Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Interestingly, the media recently reported the results of a study that found parents today were more worried about the effects of cyber-bullying on the well-being of their children than the effects of drugs or alcohol. There is certainly extensive media attention on the topic of cyber-bullying at this time as many families in Australia are reporting incidents to authorities on a frequent basis.

On Monday 19 March commencing at 6.30 pm in the Hanrahan Theatre, the Villanova College Parents and Friends Association is hosting a special presentation, “Parenting with Technology in the Age of Social Media”. Guest presenters from Taskforce Argos and other agencies will provide helpful information to parents on a range of topics including safe online behaviours, information and understanding about apps, social media sites and chatrooms.

To RSVP for this free event, please click the following link and complete the short form:

Villanova Park  

Recently Mr Peter Dawson, Director of Architectus, met with members of the Villanova College Sports Club to listen to the needs of our community as we develop the Master Plan for Villanova Park following the demolition of the Cor Unum Centre and grandstand. One of the major needs raised at the meeting was the entry and exit of cars and buses from Villanova Park during training and game days. A number of options were proposed and will be considered following consultation with traffic engineers and Brisbane City Council.

Over the next twelve months I am anticipating the new covered and extended grandstand, change rooms and casual meeting area will be completed. The new function room and associated infrastructure will follow soon after stage one has been completed.

College Foundation  

The Villanova College Foundation has been established in 2018 and a Management Committee appointed to conduct the affairs of the Foundation. The Villanova College Foundation is governed by the Villanova College Board and the Management Committee is a sub-group of the Board. The Villanova College Foundation has two trusts, the Villanova College Foundation Building Trust and the Villanova College Bursary Fund.

In these early days the Management Committee is developing the purpose and goals for the Foundation.  In addition, one of the first tasks of the committee is to develop the strategic plan for the Foundation over the next two to three years.

Assessment Blocks

Next week students from Years 10 – 12 will commence their End of Term One Assessment Tasks. During Form Meeting this week all students have been made aware of the expectations for the assessment block.

International Carnival

With fine weather predicted, we are expecting a large crowd to fill the grounds of Villanova College at the annual International Carnival this Saturday 17 March. The committee has completed all the preparations and now it is time for an exciting evening of entertainment, great food and good company.

Students attending the carnival have been made aware of the College’s expectations regarding behaviour. Students attending the carnival are expected to move promptly upon arrival inside the gates and not gather outside in the surrounding streets. As the event has many food stalls it is not appropriate for students to bring food from outside venues to this event. We are looking forward to a wonderful community event and thank all in our community for their support of the International Carnival.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

College staff are finalising their Mid-Semester Feedback Reports for Term 1, 2018.  There are many observations that teachers note and collect over time to provide you with the most accurate reflection about your son.  Core subjects are engaged in differently, participation in the learning process, completion of set tasks (including homework), organisation and behaviour make up our main standards.  After eight weeks we can see patterns, have responded to the students in various ways, offered support and strategies, and now we have the capacity to inform you.  It is by no means your first contact, as class teachers have emailed classes collectively as well as been in touch one on one with numerous families as well.

  1. Participating in the learning process is important. Engagement is key.  Many things play into this scenario.  We employ teachers who plan and prepare lessons that aim to connect the Australian Curriculum Standards to our young boys.  They consider introductions (some even before the lesson through flipped learning) as crucial moments to capture attention and curiosity.  The body of the learning should be interactive, open-ended and achievable by all abilities.  The boys are exploring twenty-first century skills – collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication.  Do they embrace the chances provided?  Are they socially, emotionally and academically reaching their potential?  There are four responses – “actively” (participates and discusses optimally), “usually” (mostly is on task and will contribute), “with assistance” (needs peer and/or staff help to manage instructions or complete work satisfactorily) and “with time” (requires better use of classroom or further home time to complete work appropriately). This is a very solid indicator of academic achievement as it will indicate the intrinsic drive and determination to reach potential.
  2. Completion of learning tasks, including homework, tells us more about our students. We need to measure if they are consistent, usually relied upon, sometimes reach satisfactory expectations or rarely make the effort to take responsibility for their work.  Teachers have the professional opportunity to moderate fairly across 25 to 28 students, so the standards are fair for the time of year and age group.  They will take individual needs and attributes into account.  Staff must ensure that it is clear whether they believe a student is working to capacity.  The students also need to be accountable for making the most of their privilege to be working with such highly supportive school and home environments.
  3. Organisation is imperative for managing the daily timetable, co-curricular commitments and assessment calendar. All students have the information, tools and support to work within the time frames set.  Homework is set with ample time and check ins before the due date.  Tests are set only once content is broken into digestible learning bites – with games, online quizzes and workbooks completed.  Assessment pieces are scaffolded with criteria sheets, drafting and feedback opportunities over time, ensuring all students have made their best attempts. The boys will fall into the following categories – always, usually, forgetful or needs more attention to his organisation.
  4. Behaviour impacts an individual’s learning as well as the people around them. Students who are well-mannered and co-operative allow learning to flow, conversations to be heard and share the turns to contribute and add value to the content/skills being unpacked. Students might usually be cooperative and responsive yet still have scope for allowing others the chance to join in, share the turns or hear important information.  Some students need reminders of classroom expectations and are still yet to manage their self-control or need for attention in lieu of their classmates.  Occasionally, students need frequent reminders – requiring consistent encouragement and rewards for reaching small milestones of showing respect for themselves and others.
  5. The teacher has an opportunity to request a 10-minute interview with you at the Parent-Teacher Conference (scheduled for Tuesday 17 April). This means that they believe it would be valuable to explore their observations and understanding of your son, in a subject area, with you.  If anything was significant, then the teacher would have touched base already.  There is no need to be concerned if a teacher requests an interview.  It simply means they would like to open communication with home so that the student’s future gains are planned best together.

The Mid-Semester Feedback Reports will be available next Tuesday, 20 March through the Villanova College Parent Lounge.   I am sure you will find them a valuable talking point with your son, based on his Term 1 2018 experiences in the Junior School.  My thanks to all staff who are involved in preparing these important documents about the most important reason for education – our boys.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

International Carnival
On Saturday night the community comes together to celebrate the annual International Carnival. Whilst an important fundraiser for the P&F, the Carnival is also an opportunity for families to enjoy a great night of music, entertainment and delicious food. I encourage all Middle School families to come along and enjoy the festivities.

Over the past fortnight, Middle School Pastoral groups have been asked to contribute prizes for the Tombola stall. On behalf of the P&F I thank families for their generous contributions to the stall and Mrs Vicki Lamb for her meticulous counting, sorting and coordination.

AIC Sport

As the first trimester of AIC Sport ends this weekend, it is important we acknowledge the efforts of our players and coaches. Almost half of the students in the Middle School have participated in swimming, cricket and volleyball teams this trimester and the results are looking good.

I congratulate these boys for their commitment to improving their skills at training and for their spirited performances on game days.

Special thanks to our coaches who have shared their passion for sport and have guided and mentored our young men; and to those parents who have organised and transported them where they have had to be throughout the season.


A big well done to the cast and crew of the incredible Villanova/Loreto production of Footloose. Given all four shows were sold out, segments of the musical were presented to the Middle School during last Friday’s assembly. This not only gave the performers the chance to showcase their theatrical gifts for their peers, but their peers a chance to show their appreciation of the skill and talent demonstrated by the cast, crew and musicians.

To all the Middle School boys who featured in the production, both on stage and behind the scenes, I say again, well done!

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School 

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Head of Senior School

Footloose Musical
Last Friday night, I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to attend the third performance of our 2018 College Musical, Footloose– a collaboration of the talents and energies of students and staff from both Villanova College and Loreto College.  The richness of creative gifts that graced the stage of the Hanrahan Theatre is something that all in our community can be incredibly proud of and four sold-out shows was a tribute to importance of the musical arts within our Villanova story. I would like to congratulate the Senior School principal cast members, Timothy Nielson, Dominic Duskovic, Nicholas Eadie and Samuel Campbell and the supporting cast of Cael McWilliam, Harry Keay, Nicholas Halstead, Orin Boyter, Dylan Crouch, Jacob Keay, Joel Henders and Sam Cole on their performances and affirm Producer Mrs Justine Silk, Musical Director Mr Michael Jones and all our wonderful Villanova staff for their dedicated work.

Conclusion of Trimester One of AIC Sport

This weekend marks the conclusion of cricket and volleyball fixtures for this trimester. Congratulations to all Senior School students who have participated in both these sporting programs. At last Friday’s Senior School Assembly, I shared with the student body the story of the two seas in Palestine that I included in my article a fortnight ago. The underpinning message of this story is the importance of all Villanova College students sharing their gifts with the community. It is my expectation that every Senior School student contributes to the College’s cocurricular program in some way over the course of the academic year.

The First XI Cricket team enters their fixture against Marist College Ashgrove with the premiership trophy the ultimate prize for the victorious team. These opportunities do not present themselves too often, so I implore as many Senior School students as possible to support our First XI at Villanova Park from 9.30am this Saturday. Let’s bring home the premiership trophy!

Exam Block Expectations and Strategies

Next Tuesday is the commencement of the first term examination block for Year 11 and 12 students. At Form Meetings this week, I briefed students on our clear expectations regarding the privilege of this block and how it should be best utilised to maximise success for these important examinations. Pastoral Area Leaders will also communicate via email to both students and parents to reinforce our high expectations regarding uniform, grooming and overall behaviour. Students who come to school to study must appreciate that the rest of the College is working on normal timetabled routines and must show the appropriate courtesy accordingly.

As expressed to all Senior School students at our assembly, the importance of establishing a strong academic platform by performing well on these first term examinations cannot be understated. One of my favourite podcasts is The Art of Manliness. One of the latest episodes (#385) was entitled Learning How to Learn and the show’s reference notes (on the website) included the following link which explored strategies to ace your exams:

Best wishes to all Senior School students for a successful examination period.

“Recipe for success: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” William A. Ward

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum Update

For all students, if they haven’t already started, examinations are not far away. Teachers are currently finishing units and topics with their classes and are quickly moving into revision mode. In order to be prepared for examinations, students and parents should be aware of the following:

Examination timetables: Individual timetables have been put on Moodle. They have been encouraged to display these in a place that is easily accessible and close to where they conduct their study. Please encourage your son to be aware of all timings and locations of examinations, and to arrive well before the starting time.

Equipment: Classroom teachers will have spoken to classes and informed them of any specialist equipment they require (e.g. calculators, etc.). It is important the students ensure they have the correct equipment for their examinations. This includes an appropriate number of pens and / or pencils. It is standard procedure to only use black pen when responding to an examination and it is expected that each student brings at least two black pens to all exams.

Special provision: Students with specific educational needs often require adjustment of an assessment instrument and their response to it. This will need to be addressed prior to examinations commencing. It is essential that parents contact the Curriculum Office as soon as possible if they believe their son is entitled to Special Provision. Some documentary evidence may be required, particularly if the reasons for Special Provision have recently become known. Please contact the Curriculum Office if you need any requirements clarified.

Illness/absence: There will sometimes be instances where students will not be able to attend scheduled examinations due to illness or other reasons. If this is the case, the College requests:

  1. Year 11 and 12 students contact the Curriculum Office to report absences during exam block on (07) 3394 5521.
  2. That when illness occurs, your son visits the family GP and request a medical certificate. This is particularly important for students completing assessment in Year 11 or 12.
  3. A medical certificate is emailed or presented to the Curriculum Office when the student is next at school.
  4. The Curriculum Office is contacted to request a rescheduling of the missed examination.

If there are any further issues you would like clarified, please do not hesitate to contact the Curriculum Office. For general inquiries, please email Mr Matt Lalor at or for more immediate concerns and reporting illness, please call (07) 3394 5521.

Interim Reporting

In order to provide feedback to parents, interim reports will be available on the Parent Lounge next Tuesday 20 March. Feedback is centred around aspects of your son’s studies such as his involvement in the learning process, completion of set tasks, his organisation and his conduct in the classroom. I would encourage parents to take the time to have a conversation with their son about what is very important feedback.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Coinciding with the release of interim reports, bookings for Parent-Teacher Interviews will also be released next Tuesday. Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday 17 April (the day before the students return for Term 2). These interviews are an important part of your son’s education at the College as they involve all the key people involved in his journey. Interviews are 10 minutes in duration.

Details on how to make a booking will be emailed to you this week and can also be found on Parent Lounge, under School Links/Correspondence.


Villanova has always provided a number of opportunities for outside-of-classroom tutoring for students seeking additional assistance in their studies. Included below is a list of sessions available for a number of subjects:

Subject Tutoring Opportunities

Students are highly encouraged to attend these sessions to be consistently revising or seeking assistance with their work.

2018 QCS Test: Community Representative Nominations

To maintain the integrity, security and conduct of the QCS Test, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) appoints community members to observe and report on its administration. They do not supervise students or assist in the administration of the test.

The College invites community members (i.e. parents, grandparents, friends, etc.) to apply for the positions of Chief Community Representatives (CCR) and/or Community Representatives (CR). On behalf of the QCAA, the College receives applications and nominates an appropriate person for each available position at that test centre. Villanova College is seeking four (4) individuals to fill the roles of CCR’s and CR’s.

Individuals who accept a role as a CCR or CR will be paid for their time. This year’s QCS Test will be held on Tuesday 4 September and Wednesday 5 September. More information regarding the above positions can be found at:

Individuals wishing to nominate for these positions should contact Mr John Christie (Dean of Teaching and Learning) on 3394 5521 or email

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching & Learning

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Ministry and Lent News
It is the 70th year of Villanova College; the 70th year in which the entire College community has taken the journey together through Lent. Over this last week, the response to the St Vincent de Paul Hamper Appeal has been wonderful.  I clamber over baked bean tins and spaghetti to reach my desk. Similarly, there is a quiet flow of students humbly handing me a note, something they have saved maybe, for either Project Compassion or to put chocolate eggs on top of the hampers. Year 7 and Year 8 students have pestered me to the point where we will run a Project Compassion stall at the Carnival on Saturday. If you have loose change after your souvlaki or crisp white wine, please pop it in the Project Compassion box. The Middle School Ministry boys have set their sights on $5000 for the Lenten Appeal, which would be our new record. You can help.

The first prayer many of us learn and teach is the Our Father. The prayer says, “Thy kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven.” It does not say do nothing and wait for Heaven. It tells us to get moving and make sure the kingdom arrives here soon, for the people who need it now. On the Caritas website for this year’s Lenten campaign, stories of people helped in previous years are included as a “Where are they now” feature. One story features Psyche May from the Philippines. From a 12-year-old girl literally picking her living from a garbage dump in Manila, she is now a happy young woman, leading change in her community as a social worker.

Faith and Mission

We are currently collecting 70 prayers for our 70th year. The students have been writing prayers such as the one below (by a Year 7 student):

Dear Lord, help me to learn from your suffering and give me the strength and determination to act like you, speak like you and trust like you. Amen

Any parent, student or family member is welcome to write a prayer. These prayers will be used in the daily notices and in assemblies; then turned into an online resource. If you would like to write one, please send it to

This Friday, which is also Anti-Bullying Day, we will have our Stations of the Cross Lenten Liturgy in Goold Hall at 10.30 am and family members are most welcome. The aim this year is to show that many people carry a cross today – for example through suffering anxiety or a low sense of self-worth. We can all try to make Villanova a better community by helping to see and carry our friends’ crosses. Even more, we can all become more resilient as soon as we see that when we carry the cross, that is when we are learning and growing. Life is not easy, however having the mental model that we will have to face deep challenges is a good way to develop resilience.

Flowing from their “see-judge-act” motto, the students in YCS will visit the Junior School boys with orange ribbons on Friday and write special messages of support. Orange is the colour associated with Anti-Bullying Day.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Musical – congratulations!
On behalf of the entire music community at Villanova, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs Silk and the team for their efforts in the successful production of ‘Footloose.’  The comments received from the general public have been extremely positive – this show was a credit to the entire Villanova community.

I would like to thank and recognise those staff who gave their time to assist in the preparing of students for rehearsal and the show week.  I would also like to recognise those who assisted behind the scenes in the many aspects of administration and preparation for such an event.  It was wonderful to work with such a committed group on this project.  Thanks to the staff and students involved in our Music program for their flexibility and understanding through the interruptions and inconveniences of production week.

Congratulations to the students for their fantastic performances across the four nights.  It was amazing to see the focused manner in which you worked and the professionalism you brought to your preparation.  Well done!  Finally, thanks must go to the families who supported you all so well throughout this experience – from the transport to and from extra rehearsals to assistance offered during production week, thank you!

Entertainment Books
Pre-sale envelopes for all students involved in Middle and Senior School ensembles have been distributed this week.  The pre-sale drive will conclude shortly – prizes are awarded to the student who sells the most Entertainment Book memberships (including the digital format) during this period.

Any questions or concerns regarding this drive may be forwarded to Mrs Alison Schrauf in the Music Office.

Year 5 Instrumental Music – Jump Start Day

Tuesday 27 March heralds our annual Year 5 Jump Start Day.  After almost a month of Instrumental Music Tuition, our Year 5 students and Music staff have the fantastic opportunity to participate in a day of music making down in the Augustine Centre.  Across this day your sons will be participating in ensemble, small group, and choral musical activities.  This day provides him with a term’s tuition within a seven – eight hour period and allows the students to become aware of how to work within the team environment that is the ensemble rehearsal room.

Jump Start Day concludes with a brief concert in the Hanrahan Theatre and a short meet-and-greet opportunity with your son’s Instrumental Music teacher.  We will also have representatives from our wonderful Music Support Group who are looking forward to meeting our new Year 5 families.  More information, including a schedule for the day will be distributed to families over the coming week.

Performance Uniforms

As per the date claimer below, we have our first concert of the year during the week of ANZAC Day – Week 2 next term.  To assist families in preparing for this, I would like to share uniform requirements to ensure we are all adequately prepared for this event.

 Please note:  Only students from Year 6 and above need to organise performance uniform.  All Year 5 students, regardless of their ensemble involvement wear requirements as set out below:

All Year 5 musicians are required to wear:

  • grey shorts;
  • formal white shirt (available from uniform shop);
  • long school socks;
  • school tie;
  • black leather belt; and,
  • polished black school shoes.

The following table outlines uniform requirements for the remainder of our ensembles:


Formal Performance Uniform:


–        Long black dress pants (no colours, pin-stripes, casual pockets, etc.)

–        Black leather belt

–        Polished black leather shoes

–        Black socks

–        White, long-sleeved cotton-blend dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)

–        College tie (ensure appropriate length)



The following ensembles require this uniform:


–        Year 6 Band and String Ensemble

–        Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band

–        Strings Consort, String Sinfonia

–        JS Choir (Year 6 vocalists only), Villavoce (MS Choir), Senior School Choir

–        Clarinet Choir, Flute Crew, Brass Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble

–        Percussion Ensemble 2

–        Irish Ensemble 2


Concert Blacks:


–        Long black dress pants (as above)

–        Black leather belt

–        Polished black leather shoes

–        Black socks

–        Black long-sleeved Microfibre dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)



The following ensembles require this uniform:


–        Big Band, Jazz Ensemble

–        Guitar Ensemble 1 and 2

–        Percussion Ensemble 1



Irish Ensemble Uniform:


–        Kilt, belt and Sporran (hired through the College)

–        White, long-sleeved cotton-blend dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)

–        College Tie (ensure appropriate length)

–        Celtic dress socks (purchase through uniform shop)

–        Black polo shirt (plain – no patterns)



The following ensembles require this uniform:


–        Irish Ensemble 1

All uniform items can be sourced through the Villanova College Uniform shop or external clothing retailers.

For further information regarding uniforms for ensembles at Villanova College, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or

Date Claimers

As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming weeks.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 1
Week Date Activity
10 Tuesday 27 March Jump Start Day (Year 5 all day – Hanrahan Theatre)
Term 2
2 Thursday 26 April Debut Concert 1 (MS Ensembles)
3 Monday 30 April Music Support Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Performing Arts

Footloose Wrap Up
Seven weeks of rehearsals culminated in four amazing shows to four sold out audiences last week. 89 students from Villanova and Loreto, danced, sang, played, changed sets, ran the lighting show and built memories that will last a lifetime. We could not be prouder of their achievements, dedication, passion and commitment to the process.

The journey began on October 24, 2017, when we held our first round of auditions, and from that point onwards, our cast, crew, orchestra and dedicated staff have thrown themselves into the process of preparing and presenting another successful musical to our community. The show called for many challenging skills to be learnt – roller skating on stage, teaching the whole cast to dance in time, difficult orchestra parts, the list goes on – and our students seized these moments and achieved every challenge set for them. We certainly weren’t without our fair share of concerns with sickness, injuries and nerves but in true musical fashion, we faced these issues and rose to every challenge that was thrown our way.

Our young cast worked extremely well as an ensemble and combined their impressive skills to dance, sing, play and act to the very best of their ability.  The script called for comedic timing as well as vulnerability and truth.  Our leads portrayed multifaceted characters and established believable relationships through skilful interpretation of the script under the proficient and thoughtful direction of Mrs Stephanie Tudor (Loreto College teacher).  The songs were mostly fast-paced and required expert precision and timing by the band, singers and the dancers.

All facets of the production from costumes, set and lighting design combined to create an electrifying atmosphere for both audience and performers. The on-stage moments were impressive and a wonderful celebration of the Performing Arts at Loreto College and Villanova College, however the backstage team work and comradery between staff, cast, orchestra and crew highlighted how this unique experience shared by both schools teaches life lessons well beyond Music and Drama; collaboration, resilience, confidence, self-awareness, respectful relationships to name a few.

To the many staff involved in the production, I cannot thank you enough for the hours that you have given to this production. Your professionalism, passion and commitment were second to none and the students who had the chance to work with you have learnt many life and performing skills from you all.

To Mrs Stephanie Tudor (Loreto teacher) – Director, Mr Michael Jones – Music Director, Mrs Belinda Tucker – Vocal Coach, Ms Bronte Devine (Loreto past student) – Choreographer, Mrs Lissa Gyte (Loreto teacher) – Assistant Choreographer and Loreto Liaison, Mrs Gina Ellis and Mr Nathan Leonard – playing in the orchestra, Mrs Sophie Kenny – Stage Manager, Mrs Katie Dauth-Sousa and Ms Stephanie Nolan – Backstage Coordinators, Mrs Janet Akenson – Props design and Set Design, Mr Patrick Zietsch – Audio and Technical Support, Mrs Kath Underhill – Front of House, Mr Gordon Hughes – Bar Manager and to the many other teachers at Villanova who supported us with supervision at the shows, I thank you for making Footloose an absolute success and a pleasure to be a part of.

Ms Justine Silk, CAL Performing Arts & Musical Producer

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First XI Cricket – Premiership Game. Opportunities to compete for First premierships are not taken lightly by any school. This weekend our First XI Cricket Team have the opportunity to play for the 2018 AIC First XI Premiership Cup against our rivals Ashgrove. Our boys are ready to go as we take the home town advantage playing this showdown at Villanova Park and spectators are encouraged to attend. Our cricketers are having a great season as many teams are playing off this week for a premiership or to gain a good standing for our overall aggregate quest. Please read the cricket report below for more details. Best wishes go to our First XI boys especially!

I wish all teams the very best this weekend as we approach the final round of AIC cricket, AFL and volleyball. All AFL and cricket players are having a good season with great results produced most weeks. The results in volleyball probably do not look good on paper, however, I don’t believe the set scores are indicative of how close many games have been.

The positive culture we create within the College can go a long way to enhancing our sports program. Supporting our team mates and other teams, showing good work ethics at training and respecting the coach, wanting to be involved and improve, being resilient and shrugging off setbacks which comes everyone’s way from time to time, having 100 percent pride in oneself, the school and the jersey, to mention a few, are all positive attributes we are looking to instil in our boys. Building and maintaining this type of culture within our students may give them the confidence to back themselves and to put in that extra needed when the going gets tough. Well done to all involved.

Rugby and football training/trials commence next week. Please be aware of the rugby and football training times and venues as per the College website. All students should know their training times and venues, please visit the College’s website if in doubt. All teams training at Villanova Park will be bused to the venue. Parents are responsible for collecting their son after training from all venues.

In preparation for the up-coming rugby and football season, I ask all parents to assist the College by reiterating the points listed below with your son regarding the College’s approach to training. It will make a difference if you do:

‘The Villanova Way – How We Approach Training’

  • Make sure you turn up to training well before the start time. If it is a 7am start, we get there at 6.45am to start promptly at 7am
  • Eat the correct foods before training
  • Bring and wear all safety equipment including mouthguards (compulsory for rugby), shin guards, head gear and boots. This allows all players to participate in all activities planned
  • Bring a water bottle, have it filled with water and place it nearby when training for quick and easy access. Having boys run off to join a lengthy line at a tap for water, breaks the momentum of training and wastes valuable time
  • Be attentive to coaches – listen, learn and try to improve. Do not kick balls or throw passes when a coach speaks
  • Be respectful to coaches and do your part to ensure the team does likewise. If you have an issue, speak to the coach about it
  • Be a team player and think what’s best for the team. You may be a good second rower but if it’s better for the team to play you at flanker – then play there
  • Always thank the coach after training with a hand shake
  • Enjoy playing for Villanova and always have pride in the jersey

Please take the time to read the information about rugby and football trials commencing next week found further in this article.  By this time all should be aware that there is no hire system in place for jerseys and all players must purchase their own kit.

We hope to finish the cricket and volleyball seasons off well this weekend. This will be the final time many of our Year 12 students will play their respective sport representing Villanova. I thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best as they look to bow out of schoolboy cricket and volleyball on a high regardless of the score. Enjoy the last round all!

Round 7 Fixtures – Saturday 17 March, AIC Cricket and Volleyball v Marist College Ashgrove and AFL (play-offs)

Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Ashgrove. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC Cricket – Round 6 v St Peter’s College

The wet weather continues to plague this year’s AIC season. Unfortunately, Villanova Park was way too wet to play any games and several other grounds around Brisbane were also out of action.

Well done to all those who did play, many played in wet conditions which wasn’t ideal, however, they did get to play a game at the end of the day. Villanova won all aggregate games against St Peter’s last weekend which was good for our aggregate standings. Unfortunately, the abandoned games at Villanova Park will have a significant negative impact on our standings.

It was pleasing to hear a positive report from the Third XI coach, Mr Rob Cole over the weekend. Both the Villanova and St Peter’s teams thoroughly enjoyed their game of cricket. Perhaps it may not have been the most skilful game, however, the obvious enjoyment and friendship shown by both teams was remarkable. Although, we speak of ‘winning and aggregates’ this game was an example of how an AIC cricket game can be played with fun and participation being in the fore-front. So much so that both teams wanted to share a photo together at the end of the day to capture their positive experience. Students certainly wouldn’t be looking towards the international teams nowadays to set the example. Well done to both teams!

The Third XI cricket teams from Villanova and St Peter’s enjoying the game.

The First XI showed that they have what it takes by winning a not so easy game against St Peters in tricky conditions. This result has set up a First XI grand final this weekend – Villanova against Ashgrove at Villanova Park. I’m hoping as many spectators as possible can come out and support our team.  In fact, we have many teams across the board who will be playing for a premiership this weekend including:  First XI, Second XI, Third XI, Fourth XI, 10C, 9B, 9C, 8B, 8C, 7A, 7B and the 7C team. On behalf of the entire community I wish all these teams the very best!

This weekend as we face Ashgrove in the final round of cricket, I challenge all teams to deliver their best.  The aggregate will certainly be up for grabs and all teams must aim up and do their bit. We proved in our trial matches earlier this season that we are more than capable of beating Ashgrove. We would expect our boys to turn up this weekend with confidence to give of their very best for themselves, their mates and the College. Good luck boys and enjoy!

Cricket Team Photos – Saturday 17 March

Please be advised that team photos will be taken for all cricket teams playing at Villanova Park this Saturday 17 March. All players are to be dressed in the full and correct Villanova cricket uniform (no club hats or shirts). Photos will be taken under the score board on the Andrew Slack Oval. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time.

First XI players are required to bring their College blazer for the team photo.

Team                            Photo Time                              Game Time

  • 10 C                             7:15am                                    8:00am
  • 10 A                             7:25am                                    8:15am
  • 10 B                             7:35am                                    8:15am
  • First XI                          8:00am                                    9:30am
  • Second XI                     12:05pm                                  1:00pm
  • Third XI                        12:15pm                                  1:00pm
  • Fourth XI                      12:25pm                                  1:00pm

AIC Cricket Results v St Peters

Villanova College – Cricket Results – Round 6 v SPLC





First XI SPLC W 1/110 7/109
Second XI SPLC W 0/49 9/47
Third XI SPLC W 1/232 10/58
Fourth XI ASH Fifth XI W 153 10/18
Fifth XI ASH Fourth XI L 6/98 9/231
10A SPLC W 0/69 9/68
10B SPLC W 0/38 9/37
9A SPLC D Wash out
9B SPLC D Wash out
9 Gold ASH 9C L 10/70 3/121
8A SPLC D Wash out
8B SPLC D Wash out
8C Ash Gold D Wash out
8 Gold ASH Green D Wash out
8 White ASH White D Wash out
7A SPLC D Wash out
7B SPLC D Wash out
7C ASH Gold W 6/85 5/84
7 Gold ASH Green L 3/77 6/104
7 White ASH White L 8/44 0/45
7 Green Pad Green D Wash out
6A SPLC W 119 118
6B SPLC W 4/147 4/72
6C ASH Gold L 7/54 6/118
6 Gold ASH Green L 1/67 1/68
6 White IONA Green W 2/87 4/71
6 Green ASH Blue L 10/47 2/59
5 A SPLC W 4/142 6/59
5 B SPLC W 6/112 9/73
5C ASH Gold L 94 103
5 Gold Iona White D Wash out
5 White ASH Blue D 67 67
5 Green Iona Black D Wash out


AIC Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

Volleyball games against SPLC are always of the unknown and last weekend’s games are testament to that.  With six wins out of 17, Villanova will need to bring their ‘A’ game when they take on the might of Marist Ashgrove this weekend.  Players in all games displayed a good level of skill during the long rallies that took place between both teams.  Both Villanova and SPLC were never going to leave anything in the tank – balls were chased off court and hit back into play on a very tight angle as well as consistency in using three hits to ensure the team were kept in the point.

All Villanova teams will need to find another level to challenge themselves as they approach this week’s round against Marist Ashgrove. Players should maintain consistency in serving, communicating with each other on court and use three hits. Varying the serve to the opposition was a key factor in games against SPLC and it will need to continue during games this round.  If there is a time to do something right, now is the time, so, come on Villanova, stand up this weekend and make every point count; every set count and every game count.  Stay positive and focused on what you need to do on the volleyball court.

All players are asked to give their playing shirt (including libero shirt) to their coach at the end of their game on Saturday.  Please ensure you bring another shirt to change into.

Volleyball Canteen Roster

Goold Hall – Rd 7 v ASH – 17 March

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son is rostered on for court duty, or during pre-game warm up as per the schedule below:

Time Parents to assist
7.30am 11B
8.30am Third VI, 10C
9.30am 11A, 10B
10.30am 10A, Second VI
11.30am First VI
12.30pm Any parents who are willing to assist


AIC Volleyball Results v St Peters

Volleyball Results – Round 6 v SPLC
Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
First VI SPLC L 0 3
Second VI SPLC L 1 2
Third VI SPLC L 1 2
11A SPLC L 0 2
11B SPLC W 2 0
10A SPLC W 2 1
10B SPLC L 0 2
10C SPLC L 0 2
9A SPLC L 1 2
9B SPLC W 2 1
9C SPLC W 2 1
8A SPLC W 2 1
8B SPLC L 1 2
8C SPLC L 1 2
8Gold SPLC Wash out
7A SPLC L 0 3
7B SPLC L 0 3
7C SPLC W 2 1
7Gold SPLC Wash out


AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Coordinator

It has come that time of term where we have our last round of games for the 2018 AFL season and what a season it has been. A huge congratulation must go to both our Year 6 teams who have managed to play themselves into a Grand Final. Both games will be on the main oval at the normal times of 8am and 9am. Unfortunately, our Year 5 teams just missed out, with the 5A team only finishing third because of percentage.

All teams have their final games this weekend, so I would like to say a huge thank you to all parents, supporters and especially players for this season. It has been a fantastic year from all involved and certainly would not have been possible without the help of Mr Conlan, who has been a great help to myself and the Year 6 boys and has truly shown his passion and dedication to Villanova AFL.

On behalf of Matt Conlan and myself I would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported, driven and encouraged us throughout the season.  It is truly appreciated – thank you for a fantastic AFL season.

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Coordinator

Chess has been gaining momentum before our first trial match against St Laurence’s in Week 9 and permission letters will soon come home for students to attend. All C teams will play on the night.

Coaching sessions have been continuing before school on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7.30 but will not continue during Week 9 and 10 of Term 1 because of block exams.  They will recommence on the first Wednesday of Term 2.  Junior trials are now being conducted on Thursday mornings from 7.30 in T10.  A second trial against St Patrick’s will be undertaken at the start of the term and then competition will commence.  If students have any special dietary needs, please inform me of this as afternoon tea is usually provided.

The boys are transported to away games by bus to the venue and then returned to Villanova College where you will be able to meet them for collection. Games are usually finished by about 7.00pm at the latest. Any queries please contact Mrs England or Mrs Warren.

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trial Season Schedule

The complete Year 5 – 12 rugby and football training schedule has been published. This schedule is posted on the College’s website under the AIC Rugby and the AIC Football sections.

For teams training at Villanova Park please be aware that the buses will leave straight after school outside the front of the school in Sixth Avenue.  A teacher will then escort groups onto the buses Players are asked to get changed into their training gear at Villanova Park. Students are asked not to wear boots on the bus. Parents are to collect players between 5:15pm and 5:30pm from Villanova Park – no later please.

Date Claimers (as per College Calendar)

AIC Rugby and Football Trial Games – Date Claimers

Monday 19 – Thursday 22 March (Rugby and football training begins at Villanova Park for all Year 7 -12 teams, Year 5 and Year 6 teams will train back at the College)

Saturday 24 March AIC Year 5 – 12 rugby and football v SLC (full school trial)

Wednesday 28 March, First XV trial v Iona and First XI and Second XI trial v SPLC (after school)

Saturday 21 April AIC Year 5 – 12 rugby and football v SPC (full school trial)

Villanova Rugby and Football Uniforms – 2018

All students from Years 5 – 12 in both rugby and football must purchase the Villanova College rugby and football uniform in readiness for the up-coming season. This includes shorts, jersey and socks. The Villanova College Uniform Shop has all rugby and football gear available for purchase.

IMPORTANT:  All boys who signed up for rugby and football WILL make a team therefore, parents can purchase these items knowing their son/s will be in a side.

Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • Villanova rugby jersey
  • Villanova rugby shorts
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Mouthguards compulsory
  • Head gear optional
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets /jumpers are permitted)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • Villanova football jersey
  • Villanova football shorts (not the PE shorts/ not the basketball shorts)
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Shin guards compulsory
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets/jumpers are permitted)

Please Note:  Football players must wear the Villanova football shorts not the Villanova basketball shorts, which do look similar.  The rugby and football socks are the same.

What to Wear at Rugby and Football Training?

Rugby:  Any jersey (preferably not the Villanova jersey), rugby shorts and boots. Mouthguards are compulsory, and headgear is optional. Please do not wear the Villanova sports shirt or PE shorts, they will get ripped.

Football – Any jersey and football shorts, shin pads and boots compulsory.

Additional Information – Junior School Rugby and Football Trials

The rugby and football training times are locked in and will stay the same for the entire season. We have tried to have year levels train together to make team changes easier.   Please be patient as the process of team selections will take a number of games to get right as there are many boys from different schools and clubs and boys changing from one sport to another that will change the dynamics of selections and team make-ups. Your patience and support of coaches through the Junior years will make the sport more enjoyable for all concerned.

First IV Tennis Training Squad

Many of our top tennis players have been invited to attend a First IV pre-season tennis training program which commences next Wednesday 21 March. Those who have been invited are asked to complete and hand back their ‘statement of player commitment’ form to the Sports Office by tomorrow.

AIC Cross Country – Year 5 – 12

All information regarding the AIC cross country season is now posted in the AIC Cross Country section on the website. This information includes the commencement date, time and venues for training, coaches contact details and much more. We encourage all boys to attend.

Junior School Cross Country

On Wednesday March 28, the Junior School will conduct their Cross Country at Villanova Park.   Boys will run a 2km course for both Years 5 and 6 under the supervision of Junior School staff. The first race (Year 5) will begin at 9:30am, shortly followed by the Year 6 race. We will be expecting all students to complete the course regardless of their running ability. If for some reason, you do not want your son to compete over the cross-country course, please send a note to the Junior School Office prior to March 28.

This run will serve as a selection trial for the Lytton District cross country nominations and the train on squad for the AIC Cross Country Team. The first four U10 and U11 runners home will be nominated for the Lytton District Cross Country Trial to be held at Villanova Park on 26 April, while the U12 runners will be compared with the Year 7, U12 students who are also eligible to be selected.  The top 20 runners home in each race will be invited to train with the AIC Cross Country Squad and will be given notes regarding training and commitments. The season schedule is posted on the website under the AIC Cross Country section now.

Lytton District and Composite District Trials

Representative Program Pathway (Villanova Runners Club). Boys who are keen to try-out for the Lytton and Composite District Cross Country teams are advised of these important dates:

April 26 2018:  Lytton Trial to be held at Villanova Playing Fields, Tingalpa

April 27 2018:  Composite District Trial to be held at Iona College

June 5 2018:  Met East Trial to be held at John Paul College, Daisy Hill

July 21/23 2018:  State Championship – Sunshine Coast, Qld

The Met East Team is selected according to annual age groups i.e. 10 years, 11 years and 12 years. This means that some 12-year-old boys will be in Year 6 while others will be in Year 7. Those interested in trying out for this team are advised that Mr Lonergan will be commencing the Villanova Runners Club on Sunday 18 March 2018 (4 – 5pm). The Runners Club meets at the gate adjacent to the Cricket Clubhouse at the Whites Hill Reserve, Boundary Road Camp Hill. This activity, which includes Tabata and trail running is open to any person, student or adult, who wants to improve their fitness.

As the AIC Cross Country Championship will be held on Wednesday 8 August 2018, Villanova Juniors will commence training on 14 May 2018. This provides a 12-week season (including holiday training) more than enough for boys in Year 5 and Year 6.

First Basketball Trials – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Coordinator

The Villanova Basketball Program is up and running with three high performance squads beginning some preliminary skill training. The players are very lucky to have two expert coaches taking the Cub, Sabre and Wildcat sessions to help harness their skill work. Murry Aldred runs the High-Performance sessions, has been the Head Coach of the National Intensive Training Program and is the Coaching Director of the Brisbane Capitals. Tom Kyle is also back working with our players after being the First V coach at Villanova many years ago. Tom has been working as Head Coach of the Australian Gliders team and now works for Basketball Queensland in their coaching development ranks. We are very lucky to have men of such high calibre working with our boys.

The First V selection trials will be coming up at the end of the term to allow all players the opportunity to trial for selection in the team.

The dates are:

  • Wednesday 21 March – 3.15pm – 5.00pm
  • Thursday 22 March – 00pm – 7.00pm
  • Monday 26 March – 3.15pm – 5.00pm

It is hoped that all players can make these three sessions, but we are aware that rugby and football training is on, so we are happy to negotiate these times. All players must email their interest through to Mr Sean O’Neill to be included for selection in the trials.

Skoolbag App Notifications

 Please be advised that the usual Skoolbag notification alerts have not been operating as normal over the past 2 weeks. Messages are posted with regards to cancellation or confirmation of events, however, the beeping alerts has not been sounding on phones. The College is seeking to solve this problem with the Skoolbag administration. In the meantime, please access the app on your phone and open up the alerts within this app to find all the latest updates and messages.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport 

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Parent Information

eLearning News, Tuckshop & Library

eLearning News – Parent Information Evening – “Parenting with Technology in the Age of Social Media’ – Monday 19 March

I am pleased to report that over 180 parents have already registered to attend next week’s “Parenting with Technology in the Age of Social Media” parent education event on Monday 19 March from 6:30 – 8:30pm in the Hanrahan Theatre.

As a primer for this event, please take 5 minutes to watch Brett Lee (Internet Safe Education and Family Zone mentor/ambassador) present the strategies and tactics online sex offenders use to identify and single out victims. In this example, you will be surprised how much private family data Brett is able to extract on an average family of 4 children in New Zealand – and who the unsuspecting family member was who disclosed so many family secrets!

Brett Lee is our second speaker at the parent event. His presentation will cover 5 essential guidelines for parents to follow to help support children and teenagers using connected devices. Brett’s presentation will follow Detective Grant Hughes, from Task Force ARGOS, covering the latest information about cyber safety, online sex offender strategies, online grooming  and the dark web.

It is not too late to RSVP for this free event. Please click the following link and complete this short form:

Regarding the planned “break-out sessions” following the presentations – the numbers are too great to coordinate this effectively. Therefore, I will share walkthrough videos and printable guides with families next week as an alternative. As such, please DO NOT bring laptops to the event. Replacing these break-out sessions will be an open parent forum where you are invited to ask questions to our guest presenters – no doubt questions that other parents share.

I trust the event will be a great opportunity for the parent community to come together and collectively learn as much as possible to be better able to guide and support our children using laptops and connected devices in the age of social media.

Mr Jason Lane, eLearning Pedagogy Leader

Tuckshop Roster

















































































































Library Roster


Beth Reid


Cristina Palacios


Denise Smith (after tuckshop)

Jaclyn O’Shea


Kelly Stassi (after tuckshop)


Jane Wipps

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Calendar of Events

International Carnival, Sports Club Lunch, and 70th Anniversary Gala Ball

International Carnival – 17 March


2018 Villanova Sports Club Lunch – 25 May  

Book tickets here.


Villanova College 70th Anniversary Gala Ball – 28 July

The Villanova College Parents and Friends Association invites parents of the college to come and celebrate this special milestone year at a gala night, designed just for you.

Dance the night away while enjoying the beautiful surrounds of Moda Events at Portside Wharf, with elevated waterfront views of the Brisbane River and city skyline.

The Early Bird ticket price for the night is $155 per person and includes a tantalising food and beverage package that is sure to delight. Featuring a range of sumptuous canapés on arrival, entrée and main course, a decadent selection for a delicious dessert bar and a prestige beverage package complete with a selection of fine wines and craft beers.

To book your table of 10, simply visit the Trybooking website via  nominate your table captain and you’re set for a night to remember.

Don’t have a table of 10? No problem! Just email the Ball Committee on and we will endeavor to seat you with other parents from your year level.

Tickets go on sale Thursday 19 April 2018. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out! Get your friends together and come celebrate the college’s 70th year in style.

Want to stay up-to-date on this special event? Join the Villanova College 70th Anniversary Ball Facebook group.

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Archive Anecdotes

From the Archives – Villanova’s first College Prospectus

Villanova College, Whinstanes – Day School for Catholic Boys – Opened on February 2nd, 1948.

Prospective parents were given this very important first Prospectus outlining the importance of St. Thomas of Villanova, and containing a letter blessing the Augustinian Fathers for opening the College from the Most Rev. J. Duhig, Archbishop of Brisbane.

It talked of the Aim of the School, Religious Training, Discipline, Dramatics and Debating, the College Colours and Uniform, and Parental Co-operation – all relevant to our boys of 2018!


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