Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Anzac Day continues to capture the attention of people of all ages. At the local Coorparoo Anzac Service large crowds once again lined the streets to watch the parade move down Old Cleveland Road to the Coorparoo RSL Club. Interestingly, the numbers of young people of school age participating in the march continues to grow each year.

Speaking to our students about Anzac Day, I can hear how proud they are of the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom and to preserve our way of life. The students want to be a part of a community who remembers those brave deeds of our military personnel in both armed conflicts and peace-keeping missions across our world.

“With the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.”

Lest we Forget

Rugby and Football Season
This weekend we begin our AIC rugby, football and chess competitions with the first round hosted by St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe. I remind all players, supporters and spectators of the Code of Behaviour and our expectations of good ‘sportsmanship’ and fair play at all times. Spectators to our games need to always support the teams and the officials in a respectful manner, ever mindful that it is school sport and the officials, coaches and managers are often volunteers who give generously of their time.

Over the past few months the AIC Sports Association has been developing a Charter for the Association to define the purpose of our sporting activities and to explicitly state what we value about the sporting opportunities offered to students from the eight Colleges.

The chosen motto for the association, “Learning and growth through sport and competition”, places a clear focus on students developing their character and growing into adulthood through the experiences found in sporting competitions.

College Foundation   
The Management Committee of the College Foundation is seeking suitably qualified and experienced candidates for the position of Foundation Manager. Details regarding this position including a position description, essential skills criteria and associated information can be found on the College Website under employment. Interested members of our community are encouraged to engage with the material and to submit an application.

As an inner city, suburban College we need to be mindful of our neighbours at all times. I am aware that a number of incidents have occurred involving double parking, blocking driveways and cars parked in the Drop-off and Pick-up zones. Brisbane City Council has received numerous complaints and they have informed me that Council Officers will be increasing their patrols and will book offenders who ignore the parking signage.

Welcome back
We welcome back the students and staff who have recently participated in the Exchange program to Augustinian Schools in the United States. Students and staff visited Malvern Preparatory College in Philadelphia and St Rita’s College in Chicago. Through exchanges such as these two experiences, our students and staff have the opportunity to experience the global Augustinian family and realise   Villanova College belongs to a global educational network striving to live the ideals of a Christian community based on the writings and spirituality of St Augustine.

Congratulations to Mrs Justine Silk and her husband Jimmy following the birth of Madelyn Jane, sister to Zoe. Madelyn was born on 24 April.

Prayers Please
We keep in our prayers the following families after recent deaths of loved ones:

Theo (Year 10) and Peter (Year 7) Day following the death of their grandfather, Mr Peter Kentrotis.

The Mullins family, following the death of Mrs Sue Mullins, mother of Josh (’15).

The Hazlewood family, following the death of Jennifer Hazlewood’s sister, aunt of Tim (Yr 12).

May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace, Amen

You have made us for Yourself, O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

Our Open Day was held on Tuesday and the gates on every avenue were open and welcoming.  Families eagerly came to see the Junior School in action, the day to day learning, teaching and work samples.  They also welcomed the opportunity to ask questions and our students were happy to respond honestly, positively and with enthusiasm.

Year 5 was very popular as the transition between local primary schools to Villanova is very much on the minds of most parents.  To see first-hand such confident, capable and caring individuals was all the reassurance they needed.  Tour groups consisted of around 10 – 12 people and it’s safe to say we had over 250 families walk our corridors, playground and into classrooms.  It is only looking through the eyes of people who are not familiar with how our Junior School operates that I am reminded how very special we are.  We have shared spaces to utilize every day which doubles our physical setting.  Displays adorn walls with our themes, key ideas and student work – pride and expectations are clear.  Relationships are strong, students are aware of their strengths and know who to ask for help when it’s required.  Staff are constantly giving feedback, and this affirms, encourages and motivates the boys to do their best.  It really is an artform to educate meaningfully and purposefully.

Impressive is how I would describe our Year 6 Leaders who carefully guided our guests around the campus and shared their insights to what makes Villanova great. Equally impressive were our Year 5 boys who gave answers to questions on Tuesday.  Over one term these young men have learnt so much – beyond the National Curriculum.  They have built trust with their peers and teachers.  Comradery as brothers is clear in every classroom.  We might still have goals for organisation and application but to our visitors these boys are very much at home.  Routines are set, expectations are high, everybody is consciously doing their best.  As parents, you would have been thrilled to see the admiration of our potential new families, watching your sons carry out their day to day tasks.  Gentlemen, thank you for taking pride in such an important event on our calendar.

ANZAC Day has been remembered with our College Liturgy last Friday and march to Coorparoo RSL yesterday.  Our boys were privileged in hearing Villanova graduates from 2011 and 2015 speak about their careers in the armed services last Friday.  It was mentioned that “action” is what is remembered in the hearts of these old boys from their days here at Villanova.  The service of helping those unable to help themselves.  These fine gentlemen have gained wisdom in realising that fundraising for AFAS students in the Philippines through Mission Day has a genuine impact on lives and communities.  Serving meals to the homeless through the Rosie’s van on a Friday night is about dignity and respect.  Sleeping out on cardboard in the quadrangle is developing empathy for knowing where your comfort zones are – and how the basic needs of life give us security we might take for granted.  Our actions in life will be remembered.  Our thoughtfulness and kindness make an impact on the people around us.  The actions create the community.  Our Anzacs created the chance for our community to exist.  Let us show our highest respect through remembering, but consciously living the Word of God.  “Love one another as I have loved you”, unconditional and whole-heartedly.

Congratulations to all chess, rugby and football players, who now formally begin their AIC competitions.  To the coaches, many of our Junior School class teachers, I thank you for your dedication to training sessions and for giving up your time.  Parents, I ask for your support in ensuring that firstly, the boys are having a positive experience in their chosen competition.  All we need is encouragement and recognition for the effort it takes to play any team game.  Everybody has their best intentions heading out from the sidelines and the split-second decision making is all a learning process.  “Positive or it’s Pointless” shall be our mantra for our Second Trimester of sport.  Smiles and fond memories are all we need at the end of every game.  Best wishes for every team this Friday and Saturday!

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

Over their recent coverage of the Commonwealth Games, Channel 7 used their platform to promote their own locally-produced program My Kitchen Rules.

As I’m sure we all experienced, they advertised ad nauseam the MKR episode that featured participants being excluded from the show. Who could’ve missed Manu’s announcement that “this is a cooking competition” and his subsequent message to two competitors that they were excused from the table.

As the Wednesday night episode went to air, over 1.6 million Australians tuned in to watch the much anticipated moment. What we witnessed was deplorable and has been since labelled as bullying.

Whilst I certainly don’t condone the actions and behaviour of the people involved in the incident, I think the wider conversation about how we, as society, portray bullying, name-calling and aggression is perhaps being lost.

The broadcaster’s decision to saturate our screens with snippets of this unsavoury incident, highlight that for Channel 7, bullying has become entertainment. Entertainment that wins ratings!  This worries me deeply.

Our young people struggle with bullying in all its forms. The Queensland government, in response to an increase of reported incidents of young people struggling with the effects of bullying, have placed tackling cyber-bullying firmly on their agenda.

Bullying is an insidious beast that lives actively in most schools (and many workplaces). It’s a beast with complexities that will restrict policy makers from finding a simple panacea. It’s a beast that will require more than governments and schools to fight it. It will require significant cultural change.

Whilst I can’t adequately address the complexities of bullying in this editorial, I do know that our young people need better from their elders.

Bullying can’t be promoted as entertainment. Channel 7 used their broadcast rights to shamefully promote adults bullying other adults, and were rewarded with profitable ratings.

Bullying is something we need to talk more about with our young men and women. We need to deepen our collective understanding of where bullying comes from, the forms it can take, why it has an effect, and the effects it can have. Yes, we need to have these conversations in schools, but we also need to have these conversations around the dinner table. We need to have these conversations at weekend BBQs, at parent nights, at sport and cultural events. They need to continue to happen more broadly across a range of industries, not just education.

At the very least, we need to prevent bullying being normalised to the point that it becomes our nightly form of ‘reality’ entertainment.

As always, if you have any concerns about your son and his wellbeing, please reach out to his Year Level Coordinator.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

This week has reminded us all once again of the enduring power and pervasiveness of the ANZAC legacy within the story of our great nation. At last Friday’s ANZAC Liturgy, the student body was indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to absorb the inspiring words of two current serving members of the Australian Army and Villanova Old Boys Jackson Healy (2011) and Dan Igoe (2015). They both reflected with enormous pride about the impact of their Villanova journey and their call to service that was cultivated from their experiences at their alma mater.

Our aspirational aim at Villanova College to transform boys into fine young men (such as Jackson and Dan) is fostered through the holistic education we seek to provide our students whereby they are offered opportunities to learn not only inside the classroom but within the community- whether that be through culture, ministry, music or sport. I encourage all Senior School students to reflect upon how they are maximising the value of their Villanova education- how they are seizing the opportunities to serve this wonderful community. I would also like to thank those students who represented the College by marching and attending the Coorparoo RSL ANZAC Day Service.

The Importance of Cultivating Empathy
According to renown research professor Dr Brenè Brown, one of the most important emotional learning skillsets that children should be assisted with developing is that of empathy, which she describes as ‘feeling with people’. That closely connects with our restorative practices philosophy of working ‘with’ people.

Dr Brown says empathy consists of these main qualities:

  1. The ability to take the perspective of another person;
  2. Staying away from judgment;
  3. Recognising emotion in others and communicating it.

One of the strategic actions of the Senior School Pastoral Care Team is the review and alignment of our formation program to ensure that we provide our students with opportunities to cultivate their social and emotional intelligence.

Certainly, the focus on International Women’s Day in the first term was an example of cultivating the value of social awareness and two of the competencies of the Villanova SEL Framework:

3.3:     Show respect and empathy for others;

3.4:     Understand other points of view and perspectives

AIC Trimester 2 Sport and Expectations
I am incredibly excited for the official commencement of another trimester of AIC Sport this weekend. I strongly encourage all Senior School students, whether you are playing or not, to engage in the strong community aspect of term two sport by supporting Villanova chess, football and rugby teams this season, especially the First XI and First XV.

I have the highest expectations of all students regarding the conduct of both players and spectators. Whilst I encourage a competitive spirit and a strong will to win, students should never compromise the values of sportsmanship especially when facing defeat.

Our unity as a college community is also fortified when students wear their College uniform with pride. All Senior School students who are spectating must wear their full winter academic uniform including tie and blazer. This includes players who after finishing their games are expected to change into their academic uniform. Spectators will all sit together in a sectioned off area.

Students representing the College in First, Second or A teams must also arrive before their game in full academic uniform.

‘Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life.’- Billy Jean King

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum Update

Term 2 Tutoring; Microsoft Learning Tools; & ‘Fortnite’ Information

 Term 2 Tutoring Opportunities
Please find details of tutoring opportunities available to students throughout Term 2, 2018. Students are highly encouraged to attend to supplement their ongoing work in assignments, revision and for assistance with homework.

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching & Learning

Microsoft Learning Tools – assistive technology for all students
Technology should provide tools that assist and support our needs. Arguably, this is not always the case. However, one example where I do believe this is the case is in the development of recent “Assistive Technologies”. Commencing this term your son has access to resources and links to help him install and use Microsoft Learning Tools on his BYOD laptop.

Installing Learning Tools takes less than 5 minutes, and can make a world of difference. So, what is Learning Tools?Firstly, it is a small Windows 10 add-on for Office 2016/Office 365. This means only Windows 10 laptops can install it (Mac users have other options presented at the end of this article). Secondly, Learning Tools resides within the buttons and ribbons of Office software – this integration is the key to their ease of access and usability. There is no need to leave apps to access and harness the potential of Learning Tools in Word, OneNote and the Edge browser.

Learning Tools is not for any particular type of student – it is for all students. Students and teachers use Learning Tools to:

·        Analyse text for frequency of nouns, verbs, adjectives;

·        Utilise text entry via dictation – where speech is translated into typed text, word perfectly and more accurately than you think;

·        Have web pages and complex passages of text read aloud – this applies to student writing as well as texts, web pages and documents;

·        Translate text (and dictation) from one language to another;

·        Change the appearance, scale and presentation of text to enhance visibility and support students with dyslexia.

Rather than filling a newsletter with screenshots and instructions I have provided full documentation for all students in Moodle. Go to this address, sign in with your son’s College email address and password and refer to the information separated into tabs:

In addition, follow the Facebook Villanova College BYOD page ( and watch the instructional videos I have posted and will continue to post throughout this term.

For Mac users, there are some Learning Tools built into Office 2016 apps. However, Mac laptops have excellent native integration across all apps used in the macOS platform. Please refer to the Mac reference area in the Moodle resource linked above.

What you need to know about Fortnite

Recently I received a long-awaited update from Internet Safe Education regarding Fortnite (pictured below). Why have I been waiting on this information? Because “Fortnite is an incredibly popular new game advertised for ages 12 and up. In the last six months, it has quickly become one of the most popular games of all time. In fact, one streamed video of the game recently broke the world record for most concurrent viewers.” (Internet Safe Education, 2018). To review the risks and benefits of this game for children I would highly recommend parents review the following resource:

Further, subscribe to Internet Safe Education ( to receive updates based on internet gaming and social media trends directly.

Mr Jason Lane, Junior, Middle & Senior Schools Elearning Pedagogy Leader

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ANZAC Services
What comes to your mind during the minute’s silence? This question, from the radio yesterday morning (ANZAC Day), sums up the power of the community being silent together. That minute of silence allows a special kind of remembering. Your mind perhaps turns to your own relatives, who have fought in conflicts past. Alternatively, your imagination cannot help but think about what so many young men went through, either on the start lines of World War I battles, or in many conflicts since.

We had a wonderful Villanova turn-out for the Coorparoo RSL Service yesterday morning. All 100 sausages went quickly at our sausage sizzle, and we will be able to make a significant donation to Legacy. The whole team of student leaders arrived at 6.20 am in light drizzle to cook, and I am sure the “gunfire breakfast” will now become a tradition. It was very impressive to see so many younger students come along as well, and I suspect we had about 100 students and staff all up at the march.

In the minute’s silence, my eye was drawn to the booklet, and the description of the Lone Pine memorial at the War Memorial in Canberra. An Australian soldier, whose brother was lost in the attack upon Lone Pine, sent a pine cone back home for his mother, as a memorial. The role of young people today is to listen to such stories and pass them on. Each student who attends such a service takes his or her turn in honouring the brothers of yesteryear.

This kind of link comes across very strongly at the College’s own ANZAC Service. This year, the service took place on the Friday before the event. We were fortunate to have two young old boys as our special guests: Officer Cadet Daniel Igoe (2015) is currently at the Australian Defence Force Academy and Lieutenant Jackson “Jacko” Healy (2011) is an Infantry officer currently based in Townsville. Both flew back specially to attend our service.

Daniel paid a great tribute in his ANZAC Address to 2007 College Captain, William Weightman, so that the boys could pick up on a tradition of being inspired by the students who have gone before them, “so great a cloud of witnesses.” Meanwhile, Jackson spoke about the Gospel reading, on service and sacrifice. He directly related his ministry experiences at Villanova to his current role in service and leadership. He left the boys with a great question. If all the Australians who have died while serving their country were squeezed into the MCG, what would we say to them? More, they did not go into battle out of hatred of the “enemy,” but out of love for the country they left behind. We are therefore urged to enjoy and celebrate everything that is good about Aussie culture, because many men and women continue to spend their lives to preserve these things. (Attach hyperlinks to speeches???)

It was a privilege to welcome Dan and Jackson, along with their humbly proud parents, back into the College community.

Ministry news
The students can lean into servant leadership through engaging with Ministry. Many YAYM students have been busy selling chocolate bars for both AFAS and Legacy. This sale will conclude next week and overlap with YAYM’s Mothers’ Day Stall. A special thank you to the parents who are helping by selling boxes of the delicious Cadbury Chocolates in their workplace. There has never been a better time to eat chocolate! Please send me an email if you would like to sell a box for YAYM and AFAS (our support of students in three sister schools in the Philippines).

It is never too late to join a Ministry group, and especially now there are many projects that the boys are eagerly planning for: Mission Day, the annual sleep-out, a talent quest with Loreto – as well as the usual visits to Junior School and capitalist ventures on the school-yard!

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission & Identity


Mother’s Day Stall
It’s on again! YAYM (Young Augustinian Youth Ministry) invites fellow Villanovans to visit the 2018 Mothers’ Day Stall in T10. This stall promises to be the best ever, with high quality gifts available.

Priced from $5 to $20, there is something for everyone. This stall is dedicated to women with the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research and the Adult Learning Program in the Philippines. The stall will begin next week, every day from Tuesday 1 May until stocks run out!

To all Mothers, Grandmothers and Godmothers, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday 13 May.

You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet Spirit, which is so precious to God. ~ 1 Peter 3:4

Kath Underhill, John Holroyd and YAYM students


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Debut Concerts
On Tuesday night, over 160 students participated in our first Debut Concert for 2018.  The students performed well and the event was a great celebration of Term 1 work.  This evening evening, 26th April, we are convening our second Debut Concert involving around 260 students; this concert features our Year 6 musicians, choir, and many of our bands and string ensembles.  The event commences at 6pm and will conclude at 7:30pm.  The Music Support Group will be providing refreshments prior to the concert, doors to Hanrahan Theatre open at 5:50pm – entry by gold coin donation.

Irish at Newnham Hotel, Upper Mt Gravatt
Our Irish Ensemble 1 have been invited very recently to participate in a fundraising event organised by the MacGregor Lions Club.  The function is raising funds for the Australian Lions Childrens’ Cancer Fund.  Entertainment featuring the Barley Shakes, supported by our students, a three-course meal, and dancing are yours this Saturday evening for $45/person.  For more information please contact Belinda Tucker – – or refer to the MacGregor Lions home page –  Our students are being recognised for their efforts with a small donation being made to our AFAS fundraising drive by MacGregor Lions.

Brigham Young University Wind Symphony and Singers
Brigham Young University trains some of the finest tertiary musicians in the United States of America.  We have the opportunity to host them on one concert in their Australian tour where they will be performing with our Symphonic Band.  I highly recommend coming along and viewing this concert – Friday 18th May – ticketing information to follow.

To pique your interest, please take a look at the video links below:

Aldo Rodriguez Delgado
We are hosting international guitar sensation Aldo Rodriguez Delgado during the final two weeks of May.  Aldo’s visit will culminate in a finale concert involving students from Villanova, Loreto, and Churchie.  Aldo is an internationally renowned performer and educator, currently working in the Conservatorium in Costa Rica.  The finale concert will be convened on Thursday 24th May.  Ticketing information to follow.

Again, please acquaint yourself with Aldo’s music via the following film clips:

School of Rock comes to Villa
Under the direction of Nathan Leonard, we have commenced a student project-driven ‘School of Rock.’  Nathan workshops with student bands two afternoons a fortnight, where they are developing their performance craft, composition skills, and industry savvy to foster their growth from the ‘garage’ to the stage.  This semester’s work will culminate in a rock concert later this term.  More information to follow.

Date Claimers
As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 2
Week Date Activity
2 Thursday 26 April Debut Concert 1
3 Monday 30 April Music Supporter’s Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm
5 17 – 19 May Brigham Young University Wind Symphony (U.S. College) visiting Villanova – use of Hanrahan Theatre
6 Tuesday 22 May Junior School Chamber Evening – Senior School Terraces
6 Thursday 24 May Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – International Guitar Workshop
7 1 – 2 June Tony MacPherson – Augustine Concert
8 Monday 4 June Music Supporter’s Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm
8 Tuesday 5 June Grandparent’s Morning Tea (Year 5 Ensembles)

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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It was great to see the entire College was able to participate in a full round of AIC chess, rugby and football trials over the weekend against St Patrick’s College. It has been advantageous to our preparation this season to have two full rounds of trials under our belt before we head into Round 1 this weekend.

Our coaches have been sorting through all players and were able to trial different combinations to get the teams right by Round 1. As teams are announced this week the reality is that some boys will be disappointed with their grading. The best way to deal with this matter is to show resilience and to work even harder at training and during the game each week to prove to your coach that you are capable to move up in the gradings. The coaches have been asked to monitor all players and change teams weekly based on player performance, attendance and attitude. A player’s position in a team is not guaranteed.

As stated in last week’s Villa View, I remind all families that we do have a long weekend approaching when we play St Laurence’s College in Round 2. In your family planning we ask that all players make themselves available to play before they depart on any family trips away. This issue was clearly stated within the rugby/football and chess sign-on forms which all players and parents signed. Understandably, if we have many players absent, our teams will be under strengthened and the full complement of teams will be compromised. We are hoping that all players will stay and play before enjoying a well-earned break with family and friends.

Please find below information pertaining to the College’s uniform expectations of its students on game days during the footy season.

Best wishes to all this weekend against St Patrick’s College. Enjoy!

Uniform Expectations – Players and Spectators

All players are to wear the complete rugby and football playing uniform as published below. Football players should not wear the basketball or PE shorts; they must wear the College football shorts.

Please note that all boys who attend the Year 9 – Year 12 rugby and football fixtures on the weekend as a spectator must wear the College academic uniform (including tie and blazer in Term 2). Students may attend their games wearing the playing uniform except the students who are playing in the 9A, 10A, Firsts and Seconds teams for both rugby and football, these students must attend the game in full academic uniform. If students intend to stay and support other teams at the Year 9 – 12 venue they must get changed into their academic uniform, this includes ties and blazers for Senior School students.

Students who are playing at a Year 5 – Year 8 venue may be permitted to wear their playing uniform before and after their games. However, if the younger boys (Year 5 – 8) wish to travel and support the Year 9 – Year 12 matches, particularly the Firsts games, they must change into the academic uniform.

Players of both the First XI football and First XV rugby teams must attend the venue in full academic uniform including white shirt (including boys who are in Year 10 or Year 11), tie and blazer. Long grey pants are preferred. This same uniform is to be worn to all post-match functions.

It is paramount that the parent body supports the College to ensure that these expectations are met. Wearing the correct uniform appropriately is the standard which is always expected.

Rugby and Football Uniform Expectations

Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • Villanova rugby jersey
  • Villanova rugby shorts
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Mouthguards are compulsory
  • Head gear optional
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova tracksuit optional (no other jackets /jumpers are permitted)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • Villanova football jersey
  • Villanova football shorts (not the PE shorts/ not the basketball shorts)
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Shin guards are compulsory
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova tracksuit optional (no other jackets/jumpers are permitted)

Please Note

  • Football players must wear the Villanova football shorts not the Villanova basketball shorts, which do look similar.
  • The Canterbury rugby and football socks are the same
  • Students may train in any coloured gear

AIC Rugby and Football Trials v St Patrick’s College (SPC), Saturday 28 April – Times and Venues

All times and venues for Round 1 this weekend against St Pat’s College are available on the College’s website. Please note that most Year 5 – Year 8 football teams will play at home and Year 9 – Year 12 football teams will play at Curlew Park. All rugby teams will also be playing at Curlew Park this weekend.

Please note that several teams have been entered into the supplementary draw this weekend and will play different Colleges at various venues throughout the season. Please check the schedule on the website for all times and venues.

Annual Sport Club Luncheon

The fifth annual Villanova College Sports Club Luncheon will once again be held at the ‘Gabba, overlooking the playing fields of the Brisbane Lions and Queensland Cricket on Friday 25 May 2018.

This year celebrates 70 years of sport at Villanova and I encourage you to be a part of the celebrations. Master of Ceremonies will be none other than the hilarious Vince Sorrenti, together with other special guests including Dan Leeson (’83) who has represented Australia as a Paralympian in multiple sports.

Tickets are $145 per head, early bird price, and are available for purchase now through the following link

All money raised will help improve sporting facilities and contribute to the rebuild of damaged facilities at Villanova Park. This is an excellent event and I strongly encourage as many people as possible to ask their friends and families along and enjoy an afternoon of fun and entertainment.

AIC Rugby, Football and Chess Teams

Please be aware that all AIC teams will be posted on the College’s website from week to week. All coaches have been advised to select teams based on player performance, attitude and attendance at training. Therefore, the College strongly encourages the movement of players from team to team each week if warranted and no position from Firsts to Year 5 is guaranteed throughout the season (especially the ‘A’ and First teams).  We hope this encourages a friendly rivalry for positions within a cohort, but we also hope this rewards those players who have trained hard and performed well.

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

After a long series of trial matches for the Junior, Intermediate and Senior players, the Chess season is about to get underway this Friday afternoon against St Pat’s in an away game. We had two trial games against St Laurence’s and St Pat’s where the boys pitted their skills against the other schools.   Teams have now been decided and will be presented to the College at Assembly on Friday. Congratulations to all the boys who made the teams and the best of luck for the season.

This year the College will be represented by Nathan Whitby and Hudson Rogers as Co-Captains and Tom Balshaw and Alex Wang as Co-Vice Captains.

Each week the teams will be shown on the website and I ask that parents let myself, or Mrs Warren know if a student is sick or unable to play, so that arrangements can be made ahead of time. All away games will bus the students to and from the venue. Boys are to wear their grey uniforms with ties for the night.  Please inform me if students require a special diet, as afternoon tea is provided at each school.

Good luck to all the teams and hopefully it is another successful season

AIC Football – Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator

Last Saturday was the final trial before the AIC football season commences this weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents, players and coaches for their efforts so far in being prepared for the season ahead. There were many strong performances from our teams in the trial games against St Patrick’s, indicating this could be the year where we give the competition a real shake and push for many premierships.

This weekend is the first round of the season where we will face St Patrick’s once again. It is imperative that all players come focused and ready to perform to the best of their ability and get a flying start to the season! To help with this, players need to ensure they are at their venue half an hour before kick-off to warm-up and prepare. All players are reminded to wear the Villanova football uniform for their games this weekend. I encourage parents and players to check the College Website on a weekly basis to check team lists, venue and game times.

AIC Rugby – Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby Co-ordinator

Congratulations to all our rugby teams who completed their final trial against SPC last Saturday. There is no doubt that the talent displayed by many of our boys throughout the trials has set us up for what looks to be a successful rugby season. This weekend we come up against SPC for Round 1 of the AIC Competition and all teams from Year 5 – Year 12 will be playing away at Curlew Park.  Just a reminder to all players to please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled kick off time, unless you have been told to arrive earlier by your coach.

Villanova Park Canteen – AIC Rugby and Football

Most Year 5 – 8 football teams play at Villanova Park this Saturday, and we are asking for parents to once again help by volunteering their time. The BBQ will fire up at 6.30am and it is usually in the first hour that we need the most assistance to prepare and cook the food. Please drop your son off and help if you can.

Although at times the canteen/BBQ may look like they have enough helpers, please come and offer your time as some of those volunteers may need to get to their son’s games.  The canteen/BBQ during the football/rugby season is the Villanova Sports Club’s main source of income and it can only operate with the help of all parents.  Please come along and help, meet some new friends and catch-up on what’s going on around the school. We hope to see you on Saturday.

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villanova Park – Round 1 v SPC – 28 April

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

If all parents who can assist could please report to Robyn Gunning


Time Football Parents
7.00am 7A, 7B, 6A, 6B, 5A, 5B
8.00am 8A, 7C, 6C, 6 Gold, 5C, 5 Gold
8.30am 8 White, 6 White
9.00am 8B, 7 Gold
9.30am 8 Gold, 10 Gold
10.00am 8C, 10C
10.30am 9 Gold, 9 White
11.00am Any parents who can assist

Dogs at AIC Sporting Venues

A reminder to all parents that due to Health and Safety requirements, All AIC sporting venues are dog free venues including Villanova Pk. Please do not bring your dog!

AIC Cross Country

Please find below the training schedule as well as the commencement date for training for both squads.

Year 5 and Year 6 Squad

Commence training – Monday 14 May

Training Days/Times – Monday and Wednesday 3.15-4.30pm



Year 7 – Year 12 Squad

Commence training – Wednesday 9 May

Training Days/Times – Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6.45 – 8am


Further details regarding the cross-country season is posted on the College’s web page in the AIC Cross County section.

Representative Sport

Well done to Jake Miles-Wrency on his selection into the 10 – 12 Years Met East Basketball Team that will compete in the State Champions in Cairns late May/early June. A great Effort Jake!

  • Congratulations to Peter Klaassen who has made the Met East 13 – 16 Years Football Team. Peter will compete in the State Championship in June. Well done Peter!
  • Well done to Harrison Huber on his selection into the Met East 10 – 12 Years AFL Team. Harrison will now compete at the State Championships in June. A great achievement Harrison!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

School Photos; Travel Rebates; Tuckshop Helpers required; Tuckshop & Library Rosters

PHOTO DAYS: Class and Individual – Tuesday 1 May and Wednesday 9 May
SIBLING PHOTOS: These must be pre-ordered by 7 May in order for them to be taken on 9 May
Please ensure your son is well groomed and his uniform is immaculate.
If your son is absent on his respective photo day, please email Kath Underhill at


Travel Rebates


Have you thought about being a Tuckshop Volunteer?
The tuckshop is a modern, commercial area of your school that provides an affordable and nourishing breakfast, morning tea and lunch service for the boys. Preparation begins from 7am with the day concluding at 2.00pm. We run a self-service system, with a diverse menu consisting of both freshly prepared and pre-packaged items.

It is managed by a paid convenor but could not exist without its dedicated volunteer helpers. We welcome help from Mums, Dads, grandparents, other caregivers, friends, etc. You would be rostered on one day every four weeks with the majority of volunteers starting around 8.30am, however if you can only give just a day a term or an hour or two anytime, this is still very welcome – we can make use of any spare time you are able to give us.

Our helpers are provided with a cuppa & cake for morning tea, a delicious lunch, lots of laughs and an opportunity to see their sons in their school environment.

If you’re a little nervous about volunteering alone, why not join with a friend!

Current volunteers have mentioned the following reasons as to why they enjoy working at the Tuckshop:

•             it helps our boys and the school community

•             it is great opportunity to meet other parents & chat to others with similar interests

•             the boys enjoy seeing their parents at school (even though they won’t always admit it)

•             it’s a chance to get to meet your son’s friends and their teachers

•             it’s a lot of fun

•             it’s a great way to seek advice from parents who have “been there, done that”

Please consider volunteering carefully. We do need you!

Dot Blair, Villanova Tuckshop Convenor

Tuckshop Roster























































































Robinson – Ilka


















Library Roster

Monday 30 April

Sylvia Wright

Tuesday 1 May

Susanna Greaves

Wednesday 2 May

Donna Leahy

Thursday 3 May

Sue Mulligan

Maryanne Bingham

Friday 3 May

Jane Whipps

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Calendar of Events

Yr 5 Parent’s Function; Villanova Sports Luncheon; ‘Augustine: The Way – Musical;  70th Anniversary Ball; Year 11 Parent’s Function;

Dedication of the Student & Staff Memorial Garden – Saturday 5 May 2018

The new memorial to those staff and students who passed away while at the College has now been completed. The dedication ceremony at Villa Park was originally scheduled for Sunday the 15th of October but we were unfortunately rained out. We have now re-scheduled for May 5th at 9.00am. As this is also the day of the Old Boys Heritage Round of Rugby we thought this would be an excellent opportunity for people to reconnect with the College.

The memorial stands at the edge of the Charlie Fisher Oval, between the upper and lower fields, and a stand of 19 trees has been planted. These form part of the living memorial to the 14 students and 5 staff who are currently commemorated. Beside each tree there is a memorial stone block bearing the plaque that contains each individual’s details. It is hoped that as many old boys and families as possible will be able to attend. Please RSVP to Adrian Hellwig

The list of those who are to be commemorated is as follows:

Students: Thomas Barry, Alan Chapman, Thomas Gregan, Rodney Hammond, Peter Miller, Andrew Milne, Craig O’Neill, Sean Prentice, Michael Purcell, Michael ruffin, Robert Sellars, Ray Snooks, Nicholas Spelman, and, Ronald Van Der Drift.

Staff: Kate Finey, Paul Finnimore, John Murphy, Gerry Smith, and, Ray Thomas, Charlie Fisher.


Villanova Book Week – 8-12 May

Although traditionally celebrated during the month of August, this year we will celebrate books, reading and writing during May. From Tuesday 8 May through to Saturday 12 May the Tolle Lege Library will be transformed into a bookstore, and renowned author, James Phelan, will work closely with Junior and Middle School students.

The Villanova Writers Festival will commence on Friday evening and conclude on Saturday afternoon.  Students, staff and parents are welcome to browse and purchase books supplied by The Book Warehouse and Dymocks. Last year’s successful Writers Festival was planned and run by Nick Earls. Similarly, this year, James has agreed to also run our festival. This will again prove invaluable as students can take advantage of the opportunity to work with one of Australia’s leading authors. The festival will run from 3.30pm to 7.00pm on Friday 11 May and continue from 9.15am to 3.30pm on Saturday 12 May.

The Festival Registration Forms are supplied in this edition of the Villa View and should be lodged with the Tolle Lege Library no later than Friday 4 May. Students can choose to attend for one ($15) or both ($30) days. Payment can be made via Flexischools.

Please contact the Tolle Lege Library for further details on 3394 5532.


Year 5 Parent’s Function – Saturday 19 May – Foxy Bean – Tickets on sale now!

Villanova Sports Luncheon – Friday 25 May – Earlybird closing Monday 30 April


‘Augustine: The Way’ – Anniversary Performances – 1st & 2nd June – Tickets on sale now!


Villanova 70th Anniversary Ball – Saturday 28 July – Tickets on sale now!



Yr 11 Parent Function – Semi Formal Night – Friday 20 July – Tickets on Sale now

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Community Update

AFAS Elders; St James Parish – Holy Communion; Seton College Open Morning

AFAS Elders – Remember this?

Known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Yolanda, typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest ever recorded. It devastated portions of the Philippines in November 2013.

Three years later, in late November 2016, nine Villanova old boys, staff and parents travelled to Kinatarcan Island in the Philippines (paying all their own expenses) to support the rebuilding of the local economy.

$7 500 was donated by the Villanova community to buy and transport the building materials needed to construct the ‘drying house’ for the local crop of moringa, a herb with nutritional and medical properties. ALL of the islands residents now have access to this building.

The Filipino Augustinians have been actively involved in the reconstruction of flattened housing on Kinatarcan Island. The Augustinian Order has contributed over $350 000 to rebuilding efforts in the Philippines over the past five years.

Now in 2018, another group of Villanova Elders have committed to a project, to begin in early December. They will assist with the construction of a building to house the production area for mat weaving, where machines and the rest of the production line will be installed. At present, the mat weavers are making use of their individual homes as production areas.

Keep an eye on future Villa View’s for ways to assist with raising the $8 000 required to fund this project.

Mr Tony Hindmarsh, AFAS Coordinator


ST JAMES – First Holy Communion

St James Parish Coorparoo ( welcomes Yr 4 children who wish to continue their Sacramental Program with First Holy Communion. There will be an information session for parents on May 20th after 9am mass. Detailed information will be given at this time, including the enrolment form.

If you are new to our program and your child completed Confirmation at another place, please find your child’s baptismal certificate.


Seton College – Open Morning – Tuesday 1 May

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Archive Anecdotes

The new Villanova

The location of the College at Whinstanes was never likely to generate significant enrolments for the school to be financially successful long-term.  This prompted much searching for a new location by the Augustinians, supported by Archbishop James Duhig.  The actual decision on relocating to Coorparoo has an air of mystery but in March 1952 the Augustinians took over St James Parish.  Fr. O’Donnell is credited with identifying ‘Langlands’ then home to the Good Samaritan Sisters, as a possible site for the new College.  While maintaining the school at Whinstanes, the Augustinians set about financing the new school at Coorparoo.

Plans were drawn and on March 8th 1953 the foundation stone was laid for seven classrooms, a science laboratory and a small office – today known as “Tolentine”.  At a cost of £50,000 the building was ready for boys on February 4th 1954.  The year opened with 234 students enrolled and heralded a new beginning in luxurious surroundings!

[Information from p.25-28, One Mind, One Heart, Villanova College, 1998.]

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