Graduate Interview Series

Graduates 18 February 2023

We have asked some of our 2022 Outstanding Achievers (Class of 2022) what contributed to their success at school. Below are the testimonials of outstanding young men, giving their advice to the new generation of Villanovans:

Lachlan McGregor

Lachlan McGregor, College co-Dux in 2022 who achieved a ATAR of 99.90, explained: “The strategies that helped me to achieve highly were based around planning, organising, and staying on top of my schoolwork. I would strongly suggest students create a study planner, to break down assignments, homework, and revision into smaller, more-achievable chunks. You don’t want tasks creeping up on you last minute. This way, the tasks can simply be viewed as tasks on a to-do list, which can be checked off as you go. You also need to be purposeful and consistent in your studying; half an hour of studying a day is better than four hours. Also, remove any items that may distract you from your work, such as your phone or headphones.”

Jose Sibi

Jose Sibi, who achieved an ATAR of 99.30 and received a QCAA Certificate of Academic Excellence during our recent Graduates’ Celebration, humbly acknowledged that his support system contributed to his academic success. He said “I don’t think there was one singular impactful moment that allowed me to achieve academic success. Over the years, I saw my Grade Point Average keep improving, and it correlated with an increasing work ethic and my constant desire to keep achieving and improving. I truly feel blessed to have been surrounded by great teachers, peers, and those who I drew support from at the right times. All of them played a vital role in my success and I can confidently say that I could not have done it without their support.”

Harry Woods

Harry Woods, ATAR of 99.00, and recipient of an Overall Academic Excellence award explained the factors that contributed to his academic success: “Throughout my time at Villanova College, the most prominent contributor to my success was the ability to choose a pathway that allowed me to study an extra subject. The seven-subject alternative to the more common six-subject workload created the opportunity for me to engage in a wider array of subjects and interesting topics. The close-knit group of boys partaking in this pathway also created a hardworking and diligent environment where each student thrived to be the best that they could be.”

Joshua McDougall

For 2022 Outstanding Achiever award recipient Joshua McDougall, College Proxime Accessit who graduated with an ATAR of 99.80, the most impactful part of school success was the competitive environment between classmates. He said “Studying on your own can be very arduous but having a solid group of hard-working brothers around helped push us all to better results. I enjoyed early mornings studying with Lachie McGregor, or nudging out papers with Callan McInerney; there was always someone around to keep work fun and easy. I also enjoyed the banter between teachers, coupled with their expertise in each subject, which assured confidence come exam time. Big thanks to Mr Musumeci, Mr Seefeld, Mr George and Mrs Jacobs.”

Callan McInerney

Callan McInerney, recipient of the Outstanding Achiever award and College co-Dux 2022 who achieved an ATAR of 99.9, gave us some tips that led to his academic success; he said: “Healthy competition was crucial for me in improving and pushing me to be better in the lead-up to external exams. In the months leading to exams, I would race my fellow students in maths and science papers, which I found very effective in improving my ability under pressure. I also believe attending Mr George’s tutorials most afternoons leading up to externals was very important to me, as these tutorials allowed me to fine-tune anything I didn’t understand in science.” Congratulations Callan for your outstanding work and efforts – you make us all proud!

Liam McConville

Liam McConville, 2022 Graduate who achieved an ATAR of 99.60 and received a QCAA Certificate of Academic Excellence Award from our recent Graduates Celebration, shared his view on what factors contributed to his academic success during his time at Villanova. He said: “During my time at Villa, and especially in year 12, I tried to enjoy school as much as I could. I aimed to create a healthy balance between sport, hanging out with my mates and working hard on my academics. I believe this, as well as the unwavering support and help provided by my teachers each day, was key to my success in years 11 and 12.”