Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,
As we come to the end of the third week of Term 1, it is timely to check how your son is settling into the challenges of the new year. For our younger students there has been many exciting challenges thrown their way with camp, swimming carnivals and sports as well as schoolwork. For our older students, the classroom work has well and truly begun.

Now is the time for our students to establish the good habits that will provide a solid foundation for the year. Students should have a place to study and work that is not their bed.  The study space does not need to be away from the normal family traffic. The dining table is fine.  Being visible to all in the family holds our young men to account when completing homework and study. Mobile phones should be away from the workspace and on charge. Study and homework should be ‘chunked’ into 30 minutes sessions with a short break in between.

Getting organised for many students will require assistance and our Pastoral Area Leaders and teachers are happy to provide support to students to develop timetables and study programs. If your son needs assistance, please direct him to the Pastoral Area Leader for his year level.

Year 5 and 6:  Mr Callum Hackett
Year 7:  Mr Ben Lynam
Year 8:  Mr Matt McGrath
Year 9:  Mr Alex Sullivan
Year 10:  Mr Sean O’Neill
Year 11:  Mr Blake McLauchlan
Year 12:  Mr Tony Rolls

Volunteers at the College
Villanova College takes its responsibilities for Student Safety and Privacy seriously. The College is implementing procedures requiring all volunteers who work in any capacity in any area of the College to complete Child Protection and Privacy Training. To undertake the training, the volunteer is required to provide an email address to their supervisor. College Compliance Officer, Mrs Kath Hackett will assign the training package to each volunteer for completion. The training package is completed online. Once the training is completed the volunteer and the College receives notification the training has been finalised.

Thank you for your understanding in completing the necessary training in these two important areas of compliance.

Graduates’ Celebration and Scholars’ Assembly
This Thursday evening, we welcome back to the College the 2020 Year 12 students and their parents to congratulate the students who achieved first place in their academic subjects as well as the Proxime Accessit and Dux of the College. These young men have excelled at their studies and deserve our congratulations for their achievements. We are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of the students with their families.

On Friday 12 February, our College community will celebrate the academic achievements of the students from Semester 2, 2020 at a special Scholars’ Assembly to be held in Goold Hall at 10.30am.  We have invited the 12 students from Year 12, 2020 who achieved an ATAR Score of 99.0 or better to be present and the Dux of the College will be speaking to the students and encouraging them to set goals for their academic success as well as providing advice as to how best to achieve those goals.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Teaching and Learning

Parent Information Evenings and Key Messages
The past two weeks have seen a series of parent information evenings held across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. All have delivered key messages based on the specific year level. Further information with regards to the postponed events will be sent home to parents in due time.

Of the key messages, there is one that is common to all. This is the message of early organisation. Regardless of the specific area – whether it be classwork, homework, study or revision – being organised gives structure to the task at hand, allows students to be efficient with their time and promotes productivity. Whilst your son is assisted with his organisation by his teacher when in class, sometimes the independent nature of completing work at home without constant adult supervision can be difficult.

What can you as a parent/guardian do this year to assist your son in managing his time at home effectively?

  1. GET ORGANISED STRAIGHT AWAY: As soon as your son arrives home, have him unpack his bag and lay out his work before he has a break and something to eat. It is easier to get started if everything is ready to go.
  2. PRIORITISE AND PLAN: Before he starts work, encourage your son to write a list of what needs to be done and what order he will do it. Have him focus on what is most important, not just what subject he likes best. Ask him to write down how long he thinks each task will take to do.
  3. DEVELOP THINKING PATHWAYS: Regularly tell your son that it is all about learning. He needs to look beyond the actual content and to what type of skill this homework might be developing in him; analysing, critical thinking, writing skills, or problem-solving skills for example.
  4. CHUNK TIME INTO FOCUSED BLOCKS: Encourage your son to work in 20 – 30 minute blocks with no distractions during that time. Switch off the television and make sure he turns his phone off. When students just focus on the work that needs to be done, they will be amazed at how much work can be completed. Of course, if your son is ‘on a roll’, he can keep working past the 30 minutes.
  5. ALTERNATE AND CHIP AWAY: If there is a task your son really does not want to do then have him alternate this with a task he enjoys doing. For example, 15 minutes on the homework he likes, five minutes on the homework he would like to forget about. When he chips away at it, he will be surprised how quickly he can get through the work.

Scholars’ Assembly
The College is looking forward to welcoming back a number of our Year 12 graduates from 2020 for our annual Scholars’ Assembly tomorrow (12 February). During this assembly, we will also be congratulating our academic award winners from Semester 2, 2020. Award winners have been notified and are to be dressed in academic uniform. More information and photographs will be in next week’s Villa View.  A reminder that parents of students receiving awards need to have registered via the electronic form sent home last week and that COVID restrictions mean that only one registered parent for each award winner is able to attend. Please ensure that sign in is completed at the door of Goold Hall and social distancing amongst parents is observed.

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning


Tuesday of this week was international Safer Internet Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the dangers and risks involved when we use the internet to play games, communicate socially, shop online, and find information.

On this day there was a national “Fake News, Real Harms” webinar hosted by the Office of the Esafety Commissioner. Due to our extensive camp program Villanova College students were unable to engage in the program in real-time with other independent schools around the country. However, our younger students in Years 5 – 7 will have the opportunity to participate in a similar workshop later in Term 1.

Do parents have a role to play in Safer Internet Day? Absolutely. Thankfully, the Office of the Esafety Commissioner hosts a regular series of parent and carer workshops online. Go to and follow the links to register for any of these free and interactive sessions. It is not too late to register for eSafety’s guide to cyberbullying and online drama parent webinar on 15 February from 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm and the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence parent webinar on 22 March from 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm.

If you prefer to browse and explore important issues for parents at your own pace then visit this page and look at the “big issues” facing families at present –

Online gaming, sexting, grooming, and cyber bullying perspectives are presented in a direct, supportive and informative manner.

BYOD Facebook page
Please subscribe to our BYOD Facebook page. Throughout this year I will be posting Esafety webinar reminders for parents, as well as guides to help support your son using his BYOD laptop. Subscribe/like the page at

Bookmark BYOD
Encourage your son to be responsible for managing his own laptop where possible and appropriate. The best place to start is with bookmarking the College BYOD web site at – this site has easy-to-access guides for using OneNote, OneDrive, setting up the PaperCut printer at school, and much more to come. Access requires College authentication – your son will be able to view any guides and pages after he signs into the site.

Mr Jason Lane,  eLearning Pedagogy Leader


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Junior School

Teaching for thinking – on the weekend these three words came to my attention.  The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) posted an article last Friday (Queensland schools need to develop essential critical thinking, experts say – ABC News that included some key considerations for learning:

  1. Critical thinking needs to be taught through improved ways in schools.
  2. The “Thinking Project” at the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project – University of Queensland ( is working to actively assist teachers in pedagogy that will help our learners improve their problem-solving abilities.
  3. Adults need to shift the idea of the classroom being a place where knowledge is transmitted to one where students are learning to inquire meaningfully into the curriculum.

There are 21st Century skills which need the time and space to be explored in our classrooms.  These skills are crucial for future employment – for currently unknown careers our Junior School students will aspire to work in when they graduate in 2027-2028.  There are four Cs – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.  Each requires continued practice, refinement, and mastery over the educative experience.  It is the “how” we work, combined carefully with the “what” we need to learn.  At Villanova College, we are always working towards how best to combine these skills within our teaching, learning, assessment and pastoral care.  Our spaces in the St Thomas Learning Centre foster the ability for such skills to be an everyday focus – organising belongings, making best decisions for work groups, meeting check-in points for tasks, reflecting on our learning and what can be changed for next time – the list goes on.  It is very reassuring to know that current research and conversations reinforce the years of planning we have put into the flexible classrooms we work in today.

I write to you all from the Year 6 camp at Noosa.  The weather shines upon us, and the staff and students are very busy with activities that foster friendships and trust.  We welcome with open arms Chase who has joined us this very week in the Junior School.  With Year 6, comes the wisdom of Year 5, but I do understand that we still all have a few nerves about leaving home and travelling to a new place.  It is amazing what being on the bus is like – songs, chants and conversations flow easily.  There is excitement in catching a ferry across to camp.  After 2020, the boys know that they can indeed work from the gear in their bags across wet and dry activities.  Sunscreen, sweat and insect repellent combine to make the ultimate deodorant only an 11-year-old can create.  This is the time and place for boys to enjoy – learning about themselves and each other without the distractions of bells and books.

The past three weeks have provided an introduction to College life.  I am certain that there have been speed bumps despite the best intentions of all people involved.  With confidence, I know that we all have the best intentions when it comes to our main priority – the boy in the green and gold.  Having spent time in his classroom, meeting various teachers and staff, and now having completed the camp experience, on Monday we all begin the more formal part of the learning for Term 1.  Routines and expectations will become clearer as will the behaviour and achievement of the students within our care this year.  With the highest support, we will all endeavour to stay positive and continue to set goals for the boys to work towards.  Each individual will have their successes and challenges – the idea of perfection is a myth and best left to TV shows and the movies.  Our best efforts, under the circumstances we all face each day, is all we can hope for.  Our Focus of the Week “Support your Classmates” could not be timelier, nor appropriate.  In fact, it is one for every week of every year as Villanovans are lifelong mates and learners.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

This week our Year 7s and Year 8s have started their camp experience for 2021, with more classes to follow in the coming weeks. As each new school year commences, camps play an important role in helping boys to establish new relationships with their classmates and teachers. 


This has been evident in the plethora of smiles and laughs that have filled the Currimundi campsite this week. But being away from home can be a challenge for some boys, and being out of our comfort zones can always create a vulnerability that requires both peer and teacher support. Again, I’ve been exceptionally pleased with the classes who have attended thus far in the way they have supported one another. 


The Year 7s have enjoyed a variety of activities including archery, circus skills, body boarding, rock climbing and an alpine rescue challenge. The Year 8 boys have been mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding and completing initiative challenges. 

Each of the activities have focused on building teamwork, demonstrating and developing initiative, and effective communication. These important skills are transferrable to all aspects of our lives, and most certainly the classroom.

I thank the classes this week for the amazing way they have engaged in the camp experience and I’m looking forward to welcoming next week’s groups.

For highlights from the camps, check out the Middle School Instagram page: vnc_middle_school

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School


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Senior School

Paul Dillon Parent Information Night
Next Monday, all Senior School students will have the opportunity to listen to renowned drug education expert Mr Paul Dillon during three separate sessions targeting each year level. The College has retained the services of Mr Dillon for a number of years, such is our strong commitment to regular drug and alcohol education for our young men.

Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) Paul has been contracted by many agencies and organisations across the country to give regular updates on current drug trends within the community. He continues to work with many school communities across the country to ensure that they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education.

On Monday night, Paul will present to parents who are interested in practical ways to keep their son safe from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The presentation is entitled: Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs: What’s happening, what’s out there and how much influence do parents really have? The presentation aims to empower parents with a positive message and assist them in having open and honest family discussions in this complex area. This talk for parents will take place at 6pm in Hanrahan Theatre. I strongly encourage parents of Senior School students to attend.

10 Things That Require Zero Talent But Can Still Lead To Success
At this week’s Parent Information Evenings, I shared a slide about the attributes that our young men can all apply which can lead to improved outcomes in their learning and personal development. According to author Brigette Hyacinth, there are ten behaviours that require zero talent yet can have a huge impact in shaping success. They are:

  1. Being on Time – Being on time takes zero talent and shows discipline. It gives a good first impression.
  2. Work Ethic –  Doing your work with honesty and dedication will take you to new heights. Take pride in the quality of the work you are doing.
  3. Effort – Give your everything when you do something. Always do your best.
  4. Body Language –Your body language speaks volumes about you.
  5. Energy (Motivation) – Focus on your goals. If you know your “Why” it will be easier to stay motivated.
  6. Attitude – Having a positive attitude is essential to do creative work. Your attitude determines the course of your life. When you are negative, you act as a roadblock in the path of your success.
  7. Passion- The enthusiasm you show when you are passionate about something is easily noticeable and can rub off on others. Being passionate about something also gives you the ability to endure in times when things may not be going your way.
  8. Being Coachable – Be always open to learning. You can never know everything. To increase your chances of success, you need to be a continuous learner.
  9. Doing Extra – Doing something extra will not cost you much but it will definitely add a lot to your character and make you stand above the crowd.
  10. Being Prepared – “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Always be prepared, formulate a plan before you do something.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being.” – Carl Rogers

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News

Living Gratefully and Walking Humbly!
It has been a big week at Villanova, camps, swimming carnivals, and grief and loss rippling through our community due to the sudden death of one of our new Year 7 students.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Nepean-Hutchinson family and Karmichel’s classmates.

Last week I posed again the questions of our Academic mass which Fr Peter had placed before us:

Where, when and how do we hear God’s call in our lives?
When are we invited to listen deeply and to respond using our gifts?
How will we do this in 2021? 

As the term gets underway the enthusiastic and committed students in our Ministry groups have been gathering at Villa to launch into their sign-up week which begins on Monday 15 February.  As the year commences with all the different extra-curricular activities and opportunities in the College, we hope all students will consider their involvement in some aspect in our Ministry groups across this year.  Being involved can range from leadership roles; attending lunchtime meetings; assisting with fundraisers or actions both during school breaks and beyond.  These programs are student driven and student led.  They are a great way to make a difference in practical and systemic ways.

The following outlines the different groups and what they do.

Ministry Description
Green Team The Green Team is passionate about all issues concerning the environment and care for our common home such as recycling, litter, planting of vegetation and sustainability.
AFAS (Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity) AFAS looks to assist the poor and marginalised in the Philippines. This is achieved by promoting solidarity and partnerships with communities in the Philippines that Villanova students and staff support through visits on immersions and through fundraisers to support these communities.  In 2021 we had hoped to visit, and this is not possible due to COVID, but these communities continue to need our support and so grateful of our contact with them.
Vinnies The St Vincent de Paul ministry raises awareness and fundraises to support some of the most vulnerable members of our wider community. Some of these projects include: fundraising to support Emmanuel City Mission homeless outreach, organising baskets of groceries for families and individuals at risk in our community, participating in a sleep-out experience in solidarity with those experiencing homelessness.
YAYM (Young Augustinian Youth Ministries) This ministry is for students in the Middle School who are interested in voicing their ideas for better the school and broader community through fundraising projects as well as outreach to the elderly with their work to support residents of Duhig Village nursing home.
YCS (Young Christian Students) Students in YCS have traditionally engaged with Year 5 and 6 students through lunchtime games that promote belonging and wellbeing.  In 2020 the group expanded to look at the promotion of good mental health in the College and will continue to do this in 2021.


In addition to the school-based ministry groups there are opportunities to volunteer and serve in the wider community.  There will be an opportunity in coming weeks for senior students to express their interest in participating in the following projects.

Event Description
Rosies homeless outreach Student and teacher volunteers go out with the Rosies outreach van to have a chat and cup of tea with those experiencing homelessness in Brisbane City.
Emmanuel City Mission homeless drop in centre As needed groups of students and teachers have been working with Emmanuel City Mission drop in centre to cook a meal or chat to those experiencing homelessness.

If you have any questions about these ministries or service opportunities please email myself or our Service Learning Coordinator, Ms Nicole Jones

Masses at Villa
We are so fortunate to have two Augustinians, Fr Peter and Fr Saldie, on our staff at Villanova College.  Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there is a Mass in the College Chapel at 8am.  Staff and students are welcome to attend.  In addition, all pastoral classes within the school are invited to make a special effort to come along to mass on an assigned morning. This provides all our students with an intimate experience of Eucharist with their peers.  If students and or/staff arrive after Mass starts you are still welcome to join in the Mass.

Ozanam Leadership Program
In recent years Vinnies Youth have offered places on the Ozanam leadership program for older students at Catholic high schools.  Both Luke Palmer, our current Student Council President, and Isaak Collie, our 2020 Ministry Captain, recently graduated from the program.  Luke Palmer shares the following reflections on his involvement in the program.

“Over the course of 2020, I had the pleasure of participating in St Vincent de Paul’s Ozanam Leadership Program (OLP), which is named after the founder of Vinnies, Frederic Ozanam. The program is organised by SVDP as a chance for students from different schools to come together and gather skills and experience in leadership, especially servant leadership. 2020 graduate Isaak Collie and I represented Villa and connected with many other students from schools across the region.

Unfortunately, like most things, the program ended up vastly different than how it was originally planned due to COVID, however there were still many great events which made the program worthwhile. Although I could not attend all the events, I gained much from those I attended. We were given the chance to volunteer on the September holidays Buddies Day program, as big buddies to many younger participants. About 15 of us volunteered for the Zillmere program, where about 30 kids attended across the two-day camp. Through the course of many activities, including soccer and arts and crafts, we established a bond with the participants and had an enjoyable, eye-opening and educational time.

During our Advocacy Day, we packed Christmas hampers which had been donated by schools in the local area. This time was valuable for getting to know each other, as well as learning about the importance of the work of the community in assisting each other. This learning demonstrated how easy it is to show an act of leadership in our community and also reinforced the importance of the work of our Vinnies, as well as our other ministries, at Villa.

In amongst these events, we had leadership development evenings and thought-provoking discussions on how to lead ourselves and others for the benefit of all. The skills I learned will assist me in being an effective servant leader in my role of Student Council President, and in any future positions of leadership I may find myself in. It was a very enjoyable program, and it was great that Vinnies still gave us the opportunities they did, despite a challenging 2020.”

Anthony Forshaw, Vinnies Youth Coordinator; Luke Palmer and Isaak Collie.Sunday readings at home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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During the first week of school the College hosted its first Sports Assembly for the year. This assembly provided an opportunity as a College community to publicly acknowledge those who will represent Villanova in the AIC AFL, Cricket and Volleyball this season. It was also our chance to present to the College our First Volleyball, AFL and Cricket teams and captains for 2021.

Well done to the following boys on their appointments this year.

First VI Volleyball Captain 2021:   Thomas Boxall
First XI Cricket Captain 2021:   Louis Henderson
First XVIII AFL Captain 2021:  Riley McNaughton

Assemblies are an opportune time for me to address the boys and speak to them about getting involved, enjoying sport and to reiterate the College’s expectations of all its students regarding sport before the official AIC season begins.

The way we wear our uniforms, conduct ourselves at school and in public, the way we play and train, the way we support each other and the attitude we have to want to give our very best among many other things is important to us at Villanova. We ask our boys to strive to be the best they can be in all facets not because they are asked but because they want to because they have a sense of pride in themselves and their school.

I also spoke about the importance of schoolwork and studies as being the highest priority for our boys. In amidst of our desire to be the best we can be with regards to our schoolwork. We should be mindful that Villanova, is not only concerned about your intellectual development but rather we promote the holistic development of each student.

Your son’s involvement in the College’s co-curricular program, whether that be sport, music or cultural, can assist him to develop as a person in many ways. Participation in sport can teach those involved about resilience, the importance of teamwork, trust in yourself and others, it can teach you about hard work and determination and outcomes, it is a way we can learn about success and failure, it teaches us about humility, sportsmanship, integrity, honour and pride. These elements support a student’s social and emotional development. The development of a student in these areas cannot be achieved through studying a book or gazing at a computer screen. You experience these things by doing.

Like all things in life, its best to achieve a balance. My simple message is this – I urge students to balance their studies with some co-curricular activities. Getting involved and enjoying these co-curricular activities will help them to develop into a stronger and more balanced person.

As we have just commenced the current AIC Trimester 1 sports season (including swimming, volleyball, cricket and AFL) the Sports Office has been busily working behind the scenes to get the next AIC Trimester 2 sports season (including rugby, football, cross country and chess) underway. In fact, many of the plans for next season have been in the pipeline since mid-last year.

This week we officially open the Online Sign-on process for those wishing to represent Villanova in AIC Rugby, Football, Chess and Cross Country. Please read further below information regarding this process. Note – the online sign-on will close on Friday 26 February.

Please note – some of our cricket, AFL and volleyball teams will have their team photo taken this weekend before their game. Those who do not have their photo taken this weekend will have them taken at a later date. Please find below the photo schedule for this weekend. We ask all players to arrive in time wearing the full and correct uniform. Those who turn up late will miss out on their photo.

This week we approach Round 3 of competition against Ashgrove. This will be a big round for all players, so I challenge all boys to ‘step up’ and produce their very best this weekend and show everybody the amount of pride they have in their College by the way you conduct yourself as a competitor and as a member of our College. Best wishes and enjoy!

Round 3 AIC Fixtures – Friday 12 and Saturday 13 February, AIC Cricket, AFL and Volleyball v Marist College Ashgrove (in the main draw) and Swim Meet at Centenary Aquatic Centre.
Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures v Ashgrove. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AFL, Cricket and Volleyball Photo ScheduleFriday 12 and Saturday 13 February 2021
The following team photos will be taken this weekend for AFL, Cricket and Volleyball. The boys will need to be at the photos 10 minutes before their scheduled time, dressed in their full sports attire. Any latecomers will miss out on being in the photo.

AFL Photos – Friday 12 February Coorparoo Field (trees next to Field 2)

Time AFL Team
4.00pm Opens

Cricket Photos – Saturday 13 February Kianawah Park (Wynnum Road end of Field 9)

Time Cricket Team
7.00am 5C
7.20am 9C
7.25am 5A
7.30am 5B
9.25am 5 Gold
12.25pm 8C

 Cricket Photos – Saturday 13 February Villanova Park (Behind the scoreboard next to Andrew Slack Oval)

Time Cricket Team
7.00am 7C
7.15am 9A
7.20am 9B
7.25am 7B
9.45am 7 Gold
12.15pm 8A
12.20pm 7A
12.25pm 8B
12.30pm 7 White

Volleyball Photos – Saturday 13 February Villanova College (Undercroft at Tuckshop)

Time  Volleyball Team
7.15am 8C
7.20am 7C
7.25am 7D
8.15am 8B
8.20am 7B
8.25am 8D
9.20am 8A
9.25am 7A
10.20am 9B
10.25am 9C
11.25am 9A

Of the 22 fixture games played last Saturday, Villanova came away with 20 wins. There were some outstanding performances with the bat and ball, and we have highlighted these performances in our team of the week which is listed below.

The First XI led from the top setting St. Peter’s a big target of 216 to chase and our bowlers made light work of their batsmen bowling SPLC out for 24 runs. The Second XI, 10A and 10B sides also bowled the opposition out cheaply for big wins, however it was the mighty Third XI who did not want the First XI to have all the glory. The Third XI scored 8/252 and bowled SPLC out in five overs for 11 runs. Ryan Walker was the star with the ball taking 3/1 (hat-trick).

The Year 6, 7, 8 and 9 teams bounced back from a tough week against Iona to post some solid wins and the Year 5 teams continued their great start to the season with all teams posting wins.

This week we will face a tough opposition against Marist College Ashgrove. I ask all players and coaches to focus on the challenge we face this Saturday. The opposition will be determined and wary – Villanova will be ready and waiting. Our aim is to take out the cricket aggregate this year and we believe we have the quality of teams to achieve our goal. All teams must produce their best this week, good luck and best wishes to all!

Villanova Team of the Week – Round 2

Player Team Statistics
Tom Rieck 10A 95 off 59 and 4/10
Lachlan Brown 9B 56
James Sullivan 10A 59 off 55
Christian Frederiksen 7A 40 not out
Josh Hollett 9B 50 not out
Hudson Donovan 8B 50
Sam Cotter 6A 28 not out off 21 balls and  3/2
Ben Jeffs First XI 4/10 (on a hat-trick twice)
Tom Anderson 9B 5/33
Akshay Karthikeyan 7B 6/5 (including a triple hat-trick)
Ryan Walker Third XI 3/1 (hat-trick)

 AIC Cricket Results

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC
First XI W
184- 99
7/216- 24
Second XI W
7/216- 7/197
130- 39
Third XI W
124- 123
8/252- 11
Fourth XI W
4/33- 32
10A W
4/135- 134
208- 36
10B L
206- 207
3/33- 32
10C L
98- Pad 2/99
2/99- 9/96
9A L
8/56- 4/174
7/91- 6/93
9B L
64- 135
9/163- 117
9C W
95- 94
8A L
94- 7/111
4/132- 6/131
8B W
8/100- 47
8C L
61- 62
1/100- 1/98
7A L
8/124- 8/154
5/167- 5/166
7B L
7/117- 8/147
5/33- 32
7C L
9/55- 3/60
1/53- 6/52
7 Gold L
64- 103
1/70- Iona 4/59
7 White W L
6A L
5/118- 9/163
5/197- 56
6B L
85- 88
145- 132
6C L
5/71- 6/91
6 Gold L
7/76- 7/108
5A W
8/182- 82
3/117- 54
5B W
7/121- 108
3/85- 6/82
5C W
4/76- 8/64
5 Gold W

3/78- 8/62

68- Pad 64
5 White W
3/91- 6/86
6/79- 6/78
5 Green W
9/102-  SLC 78
1/106- Iona 2/95

Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator

Last Friday evening was the second of our Friday evening meets in preparation for the AIC Championships.  There was a great turn out of younger swimmers, despite the Year 5’s being missing in action because of camp.  A special mention goes to Arlo King who, after attending camp, swam four events on the night and recorded a personal best time in each event.  Well done Arlo.   I would also like to congratulate the squad for their behaviour at the meets.  At the end of the Iona meet, the Villanova squad left the area very clean and tidy, without being asked.  Thank you to all the boys who were involved in the tidy up.

All boys who attend training and attend the Friday night meets will be considered as part of the team.  Swimmers who train at other squads, are still asked to attend the compulsory Friday morning training session, and as many of the other Villanova sessions as possible.  Training continues this week as usual, with the boys building in intensity toward the AIC Championships.  With less than two weeks left, it is imperative that the boys are swimming in as many training sessions as possible and competing at carnivals.  Please email the squad managers if there are any concerns about attendance at training.  In the next two weeks we must practice our relay change overs in particular, so will require our swimmers to be there.

With only two weeks left and therefore two Friday night meets available, we must have attendance at those meets to be able to record race times.  Managers and coaches are aware of conflicts such as camps and District competitions but if there is a problem attending Friday night meets please contact your team manager and let us know.  It is not acceptable for swimmers to attend the AFL as spectators, when they should be attending the swimming meets.  Please support us, by proving your commitment to the team in the final two weeks.  The 2021 swim season is very short, with the AIC Championships in the fifth week of term.

Tomorrow evening, we will be swimming at Centenary Pool against a number of different schools.  The bus will leave from the front of the school at 3.15pm, however we will need to be aware of the returning campers again.  The bus will return the swimmers to school about 6:30pm.  Due to COVID restrictions parents are not able to attend on the day.

Lost Property
A collection of lost property from the swimming meets has been accumulating in the Goold Hall foyer.  There is a range of towels, hats, shirts and shorts.  Lost property will be returned to the Sports Office on Monday mornings, but the boys will need to be responsible for checking it for their missing items.

AIC Swim Meet at Centenary Aquatic Centre

Date – Friday, 12 February – AIC Invitational Meet
Venue – Centenary Aquatic Centre, Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill
Time – Warm-up – 4.00pm; Start 4.15pm – 6.00pm
Bus – leave Villanova at 3.30pm, bus returns to Villanova at 6.30pm

NOTE – No parents are permitted to attend this event. All swimmers must catch the bus to and from the venue. Parents to collect their son from the front of the College at 6.30pm.

A full program can be found in the AIC Swimming sections on the College’s web page.

Note – If you are not able to attend the Friday carnival for any reason please contact myself or the relevant swim manager. Email –

2021 Senior, Middle and Junior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival
Last Wednesday, Villanova College held its annual Middle and Senior School Inter-house Swimming Carnivals at Langlands Pool, while the Junior School held theirs on the first Friday of term. On both days, the carnivals were divided into two championship and non-championship events. The championship events were keenly contested by members of our swimming squads. Inter-house rivalry was at its highest point during the King of the Pool events, with large participation rates from all year groups, trying to increase their overall house position.

Congratulations must go to the Murray House for an outstanding victories in both the Junior School and Middle School Carnivals. Well done to Heavey house for their victory in the Senior School Carnival. Overall, Murray House were crowned whole College House Swim Champions for 2021 – well done! Congratulations to Tyler Clelland who took out the King of the Pool event for Middle School and Nick Green who took out the King of the Pool event for Senior School.

Junior School Results                                                    

Junior School Results Middle School Results   Senior School Results   
Murray 834 Murray 499 Heavey 463
Crane 809 Goold 482 Murray 402
Heavey 755 Heavey 480 Goold 388
Goold 679 Crane 445 Crane 385


2021 Whole College Results
First Murray 1735
Second Heavey 1698
Third Crane 1639
Fourth Goold 1549

Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Sport Co-ordinator

Round 2 against St Peters proved to be a tough day of volleyball last Saturday. Many of the games played were tight and only decided by a few points. Whilst it is disappointing to not get the win in some of the games, it is still pleasing to note that our Villanova boys fought hard and competed right to the end.

Congratulations to the players and coaches that came away with the win against St Peters and to those sides who remain undefeated so far (First VI, 11B, 11C, 10B, 10C, 7C). Our First VI side kept their winning start to the season going with a thrilling five set victory for the second week in a row. Whilst they did it tougher than they would have liked they showed great composure and teamwork to come away with the win in what certainly was a heart-stopper of a fifth set. The tough competition will continue this week as we take on Ashgrove in Round 3. There is no doubt that all our teams will be well prepared and ready to go again this Saturday. Our Junior teams (Year 7 – 9) will be playing at home whilst our Senior (Year 10-Opens) will be playing away at Ashgrove. Please check the weekly fixtures for game times and venue.

Players are asked to be in the correct uniform for their games of volleyball on Saturday – no rugby or basketball shorts, no black socks.  Please check the College website for more information.

Please note that the Year 7 – 9 teams will have their team photos taken this Saturday. All players are asked to arrive in correct uniform and be present 10 minutes before their allocated photo time. Unfortunately, if players are late, they will miss out on the photo. Please check the schedule in the newsletter and the College website carefully to know when you are required. Other teams will have their photo taken in the coming weeks.

AIC Volleyball Results v St Peters Lutheran College

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC
First VI W 3-2 W 3-2
Second VI L 2-1 L 2-0
Third VI L 2-1 L 2-0
11 A L 2-0 L 2-0
11 B W 2-1 W 2-0
11C W 2-1 v SLC 11D W 2-0 PAD 11D
10A W 2-0 L 2-0
10B W 2-0 W 2-1
10C W 2-0 W 2-0
9A L 3-0 L 2-0
9B L 3-0 W 2-1
9C L 3-0 L 3-0
8A L 2-0 L 2-1
8B W 2-1 L 2-1
8C L 2-1 L 2-1
8 Gold L 3-0 W 3-0 SPC 8F
7A L 3-0 L 2-0
7B L 2-1 L 2-1
7C W 3-0 W 2-1
7 Gold L 2-1 W 3-0

Canteen Roster – Goold Hall, Round 3 v. Ashgrove (13 February, 2021)

We ask all parents to assist when their son is rostered on for court duty, or during pre-game warm up as per the schedule below:

Time Parents to Assist
7.45am 8c, 8D, 7C, 7D
8.45am 8B, 7B
9.45am 8A, 7A
10.45am 9B, 9C
11.45am 9A
12.45am Anyone able to assist

Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Co-ordinator

Another fantastic weekend of AFL at Villanova College with six wins and only one loss. Unfortunately, one of our youngest teams is still finding their feel for footy, but a win is only around the corner. To all other teams, it was terrific to see the sportsmanship and desire to win the contest shine through, with very commanding wins across all year levels. Our Open team continues to impress and for the first time have started the season 2 – 0.

This week we have some fierce competition against Marist College Ashgrove in the older years and St Pats in the younger years. We must be prepared for a physical game, so ensure you are putting in the effort on the track at training. I keep encouraging all players to turn up and show support in the appropriate way to all players and coaches. It is wonderful to feel the Villanovan spirit on the hill at Coorparoo supporting our exciting Open team.

Let us keep up the exceptional effort we have shown so far and work towards many more wins this weekend. Good luck to all players and coaches.

Team Rd  1 Rd 2




Year 8/9 W




Year 7 W




Year 6A W




Year 6B W




Year 5A W




Year 5B L




Trimester 2 Sport Sign-ons – Rugby, Football, Chess and Cross Country – Now Online!
All students who are interested in representing Villanova in AIC Rugby, Football, Cross Country and Chess in Term 2 from Year 5 – 12 must complete an online registration form –

Within the online form please tick your preference. Note that Rugby and Football will be played at the same time. Students who are eligible may choose either Rugby or Football as well as Chess and Cross Country.  Please see below all information pertaining to the up-coming Rugby and Football season.  This includes the commencement date of the trials as well as times and venues for all training.

IMPORTANT:  Students wishing to play AIC Rugby League in Term 3 must play either AIC Rugby Union or AIC Football in Term 2.

  • RUGBY UNION (Open to all students from Year 5 – 12) Games played on Saturday as per College Calendar.
  • FOOTBALL (Open to students from Year 5 – 12) Games played on Saturday as per College Calendar.
  • CHESS (selected students from Year 5 – 12) Games played on Friday afternoon/evening as per College Calendar.
  • CROSS COUNTRY (Open to all students from Year 5 – 12) Meets – Refer to College calendar.

We ask that all parents to complete this online registration alongside their son. Information regarding the student’s ID number, email address, parent’s email address, DOB and sport selection is required.

All nominations are due by Friday 26 February 2021.

We expect that when a boy commits to a team that he follows that commitment through until the end of season.  Both parents and players must acknowledge within the online sign-on form that they are aware of the College’s policies and expectations with regards to school sport. The College’s Selection Guidelines and Code of Conduct will also be found on the online sign-on form. Please note that school sport is given priority over club sport.

We hope to provide all A and B teams from Year 5 – 12 with two training sessions weekly, C teams and lower may only have one or perhaps two sessions depending on the coach. All games are played on Saturdays as per the College Calendar.

Any boy wishing to represent Villanova in either Rugby or Football must complete an Online Sign-on Form to register their interest –

The first training/trial session will occur the very first week after Round 7 of Cricket, AFL and Volleyball. That is, the week beginning Monday 15 March 2021.

Training times and venues for all Year 5 – 12 rugby and football teams are listed below. All Year 5&6 teams will train at Little Langlands or Whinstanes. Year 7 – 12 teams will train at Villanova Park. The College will provide bus transportation to Villanova Park for all teams. Parents are required to collect their son from Villanova Park after training. There will be no return bus service from Villanova Park.

Please see the divisions below. Note in each division the players will be graded from A, B, C etc. Opens will be graded from Firsts, Seconds, Thirds, etc.

Football – Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Opens
Rugby – Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Opens

AIC Rugby and Football Trial Games – Date Claimers 

  • Monday 15 – Friday 19 March (Rugby and Football training/trials begins at Villanova Park for all Year 7 – 12 teams, Year 5 and Year 6 teams will trial at Little Langlands/Whinstanes)
  • Saturday 20 March Internal AIC Rugby and Football Trials at Villanova Park (Firsts, Seconds and 10A rugby and football against Iona only, all other teams will trial internally at Villanova Park)
  • Saturday 27 March AIC Rugby and Football trial against SLC (full school trial – Year 5 – 12)
  • Saturday 24 April AIC Rugby and Football trial against SPC (full school trial – Year 5 -12)
  • Saturday 1 May – Round 1 – Saturday 12 June Round 7 as per College calendar

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trial Schedule
The below schedules will be applied all season. NOTE – some Year 5 and Year 6 training times could change depending on the coach’s availability, however, we will endeavour to keep to the schedules below:

Rugby Training

  •  Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 and Opens at Villanova Park 3.45 – 5.00pm, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Year 5 at Little Langlands, Tuesday afternoon 3.15pm – 4.30pm and Thursday mornings 6.45 -8.00am
  • Year 6 at Little Langlands, Tuesday mornings 6.45am – 8.00am and Thursday afternoons 3.15pm – 4.30pm

Football Training

  •  Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Third XI, Fourth XI and Fifth XI at Villanova Park 3.45 – 5.00pm, Monday and Wednesday afternoons
  • First XI and Second XI at Villanova Park 3.45 – 5.15pm Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Year 5 at Little Langlands, Monday afternoon 3.15pm – 4.30pm and Wednesday mornings 6.45 -8.00am
  • Year 6 at Little Langlands, Monday mornings 6.45am – 8.00am and Wednesday afternoons 3.15pm – 4.30pm

Rugby and Football – Coaches/Referees
If you have an interest in refereeing or coaching, please contact:

Year 5 – 12 Football – Anthony Kemp email:
Year 5 – 12 Rugby Chris Everding email:

Year 8 Rugby
Boys wishing to trial for the Year 8A rugby team are reminded that sessions will begin next Wednesday morning at Little Langlands from 6.30am – 7.40am. Players are to wear an old jersey, boots and bring a mouthguard.

More information regarding Chess will be supplied in the weeks to come. Trials will commence soon. Chess is played on Friday afternoon. Boys can participate in Chess, Cross Country and either Rugby or Football if they wish.

More information regarding Cross Country will be supplied in the weeks to come. Training will commence sometime before the end of term. The AIC Cross Country Championship will be held during school time in Term 2, on Wednesday 2 June. Boys can participate in Cross Country, Chess and either Rugby or Football if they wish.

Please find below a list of composite trial and nomination dates. All the necessary information regarding these trials is located in the Sports Office.

Sport Age group Return to the Sports Office
Football 17 – 19 Years 15 February
Swimming 10 – 19 Years 15 February
Basketball 16 – 18 Years 19 February

Parents are invited to email the Sports Office regarding the sporting achievements of their son at a Met East level or higher. Generally, we only advertise those achievements which follow the Queensland School Sport pathway and not club unless it is at a Queensland or national level. These achievements will be noted in this section from week to week.

Congratulations to Tom Feenstra and Joshua McDougall who both made the Met East 14 – 18 years Baseball team. These boys will participate in the Queensland State Championships in late March. Good luck and well-done boys!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Year 5 Immersion Program
Our Year 5 musicians had their first opportunity to engage with their allocated instrument for 2021 on Tuesday this week.  Across the day, the Augustine Centre resonated with the sounds of beginning instrumentalists – a wonderful thing to experience.  Students have all received loan agreements for school instruments.  Please ensure these are signed and returned to your class teacher as soon as possible.

A quick reminder that we commence rehearsals for Year 5 ensembles next Tuesday morning, 16 February.  Students are to arrive at the front of the Augustine Centre by 7.30am with their satchel.  Staff will meet the students and move them to the appropriate rehearsal space.

Rehearsals and Lessons Have Commenced…
All rehearsals and lessons have commenced.  If you have not received the appropriate information or are confused as to your son’s attendance requirements, please do not hesitate to contact the Music Office via email – – or via phone on 3394 5691.

The Term 1 rehearsal schedule is attached.  Please ensure your son is aware of the time and location of his sessions.

Music Support Group Meeting
The first Music Support Group Meeting for 2021 was convened on Monday 8 February.  The group met to discuss our support of the Wieneke Music Fund and associated bursary program, along with upcoming events for Term 1.  If you would like to receive the minutes from this meeting, please contact the Music Office for inclusion on our MSG Mailing List –

Opportunity to Participate
The Music community at Villanova welcomes all students interested in participating in ensemble or instrument/vocal tuition.  If your son would like to take lessons on an instrument this year, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or via email at for further information.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

It’s not too late to book!

AFAS Elders and Greg Cooley wines invites the Villanova Community to enjoy ‘ANYONE FOR TENORS – LA FORZA IN CONCERT’ on Cassiciacum Gardens (outside Veritas) this Saturday, February 13 commencing at 5.30pm. Bring your own picnic basket or order one when you book. Cashless bar operating-beer, Greg Cooley wines, soft drinks/water.

The concert sees three of Australia’s finest tenors perform right here at Villanova. Accompanied by a four-piece band with the Brisbane city skyline as the backdrop, this event supports the AFAS Elders Project to purchase a steriliser for the midwife/nurse on Kinatarcan Island. To purchase tickets, click here.

To read more about the Elders project to purchase a steriliser for the midwife/nurse on Kinatarcan Island click here.

In the event of inclement weather, the concert will be moved indoors.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop. Please click here for the Ash Wednesday Tuckshop Menu.

Please note that we are experiencing some issues with the student cards of boys new to Villanova. Could all boys new to the College please continue to use cash for tuckshop purchases until the issue has been rectified. Thank you.

Part-time, term-time (working 12 hours per week including Saturday).  Flexibility is a must with this position.  Click here for Role Description. Applications close 4.00pm – Monday 15 February.

Calling all Old Boys, parents and students!

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding the proposed 2023 AFAS Student Exchange  or the 2022 Elders Kinatarcan Exchange, please contact Tony Hindmarsh at – or attend the relevant information evening, tomorrow, Friday 12 February:

2023 AFAS EXCHANGE  in V7 commencing at 7.00pm​ – open to all Villanova students 15 years or older as of August 1, 2023.

2022 AFAS ELDERS EXCHANGE  in the Fr Michael Morahan Staff Café commencing at 6.00pm – open to all  staff, parents and Old Boys (includes students in Year 11 and Year 12 in 2021)


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Archive Anecdotes

Nudgee Catholic Cemetery
The Nudgee Catholic Cemetery is located on St Vincents Road, Nudgee. It can be accessed from the Gateway Arterial Road or Sandgate, Toombul, and St Vincents Roads. It is open to the public during daylight hours all year.

The Nudgee Cemetery is owned and operated by the Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane. The land was purchased in 1862, with the first recorded burial in 1867. It is Brisbane’s largest private cemetery, with historic significance for both the religious and non-religious communities.

It is a sacred liturgical space, respecting the faith, tradition, and history of the Catholic Church, and the wider community; you don’t have to be a Catholic to be buried at the cemetery. An Augustinian section in the Monumental Lawn, located at the highest part of the grounds, is an attractive and peaceful place for prayer and reflection.

There are nine Augustinians buried here that were significant members of the Villanova staff. Their life at the College will be featured in the coming issues of the Villa View.

Memorial Lawn, Augustinian Section: Photo Belinda Grant (2020)

Grave of Father Joe Walsh, most recent Augustinian buried at the cemetery. (photo Belinda Grant, 2020)

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