Graduates Celebration – February 9th, 2023


This week, we welcomed back our most recent group of Villanova Old Boys (class of 2022) for an evening of excellence, during our annual Graduate Celebration.

The event was full of camaraderie, memories of challenges and good times, but also full of dreams and hope for the bright future ahead.

As we awarded some of our most outstanding achievers, we were also privileged to hear a couple of Villa Old Boys Guest Speakers, Mr Dylan Pitt (class of 2015, College Captain) and Mr Damon Joseph (class of 1993, College Captain), who shared their inspiring paths since graduating from Villa.

Congratulations to our Awards’ recipients! We are all so proud of you, and wish you all the best for this new chapter of your lives!

The Program of the event, including the Order of Proceedings and the names of all Academic Awards recipients is available here. 

Professional Photos will be made available soon.