Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,
Last week I had the pleasure of attending Year 9 Camp for two nights and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with the students and staff in the beautiful Noosa Northshore hinterland. The group of students I spent time with were known as “Delta Company” and they were a great group that embraced the challenges and opportunities of all the activities.

The outdoor camp experiences provided by the staff of the College allow our young men to learn and discover often hidden qualities about themselves and others. For many boys, the camp experiences are often the highlight of their school year and provide many fond memories.

Building News
The final and fourth classroom in the new Year 7 Learning Precinct has recently been completed and staff and students are very excited to move into their new learning space. The refurbishment of the classrooms has been a project four years in the making. Our teaching staff were courageous in trialling different classroom designs including the use of launch pads and a range of furniture to learn what works best for boys’ learning. It was from this work and research on models of Co-Teaching, and our association with Fielding Nair International, that these new classrooms were designed by our architect, Architectus. We are very proud of the new facilities.

Anzac Day March
Thank you to the many students and staff who made the effort to attend the Anzac Day March for the Coorparoo RSL. The students enthusiastically participated in the march and were a credit to the College. It was wonderful to see the students and crowds of people returning to this event. It is a reminder to us all of the importance of our presence at such a significant event.

Round 1 AIC Sports Competition
This Friday evening and Saturday we commence our first round of Chess, Football and Rugby. The students have had numerous speakers spell out clearly the College’s expectations for their conduct both on the field and as spectators. I am looking forward to our students enjoying the competition and playing the games in the right spirit. I wish all our coaches and managers all the best for the upcoming season.

We keep in our prayers Mr John Walsh, (’76) Past President of the Villanova College Old Boys Association and his family following the recent death of John’s mother, Tess Walsh.

May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen

God bless.

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Teaching and Learning

Towards the end of Term 1 and in the first week of this term, students have been preparing for NAPLAN testing that occurs in Weeks 4 and 5. This year Villanova College moves to online NAPLAN testing and as a result some of the preparation students have been engaged in over the past few weeks has been to familiarise themselves with completing their testing on their devices. Tasks and activities the students have engaged in have been:

  • Downloading to their device a ‘locked down’ browser to enable the students to access the test securely.
  • Completing two practice tests to familiarise themselves with the platform. This involved entering codes and other details to ensure they are accessing the testing environment correctly.
  • Testing the functionality of the various test environments. For example, making sure that they are accustomed to using the writing platform for the Writing test.

The Year 5 and 7 students who took part in the testing last week were very confident by the end of the practice sessions and we are confident that this will be the case with all Year 9 students after using the platform this week and next.

Given that your son’s device is so important to this testing, parents are asked to assist by ensuring their son’s device is in good working order and that it is fully charged each morning when they come to school. The College will have spare laptops on hand for each NAPLAN test session, however, we do not want to rely on these as your son is familiar with his own device.

More information will be forwarded to Year 5, 7 and 9 parents by Mr Kirk Astill (Director of Studies) over the coming few days. In the meantime, and along with your son’s teachers, I would ask parents/guardians to encourage their sons to engage in the tests to the best of their ability. The practice / demonstration environment that students can also use to familiarise themselves further with the tests can be found at : Public demonstration site (

Write That Essay
Online Writing Tool

Just a reminder that all Junior and Middle School students have access to the Write That Essay online tool. This tool allows students to check the elements of their writing – spelling, grammar and punctuation as well the elements that the Write That Essay program espouses – and receive feedback on how to better it. Given that NAPLAN is being completed online this year, becoming used to a platform such as the Write That Essay online tool will help your son acquaint himself with constructing an essay in an online environment.

Teaching and Learning Framework
The College is currently engaging in a process whereby we are considering our approach to teaching and learning, and then formalising how the curriculum is delivered.  In doing this, we will be developing the Villanova College Teaching and Learning Framework. All of our staff will be engaged in this process over the coming semester in some way.

We see clear value in parents’ opinion when it comes to your son’s education. In developing our Teaching and Learning Framework, we would like to hear the thoughts of parents. In the coming days, a group of parents will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to collect their thoughts on what is important when it comes to how your son learns.

Microsoft School Transformation Program
Last week saw the commencement of the Microsoft Teams pilot, with some 20 teachers at the College commencing with the use of Microsoft Teams with a number of their classes. If parents of students in classes participating in the trial have not already received information about it, this will be forwarded soon. Please see last week’s newsletter for specific details of the trial.

This is an exciting time for the College as we move our curriculum to a consistent online space. It will allow teachers to not only focus on the curriculum but also promote greater communication between individuals and a collaborative approach to learning.

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning


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Junior School

Tonight, is our Year 6 Mother Son Evening.  A ritual to celebrate the women in our life that give above and beyond, in every aspect of life, to ensure our students reach their potential every day.  It is an event that is planned meticulously, with every consideration possible to treating our Mums to an evening that is all about them.  It is such a thrill that 2021 allows us the opportunity to be together, over 160 students and their Mothers, dining, laughing, and enjoying something very precious, the gift of time together.

In classes, the Year 6 students have worked on writing letters to their Mothers.  First, the boys must brainstorm memories and experiences they have shared over the years.  I was part of the 6 Gold and 6 Green lessons last week, and what a privilege it was to listen to the stories the boys recalled.

What matters to these boys – how do they know they are loved?  One word became the common theme – cuddles.  This was not just a word the boys chose quickly to write about.  Our boys love the way their Mums cuddle them – they can re-enact your arms, the tilt of your head, the rotation of the classic spin move that mums have with the 180 degree turns.  The safety and love that cuddles provide – even when it happens in front of mates – is second to no other thing that Mums can do best.

As I drafted letters with boys, I realised the pride that came with sharing their Mums with me.  The eyes widen, the smile lengthens, and the breath gasps as they “must tell you” their memories of holidays, board games, cooking (spaghetti, roasts, and brownies the top three) and watching movies together.  There are details stuck firmly in their minds of being slathered in sunscreen when the weather was hot at the beach, screams of panic in a downpour after hair was blow dried, and the ability to produce snacks at any given minute.  A definite consensus was reached – the time that Mums give up driving the boys to sport.  Our students might race out of the car as soon as you arrive to a field or court, and they might very well say they did not hear you scream support from the sidelines during the game, but they love that you were there.  “They could be doing heaps of other things” agreed many students, nodding like the wise old eleven-year-olds that they are.  “Like what?” I asked, just to see what they would say.  Catching up with girlfriends – coffee, shopping, exercise – the top idea, then came reading a book (apparently very challenging when every time you pick it up the boys are hungry or need you for something important) and, also included was working – our jobs in the 21st century are no longer from 9am to 5pm.

There is an opportunity in the letters to apologise, for “that time” when the boys stepped over the line – perhaps they never really told you that in hindsight, they can now see how they have hurt your feelings or behaved in a less than acceptable manner.  I know from personal experience, that my mother Rachel, is still owed many of these – it is true, I was very mischievous and highly spirited in my younger days.  She can share stories with my all too delighted wife and sons about my antics, and I have no choice but to nod my head, and admit my selfish ways here and there growing up.  Of course, your son’s mouths drop open when I try to explain this – because a Head of Junior School has always been on a path of service right?  Wrong!  So, I assure them, that when they use their emotional vocabulary and words such as “frustrated” and “irrational” come up, then I understand.  It is ok.  One student shared a story about impatience when his Mum was trying on clothes in Target.  How annoying it was to hang around the change rooms, watch the same shirt and dress on and then off, and then in different sizes, watching other people come and go.  So, he lost his cool, let his non-verbals and tongue loose right in that moment, but now he looks back and cannot understand why he could not give 15 minutes in exchange for the hours, days, and weeks his Mum has given him.  That is a moment of clarity for him.  It is an act of humility that boys appreciate more than we might ever know – the chance to step back and see Mums as real people who deserve to know that we could be better sometimes.

The last part of the letter is my favourite – the PS moment.  Often a witty, in-joke between Mother and Son.  This can be a time of “the great reveal” and I can only say the chance to admit that perhaps a few last-minute confessions (think money spent on Apple ID) so be prepared!  I would bet that by this section, there will not be a dry eye in Goold Hall, under the fairy lights, as sons wait eagerly for their Mums to give those hugs that they love most.

Maria Mascadri, the Year 6 staff, Robyn Gunning, the Learning Enrichment Team and College Groundsmen have made this evening possible – thank you, from every Mother and Son of Year 6, 2021.  Maria, without your planning and attention to every detail, we could not possibly bring this all together – we applaud your generosity of spirit and time.  To all our Year 6 Mums, may God bless your every step and cuddle.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

When our current times are recorded and analysed by historians, I suspect much will be written about political leadership and how different countries have responded to the COVID-19 crisis. As the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt across the globe, world leaders are constantly having their decisions questioned and leadership style and approach critiqued.

Some will be remembered for their compassion, others for their steely resolve, and still others for their indecision and inaction.

Having conversations about leadership with our young people is critically important – as is teaching them about what leadership is and what it is not.  However, with news feeds featuring politicians misusing power or acting inappropriately, or sporting captains banned for misconduct on or off the field, what role models should we refer our young people to?

I think we look no further than the commemorations of last weekend. Our ANZACs were:

  • driven by selflessness,
  • called to action and sacrifice by a higher purpose,
  • not in it for personal gain or recognition,
  • bound by mateship, and,
  • courageous, resilient, and adaptable.

Not only that, but through it all they kept their sense of humour and proportion.

Every year, without fail, as the Last Post sends shivers up my spine, my thoughts drift to the selflessness of our service personnel. The sacrifice of so many that led to the rewards which we enjoy today, and unfortunately, too often take for granted.

When I spoke with a few of the Year 9’s last week as they debriefed one of their leadership activities, I asked them to do a leadership mirror test. “Would you want to be led by you?” While putting others first can be a challenging concept for adolescents, I was very heartened to see repeated acts on selflessness that occurred throughout the four days of camp. These actions, on the part of more than a few, renew my hope and faith in this new generation of emerging leaders.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Senior School

Last Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes had a feature length segment on the issue of sexual consent amidst the ongoing social and political commentary regarding gender-based violence and right relationships in schools, the workplace and in society at large. The story – ‘Rage of Consent’ explored the personal account of former Sydney schoolgirl Chanel Contos and her petition for better education in the area of sexual consent to be delivered to students.

Within the Senior School, we are reviewing our content within the Formation Program to consider how we best support our students in having very clear information and awareness around this issue. Furthermore, we are conscious of walking this journey with our parents to ensure that there is a consistency in our messaging to our young men. We will communicate with parents in due course regarding our intentions to engage with expert speakers to assist us at the College in providing the best possible sexual consent education.

AIC Sport Round 1 v Iona
At tomorrow’s College Assembly, we will formally launch the commencement of Trimester Two of AIC Sport with the presentation of First Teams for Chess, Football and Rugby. As I have stated previously in my column, the winter sporting season always generates considerable interest across the community as we gather at the spiritual home of Villanova Sport, Villanova Park. At the conclusion of the assembly, I will be speaking with all Senior School students to make very clear my expectations regarding how our young men conduct themselves both on and off the field in representing the College.

During last term’s Senior School Assembly, the Student Leadership Team addressed the issue of how we best express our Cor Unum spirit and the importance of upholding the values of respect and the dignity of our opposition.

Unfortunately, during the trial fixtures against St Patrick’s College last weekend, there were instances in which some of our students did not measure up to these expectations, particularly on the field where foul language and inflammatory behaviour was witnessed.

In order to promote a united brotherhood of proud Villanova gentlemen, I outline the following expectations for Senior School students:

  1. All Open Team and A team players are to arrive at the venue in their full academic uniform (I allow sports caps on weekends only in place of the Akubra);
  2. All players are to ensure that they are in the correct Villanova College playing kit in order to take the field;
  3. At the conclusion of the match, players are encouraged to stay and support the remaining fixtures in their age group and either the First XI or First XV main game. The Cor Unum Spirit Committee will launch a campaign of #playandstay again this season;
  4. All spectators who attend to support the College and players who remain to spectate are to be attired in full academic uniform. By arriving in academic uniform, there is no excuse not to get back into the uniform after your match.
  5. Only those Senior School students attired in academic uniform will be permitted to sit in the grandstand.

We have a student supporters section designated in the grandstand which is clearly signed and I ask for the support of parents in ensuring that these seats are not occupied during the earlier fixtures.

It is always a great time of the year out at Villanova Park and with four home fixtures this trimester, I look forward to a successful and enjoyable season for all students.

‘True heroes are made of hard work and integrity.’- Hope Solo.

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News

Mission and Identity in developing fine young men on Year 9 camp!
Last week I had the good fortune of being away with half of our Year 9 cohort on their camp at Noosa North Shore.  In my first term at Villanova, I had not had much contact with the Year 9 students, and I found it a brilliant context to get to know the boys, particularly the small group of ‘Bravo’ boys I worked with.

There is something about shared adventures, with an edge of challenge, that assist in forging bonds and provide an opportunity for all to discover new interests and skills.  Across the week the activities included canoeing, overnight camp, survival skills, archery, laser tag, mountain biking, a night hike, board games and leadership skills.  I was taken with how different boys responded to the different activities on offer.  Sometimes they were sliding into an activity that was familiar to them, and at other times they were discovering something new that they had never experienced before.  Always there was much to discover about the activities themselves, the people they were amongst, the role they took within the group, or about themselves.  We were also in the spectacular playground that is Noosa North Shore with amazing sunsets and sunrises, star filled nights, and the nature reserve surrounding us.  It was easy to be filled with gratitude for the gift of being alive, at this time, amongst this group of people, in such a great spot.  Surely this is what God means by a grateful heart.

There were some significant moments that I believe will really stay with students and have the potential to shape who they become.  Our intent at Villanova is to develop fine young men.  Times away together are a powerful opportunity for some of this formation to occur.  Engaging in the experiences is one thing.  Reflecting upon them and integrating our learning into who we become is perhaps the longer and more important task.  I offer a couple of stories, hoping they might spark reflection on experiences that have stretched you.  For our parents and families of those who attended camp, hopefully you can listen to the stories of our boys to help them uncover what they learnt and how it can shape what they value, how they want to be with others, and the importance of protecting the environment around us.

My group’s first activity was mountain biking.  I took the back of the line and was amongst the students with less experience of being on a bike.  One student made the most remarkable progress across this three-hour activity.  He literally began with his bike heading directly for every hazard on the track.  He hit tree roots, trees, rocks, came off the edge of little bridges.  We had many stops to regroup, to chat quickly about how to improve technique and then to relaunch.  Sometimes his self-talk became negative, and he felt overwhelmed.  Then I watched as he regathered himself, take charge of what he was thinking and telling himself, and move on.  These moments were awesome!  What a skill for life!

On our canoeing trip a teacher’s hat went overboard and an enthusiastic group of boys raced to retrieve it.  They did not heed the cautionary calls from our instructor and did not understand the impact of movement in a canoe and all leaned over the side with the single-minded focus of grabbing the hat only to find themselves all in the river with a capsized canoe!  What an opportunity to reflect on how we need to work together, hold a common goal, and take different roles to achieve it.  How necessary is it to keep communicating effectively so that this can happen?

The interactions between the boys were a highlight as well.  All students contributed differently within the group.  One student consistently had the skill of hanging back to support and encourage others.  He would check in, acknowledge any struggles and then he would give specific encouragement.  There was a care and authenticity in the way he did this that had a big impact on the group.  It kept people together and made sure everyone was feeling included and part of the team.  Others took initiative and led from the front of the group.  Taking the risk of sharing ideas for problem solving and being prepared to take greater responsibility.  I witnessed the difference it made to boys level of engagement when they put themselves forward.  For one student he would move from distracted and distracting, to focused and leading, simply by positioning himself in different physical spaces within the group!

It seemed to me that camp was an opportunity to grow and to change.  Certainly, I saw before me fine young men developing.

God help us to change.
To change ourselves and to change our world.
To know the need for it. To deal with the pain of it.
To feel the joy of it.
To undertake the journey without understanding the destination.
The art of gentle revolution.

By Michael Leunig

Sunday Readings at Home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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It was great to see the entire College was able to participate in a full round of AIC Rugby and Football trials over the weekend against St Patrick’s College. In our pre-planning it was advantageous this season to have two full rounds of trials against external colleges plus an internal trial. More time with the players allows more time for coaches to try different combinations and to get their teams right before we head into Round 1 this weekend. As we know, due to the weather conditions, these plans took a fall. This in turn has placed some pressure on coaches to make team selections without having all the training sessions and trials rounds available to them.

Our coaches have been busily sorting through all players given the revised time frames and sessions given to them. As teams are announced this week, the reality is, some boys will be disappointed with their grading. The best way to deal with this matter is to show resilience and to work even harder at training and during the game each week to prove to your coach that you are capable to move up in the gradings. The coaches have been asked to monitor all players and change teams weekly based on player performance, attendance and attitude. A player’s position in a team is not guaranteed and we strongly encourage our coaches to reward those who show improvement.

As stated in last week’s Villa View, we remind all families that we do have a long weekend approaching when we play Iona College in Round 1 this weekend. In your family planning we ask that all players make themselves available to play before they depart on any family trips away. We are very grateful that nearly all families were able to commit to the games last weekend – thank you! Understandably, if we have many players absent, our teams will be under strength and the full complement of teams will be compromised. We are hoping that all players will stay and play before enjoying a well-earned break with family and friends.

Please find below information pertaining to the College’s uniform expectations of its students on game days during the footy season and a separate article pertaining to matters of poor behaviour and sportsmanship.

Best wishes to all this weekend against Iona College. Enjoy!

Weekly Teams Lists
Please note that sporting team lists will no longer be posted on the website from this point onwards. Students and their families can now access the team lists through the link emailed to families on Thursday afternoon. This link will not be published on the website for all to see. Clicking on the link will open a folder to view Round 1 AIC Rugby, Football and Chess team lists for this weekend.

All other information regarding sport, including general messages, training schedules, weekly fixtures, coaches contacts, by-laws etc can still be accessed through the normal channels, that is, via the ‘Locker Room’ page on the website. Please be advised that this will be a short-term solution. The College is currently working on a better way to provide this information in the future.

Poor Behavior and Sportsmanship
Unfortunately, I was witness to several unacceptable incidents which occurred against St Patrick’s College on the weekend. On top of this, there were a number that were reported to me by members of our own community and by the opposing College.

First and foremost, Villanova College is a place where we strongly promote and uphold the Catholic traditions and values. It is the foundation on which we build our College. So, whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish here at Villanova, it should be in line with these values and traditions.

When dealing with teenage boys during a footy season where things can get heated, we can expect emotions and tempers to flare on occasions. As a result, the boys under our care, can and do get things wrong and they do make poor decisions and judgements from time to time. Our job as educators (whether that be parents, teachers or coaches) is to address these matters with our sons/students/players,  show them how to deal with issues appropriately, and lead them to be better men in the future.

We got it wrong on the weekend. There is no doubting it. The use of inappropriate language, the silly pushing, shoving and fighting on field, incidents where our spectators were seen to incite poor behavior from the players on field was just not good enough. This is not Villanova College.

The College has and will continue to enforce appropriate expectations/standards and we will teach the boys what good behavior looks like.

Rather than sweeping undesirable issues under the carpet, I merely write this article to inform parents of the nonsense which occurred (particular at the rugby) and ask for your support in working in partnership with the College to stamp out poor behavior. I would suggest, if you see your son behaving poorly whilst he is representing the College and his family, please address the matter with your child.

Sport provides another platform where teaching and learning occurs, these situations do not simply exist in the classrooms alone.

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’ – Edmund Burke

Uniform Expectations – Players and Spectators
All players are to wear the complete rugby and football playing uniform as published below. Football players should not wear the basketball or PE shorts; they must wear the College football shorts.

Please note that all boys who attend the Year 9 – 12 rugby and football fixtures on the weekend as a spectator or player must wear the College academic uniform. Therefore, students are not permitted to attend their games wearing the playing uniform. If students intend to stay and support other teams at the Year 9 – 12 venue they must get changed into their academic uniform after their game, this includes ties and blazers for senior school students.

Students who are playing at the Year 5 – 8 venue may be permitted to wear their playing uniform before and after their games. However, if the younger boys (Year 5-8) wish to travel and support the Year 9 – 12 matches, particularly the first games, they must change into the academic uniform.

It is paramount that the parent body supports the College to ensure that these expectations are met. Wearing the correct uniform appropriately is the standard which is expected.

Rugby and Football Uniform Expectations

 Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • Villanova Rugby jersey
  • Villanova Rugby shorts
  • Villanova Rugby/Football socks
  • Mouthguards compulsory
  • Head gear optional
  • Villanova green zip Jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets /jumpers are permitted)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • Villanova Football jersey
  • Villanova Football shorts (not the PE shorts/ not the Basketball shorts)
  • Villanova Rugby/Football socks
  • Shin guards compulsory
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets/jumpers are permitted)

 Please Note

  • Football players must wear the Villanova Football shorts not the Villanova Basketball shorts, which do look similar.
  • Rugby and Football socks are the same
  • Students may train in any coloured gear

AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Round 1 v Iona College, Friday 30 April and Saturday 1 May – Times and Venues

All times and venues for Round 1 this weekend against Iona College are available on the College’s website. Please note that most Year 5 – 8 football and rugby teams will play away and most of the Year 9-12 football/rugby teams will play at home.

Note a number of our teams have been entered into the supp draw this weekend and will play different Colleges at various venues throughout the season. Please check the schedule on the website for all times and venues.

AIC Golf Championship
The annual AIC Golf Championship will be contested on Monday 10 May at the Indooroopilly Golf Course.  We are currently seeking nominations from students in Year 5 – 12 who have a current AGU Handicap and Golf Link Number. Each College must submit a team consisting of five players. These players will be escorted by a staff member on the day of competition. Transport to and from the venue will be arranged by the College. All interested students are asked to see Mr Stariha to register. The final team will be selected based on handicaps. Nominations close tomorrow, Friday 30 May. The final team will be selected by Tuesday 4 May.

Track and Field Pre-season Throws Training – Discus/Javelin and Shot Put
Get a jump on the AIC Track and Field by training with Michael Criticos. Michael is a Villanova Old Boy, class of 2012, with an extensive background in Track and Field events. Michael is a qualified HPE teacher and a current accredited Level 1 throws coach. Michael gained his degree at the University of Memphis where he also represented the University’s Track and Field team on scholarship.

Michael and the Sports Office will be offering training for discus (7, 14 and 21 May) javelin (28 May, 4 and 11 June) and shotput (18, 16 Jul and 23 July). Discus and javelin will be on offer to Year 7 – 12 students only, shot put will be available for all students. All registrations will be done via an online form. This link is found below. A separate registration form will be released for each throws event.

Training will run on Friday afternoon from 3.15pm – 4.30 pm at Little Langlands.

Please note – if you register, that means we expect you to commit to all the discus training dates. Places will be limited, if numbers exceed our cap, the Sports Office will contact the students successful.

Registration Link–field-pre-season—discus-tr

AIC Rugby, Football and Chess Teams
Please be aware that all AIC teams will be emailed to families this week. All coaches have been advised to select teams based on player performance, attitude and attendance at training. Therefore, the College strongly encourages the movement of players from team to team each week if warranted and no position from Firsts to Year 5 is guaranteed throughout the season (especially the ‘A’ teams and First teams).  We hope this encourages a friendly rivalry for positions within a cohort, but we also hope this rewards those players who have trained hard and performed well.

Nick Verity and Jack Lamb, AIC Chess Co-ordinators

Last week the AIC chess teams played their last trial round versus St Patrick’s College. It was a strong performance overall and a special mention must go to our Junior teams which had many players go undefeated. Highlights from Friday night include Connor Whitby’s knights-only checkmate and Harry Blaser’s dramatic finish. A reminder that lunchtime training is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in T10 for Middle and Senior and V13 for the Junior teams. Next week is round one versus Iona at home. We are looking forward to Friday and hope to start the season strongly.

Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator

Last weekend saw our first and only trial take place in what has been unfortunately a bit of an interrupted start to the football season. Overall results from the trial against St Patrick’s indicate that we can have a strong season and be very competitive across the board. Our First XI boys enjoyed a strong win against St Patrick’s securing a three – one  win in a dominant display. There were many chances throughout the game to further capitalise the lead and score more goals, unfortunately either the post or the St Patrick’s keeper had other ideas. There is no doubt that the First XI boys will be looking to continue their good form coming into the first AIC match of the season against Iona. It would be fantastic to see as much support as possible for the boys in their first home game of the season. I would like to wish the First XI all the best for their season ahead.

This weekend is the official first round of the AIC Football season and we will be matching up against our close rivals in Iona. Our Years 5 – 8 teams will be playing away at Iona whilst our Years 9 – Opens teams will be home at Villanova Park. It is imperative that all players come focused and ready to perform to the best of their ability and start the season off in the strongest possible manner. To help with this, players need to ensure that they are at their venue half an hour before kick-off to warm up and prepare with their team. All players are reminded to wear the Villanova Football uniform with boots and shin guards to their games. I encourage all parents and players to check the College website on a weekly basis to check team lists, venue and game times.

Good luck to all of our teams (in particular our Year 5 boys) for their first AIC football matches of the season!

Mr Chris Everding, AIC Rugby Co-ordinator

Villanova Park will play host to Iona College for Round 1 in the AIC Rugby Competition for our older boys this Saturday. Not only will the local derby attract a big crowd of current Villanova and Iona families, it is also our ‘Old Boys Day’ and we expect many Villanova Old Boys to return to Tingalpa to watch the game and then stay for a barbecue at the conclusion of the match.

It will be a tough assignment for our players this weekend and even though our preparations have been hampered by Covid and the weather, the boys are keen to get out there and kick off the season proper. Our trials last Saturday went well, and the coaches have been making the necessary adjustments and will put the final pieces together this afternoon during training. Team changes can be made weekly, and selections are not just based on performance.

Boys are to be mindful of their attitude to other players and their coaches at training and during matches. Negative comments towards teammates may result in players being removed from a team and placed somewhere else. It is important regardless of ability levels that we respect all players and remember that we are all on the same team. Their behaviour is also on display for everyone to see or hear and some boys may be taken from the field if they are not able to control their emotions. The key thing we look for in the boys is not how they react but how they respond, and these issues will be addressed by our coaches.

Good luck to the boys playing at Villanova Park and also to our Year 5-8 students playing at Iona College, particularly the Year 5s, as they play their first competition game in the Green and Gold.

Villanova Park Canteen – AIC Rugby and Football
Most of the Year 9 – 12 Rugby and Football games will be played at Villanova Park this Saturday. We are asking for parents to help by volunteering their time to help serve and/or cook. The barbecue will fire up at 6.30am and it is usually in the first hour that we need the most assistance to prepare and cook the food. Please drop your son off and help if you can.

Although at times the canteen/barbecue may look like they have enough helpers, please come and offer your time as some of those volunteers may need to get to their son’s games.  The canteen/barbecue during the Football/Rugby season is the Villanova Sports Club’s main source of income and it can only operate with the help of Villanova parents (both Football and Rugby).  So please come along and help, meet some new friends and catch-up on what is going on around the school. We hope to see you Saturday.

Note – The canteen will also sell limited quantities of mouthguards ( $15), shin guards ($15), supporter’s hats ($20) and supporter shirts ($50).

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villanova Park – 1 May

We ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

Parents are asked to report to Robyn Gunning.

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7am- 8am 9B, 9C, 9D
8am- 9am Sixth XV, 9D 9A, 10B, 10C
9am- 10am Fifth XV, 9E, 9C 10A, Fourth XI, Fifth XI
10am- 11am Fourth XV, 10C, 9B Second XI, Third XI
11am- 12pm Third XV, 10B, 9A First XI
12pm-1pm Second XV, 10A Any help appreciated
1pm- 2pm First XV
2pm-3pm Any help appreciated

Dogs at AIC Sporting Venues
A reminder to all parents that due to Health and Safety requirements, All AIC Sporting venues are dog free venues including Villanova Park. Please do not bring your dog!

Mr Brian Pascoe,  AIC Cross Country Co-ordinator

Today, several members of the cross country squad competed in regional trials at Minnippi Park.

As a community we congratulate the students selected for leadership roles with the cross country squad for the 2021 AIC Championships. Dedication to training, effort and conduct were the characteristics considered when choosing the leaders.

The level of enthusiasm displayed by Ben Sciacca in his running training has been infectious for the whole squad. He spent a couple of years away from cross-country until he moved to Southbank just prior to learning at home last year. Running became his release and Ben developed a great love for running. As such, his performances have improved significantly, and he is a real inspiration to the students around him with the sense of humility in which conducts himself.

Michael Anderson and Jacob Dimmick have both had a long history with the Cross Country Squad as well as training with external coaches to further challenge themselves. Both young men are also very supportive of the younger members of the Running Wildcats Cross-Country Squad.

Good luck to the following students in their leadership roles with the Running Wildcats:

Age Group Leaders

  • U12 – Charlie Farmer
  • U13 – Patrick Holmes
  • U14 – Joe Grigson
  • U15 – Alex Holmes
  • U16 – Jack Saunders
  • Open – Jacob Dimmick

Vice-Captain – Middle School

  • Kyan Simpson

Vice-Captain – Senior School

  • Michael Anderson

Villanova’s Running Wildcats Captain

  • Ben Sciacca

Year 5 and Year 6 AIC Cross Country
Mr Tom Lonergan, Coach

On Monday 3 May, training will again be held at Whites Hill Recreation Reserve, Boundary Rd, Camp Hill. (meet at Cricket clubhouse). Boys serious about representing Villanova in the AIC Championships need to attend this training as we have just five weeks from yesterday (29 April) until the Championship.  Boys with Big Hearts run Cross Country.

Lytton District Cross Country
The Lytton District Cross Country Trial will be held at Villanova Park on Thursday 6 May. Selections are being finalised by Mr Lonergan and Miss Roberts and the students will be notified by Mr Everding tomorrow. The boys who have been selected will be given a note regarding the requirements for the day. Villanova will be running the canteen at the trial and we will be looking for parents of the runners to assist with preparation and serving throughout the morning. A note will accompany the boys nominated regarding this request.

Training in the coming weeks will be held on Monday and Wednesday 3.15 – 4.30 pm. Where there is a clash with Villanova Football training the boys are expected to attend at least one of the two sessions. There is a non-compulsory session held from  4 – 5pm, at Whites Hill Reserve on Sunday afternoons for boys wanting to do an extra session.

Well done to William White and West Sargood, who have been selected in the Met East 10-12 Years AFL team and to Ben Landers who has made the Met North 10 – 12 Years AFL Team that will compete at the Qld State Championships in mid-June. Best wishes to all three boys.

Ben Landers has also been selected in the Queensland School Sport Swimming Team after winning a silver medal at the State Championships. Ben has been selected after placing second in the U11 100m breaststroke in a time of 1:28:35, which was a PB by 6:36 seconds. Congratulations on a fantastic performance Ben!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Augustine Centre Update
The consultation process continues with contractors with regard to the remediation of the Augustine Centre.  The scoping and quoting process has taken considerable time due to the availability of businesses capable of completing a task of this size.  We have been advised that this will be completed shortly, and the works will commence early next month.

I have been assured that the College Board and Leadership Team are enthusiastic to have this process completed as soon as possible.  We look forward to an opportunity to be able to share news regarding the works commencing in the near future.

Thank you all for your continued patience as we work through this challenging period.  I appreciate this is not an easy time for both students and staff alike; I would like to acknowledge your flexibility and ongoing support as we wait for this situation to resolve.

Lessons and Rehearsals
Rehearsals will be continuing as per our rehearsal schedule attached.  Please ensure your son checks the time and allocated space so that we can arrive punctually and maximise the rehearsal time we are afforded. Take a moment to review the schedule as some rehearsal venues may have changed.

Teachers and tutors will have communicated with everyone regarding lessons times and venues.  I would like to commend our students for their flexibility and reliability with regards to lesson attendance.  Thank you all with your ongoing patience as we work through this challenging period.

Entertainment Publications Memberships
Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fundraisers.  Just click on the image below to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing or barbecue.

  • Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35
  • Wildcat Coolers – $30

Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits will go to the Music Support Group. All items can be purchased via Trybooking through the following link:

Opportunity to Participate
The Music community at Villanova welcomes all students interested in participating in ensemble or instrument/vocal tuition.  If your son would like to take lessons on an instrument this year, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or via email at for further information.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Michael Jones, Director of Music

Click here to purchase:

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Parent Information

Tickets for the annual Villanova College P&F Mothers’ Night close on Monday. Tickets are available through Parent Lounge.

Date: Friday 7 May
Time: 6.30pm – 11.00pm
Venue: Senior Terraces, Villanova College
Tickets: $60 (includes drinks, nibbles and dancing)
RSVP: Monday 3 May

Support the improvement to play spaces around the College by purchasing Mothers’ Night raffle tickets (available through Parent Lounge and on the night). The P&F would love to hear from Villa dads in Years 10, 11 and 12 who are able to assist on the night. Sign up to volunteer here.

Silver Rose Photography will be taking class groups, individual and sibling photos on the following days:

Thursday 20 May: Year 12 cohort and individual photos and Year 11 class groups and individual photos

  • Year 12 cohort are to be at Goold Hall, ready to be photographed at 7.00am sharp.
  • Year 11 students are to be at Goold Hall, ready to be photographed at 8.40am sharp.
  • Please wear full winter academic uniform, including tie, long trousers and blazer.

Monday 24 May: Year 5 to Year 10 class groups and individual photos and all sibling orders

Please wear full winter academic uniform, including tie (and long trousers and blazer for all Year 10 students).

Sibling packages MUST be ordered before Thursday 20 May.

All class group and individual orders MUST be in before Monday June 7 to avoid a late fee of $9.

Please note that Silver Rose never place student images online to view before purchase due to security reasons. If you are not happy with the image provided, Silver Rose will refund upon return of the photos. Please click here for ordering instructions.

Villa Supporter’s Caps  Pink or Gold – $20.00
Villa Supporter’s Shirts – $50.00  (some sizes sold out)
Mouthguards – Junior – Youth – Adult – $15.00
Shin Pads – Small – Medium – Large – $15.00

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Library.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.

After contacting Flexischools regarding issues students have been having with their cards for Tuckshop purchases, we ask the parents of boys affected to re-confirm that your son’s card is linked to your Flexischool account.

To do this, log in using either the App or Website, select Students and then edit your son’s details to add his student number in the Student Card number field. Remember to save after editing. How do I link a student card?


  • Does your child have a verified disability that requires transport assistance to and from school?
  • Has your school’s learning support teacher assessed your child’s travel capability rating as ‘semi-independent’ or more dependent?

Visit our website to see if you qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost of transport and apply at by May 2021. Late applications cannot be accepted after 31 May 2021.

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