, Mr Paul Mulligan, Mr Richard Danen and Mr James Hermiston. It is always great to see so many Old Boys return to give back to the College and we truly thank you for your time and efforts and hope to see you return again next year. We have also been fortunate enough to have coaches join the Villa coaching ranks for the first time as an external coach and we would like to thank Mohamed Hersi and Michael Hollands. A number of staff members also contributed to the football program this year and as always it is appreciated and big thank you goes to Stuart Denigan 6A, Matthew Wilson 6C, Chloe Adams 6 White, Kirstina Dawson 5A, Kelson Lee 5C and Nichole Rouhliadeff 5 Gold. We have been fortunate enough to have the services of goalkeeper coach Anthony De Luca who has guided our boys in this specialist role and his efforts are truly appreciated. Finally, a big thank you must go to Football Director Michael Rooney for all of his support and help throughout the entire season with assisting the coaches and players.

It goes without saying but the games wouldn’t be able to take place without the assistance of community members assisting with the whistle on the field. Thank you to those parents, students and extended members of the Villanova community who have assisted throughout the season with officiating the games. Your ongoing support of the football program is truly appreciated and without your assistance the 2019 season would not be possible.

First XI 5-2 W 3-0 W 1-2 L 0-3 L 2-1 W 5-2 W 0-5 L
Second XI 4-0 W 3-3 D 5-0 W 4-0 W 0-2 L 4-3 W 0-6 L
Third XI 4-2 W 1-5 L 3-2 W 8-0 W 2-1 W 2-2 D 0-2 L
Fourth XI INTERNAL 3-0 W 2-4 L 11-0 W 0-2 L 6-0 W 2-1 W
Fifth XI INTERNAL 3-0 W 0-3 L Internal 0-2 L 2-0 W 1-0 W
Sixth XI 1-3 L 6-2 W 3-0 W Internal 2-3 L 4-1 W 1-3 L
10A 0-1 L 2-3 L 1-3 L 0-2 L 1-1 D 1-1 D 2-0 W
10B 4-0 W 0-3 L 2-3 L 4-0 W 1-1 D 2-1 W 2-5 L
10C 5-0 W 1-3 L 1-3 L 2-3 L 0-4 L 0-3 L 0-6 L
10 Gold 4-0 W 3-2 W 5-2 W 0-2 L 6-5 W 1-3 L
9A 3-0 W 3-2 W 1-2 L 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-0 W 3-2 W
9B 2-0 W 6-0 W 1-0 W 2-2 D 3-0 W 3-0 W 2-0 W
9C BYE 5-0 W 1-2 L 4-0 W 3-2 W 3-1 W 0-2 L
9 Gold 0-6 L 6-0 W 4-3 W 7-2 W 4-1 W 3-2 W 3-6 L
8A 4-0 W 6-0 W 4-1 W 2-1 W 0-0 D 2-1 W 1-2 L
8B 1-1 W 8-1 W 0-6 L 0-3 L 4-3 W 4-2 W 2-3 L
8C 8-0 W 1-5 L 2-0 W 3-4 L 4-1 W 0-2 L 0-9 L
8 Gold 8-0 W 2-0 W 0-1 L BYE 0-3 L 4-0 W 1-4 L
7A 1-0 W 0-1 L 1-2 L 8-1 W 0-1 L 3-4 L 3-3 D
7B 1-6 L 0-2 L 0-4 L 1-5 L 1-3 L 2-3 L 0-2 L
7C 1-2 L 2-2 D 0-1 L 2-2 D 0-1 L 2-1 W 0-5 L
7 Gold 3-1 W 4-2 W 0-4 L 1-0 W 0-4 L 9-0 W 0-10 L
7 White 0-0 D 0-3 L 1-1 D 1-0 W 1-2 L BYE 1-6 L
6A 3-0 W 5-1 W 2-3 L 7-2 W 3-5 L 1-1 D 1-4 L
6B 16-2 W 12-0 W 10-0 W 5-2 W 2-2 D 6-0 W 5-0 W
6C 4-3 W 4-1 W 7-2 W 6-3 W 6-1 W 6-0 W 0-7 L
6 Gold 1-0 W 3-0 W 1-2 L BYE 1-4 L 4-1 W 1-3 L
6 White 3-0 W 1-0 W 2-2 D 2-0 W 1-3 L 0-1 L 0-5 L
5A 0-5 L 1-10 L 1-10 L 0-7 L 4-3 W 0-3 L 5-3 W
5B 1-6 L 2-3 L 1-3 L 5-1 W 0-5 L 1-3 L 2-2 D
5C 0-1 L 0-13 L 0-1 L 2-2 D 0-9 L 2-4 L 4-4 D
5 Gold 0-2 L 2-5 L 2-1 W 2-5 L 1-6 L 1-5 L 3-2 W
5 White 3-0 W 4-2 W 1-4 L 4-0 W 5-3 W 3-6 L 7-0 W

Mrs Mylan Warren, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

The season came to a close with an exciting final night against St. Laurence’s College. By the end of the night the team had won premierships for the Opens, Senior B and Intermediate B. We came second place overall in the aggregate.  The season has been an outstanding success because of the high- quality play from each team. The Opens were represented by Alex Ilka, William Ilka, Sam Stenson and Max Eberhardt.  Senior B team players were Aiden Lee, Tom Stenson, Mason Luu, Ethan Bell and Alex McDougall. Senior A, who placed sixth were represented by Jack Perrier, Isaac Langford, Alex Wang and Mitchell Droop.  Congratulations must be given to both Alex and William Ilka for only losing one game throughout the whole season.

The Intermediate teams also had a fantastic season with the Intermediate B team winning the Premiership with the loss of only one round. The team consisted of Alex Hulme, Tom Winn, Patrick Bryant, Connor Whitby and Harry Bryant. The Intermediate A Team placed fifth in the season. The team was – Tom Hoctor, Harry Blaser, Daniel Waugh, Christian Dang and Oliver Wills.

The Junior teams also managed to be placed sixth and fifth. The Junior teams consisted of Jack Neate, Adam Kielenniva, Eli Dunstan, Jessie Livotto, Riley Gaffney, Reuben Wagels, Joshua Carroll and Ryan Thomas.

This year C teams continued to be part of our competition to try to promote more participation. While Villanova had full teams, it was not a universal participation, so only a few schools fielded C teams. We congratulate all the boys in the C teams who participated in our coaching, practices, championships and games where possible. These teams will continue to be part of the College chess team.

The Intermediate team was Nicholas Humphries, Oscar Comino, Finn Rossi, Blake Waugh, Seb Wilson and Lachlan Sturgess. Finally, we have our band of enthusiastic Junior C team players, some who had a chance to play as our reserves in this season’s games, Jordan Barry, Ben Lestani, William Dolphin, Turlough O’Neill and Yanni Katsanevas.  It is also great to see the continuation of family groups participating, with two of each of these families – Ilka, Stenson, Wills and the Bryant brothers.

It has been a wonderful season with many people to thank: Mr Stariha and Mrs Schofield who were always in the background helping in any way they could; the parents who brought the boys to and from the practice and competition every week; and Mrs Blair who provided the team with food and drink when we played at home, especially for the infamous chocolate chip cookies. We also have to thank our old boy Tom Balshaw who helped each week with intermediate and senior players, Mr O’Neill for helping out with set up with the junior teams and driving to the venue ahead of time. A special thank you to both Reece Jansen and Harrison Wills who played for us with short notice when our team members couldn’t play. A big thank you to all Tolle Lege Library staff who assisted us with the set up in our home games. Finally, a very special thank you to Mrs England for all her hard work at the beginning of the season organising the players and teams.

Most importantly, the results achieved would not have been achieved without you, the players, coming and playing for two terms to reach your potential. It has been a great achievement to be placed so consistently high in our ranking.  Congratulations to the whole team for your persistence and dedication throughout the semester. We look forward to doing it all again next year.

Congratulations and well done for 2019!

AIC Chess Results v St Laurence’s College


All rugby league teams will be announced early next week, excluding the Year 10 team. Those boys who were unable to attend the sessions this week were assessed during the last two rounds of rugby and football. Given the quick turnaround of seasons we must advertise all players in readiness to start training in Week 1 next term as well as to prepare them for the trial game held the first weekend back at Villanova Park on Saturday 20 July against St Patrick’s College.

The only age group which will be announced next term will be the Year 10 age group. This team will be confirmed after the first training session held on Wednesday afternoon of Week 1 next term at Little Langlands.

AIC Rugby League Uniform
After the teams have been selected, boys will be asked to purchase/hire some items of the rugby league uniform.

Any student who represents the College in rugby league must wear the full College rugby league uniform. Jerseys will be issued by the staff from the Villanova College Uniform Shop.  The College will notify all players regarding the collection of their jerseys from the Uniform Shop; this will be done via morning notices. Note that all players must purchase the new rugby league shorts ($45) and hire the jersey from the Uniform Shop at a cost of $20 for the season.

The rugby league uniform includes:

  • Villanova rugby league shorts (these are brand new Villanova rugby league shorts costing $45 each. Boys may not wear their rugby union shorts)
  • Villanova rugby socks (same as rugby union and football socks)
  • Villanova rugby league jersey. This jersey is for hire and will be made available through the Villanova College Uniform Shop. Students will be required to collect their own jersey in Week 1 of Term 3 once the coaches have confirmed team selections. A complete list of all teams will be given to the staff at the Uniform Shop. The hire cost is $20 for the season.

Rugby League Hire Jerseys
We will advertise a list of all players on the web next Monday/Tuesday. All players need to collect a Rugby League Jersey for hire from the Villanova College Uniform Shop as per schedule below. A cost of $20 for the jersey hire will be applied to your next school fees account.

Rugby League Jersey Collection Dates
Term 3 – Thursday 18 July

  • Year 5 and Year 6 teams – Mr Everding and Mr Hackett will distribute jerseys to all players in the Junior Schoo
  • First Break – Year 7 and Year 8 teams
  • Second Break – Year 9 and Year 10 teams
  • First rugby league team – members of this team will receive their First jersey at assembly. As we will not confirm the First team until after the trial against St Pats’, all first players will wear their rugby union jersey and shorts to the trial against St Patricks on July 20.

All AIC tennis teams will be selected after the clinics held this Saturday 22 June. It is vital that all players attend the clinics held at Morningside Tennis Centre this weekend in order for them to push for selection. All tennis teams will be announced early next week.

AIC Tennis Clinics
Only those boys who are trialling for teams must attend the AIC Tennis Clinics. These clinics are held on Saturday 22 June at the Morningside Tennis Centre. The times for each of these clinics are found below:

  • 7.00 – 8.30am                   Year 5 and Year 6 (four courts, four coaches)
  • 8.45 – 10.15am                  Year 7 and Year 8 (four courts, four coaches)
  • 10.30 – 12.00pm               Year 9 and Year 10 (four courts, four coaches)
  • 12.15 – 1.45pm                 Year 11 and Opens (four courts, four coaches)

AIC Tennis Uniform
All students who represent Villanova College in tennis must wear the full College tennis uniform. All items are available the College’s Uniform Shop. This includes:

  • Villanova PE Shorts
  • Villanova team shirt (Please note – this is not the Villanova PE shirt. The ‘team shirt’ is the same shirt worn by all AIC cross country, swimming and track and field squad members)
  • Villanova sports socks
  • Villanova sport cap (no other caps are permissible)

All AIC basketball teams will be selected after the clinics held this Saturday 22 June. It is vital that all players attend the clinics in Goold Hall this weekend in order for them to push for selection. All basketball teams will be announced early next week.

AIC Basketball Clinics
All boys who wish to be considered for a basketball team from Year7 – Year 10 must attend the AIC Basketball Clinic held this Saturday 22 June in Goold Hall.

  • 7.00am – 8.30am: Year 7
  • 8.45am – 10.15am: Year 8
  • 10.30am – 12.00 midday: Year 9
  • 12.15pm – 1.45pm: Year 10

Basketball Hire Singlets
We will advertise a list of all players on the web next Monday or Tuesday (perhaps earlier). All players need to collect a basketball singlet for hire from the Villanova College Uniform Shop as per the schedule below. A cost of $20 for singlet hire will be applied to your next school fees account.

Basketball Singlet Collection Dates
Term 3 – Tuesday 16 June

  • Year 5 and Year 6 teams – Mr Everding will distribute singlets to all players in the Junior School
  • First Break – Year 7 and Year 8 teams
  • Second Break – Year 9 and Year 10 teams

Term 3 – Wednesday 17 June

  • First Break – Year 11 and Open teams
  • Second Break – all those who have missed their collection time

Year 5 and Year 6 Basketball
 The trials for Year 5 and Year 6 basketball will continue this Friday. All teams will be finalised after this session and all teams will be advertised on the web next week. Boys should also check their training sessions for Term 3. This training schedule is found in the ‘AIC Basketball Season Schedule’ found on the College’s website. Training will commence for all teams the first week back after holidays. Please note that basketball shorts will need to be purchased by Friday July 19 which is a trial round against SPC for the Year 5 and Year 6 teams.

All the hire singlets will be handed out to boys next term prior to the trial and the hire cost of the singlets will appear on your Term 3 school fees. If there are any parents of successful students who can manage their son’s basketball team, could you please contact the sports office. Team managers will need to organise transport to and from away venues and carpooling is the best option. A scoring roster will also be required for the season.

The Year 5 teams will travel to St. Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe on July 19 for the trial against SPC. Parents of Year 5 students will need to organise transportation for their son to SPC. A team e-mail will be sent out as soon as the trial teams are selected, so a manager can organise carpooling if needed. The Year 6 teams will trial at Villanova College, either in Goold Hall or on the Multi-court.

AIC Basketball Trials v St Laurence’s College – Wednesday 17 July
(Year 7 – Year 12 ‘A and B’ teams only)

Venue – Villanova College:

  • 3.45pm – 11A and 10B (Outside)
  • 4.30pm – Seconds and 10A (Outside)
  • 5.15pm – Firsts

Venue – St Laurence’s:

  • 3.45pm – 9B and 7B
  • 4.30am – 7A and 8B
  • 5.15pm – 9A and 8A

Bus transportation will be provided for those boys playing at SLC. Parents are asked to collect their son/s afterwards.

Year 5 and Year 6 Trial v St Patrick’s College at Villanova/SPC – Friday 19 July
Times and venues to be advised.

Year 7 – Year 12 Trial v St Patrick’s College at Villanova/SPC – Saturday 20 July
Times and venues to be advised.

AIC Tennis, Rugby League and Basketball v St Patrick’s College Trials – Date Claimer
Please be aware that a full set of school tennis, rugby league and basketball trials will be held the first weekend back next term as per below.

  • Year 5 and Year 6 basketball v SPC – Friday afternoon 19 July
  • Year 7 – Year 12 basketball, Year 5 – Year 12 Tennis, Year 5 – Year 12 Rugby League v SPC – Saturday 20 July

Congratulations to Angus Sullivan who has made the 11-12years Met East Rugby Union Team that will compete at the State Rugby Championships in Townsville in early August.

Well done to Kristian Tornatore who has made the 14-15years Met East Rugby Union Team that will compete at the State Rugby Championships in Toowoomba in August.

Congratulations to Jaxon Paterson-Wright who has made the 13-19 years Met East Cross-Country Team and will compete at the state Championships later in July.

Well done William Mahoney who has made the 13-15years Met East Basketball Team that will compete in the State Championships in Cairns in early August.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport




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Whilst we acknowledge this is a busy period academically, we ask that momentum in terms of attendance is maintained through to the end of Week 9.  Including time in this term, most of our ensembles have four rehearsals before we reach our QCMF extravaganza.  Every rehearsal is vital – we need all players on deck from now until our mid-August concert.

Information regarding the tour rehearsal schedule over the next 10 days has been sent home today, along with a tour packing list.  We have a slightly extended tour rehearsal on Sunday which will conclude with a short meeting for our tour party.  We are now two weeks away from our departure – looking forward to it!

The combined Loreto and Villanova College Musical has been unveiled this week.  The 2019 musical will be Mary Poppins.  I would like to thank the large number of students who came and expressed interest – it was great to see.  Information booklets are available from Ms Freney if you are still interested.

We ask that all students looking to participate in the chorus or audition for lead parts are also members of the College choir.  This will require an investment of 60 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon and a little work during the week.  These sessions leading up to auditions in Term 4 will allow you to develop your voice and will also create good vocal health to ensure you survive the gruelling six-week period of the show.

Should you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Music Office.

If you have purchased books through the drive, please collect your books from the Music Office.  If you require clarification around collection of your Entertainment Books, please contact Mrs Schrauf in the Music Office on 3394 5691.

Entertainment Books can still be purchased through our Villanova Music Support Group portal (link below) or through the Music Office. For a limited time if you purchase an Entertainment Book or membership online, you will receive a $10 Priceline Gift Card.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of this initiative.  We look forward to being one of Entertainment’s biggest contributors again!

The brand NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Memberships
Order online NOW

As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 2
Holidays 4 – 11 July Tour to AIMF Sydney
Term 3
1 Monday 15 July Music Support Group / QCMF Meeting – 7.30pm
2 Wednesday 24 July BGGS and Villanova Bands Workshops – 3.30-7.00pm
3 Wednesday 31 July Chamber Ensemble Evening – Senior Terraces – Year 6 – Year 12 – Instrumental Assessment Task 2 Due
3 Thursday 1 August Chamber Ensemble Evening – Senior Terraces – Year 6 – Year 12 – Instrumental Assessment Task 2 Due
3 Friday 2 August Principal’s Tour of College (prospective enrolments)
4 Monday 5 August Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
4 5 – 9 August Instrumental Music Assessment Task 3 Distributed
4 Tuesday 6 August Moderation afternoon – IM Assessment – 12.00-3.00pm
5 15 – 18 August Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival
6 Monday 19 August Audition Materials Distributed – all Middle School/Senior School students (not Year 12)
8 Monday 2 September Music Support Group meeting – 7.30pm
8 Monday 2 September Junior String Festival – BGGS – 3.45 – 5.45pm
8 Tuesday 3 September Junior String Festival – BGGS – 3.45 – 5.45pm – Concert 6.30pm
8 Friday 6 September Audition Video Submission Deadline
8 Friday 6 September Principal’s Tour of College (prospective enrolments)
9 Wednesday 11 September 2020 Ensembles posted outside Music Office

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

A reminder to all students participating in this year’s AFAS Exchange, that their fourth instalment is now due.

This year will mark the inaugural year of Team Villa (Old Boys) competing in the Canungra Combat Challenge (C3) for Legacy.  Team Villa is competing in C3 for LCPL Terry ‘Snow’ Hendle, tragically killed on combat operations in the Nui Dat Province of South Vietnam in November 1966.  Terry was a Villanova Old Boy.  Terry left behind a wife and child. Villanova College, in honour of Terry, created the Terry Hendle Bursary in 1994 that is managed by the Villanova Old Boys Association Incorporated (VOBAI).   The Villa Old Boys now want to raise money for Legacy.  The funds raised will care for the families of Australian Defence Force men and women who have lost their lives or their health as a result of their service.  These courageous men and women, such as LCPL Terry Hendle, made the ultimate sacrifice for us – Team Villa is committed to do more for their loved ones that have been left to cope with the consequences of war.

Your Team Villa is:

  • Harrison Adams (Team Captain) – the current President of the VOBAI
  • Paddy Price, current VOBAI Committee Member and 2017 Villa Sportsman of the Year
  • Lachie Littleton, 2018 Villanova 1stXV Captain
  • Brendan Cox, Honorary Villanovan for the day and CEO Legacy Brisbane

Please get behind Team Villa and donate at:

From the start of Term 3, boys who do not have their student card who wish to pay by giving their ‘student number’ when purchasing from the Tuckshop will have to wait and will then be served at the end of each break.

Methods of payment at the Tuckshop are cash and the tapping or scanning of student cards linked to a Flexischool account.

This process streamlines the service time for the boys. Boys who are using their ‘student numbers’ for payment are holding up the queues and delaying service for the students who are doing the right thing and presenting their student card for purchases.

If boys have damaged or misplaced their student cards, they can purchase a replacement card from the Tolle Lege Library for $5.To view our current tuckshop menu.

Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019


Monday 15 July
Pupil Free Day – P/T Interviews

Tuesday 16 July
Donna Perkins
Melissa Davidson
Lisa Forsyth
Nicole Webb
Leanne McMahon
Sonia Ballen
Susan White
Tricia Allen

Wednesday 17 July
Tina McCaul
Peta Gomersall
Kathy McCaul
Maria Corones
Lena Bazzo
Lisa Gorry
Denise Smith
Fiona Jenkins
Eleni Diakos

Thursday 18 July
Maria McGarry
Zsuzsa Henderson
Juanita Ryan
Kath Eberhardt
Pauline White
Bernadette Papagiannis
Kelly Stassi
Jane Lawson
Chrissy Bonfiglio
Leesa Francis

Friday 19 July
Caroline Agnew
Louise Pertnikovs
Jacki Wilson
Adriana Sofios
Gerry Ternel
Maria Nicolaou
Kim Creevey
Naomi Jansen
Jelena Duskovic
Rita D’Amore
Kathy Lerato



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Archive Anecdotes

Fr Donal Paul Dempsey OSA

Born in Dublin, Fr Paul received his early education at Basin Lane Convent and the Christian Brothers.  After joining the Augustinian Order he studied in Rome and was ordained in St John Lateran Cathedral in 1950.

Arriving in Australia the same year he spent the next three years in the Parish of Babinda before transferring to St James Parish, Coorparoo.  Here he was the chaplain at Princess Alexandra Hospital and part-time teacher at Villanova until 1955 when he became a permanent member of the College staff.

Fr Paul was appointed Rector of Villanova in 1971.  With a fine voice for singing and speaking, he supported the arts and languages as well as other aspects of the curriculum.  The College enjoyed a fine reputation in every field during his time of leadership.  He came to the task of Rector with a well-formed sense of ‘community life’ which he enjoyed with his fellow Augustinians, and which he wished to bring to the school community of students, parents and staff.

In 1975 Fr Paul celebrated the Silver Jubilee of his ordination.  The College celebrated this in style presenting him with a new fishing rod and outfit.  Fr. Dempsey‘s great and passionate sporting love was fishing and many times he went to Point Lookout on Stradbroke Island for a weekend of relaxation!

When Fr Dempsey left the College mid-1976 due to ill-health, he went with the knowledge that he had begun a movement at Villanova to spread the powers and responsibilities of administration, of good staff/student relations and of more student/student related responsibility.

In 1976 Fr Paul moved to parish work in Victoria where his empathy towards all people and his ability to listen won many friends for the Augustinians.  He returned to an Augustinian Priory in Dublin in 2002 where he remained until his death on June 21, 2008 at the age of 82 years.

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Community News

Children who are 8 years old and in Year 3 or older (and who have been baptised), are invited to prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. Contact our Parish Office to register your interest and come along to the information session being held on Monday 29 July (6.00pm in St James Church). Phone 3397 1671  or email to register your interest. All relevant information will be provided at this session, including family session dates and practice date. The Confirmation Ceremony will be held on Thursday 19 September 19 from 6.00pm to 7.00pm at St James Church.

Registrations for the 42nd ALEA Meanjin Writers’ Camp on Thursday 4 July at Griffith University are now open. This camp is suitable for students in Years 5 – 10. Further information can be found on this flyer. Click here to register.

The Lourdes Hill College Middle School Dance will be held on Friday 2 August from 6.00pm – 8.30pm in the Good Samaritan Centre. Further details to follow after the holidays.


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