Become a Mentor

Unlock the Transformative Power of Mentorship at Villanova College!

Who Can Be a Mentor?

Old Boys: Alumni of Villanova College bring a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the Villa spirit. Your journey beyond Villa can provide invaluable guidance to our current senior boys.

Old Boy Parents: Parents who have witnessed the transformative journey of their sons through Villanova can offer a distinctive perspective, combining parental insight with a deep understanding of the Villa ethos.

Current Parents: Parents actively involved in the Villa community can provide contemporary insights and support, fostering a sense of connection and continuity.

Friends of Villanova College: Even if you don’t have a direct familial connection, your passion for Villa and commitment to our values make you a valuable mentor. Your fresh perspective can bring new insights to our senior boys.

Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow

Your mentorship has the power to make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Join us in shaping the leaders of tomorrow!

How to Get Involved?

Getting involved is easy! Express your interest in becoming a mentor by reaching out to

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The Impact of Your Mentorship

By becoming a mentor, you contribute to creating a supportive and empowering community dedicated to the growth and success of our senior boys. Your mentorship goes beyond academics; it extends to shaping character, instilling resilience, and preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Our Values

Is the root of true charity; knowing and accepting oneself, and appreciating the needs we have for each other, and for God.


The inner process by which the truth of what is taught is tested by the ‘teacher within’: the presence of God within each person. 


Both the context within which teaching and learning take place and the beneficiary of the teaching and learning that occurs.

Restless Search for Truth
Restless Search for Truth

The quest not merely to discover the truth of what is taught, but rather a commitment to live out the truth of what is learned.

Ongoing Conversion
Ongoing Conversion

The growth that occurs in the continuing process within the context of community of humbly searching for truth, and reflecting on our experiences.


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