The Paul Finnimore Trust was established in 2001 to honour the memory of respected Villanova Old Boy and teacher, Paul Finnimore. In 1995, while teaching at Villanova, Paul Finnimore sadly died of a heart attack at the age of 31.

Paul Finnimore the educator and Paul Finnimore the person were one and the same. He was an egalitarian, immensely popular with staff and students, and a loyal friend.

As a teacher, he was calm and quietly passionate about his students, especially those, who for whatever reason, were enduring circumstances preventing them from reaching their full potential. These students held a special place in Paul’s heart. He was a true educator in the Augustinian Tradition, whose vision for the men of tomorrow encompassed pastoral care as well as academic guidance.

The Paul Finnimore Trust carries on Paul’s legacy to help those experiencing disadvantages by providing financial assistance to students in need of specific educational support.

The tax-free fund is maintained by donations from Old Boys and other generous members of the community each year. It is open to all students, irrespective of the school attended, who can demonstrate a requisite need to the Board of Trustees.

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