Dedication of the Student & Staff Memorial Garden – Saturday 5 May

Events Uncategorised 9 April 2018

The new memorial to those staff and students who passed away while at the College has now been completed. The dedication ceremony at Villa Park was originally scheduled for Sunday the 15th of October but we were unfortunately rained out. We have now re-scheduled for May 5th at 9.00am. As this is also the day of the Old Boys Heritage Round of Rugby we thought this would be an excellent opportunity for people to reconnect with the College.

The memorial stands at the edge of the Charlie Fisher Oval, between the upper and lower fields, and a stand of 19 trees has been planted. These form part of the living memorial to the 14 students and 5 staff who are currently commemorated. Beside each tree there is a memorial stone block bearing the plaque that contains each individual’s details. It is hoped that as many old boys and families as possible will be able to attend. Please RSVP to Adrian Hellwig

The list of those who are to be commemorated is as follows:

Students: Thomas Barry, Alan Chapman, Thomas Gregan, Rodney Hammond, Peter Miller, Andrew Milne, Craig O’Neill, Sean Prentice, Michael Purcell, Michael ruffin, Robert Sellars, Ray Snooks, Nicholas Spelman, and, Ronald Van Der Drift.

Staff: Kate Finey, Paul Finnimore, John Murphy, Gerry Smith, and, Ray Thomas, Charlie Fisher.