75th Diamond Jubilees Anniversary – Come home to Villanova

Events 8 March 2023

Welcome to Villanova College’s Diamond Jubilee Anniversary – 75 year of Villanova College! This year marks a momentous occasion in our school’s history, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to commemorate this milestone with our valued Old Boys, pat parents, staff, teachers, current students, staff, teachers, and families.

As we reflect on the past 75 years, we are reminded of the countless memories, friendships, and experiences that have shaped the Villanova community. From classrooms to the playing fields, from music performances to drama productions, our college has always been a place where young men come to learn, grow, and discover their passions.

We invite all Old Boys, past staff, teachers, and parents to Come Home to Villanova and join us in celebrating this special anniversary.

This celebration is about more than just nostalgia and reminiscing, it’s an opportunity for us to look forward and continue supporting the mission of Villanova College. We need your help to continue to shape the next 75 years of Villanova College for our students, teachers, and families.

To commemorate our 75th anniversary, we ask that you consider making a regular gift or once off donation of $75. Your gift will continue the legacy of a Villanovan education for the next 75 years and make a generational impact to the many young men who will become Villanova graduates.

Come Home to Villanova! Join us in celebrating this special occasion and help ensure that the next 75 years are just as memorable as the last. We look forward to seeing you at one of the many events held in our Diamond Jubilee Anniversary.

Upcoming Events

Check back for more details and to purchase tickets.

Event Date Location
Veritas Veterans Lunch Sunday 7 May Cassiciacum Gardens, Villanova College
Sports Lunch Friday 2 June The Greek Club
Villanova Giving Day Thursday 15 June Villanova College
Villanova Carnival Saturday 22 July Villanova College
Old Boys Annual Dinner Friday 4 August
Old Boys Reunion Weekend Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 August Villanova College
QCMF Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 August Villanova College
Deceased Villanovans & Staff Mass Sunday 10 September Goold Hall, Villanova College
75th Anniversary Charity Gala Ball Saturday 7 October Brisbane City Hall
Villanova Golf Day – The Charlie Fisher Cup Friday 27 October Nudgee Golf Club