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The Sports Office is continuing to plan and prepare for the up-coming Rugby, Chess, Cross Country and Football seasons. The online sign-on forms have been collated. A complete list of all players who have signed on is now posted within the Parent Lounge and Student Café portals. I ask parents to check the list and contact the Sports Office if a name does not appear, is misspelt or otherwise. All details are entered electronically via the online sign-on form, so we are hoping the lists are correct.  The training/trial schedules are confirmed for all teams from Year 5 – 12 and are now published on the web.

At present we are still looking for the following coaching positions:  four Rugby coaches (10D, 7C, 8E and 8F) and four Football coaches (3rds, 9A, 7D and 7E). If you know of any suitable candidates, please inform the Sports Office. A complete list of all coaches and their allocated teams will be posted on the web by mid-next week.  As we all know, the College draws on the support of our parents, staff, Old Boys and outside friends to fill coaching positions. These people freely give of their time to serve our boys and to give them opportunities to participate and enjoy playing sport. I ask all parents to remember that these good people are here to assist and help your son.

I wish all teams the very best this weekend as we approach the final round of AIC Cricket, AFL and Volleyball. Many teams across the College are having a good season with great results produced most weeks.

The positive culture we have and create within our College can go a long way to enhancing our sports program. Supporting our teammates and other teams, showing good work ethic at training and respecting the coach, wanting to be involved and improve, being resilient and shrugging off setbacks which comes everyone’s way from time to time, having 100% pride in oneself, the school and the jersey, to mention a few, are all positive attributes we are looking to instil in our boys. Building and maintaining this type of culture within our students may give them the confidence to back themselves and to put in that bit extra needed when the going gets tough. Well done to all involved.

Rugby and Football training/trials commence next week. All students should know their training times and venues, if not, please visit the College’s website to view all information. All teams training at Villanova Park will be transported by bus to the venue after school. Buses will depart from the front of the College (Sixth Avenue).  Parents are responsible for collecting their son promptly after training from all venues.

In preparation for the up-coming rugby and football season, I ask all parents to assist the College by reiterating the points listed below with your son regarding the College’s approach to footy training. It will make a difference if you do.

‘The Villanova Way – How We Approach Training’

  • Make sure you turn up to training well before the start time. If it is a 6.45am start, we get there at 6.30am to start at 6.45am.
  • Eat the correct foods before training
  • Bring and wear all safety equipment including mouthguards (compulsory for rugby), shin guards, head gear and boots. This allows all players to participate in all activities planned
  • Bring a water bottle, have it filled with water and place it nearby when training for quick and easy access. Having boys run off to join a lengthy line at a tap for water, breaks the momentum of training and wastes valuable time
  • Be attentive to coaches – listen, learn and try to improve. Do not kick balls or throw passes when a coach speaks
  • Be respectful to coaches and do your part to ensure the team does likewise. If you have an issue. Speak to the coach about it
  • Be a team player and think what is best for the team. You may be a good second rower but if it is better for the team to play you at flanker – then play there
  • Always thank the coach after training with a handshake
  • Enjoy playing for Villanova and always have pride in the jersey

Please take the time to read the information about Rugby and Football trials commencing next week, further in this article.  By this time all should be aware that there is no hire system in place for jerseys. All players must purchase their own kit. Take the time to read the 2022 uniform guidelines for Rugby and Football below as we look to implement brand-new  uniforms for the 2022 season and beyond.

As we approach Round 7, we do have many teams who are currently undefeated and are looking to finish the season on a high. It is always pleasing to see our first teams doing well. Special mention is given to our 1st XI Volleyball Team and 1st XVIII AFL Team who are both looking to secure an undefeated premiership season this weekend. As spectator limits have now relaxed, we are keen to have many boys spectate and cheer on our 1st teams this weekend.

Please note that we will have another round of photos this weekend for boys playing Cricket at Villanova Park and Kianawah Park, Year 10 – 12 Volleyball and Year 7 – Opens AFL. Please see the schedule below.

We hope to finish the AFL, cricket and volleyball seasons off well this weekend. This will be the final time many of our Year 12 students will play their respective sport representing Villanova. I thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best as they look to bow out of schoolboy AFL, Cricket and Volleyball on a high regardless of the score. Enjoy the last round all!

Round 7 Fixtures – Friday 18 and  Saturday 19 March, AIC Cricket and Volleyball v Padua College (in the main draw), AIC AFL v Padua/SPC

Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

Cricket, Volleyball and AFL Photo Schedule – Friday 18 and Saturday 19 March 2022

The following team photos will be taken this weekend for AFL, Cricket and Volleyball. The boys will need to be at the photos 10 minutes before their scheduled time, dressed in their full sports attire. Any latecomers will miss out on being in the photo. NOTE – teams playing at Kianawah Park must go to their photo at Villanova Park first before their game.

Volleyball Photos – Saturday 19 March – Villanova College (Undercroft at Tuckshop)

Time Team
7:30am 11B
7:40am 11C
8:30am 3rd VI
8:40am 10C
9:30am 1st VI
9:35am 11A
9:40am 10B
10:30am 2nd VI
10:40am 10A

Cricket Photos – Saturday 19 March – Villanova Park (Under Andrew Slack Scoreboard)

Time Team
6:40 am 6 Gold
7:00 am 6C
7:05am 6B
7:10am 6A
7:15am 10A
7:20am 10B
8:10am 1st XI
9:10am 6 White
9:20am 10C
9:30am 5C White
11:50am 2nd XI
12:00 midday 3rd XI
12:10pm 4th XI

AFL Photos – Friday 18 March – Giffin Park, Coorparoo

Time Team
3:45pm Open

AFL Photos – Saturday 19 March – Giffin Park, Coorparoo

Time Team
7:30am Year 7
8:30am Year 8
10:00am Year 9/10

 AIC Cricket – Mr Chris Everding, AIC Cricket Coordinator

After three weeks of very limited cricket, our teams took to the field for matches mainly against St. Edmund’s College and Ambrose Treacy College. Villanova won 17 of the matches played and had 11 losses and a tie. There were a few big wins on the weekend. The 9Bs scored 325 runs in 30 overs, with Connor Nicholls scoring the second century by a Villanova player for the season. The firsts also cruised to victory after dismissing St. Edmund’s for 54 runs and lost two wickets on the way to securing the win. There were some tight games with the 5D Blue team playing out a tied game against Padua College and the 8As piled pressure on Ambrose Treacy before losing with an over to spare in an exciting finish.

There are lots of positive stories from many teams across the College about the efforts of their team over the weekend. The common thread being that the Villanova boys showed guts and determination and did not give up – many of these teams won, some of these teams put in the same effort and lost. I am proud that all boys stood up and were prepared to be counted on the weekend.

The boys must continue to work hard and prepare themselves for their final matches this weekend. In particular, the Year 12 students who will play their last game in the Green and Gold. Thank you for giving of yourselves to the program and the leadership and encouragement you have shown to our younger players. I ask all players not to take the opposition lightly. Padua College have excellent teams across their College, and they will be wanting to finish their season off strongly.

We wish all 28 cricket teams across the College the best of luck for their last game, and we urge all players to take the time and thank their coaches for their commitment and encouragement of all players throughout the season.

AIC Cricket Results v SEC

Villanova College – Cricket Results 2022
Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC 6 v SEC 7 V PAD
1st XI 209- 211


1/80- 106

W on DWL

219 – 8/238 L 2/56 – 54


2nd XI 6/199- 5/88


115 – 135


7/111 – ATC 1sts 107 W
3rd XI Wash out 7/331 – 248 W 110 – ATC 2nds 70 W
4th XI Wash out 8/84 – 7/79 W 7/78 – ATC 3rds 8/77 W
10A 7/151- 8/124


0/39 – 38


4/102- 1/106 L
10B 9/128- 160


114 – 184


W W 5/115 – ATC 7/100 W
10C T 6/89- 65 V Iona 10C W 3/86 – 84


A A 3/65 – Pad 9D 61 W
9A R 5/98- 9/95


0/74 – 73


S S 8/179 – 9/129 W
9B I 5/240- 33


115 – 8/142


 H H 4/325 – 56 W
9C A 90- 30

W v Ash Gold



8A L 112- 4/115


6/101 – 4/100 W D D 6/127- 8/128 L
8B S 2/144- 54


Wash Out 4/133 – 2/136 L
8C 3/47- 5/46


67 – 6/128 L O O        7/64 – 40 W
8 Gold V Ash White U U 8/42 – 5/82 L
7A 8/154- 130


6/167 – 7/135 W T T 8/180 – 8/115 W
7B 139- 158


Wash Out 110 – 8/201 L
7C 8/86- 6/89


7/103 – 5/146 L 6/56 – 3/88 L
7 Gold 3/82- 67


7/152 – 6/79 W 6/87 – 7/91 L
7 White 8/31- 1/153


7/95 – 6/73 W 8/84 – 6/111 L
6A 6/181- 5/95

W v Ash Green

8/141 – 61 W 5/117 – ATC 60 W
6B 5/188- 8/89


59 – 6/71 L 84 – ATC 55 W
6C 2/32- 29


7/112 – 4/114 L 0-58 – 3-56 W
6 Gold Internal 1/80 – 5/64 W Wash out
6 White Internal 3/49 – Pad $/43 W 3/63 – 1/61 W
5A 0/128- 9/36


9/88 – 88 Tie 7/56 ATC 7/49 W
5B 4/98- 69


4/162 – 111 W W
5C Gold Internal 3/71 – 3/74 L 7/63 – ATC 5/51 W
5C White 5/118- 6/76

W v Pad F

5/72 – 4/67 W 29 – Ash 4/87 L
5D Green 6/84- 80


4/66 – 8/110 L
5D Blue Internal 5/50 – 7/65 L 7/70 – Pad 3/70 Tie

Villanova Team of the Week – Round 6

Player Team Statistics
Connor Nicholls 9B 110 not out
Leo Dardengo 9A 73 runs
Joseph Forster 9B 76 runs
Matthew Colbert 6B 28 not out
Oliver Kotzur 7A 61 runs
Koshal Mandhan 8B 50 not out
Jimmy Collins 2nd XI 32 runs
Ben Watson 3rd XI 28 runs
Jack Stone 3rd XI 27 runs
Damien Ellis 7C 11 runs
Alex Everding 5C Gold 1/1 and 8 runs
Jonno Hammond 7B 3/14
Riley Gaffney 8C 2/2
Tom Rieck 1st XI 3/11
Callum McMahon 4th XI 3/7
Max Wheatley 3rd XI 3/17
Dean Basili 2nd XI 4/13
Xavier Lewis 6C 2/5
Brody Young 10C 3/3
Ethan Hansell 5C Gold 2/2
Ben Luton 5B 2/1


AIC Volleyball – Mr Todd Kropp, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

Last week Villanova teams took on a well-drilled St Edmund’s College. It was a fierce round of Volleyball with many matches being decided by a third set. I congratulate all teams on our performance from the weekend, it is great to still see our teams displaying the Villanova Volleyball expectations so late in the season. It is worth noting that the Villanova Volleyball presence was felt throughout the St Edmund’s Hall with our 10-Open teams only losing the one match for the day.

With only one round of the AIC Competition to go, it will be easy for us to take our ‘foot off the pedal’, It is crucial our teams prepare well for this weekend for our round against Padua. This weekend presents a great opportunity for us to solidify some great season results, and a few undefeated teams, and finish the season on a high. I encourage players to continue to value every point by fighting each rally to the end. We have encountered several close finishes throughout the season through deciding sets or close scores, during these times it is imperative that we continue the same process that got us to this point of the match and that we are not intimidated by the opponent, the surroundings, or the point of the match.

Whilst I wish the best of luck to all our teams, a special mention to our 7B, 7C, 7D, 9C, 10A, 11C, 11B, 3rd XI and 1st XI who are currently undefeated and will look to solidify top spot after this weekend’s round.

I look forward to observing the matches on home turf this weekend where our Senior teams will do battle. Also, a friendly reminder the Year 10-Open teams will have their team photos taken this Saturday before their match. The photo schedule can be found on Parent Lounge.

AIC Volleyball Results v SEC

Villanova College – Volleyball Results 2022
Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC 6 v SEC 7 V PAD
1st VI W 3-1 W 3-2 W 3-1     W 3-0  
2nd VI L 2-1 W 2-0     W 2-1  
3rd VI W 2-1 W 2-1     W 2-1  
11 A L 2-0 W 2-0 W W L 1-2  
11 B W 2-1 W 2-1 A A W 2-0  
11C W 2-0 v SPC 11D W 2-0 S S W 2-0  
10A W 2-0 W 2-1 H H W 2-1  
10B L 2-0 L 2-1     W 2-0  
10C W 2-1 L 2-0 O O W 2-0  
9A L 1-2 L 2-1 U U L 2-1  
9B L 1-2 L 2-1 T T W 2-1  
9C W 2-1 W 3-0     W 3-0  
8A L 0-3 L 2-1     L 2-1  
8B L 1-2 L 2-1     L 2-1  
8C W 2-1 L 2-0     W 2-1  
8 Gold L 3-0 v ASH 8D L 2-0     W 2-1  
7A W 3-0 L 1-2     L 0-3  
7B W 2-1 W 3-0     W 2-1  
7C W 3-0 W 3-0     W 3-0  
7 Gold W 2-1 v PAD W 3-0     W 3-0  

 AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AFL Co-ordinator

Finally, Villanova footy was back and what another fantastic weekend of performances with eight wins and only two losses. Unfortunately, our 6Bs and 9/10’s had close losses, but will certainly look to finish off the season on a high this weekend. We have many teams with a chance to take out an undefeated premiership season this weekend. Our 5A’s, 5B’s, 5C’s, Year 8’s and of course our mighty Firsts all have the opportunity to complete a stellar season.

I certainly want to highlight how big an occasion this Friday at 4.30pm is for our young men. Our First XVIII team have a huge opportunity to win Villanova’s inaugural AIC AFL First Premiership. The boys have worked extremely hard since late last year and it would be fantastic to pack the hill out one last time to get them over the line. They will be up against a tough Padua team, so the extra Green and Gold Army could be the difference. To all Villanova men, please try to get down to Coorparoo tomorrow afternoon to support our boys.

To all teams this weekend, make sure you put in your best performance for the year. It would be fantastic to see some big results to finish off our season. I ask any older boys who are able, to come and support the Juniors at Yeronga as this will go a long way to helping them secure their undefeated seasons.

As it is the last week, please make a big effort to thank all your coaches for their time and energy this season. It has once again been a challenging season with Covid and floods, so to have such a successful season is a huge credit to your coaches.

Good luck to all teams this weekend, make sure you go out and play in the spirit of the game and proudly represent the Villanova community.

Team of the Week

Backs:             Max Downie (9/10)                Levi Sargood (5C)

Lewis Nunn (7)                        James Chapman (6C)

Midfield:         Jake Fazldeen (1st)                 Alexander Rogers (5A)

Walt Peters (6A)                     Will White (8)

Forwards:       Quinn Holland (5B)                 Mitch Francis (6B)

Charlie Corrigan (1st)              Henry Short (5B)

AIC AFL Results – Round 6

Villanova College – AFL Results 2022
Team Rd – 1 Rd – 2 Rd – 3 Rd – 4 Rd – 5 Rd – 6 Rd – 7
1st XVIII 55-33 W

v Iona

96-7 W


51-29 W v ASH DNP DNP 86-17 W


Year 9/10 31-52 L


19-106 L


DNP DNP 27-36 L


Year 8 66-22 W


84-31 W


DNP DNP 170-1 W


Year 7


50-33 W


27-17 W


DNP DNP 42-9 W


Year 6A 68-14 W


34-37 L


DNP DNP 88-34 W

v Pad

Year 6B 43-46 L


32-42 L


DNP DNP 23-59 L

v Pad

Year 6C 77-4 W


94-0 W


DNP DNP 37-12 W

v Pad

Year 5A 71-0 W


76-10 W


DNP DNP 49-16 W

v Pad

Year 5B 97-7 W


82-20 W


DNP DNP 88-9 W

v Pad

Year 5C 45-39 W


87-2 W


DNP DNP 54-15 W

v Pad

No Dog Policy

A reminder to Villanova parents that there is a NO DOG policy at all AIC sporting fixtures. There has been a concern from some of the venue coordinators, including Villanova Park that pet owners are ignoring the signs placed on the gates at each venue. All pet owners who ignore the signs will be asked to remove their pets from the venue immediately. This is also the case for all State Schools.

AIC Rugby/Football Coaches – Thank you!

It is pleasing to report that nearly all coaching positions in both rugby and football have been filled.  However, we still need four Rugby coaches – 10D, 7C, 8E and 8F.  As well as four Football coaches – 3rds, 9A, 7D and 7E. Coaches have been contacted via email regarding  their allocated team placement. Once we get confirmation from coaches, we will post the list of coaches on the web. At this early stage I thank the coaches for their willingness to be involved for our boys to play sport.

AIC Rugby/Football Referees – Needed!

If you can assist with refereeing Rugby or Football matches, please contact the staff below. We are still in need of referees.

Rugby              Year 5 – 12 –

Football           Year 5 – 12 –

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trial Season Schedule

The complete Year 5 – 12 Rugby and Football training schedule has been published in the last three editions of the Villa View.  This schedule is also  posted on the College’s website under the AIC Rugby and the AIC Football sections.

The first training/trial session will occur the very first week after Round 7 of Cricket, AFL and Volleyball. That is, next week beginning Monday 21 March.

For teams training at Villanova Park please be aware that the buses will leave straight after school outside the front of the school on Sixth Avenue. A teacher will escort groups onto the buses. Players are asked to get changed into their training gear at Villanova Park. Students are asked not to wear their boots on the bus.

Parents are required to collect their son from Villanova Park after training. There will be no return bus service from Villanova Park.  Parents are asked to collect players between 5:00pm and 5:20pm from Villanova Park, no later please.

Rugby Training

  • Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 and Opens at Villanova Park 3.45-5.00pm, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Year 5 at Little Langlands, Tuesday afternoon 3.15pm – 4.30pm and Thursday mornings 6.45 – 8.00am
  • Year 6 at Little Langlands, Tuesday mornings 6.45am – 8.00am and Thursday afternoons 3.15pm – 4.30pm

Football Training

  • Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths at Villanova Park 3.45 – 5.00pm, Monday and Wednesday afternoons
  • 1st and 2nds at Villanova Park 3.45-5.15pm Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Year 5 at Little Langlands, Monday afternoon 3.15pm – 4.30pm and Wednesday mornings 6.45 – 8.00am
  • Year 6 at Little Langlands, Monday mornings 6.45am – 8.00am and Wednesday afternoons 3.15pm – 4.30pm

NEW 2022 Villanova Rugby and Football Uniforms

ALL students from Years 5-12 in both Rugby and Football must purchase the Villanova Rugby and Football uniform in readiness for the up-coming season. This includes shorts, jersey and socks. The Villanova College Uniform Shop will have all Rugby and Football gear available for purchase.

Note – we have a NEW line of Rugby and Football jerseys and shorts this year. We are asking all families to purchase the NEW uniforms as listed below EXCEPT the Year 6 cohort who must still wear their old-style Canterbury Rugby and Football jerseys (as these were only purchased last year).  We ask the Year 6 cohort not to buy the new gear as we would like all boys in Year 6 to wear the same gear for the games and team photos.

The new and old jerseys are very different.

IMPORTANT – all boys who sign up for rugby and football WILL make a team, therefore, parents can purchase these items of clothing now. We are expecting players to have their uniforms ready to wear on the Saturday  26 March trial day.

Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • New 2022 Villanova Rugby jersey (to be worn by all year levels excluding the Year 6 cohort who must wear the old-style Canterbury jersey)
  • Villanova Rugby shorts (the new and old style are the same, that is plain green, both are acceptable)
  • NEW 2022 Villanova Rugby/Football socks (for all boys from Year 5 – 12, the old socks are not acceptable)
  • Mouth-guards compulsory (not stocked in the Villanova College Uniform Shop)
  • Head gear optional (not stocked in the Villanova College Uniform Shop)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • NEW 2022 Villanova Football jersey (to be worn by all year levels excluding the Year 6 cohort who must wear the old-style Canterbury jersey)
  • Villanova Football shorts (the football shorts are the same as the PE shorts, which is plain green. The Year 6 cohort may wear the plain green PE shorts too or the old-style Canterbury football shorts which match the old-style football jersey)
  • NEW 2022 Villanova Rugby/Football socks (all boys from Year 5 – 12, the old socks are not acceptable)
  • Shin-guards compulsory (not stocked in the Villanova College Uniform Shop)

Please Note

  • What to wear at training? – It is acceptable for both Rugby and Football players to wear any coloured/club or other old clothes to training. Boys are not encouraged to wear their Villanova playing uniform to training but may do so if they wish. We certainly would not recommend rugby players to wear their PE uniform or any shirt that will get ripped and torn. Perhaps all players can now wear their old-styled jerseys to training as these are not permitted to be worn on game day except for the Year 6 cohort.

AIC Rugby and Football Trial Games – Date Claimers 

  • Monday 21 – Friday 25 March (Rugby and Football training/trials begins at Villanova Park for all Year 7 – 12 teams, Year 5 and Year 6 teams will trial at Little Langlands/Whinstanes)
  • Saturday 26 March Internal AIC Rugby and Football Trials at Villanova Park (1st, Second and 10A Rugby and Football v SLC at SLC only, all other teams will trial internally at Villanova Park)
  • Saturday 23 April AIC Rugby and Football trial v Ashgrove (full school trial- Year 5 – 12)
  • Saturday 30 April Round 1 – Saturday 11 June Round 7 as per College calendar

 ANZAC Day and Labour Day – Long Weekends and Term 2 Sport

Please note there are two long weekends scheduled early in Term 2. We ask parents to ensure their son is available to honour his commitment to the team by attending the matches scheduled before heading off to enjoy a well-deserved break.

It is imperative that players are not missing during these weekends. We ask parents to take this into consideration when planning any trips away.

1st IV Tennis Training Squad

Many our top tennis players will be issued with an invitation to attend a 1st IV  pre-season Tennis training program which commences next Wednesday 23 March. Those who have been invited are asked to complete and hand back their ‘statement of player commitment’ form to the Sports Office by tomorrow, 18 March. Invitations were sent via email earlier this week.

AIC Cross Country – Year 5 – 12

All information regarding the AIC Cross Country season is posted in the AIC Cross Country section on the website. This information includes the times and venues for training, coaches contact details and much more. We encourage all boys to attend.

The Year 7 – 12 squad will commence training next Monday morning, 21 March. The Year 5 and Year 6 squad will commence their training the week after on Monday 28 March.

Junior School Cross Country Trial

Next Friday 25 March, the Junior School will have their regular Friday afternoon sport class at Langlands, to run over a 2km course. Staff will use this trial as a guide to selecting boys who can run well over this distance for our Cross-Country Team. It will also serve as a trial for Lytton selection, which is to be held on 5 May and we will also use the first three weeks of training before finally selecting Villanova’s representatives. Boys who are selected must commit to Villanova to be successful with their nomination to Lytton. If your son is unable to compete on the day, can you please contact the Sports Office. All boys who have signed on to train in the Cross-Country squad will still attend training sessions.

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Coordinator

Chess for 2022 is now well underway and sign -on is now closed. If your son has signed up and has been unable to attend practice/trials because of Covid isolation, please just drop us a line to confirm that he still wishes to play. Junior – Mr Matthew Conlan and Intermediate and Senior Mrs Sally England. Trials have started and boys are expected to attend at the following times:

Term 1 and Term 2 Practice and Trials

Junior – Wednesday and Thursday, second break , every week in V13 (contact – )

Intermediate – Tuesday – Friday, first break in T10, every week (contact for Term 1 only – and Term 2 )

Seniors – where possible Tuesday – Friday T10 or on-line  (contact for Term 1 only – and Term 2 )

Term 2 coaching – to be advised

Term 2 will see the introduction of coaching sessions once the teams have been finalised.

This will usually be one session per week and boys and parents will be notified of session times. This will be considered a compulsory session, but arrangements can be made if there are clashes with music or other extra-curricular activities.

Final trial day and trial games Terms 1 and 2.

Next Friday 25 March we will participate in an away trial game against St Laurence’s.

The teams will not be chosen by this time, so all boys trialling are welcome to attend.  We will leave the College at approximately 3.15, and travel by bus to St Laurence’s.  Boys are then to be collected from St Laurence’s as there will be no return bus back to Villanova College (we do not offer a return bus to the College when we play at St Laurence’s). Boys will be asked to sign up for this trial during the week.

In Term 2 we are having a second trial game at home against Ashgrove on Friday, 22 April. Again, all boys who have trialled are welcome to come and play. This will also be the final trial day.  This is a student free day, and the boys are expected to come to the College and trial during the day to consolidate positions in the team. At the end of the day, they will then play Ashgrove. Further information will be forthcoming; however, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided on the day.

Term 2 Games

Once the teams have been selected, the first round of games will commence on Friday 29 April. For away games, the boys will travel by bus to the relevant school and be returned to Villanova College, where there can then be collected from the main gate in Sixth Avenue. Unfortunately, we cannot give you accurate times for pick up as it depends on many variables, but it is usually around 6.30pm. We are usually provided with afternoon tea, so dietary needs are required, please inform your relevant teacher and we will make sure these are followed.  If you wish to pick up your son at an away game, please inform the teacher and advise us when you are leaving as we do a head count and cannot leave until we are sure everyone is accounted for.

Home games usually finish earlier but again there is no guarantee of exact finishing time. We play in the Tolle Lege Library and students can be collected from there or from the front of the College on Sixth Avenue. Please make clear arrangements regarding collecting your son, as the Juniors can get quite distressed if things don’t go to plan. Once all the Juniors are finished (which is usually earlier), they are welcome to leave once they have cleaned up and put everything away. If your son has another sport to attend, they may leave when they are finished their games, but again they must inform us that they are leaving.  The schedule is listed below for you:

Term 2 AIC Chess Game Schedule

Date / rounds


School Home or Away
Round 1, April 29


Iona Away
Round 2, May 6


SPLC (St Peter’s) Home
Round 3, May 13


Ashgrove Away
Round 4, May 20


SPC (St Pat’s) Away
Round 5, May 27


SLC (St Laurence’s) Home
Round 6, June 3


SEC (St Edmunds) Home
Round 7, June 10


Padua Away
Junior teams do not play St Edmunds as they do not have a Junior School


Representative Sport

Well done to the boys below for making the Met East Swim Team that will compete at the State Championships at Chandler in late March.  The efforts put in by each of those listed below reflects many hours, weeks, months and in some cases years of hard work and training. All these boys are to be congratulated on their perseverance and efforts – Isaac Bowen, Caden Clelland, Tyler Clelland, Oscar de Tina, Charley Hegarty, Charlie Kerr, Darcy Kerr, Luke Patterson, Tyler Schafer, Jack Trethewey, Jordan Tunnah, Brody Clelland, Fraser Hannan, Ethan Haywood, Isaac Haywood, Caleb Johnston, Ben Landers, Ashton Lewis and Harry Pregnell.

Congratulations to Oliver Wright, Henry Wright and Thomas Winn who have made the Met East Golf Team that will compete at the Queensland School Golf Championships in Townsville in late May. A great achievement by all three boys. Best wishes!

Composite Sport

When the Sports Office receives new Composite or Met East trial information, it will be posted here and in the Villanova College Morning Notices.

Lytton Sport

Unlike Composite sport, the College selects students to attend Lytton Sports Trials. We have many students who are capable of attending these trials but when you can only select four – six students to attend across Year 5, Year 6 and boys who are U12 in Year 7, places are very limited.

Most Year 5 students will have to wait their turn and then perform in relevant spots for Villanova and are then only selected by the coaches of those sports if they think they can take the next step up to Lytton. The ability of most Year 5 boys in certain sports is unknown to us, as you can appreciate, but if there are spots available, we will search out possible candidates from this year level. Clubs are not to put names forward and we ask parents to be understanding with the limited numbers.


Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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