School On The Move

Always add, always walk, always proceed;
neither stand still, nor go back, nor deviate;
he that standeth still proceedeth not.

St. Augustine

We are expanding!

Villanova is built on strong traditions, but we also seek to embrace the future. From 2019, the College will embark on Stage One of a five-part Master Plan that will mark the school’s most dramatic transformation in its 70-year history. With this Master Plan, Villanova is embracing the future by creating dynamic and flexible learning spaces.

The Benefits

Focus On 21st Century Skills

Students benefit from a focus on skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking that are highly valued by modern employers.

Learning Spaces

Flexible classroom designs support different types of learning and encourages students to be active, responsible participants in their own education.

Increased Teacher Collaboration

Encourages teachers to continue to collaborate, innovate and refine their practice.

Cater To a
Range of Abilities

Dynamic Learning Spaces allow teachers to better support a range of student learning abilities.

Future Focussed

These new learning spaces are designed to encourage the skills and competencies required to succeed in the future workforce. Together with a challenging and wide curriculum offering, and supportive and invested teachers who know how to engage young men in learning, our graduates will be well prepared for the future.

Together as one

Our community shares our excitement for the future plans of our Coorparoo campus and the long-term benefits these new facilities will bring to current and future Villanovans. Hear from some our students and staff about what it will mean for them.

Villanova College School on the Move
Villanova College Dymanic Learning Spaces

Relationships Matter

While we are excited about our Master Plan and everything the new and improved facilities will offer our students, relationships will always be at the heart of a Villanova education. Authentic learning experiences go far beyond the walls of the classroom. They also occur on the sporting field, in bands and orchestras, during lunch breaks and when undertaking services activities with charities and organisations. Graduating men of faith and strong character will always be our priority at Villanova.

Together as one

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